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Botanical Beauty



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Kerri Ligatich

Hilo, HI

United States

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This group was started on July 26th, 2011 and currently has:

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Botanical Beauty

About This Group

This group is for all the plants that may have beauty in their shapes, colors, textures and not necessarily bloom. Ferns, Palms, Bromeliads, Trees, Coleus, Grass, and colorful leaves, etc.... All media types welcome. However, if digital or abstract it must definitely represent a botanical image. Text is OK but it needs to be a minor part of the image.

This is a Botanical only image group. I will not post images that have any animals, people, birds, insects, man made features including bridges, structures, pavement etc... Also, images should not have lots of water, rocks and sky. The focus is just on Plant material. This is going to be a large group, please do not post multiples of the same image and only submit your best work.


I will need to reject work that does not fit the guidelines. Due to the large size of our group I will also be more selective of which images are allowed in. Please submit only your Best Work!.


There is a Specially Featured image on the homepage. I will change this often so we can see the full image of some of the wonderful work in this group.

Art Prints

Featured Images

Jennie Marie Schell - Haunting Red Rose Flower

Haunting Red Rose Flower

Jennie Marie Schell

Toni Abdnour - Ginger Flower

Ginger Flower

Toni Abdnour

Sean Griffin - Hipsicles


Sean Griffin

Georgiana Romanovna - Red Lipped Petals

Red Lipped Petals

Georgiana Romanovna

Julie Palencia - Two Magellan Zinnias

Two Magellan Zinnias

Julie Palencia

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner - Heliconia subulata

Heliconia subulata

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

Scott Pellegrin - Wine Grapes

Wine Grapes

Scott Pellegrin

Robert Bales - Red Tulip

Red Tulip

Robert Bales

Eunice Miller - Subdued


Eunice Miller

Vronja Photon - This Old Life

This Old Life

Vronja Photon

Attila Simon - Dandelion


Attila Simon

Vladimir Berrio Lemm - Guarumo With Flowers

Guarumo With Flowers

Vladimir Berrio Lemm

Joy Watson - Daffodil Bud

Daffodil Bud

Joy Watson

Tiffany Anthony - Nature

Nature's Pastels

Tiffany Anthony

Priya Ghose - Creeping Fuchsia

Creeping Fuchsia

Priya Ghose

Mark Victors - Star Fruit

Star Fruit

Mark Victors

Terence Davis - A New Cosmos.

A New Cosmos.

Terence Davis

Louis Dallara - Red Flower

Red Flower

Louis Dallara

Nathan Abbott - Hydrangea Flowers

Hydrangea Flowers

Nathan Abbott

Julie Palencia - Garden Within

Garden Within

Julie Palencia

Andrea Gingerich - Touching


Andrea Gingerich

Shilpi Singh - Textures


Shilpi Singh

Stuart Harrison - Spider Lily

Spider Lily

Stuart Harrison

Sarah-fiona  Helme - A Little Muscari Magic

A Little Muscari Magic

Sarah-fiona Helme

Reflective Moment Photography And Digital Art Images - Gingko


Reflective Moment Photography And Digital Art Images

C Ray  Roth - Sunlit Leaf

Sunlit Leaf

C Ray Roth

Pamela Patch - Lily Afire

Lily Afire

Pamela Patch

Alexander Senin - Inner Light Of Rose

Inner Light Of Rose

Alexander Senin

Jouko Lehto - Rhododendron


Jouko Lehto

Rosalie Scanlon - Living Moss

Living Moss

Rosalie Scanlon

Andrea Gingerich - Pine After the Rain

Pine After the Rain

Andrea Gingerich

Terence Davis - Eryngium Bourgatii.

Eryngium Bourgatii.

