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Black and White Landscape Photography



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Garett Gabriel

Parsons, KS

United States

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This group was started on June 14th, 2013 and currently has:

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Black and White Landscape Photography

About This Group

(NOTHING MAN MADE) If you enjoy Black and White nature photography and nature paintings then this group is for YOU! Please just nature, wildlife, scenic, landscape, seascape etc etc photos & paintings. Nothing man made, no people ... just nature LANDSCAPES. Some folks see the world around them in full color and some photos & art just THRIVE in black & white!! Lets see if we can discover the next Ansel Adams! We will no longer be accepting close ups of flowers, pets, or animals. Only Landscape photography and or landscape photography with wildlife in the image but not as the main subject.

This group is a curated group. Every image submitted is individually reviewed and accepted based on composition, subject matter, focus, image quality and perspective. Please read the group description and best wishes.

Featured Images

Mihai Florea - Fallen comrade

Fallen comrade

Mihai Florea

Radek Hofman - Stormy Coast

Stormy Coast

Radek Hofman

Bob Christopher - Sands Of Time

Sands Of Time

Bob Christopher

Vasilis Liappis - Shapes


Vasilis Liappis

Radek Hofman - The Land Ends

The Land Ends

Radek Hofman

Julian Cook - Night Comes Slowly

Night Comes Slowly

Julian Cook

Shikhar Bhattarai - The himalayas.

The himalayas.

Shikhar Bhattarai

Tomasz Grzyb - The waves

The waves

Tomasz Grzyb

Adele Buttolph - Mountains of the Moon

Mountains of the Moon

Adele Buttolph

Ed Wallace - Apocalypse...


Ed Wallace

Wendell Thompson - Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains

Wendell Thompson

Raymond Salani III - The Cathedral Group

The Cathedral Group

Raymond Salani III

Peter Lessey - Quiet Sunrise

Quiet Sunrise

Peter Lessey

Wendell Thompson - White Sands #2

White Sands #2

Wendell Thompson

Wendell Thompson - Grand Vista

Grand Vista

Wendell Thompson

Aaron Spong - Light from Heaven

Light from Heaven

Aaron Spong

Rona Black - Winter Sky

Winter Sky

Rona Black

Alexey Stiop - Zion


Alexey Stiop

Garett Gabriel - Mountain Waterfall

Mountain Waterfall

Garett Gabriel

Raymond Salani III - Hurricane Pass Storm

Hurricane Pass Storm

Raymond Salani III