Terence Davis

Carolyn Marshall - Golden Tennessee Lane

Golden Tennessee Lane

Carolyn Marshall

Peter Holme III - 3399


Peter Holme III

C Ray  Roth - Fruits Ready

Fruits Ready

C Ray Roth

Jordan Blackstone - Pretty As A Peach

Pretty As A Peach

Jordan Blackstone

G-Ten Photography - Spiked Pollen

Spiked Pollen

G-Ten Photography

Bill Tiepelman - Purple Petunia Dream

Purple Petunia Dream

Bill Tiepelman

Luv Photography - Pyrakantha Berries

Pyrakantha Berries

Luv Photography

Darren Fisher - Vintage Tulip

Vintage Tulip

Darren Fisher

Roger Reeves  and Terrie Heslop - Pink Rosa

Pink Rosa

Roger Reeves and Terrie Heslop

Bruce Bley - Evenings Lights

Evenings Lights

Bruce Bley

Alexander Senin - Wings Of The Night

Wings Of The Night

Alexander Senin

C Ray  Roth - Three Wise Men

Three Wise Men

C Ray Roth

RC DeWinter - Golden Revelation

Golden Revelation

RC DeWinter

Nancy Mueller - Colorful Succulents

Colorful Succulents

Nancy Mueller

John Glass - Mimosa Whiskers

Mimosa Whiskers

John Glass

Steve Gadomski - This Yellow Daffodil

This Yellow Daffodil

Steve Gadomski

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Bleeding heart flower

Bleeding heart flower

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Andrea Kollo - Gerbera


Andrea Kollo

John Lautermilch - Beauty Among the Lilies

Beauty Among the Lilies

John Lautermilch

RC DeWinter - Charming Cerise

Charming Cerise

RC DeWinter

Bruce Bley - Purple Majesty

Purple Majesty

Bruce Bley

Alexander Senin - Sakura Mists

Sakura Mists

Alexander Senin

Cindy McDaniel - Artichoke Bloom

Artichoke Bloom

Cindy McDaniel

Christina Rollo - Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose

Christina Rollo

Lisa Knechtel - Bitty Blue Bells

Bitty Blue Bells

Lisa Knechtel

Robert Woodward - Table Mountain Beauties

Table Mountain Beauties

Robert Woodward

Peter Holme III - 3349


Peter Holme III

Jouko Lehto - Willow cattails

Willow cattails

Jouko Lehto

Terence Davis - Golden Ranunculus.

Golden Ranunculus.

Terence Davis

Darren Fisher - Opening Soon

Opening Soon

Darren Fisher

Beth Akerman - Afternoon Dream

Afternoon Dream

Beth Akerman

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Blooming Iris - Caprice

Blooming Iris - Caprice

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Christina Rollo - Sunflower


Christina Rollo

Judi Bagwell - Gerbera


Judi Bagwell

Julie Palencia - On Fire

On Fire

Julie Palencia

Saija  Lehtonen - The Colors of Autumn

The Colors of Autumn

Saija Lehtonen

John Lautermilch - Beauty in the Water

Beauty in the Water

John Lautermilch

Carlos Caetano - Red Apples

Red Apples

Carlos Caetano

Jennie Marie Schell - Flowering Cherry Tree Blossoms

Flowering Cherry Tree Blossoms

Jennie Marie Schell

Luv Photography - Persimmons on a tree

Persimmons on a tree

Luv Photography

Thomas Woolworth - Waiting For Tonight

Waiting For Tonight

Thomas Woolworth

Kerri Ligatich - Coconuts


Kerri Ligatich

Jordan Blackstone - Touch My Heart

Touch My Heart

Jordan Blackstone

Viaina     - Bamboo



Peter Holme III - 2961


Peter Holme III

Chad and Stacey Hall - Within Heaven

Within Heaven's Reach

Chad and Stacey Hall

Denis Gloudeman - Rena

Rena's Iris

Denis Gloudeman

Alexander Senin - Serenity - Featured 3

Serenity - Featured 3

Alexander Senin

Karen Wiles - Peace Found Within

Peace Found Within

Karen Wiles

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke - Harmony of Nature

Harmony of Nature

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke

Denise Mazzocco - Painted Flowers

Painted Flowers

Denise Mazzocco

Peter Holme III - 2954


Peter Holme III

Saija  Lehtonen - Aspen Tops

Aspen Tops

Saija Lehtonen

Stuart Harrison - Midnight in Florida

Midnight in Florida

Stuart Harrison

Lisa Knechtel - Poppies in Waiting

Poppies in Waiting

Lisa Knechtel

Adam Johnson - Sunburst Hibiscus

Sunburst Hibiscus

Adam Johnson

Anne Gilbert - Fading Thrift

Fading Thrift

Anne Gilbert

Julie Palencia - Fragrance and Beauty

Fragrance and Beauty

Julie Palencia

Doug Norkum - Purrrrfecto


Doug Norkum

Karen Wiles - Organic Blues

Organic Blues

Karen Wiles

Adam Johnson - Peppers and Onions

Peppers and Onions

Adam Johnson

Karen Wiles - Touch Me Not

Touch Me Not

Karen Wiles

Christi Kraft - Beauty From the Back

Beauty From the Back

Christi Kraft

Joy Watson - Frilly Pansy

Frilly Pansy

Joy Watson

Jefferson Hobbs - Fall Path 01

Fall Path 01

Jefferson Hobbs

Ellen Cotton - Shapes of Hawaii 6

Shapes of Hawaii 6

Ellen Cotton

Joy Skinner - Strength


Joy Skinner

W Chris Fooshee - Damp Gaillardia

Damp Gaillardia

W Chris Fooshee

Beth Akerman - Symmetry


Beth Akerman

Karon Melillo DeVega - Violet Lilacs Budding

Violet Lilacs Budding

Karon Melillo DeVega

Leslie Hunziker - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Leslie Hunziker

Thomas Ulrich - Beautiful Roses

Beautiful Roses

Thomas Ulrich

 The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - My Heart

My Heart's Sweet Melody

The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Ellen Cotton - Kiss the Earth

Kiss the Earth

Ellen Cotton

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner - Red Poppy Bud

Red Poppy Bud

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

Saija  Lehtonen - The Colors of Summer

The Colors of Summer

Saija Lehtonen

Carol Groenen - Winter Pasque Flower

Winter Pasque Flower

Carol Groenen

Beth Akerman - Purple Abstraction

Purple Abstraction

Beth Akerman

Peter Holme III - 2800


Peter Holme III

Darren Fisher - Blooms of Spring

Blooms of Spring

Darren Fisher

Baslee Troutman Floral Art Photography - Tulip Flower art prints White Pink Red Tulips

Tulip Flower art prints White Pink Red Tulips

Baslee Troutman Floral Art Photography

Hannes Cmarits - Orchid Pink Vintage

Orchid Pink Vintage

Hannes Cmarits

Terri Winkler - Oncidium


Terri Winkler

Julie Palencia - Hibiscus Macro

Hibiscus Macro

Julie Palencia

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Lollipops


Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Tilen Hrovatic - Rolled Banana Leaf

Rolled Banana Leaf

Tilen Hrovatic

Priya Ghose - Bronzed Beauty

Bronzed Beauty

Priya Ghose

Jennie Marie Schell - White Roses Bouquet

White Roses Bouquet

Jennie Marie Schell

Byron Varvarigos - Cheerful Warmth Of Spring

Cheerful Warmth Of Spring

Byron Varvarigos

Roger Reeves  and Terrie Heslop - Spiky Green Plant

Spiky Green Plant

Roger Reeves and Terrie Heslop

Julie Palencia - Inner Strength

Inner Strength

Julie Palencia

Tilen Hrovatic - Red tulip background

Red tulip background

Tilen Hrovatic

Xueling Zou - Spring Stanza

Spring Stanza

Xueling Zou

Patti Whitten - Leaf Pearls

Leaf Pearls

Patti Whitten

Paul Slebodnick - Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Paul Slebodnick

 The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Angel

Angel's Masterpiece

The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Bill Tiepelman - Douglas Aster on Amber

Douglas Aster on Amber

Bill Tiepelman

Sabrina L Ryan - Holey Moley

Holey Moley

Sabrina L Ryan

Viaina     - White Peony

White Peony


Carlos Caetano - Golden Wheat

Golden Wheat

Carlos Caetano

Terence Davis - Mesmerizing


Terence Davis

Joy Watson - Standing tall

Standing tall

Joy Watson

Reflective Moment Photography And Digital Art Images - Bella


Reflective Moment Photography And Digital Art Images

Byron Varvarigos - Only You

Only You

Byron Varvarigos

Tilen Hrovatic - Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

Tilen Hrovatic

 The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Soul of Divine Rose

Soul of Divine Rose

The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Loriental Photography - Mossy Hills

Mossy Hills

Loriental Photography

Chris Anderson - Anita Dunstan

Anita Dunstan

Chris Anderson

Byron Varvarigos - Floral Spectacular

Floral Spectacular

Byron Varvarigos

Ellen Cotton - Shapes of Hawaii 2

Shapes of Hawaii 2

Ellen Cotton

Lois Bryan - Dewy Pink Asters

Dewy Pink Asters

Lois Bryan

Cole Black - Facing the Sun

Facing the Sun

Cole Black

Roger Reeves  and Terrie Heslop - Purple Crocus Gems

Purple Crocus Gems

Roger Reeves and Terrie Heslop

Reflective Moment Photography And Digital Art Images - New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Reflective Moment Photography And Digital Art Images

Sabrina L Ryan - Soft Yellow Rose

Soft Yellow Rose

Sabrina L Ryan

Liz Vernand - Winter Trees

Winter Trees

Liz Vernand

Rory Sagner - Anticipation


Rory Sagner

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner - I am nearly 1000 years old

I am nearly 1000 years old

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Garden Party

Garden Party

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Robert Woodward - Maple Seed Pod Cluster

Maple Seed Pod Cluster

Robert Woodward

Margaret Saheed - Golden Stamens

Golden Stamens

Margaret Saheed

Tanya Tanski - Wide Awake......

Wide Awake......

Tanya Tanski

Peter Holme III - 2637


Peter Holme III

Anne Gilbert - Simply Strawberries

Simply Strawberries

Anne Gilbert

 The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Innocence


The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Joy Watson - With Foxglove

With Foxglove

Joy Watson

Renee Barnes - Colorful Rose

Colorful Rose

Renee Barnes

Robert Bales - The Pink One

The Pink One

Robert Bales

 The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - My Way

My Way

The Art Of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Patti Whitten - Crimson


Patti Whitten

Eva Kaufman - Marching Orchids

Marching Orchids

Eva Kaufman

Beth Akerman - Soft Purple Passion

Soft Purple Passion

Beth Akerman

Mary Ann Southern - Cattail Cactus

Cattail Cactus

Mary Ann Southern

Fred  Sheridan - Thistle


Fred Sheridan

Darleen Stry - Purple


Darleen Stry

RC DeWinter - Tapestry Rose

Tapestry Rose

RC DeWinter

Terence Davis - In The Spotlight.

In The Spotlight.

Terence Davis

Ann Powell - Leaves on Green

Leaves on Green

Ann Powell

Elaine Manley - Whisper


Elaine Manley

Chris Anderson - Lilian Heart

Lilian Heart

Chris Anderson

Elaine Manley - Faded Pink Rose

Faded Pink Rose

Elaine Manley

Mary Machare - Winter Berries

Winter Berries

Mary Machare

Neal  Eslinger - Peony Harmony

Peony Harmony

Neal Eslinger

Chris Anderson - Like a Turban

Like a Turban

Chris Anderson

Barbara S Nickerson - Frosted


Barbara S Nickerson

John Gaffen - Pine Top

Pine Top

John Gaffen

Danielle  Parent - Sunkissed Yellow Rose

Sunkissed Yellow Rose

Danielle Parent

Mary Ann Southern - Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Mary Ann Southern

Clare Bambers - Red Glow.

Red Glow.

Clare Bambers

Anne Gilbert - Prunus hirtipes

Prunus hirtipes

Anne Gilbert

Rosanne Jordan - Wild Berries

Wild Berries

Rosanne Jordan

Sabrina L Ryan - As the Bell Tolls

As the Bell Tolls

Sabrina L Ryan

Sean Griffin - Last Leaf of Autumn

Last Leaf of Autumn

Sean Griffin

Bill Tiepelman - Rustic Blossom Grunge

Rustic Blossom Grunge

Bill Tiepelman

Ausra Paulauskaite - Beautiful Harvest. Apples

Beautiful Harvest. Apples

Ausra Paulauskaite

Scott Pellegrin - Textured Leaf Abstract

Textured Leaf Abstract

Scott Pellegrin

Syed Aqueel - The Colors of Fall

The Colors of Fall

Syed Aqueel

James Hammen - Dahlia Dream

Dahlia Dream

James Hammen

Shirley Sirois - Eye of Rose

Eye of Rose

Shirley Sirois

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Clematis Embrace

Clematis Embrace

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Martina Fagan - Muscari


Martina Fagan

Julie Palencia - Pastel Orchids 2

Pastel Orchids 2

Julie Palencia

Jennie Marie Schell - Blush Pink Rose Flower

Blush Pink Rose Flower

Jennie Marie Schell

Larry Trupp - Ready to Pop

Ready to Pop

Larry Trupp

Saija  Lehtonen - Pink Rose

Pink Rose

Saija Lehtonen

Jacqui Collett - Open and Closed

Open and Closed

Jacqui Collett

Peter Holme III - 2521


Peter Holme III

Karon Melillo DeVega - Red Tropical Flowers

Red Tropical Flowers

Karon Melillo DeVega

Ausra Paulauskaite - Green Grape

Green Grape

Ausra Paulauskaite

Tim Fillingim - The Wooded Path...

The Wooded Path...

Tim Fillingim

Darren Fisher - For You

For You

Darren Fisher

Elizabeth Coats - Reflection of Beauty

Reflection of Beauty

Elizabeth Coats

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke - Look Inside Pincushion Flower

Look Inside Pincushion Flower

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke

Jennie Marie Schell - The White Rose Flower

The White Rose Flower

Jennie Marie Schell

Anne Gilbert - Raspberry Red

Raspberry Red

Anne Gilbert

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner - Green Calla Lily

Green Calla Lily

Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

Stephen Mitchell - Big Red

Big Red

Stephen Mitchell

Linda Tiepelman - Gerbera Daisy 3

Gerbera Daisy 3

Linda Tiepelman

John Lautermilch - Mornings Glow

Mornings Glow

John Lautermilch

John Stuart Webbstock - Tropical beauty

Tropical beauty

John Stuart Webbstock

Jennie Marie Schell - Trees in Summer

Trees in Summer

Jennie Marie Schell

Charleen Treasures - Rose


Charleen Treasures

Matt Dobson - Floral Colors

Floral Colors

Matt Dobson

Kristine Plum - Tulip Tree

Tulip Tree

Kristine Plum

Janice Drew - Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

Janice Drew

Ausra Paulauskaite - Currant In Bloom

Currant In Bloom

Ausra Paulauskaite

Bruce Bley - Pink Roses

Pink Roses

Bruce Bley

Karen Wiles - Wildwood Flowers

Wildwood Flowers

Karen Wiles

Rebecca Margraf - Aloe


Rebecca Margraf

Darren Fisher - Faded Dreams

Faded Dreams

Darren Fisher

Reflective Moment Photography And Digital Art Images - Christmas Red

Christmas Red

Reflective Moment Photography And Digital Art Images

Baslee Troutman Fine Art Prints - Floral Iris Flowers Yellow Lavender Irises

Floral Iris Flowers Yellow Lavender Irises

Baslee Troutman Fine Art Prints

Rory Sagner - Dahlia Sea

Dahlia Sea

Rory Sagner

Anne Gilbert - Digitalis Abstract

Digitalis Abstract

Anne Gilbert

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Whisper Love

Whisper Love

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Rosanne Jordan - Colorful Berries

Colorful Berries

Rosanne Jordan

Chris Anderson - Hibiscus Center Macro

Hibiscus Center Macro

Chris Anderson

Bruce Bley - Burgandy Mums

Burgandy Mums

Bruce Bley

Rosanne Jordan - Maple Leaves Defined

Maple Leaves Defined

Rosanne Jordan

RC deWinter - Scarlet Flamenco

Scarlet Flamenco

RC deWinter

Chris Anderson - Osteostermum


Chris Anderson

Lynda Lehmann - Heart of Mystery

Heart of Mystery

Lynda Lehmann

Adam Pender - Prickly Heart

Prickly Heart

Adam Pender

Jennie Marie Schell - Misty Hydrangea Flower

Misty Hydrangea Flower

Jennie Marie Schell

Reflective Moment Photography And Digital Art Images - Colors of late Summer

Colors of late Summer

Reflective Moment Photography And Digital Art Images

Robert Bales - The Red One

The Red One

Robert Bales

Kerri Ligatich - Bamboo Orchid

Bamboo Orchid

Kerri Ligatich

Bob and Nancy Kendrick - Forest Trail

Forest Trail

Bob and Nancy Kendrick

Darleen Stry - Inside the leaves

Inside the leaves

Darleen Stry

Ellen Cotton - October Zinnia

October Zinnia

Ellen Cotton

Roger Reeves  and Terrie Heslop - Lilac Rose

Lilac Rose

Roger Reeves and Terrie Heslop

Kaye Menner - Just Red

Just Red

Kaye Menner

Gretchen Wrede - Red Begonia Star

Red Begonia Star

Gretchen Wrede

Mary Ann Southern - Pansy Explosion

Pansy Explosion

Mary Ann Southern

Sabrina L Ryan - Blue Lily of the Nile

Blue Lily of the Nile

Sabrina L Ryan

John Daly - Aspens Skyward

Aspens Skyward

John Daly

Peter Holme III - 236


Peter Holme III

Samantha Black - Single Daisy

Single Daisy

Samantha Black

RC deWinter - Skyblue Pink

Skyblue Pink

RC deWinter

Angela Doelling AD DESIGN Photo and PhotoArt - Le petale de rose pourpre

Le petale de rose pourpre

Angela Doelling AD DESIGN Photo and PhotoArt

Pamela Patch - Bearded Lady

Bearded Lady

Pamela Patch

Eva Kaufman - Spider Mums

Spider Mums

Eva Kaufman

Judi Bagwell - Yellow Lily

Yellow Lily

Judi Bagwell

Darren Fisher - Tones of Blue

Tones of Blue

Darren Fisher

Judi Bagwell - Cherished


Judi Bagwell

Elaine Manley - Lupins


Elaine Manley

Roger Reeves  and Terrie Heslop - Glowing Poppy

Glowing Poppy

Roger Reeves and Terrie Heslop

Judi Bagwell - Red Leaves

Red Leaves

Judi Bagwell

Guido Montanes Castillo - Focos de luz

Focos de luz

Guido Montanes Castillo

Sabrina L Ryan - Water Lily Reflected

Water Lily Reflected

Sabrina L Ryan

Vivian Christopher - Tulips Up Close

Tulips Up Close

Vivian Christopher

Morgan Wright - Soft Iris

Soft Iris

Morgan Wright

Paula L - Plumeria


Paula L

Beth Akerman - Wet Purple Pansy

Wet Purple Pansy

Beth Akerman

David Freuthal - Orange berries

Orange berries

David Freuthal

Saija  Lehtonen - Red Hedgehog

Red Hedgehog

Saija Lehtonen

John Lautermilch - From Shadow Into Sunlight

From Shadow Into Sunlight

John Lautermilch

Merton Allen - Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower

Merton Allen

Jennie Marie Schell - Purple Pansy Flowers

Purple Pansy Flowers

Jennie Marie Schell

Melanie Moraga - Late Arrival

Late Arrival

Melanie Moraga

Joyce Dickens - Crocosmia 2011

Crocosmia 2011

Joyce Dickens

John  Bartosik - Blue Palma III

Blue Palma III

John Bartosik

Carol Groenen - Pearls on Poinsettia

Pearls on Poinsettia

Carol Groenen

Michael Peychich - Lady Slipper Orchid

Lady Slipper Orchid

Michael Peychich

Elaine Manley - Mornings Light

Mornings Light

Elaine Manley

Cheryl Sameit - Delicate Freckles

Delicate Freckles

Cheryl Sameit

Jennie Marie Schell - Victorian Pink Roses Bouquet

Victorian Pink Roses Bouquet

Jennie Marie Schell

Chris Berry - Single Bachelor

Single Bachelor

Chris Berry

Beth Akerman - Submerged Leaf

Submerged Leaf

Beth Akerman

Sabrina L Ryan - Dancing Orchid

Dancing Orchid

Sabrina L Ryan

Angela Doelling AD DESIGN Photo and PhotoArt - Where is the summer

Where is the summer

Angela Doelling AD DESIGN Photo and PhotoArt

Vilas Malankar - Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves

Vilas Malankar

Byron Varvarigos - Japanese Anemone Close Up

Japanese Anemone Close Up

Byron Varvarigos

Julie Palencia - Aquatic Beauty

Aquatic Beauty

Julie Palencia

Sabrina L Ryan - Pastel Lotus

Pastel Lotus

Sabrina L Ryan

Farah Faizal - Little Guys

Little Guys

Farah Faizal

John King - In The Center

In The Center

John King

Angela Doelling AD DESIGN Photo and PhotoArt - Summer Impression

Summer Impression

Angela Doelling AD DESIGN Photo and PhotoArt

Sabrina L Ryan - Space Station

Space Station

Sabrina L Ryan

Ellen Cotton - Autumn Garden 2

Autumn Garden 2

Ellen Cotton

Chandrakanth Lakkakula - Marigold...color of Joy

Marigold...color of Joy

Chandrakanth Lakkakula

Marilyn Atwell - Tropicana


Marilyn Atwell

Sabrina L Ryan - Pink Lotus Reflection

Pink Lotus Reflection

Sabrina L Ryan

Farah Faizal - Plumeria


Farah Faizal

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Hibiscus Spectacular

Hibiscus Spectacular

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Melanie Moraga - Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie

Melanie Moraga

Chandrakanth Lakkakula - Rose for Love

Rose for Love

Chandrakanth Lakkakula

Kerri Ligatich - Orchids - Purple Trio

Orchids - Purple Trio

Kerri Ligatich

Rona Black - Youth and Beauty

Youth and Beauty

Rona Black

Peter Holme III - 1706


Peter Holme III

Rona Black - Interior Design

Interior Design

Rona Black

Melanie Moraga - On Guard

On Guard

Melanie Moraga

Peter Holme III - 1837


Peter Holme III

Melanie Moraga - Portrait of a Fern

Portrait of a Fern

Melanie Moraga

Sue Melvin - Just Bamboo

Just Bamboo

Sue Melvin

Jonathan Garrett - Textured Blooms 1

Textured Blooms 1

Jonathan Garrett

RC DeWinter - Asparagus Jungle

Asparagus Jungle

RC DeWinter

Randy Rosenberger - Nature

Nature's Fireworks

Randy Rosenberger

Bear E Smith - Channels


Bear E Smith

Michele Stoehr - Fiery Dandelion

Fiery Dandelion

Michele Stoehr

Byron Varvarigos - African Desert Leaves

African Desert Leaves

Byron Varvarigos

Kathleen Struckle - Palm Trees

Palm Trees

Kathleen Struckle

Kerri Ligatich - Rain On Me

Rain On Me

Kerri Ligatich

Kerri Ligatich - Croton - Deep Green

Croton - Deep Green

Kerri Ligatich