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British Artists



Group Administrator

Ann Fellows

Dorset, swanage

United Kingdom

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Group Overview

This group was started on January 22nd, 2013 and currently has:


28 Members


236 Images


7 Discussions

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British Artists

About This Group

For painting only --acrylic,oil, watercolours , pastels.
of [trees,plants,animals, landscapes only ].

Featured Images

Tracey Williams - Sunset Reservoir

Sunset Reservoir

Tracey Williams

Rosa Garcia Sanchez - Still Life

Still Life

Rosa Garcia Sanchez

Peter Orrock - Clementine and plum

Clementine and plum

Peter Orrock

Peter Orrock - Orange and copper

Orange and copper

Peter Orrock

Cherise Foster - Brewers Garden

Brewers Garden

Cherise Foster

Jean Walker - Ice Cold Wonder

Ice Cold Wonder

Jean Walker

Siobhan Lewis - Otter and the Mayfly

Otter and the Mayfly

Siobhan Lewis

Kathryn Bell - The Willow Woman Washing...
Debra Hall - Quackers


Debra Hall

Debra Hall - Bee Bouncy

Bee Bouncy

Debra Hall

Debra Hall - Balancing Chickens
Debra Hall - Clarence in the...
Martin Davey - Brown Horse drinking...
Cherise Foster - Arctic WolF

Arctic WolF

Cherise Foster

Cherise Foster - ReD


Cherise Foster

Kathryn Bell - Jumping the Moon

Jumping the Moon

Kathryn Bell

Kathryn Bell - Hector
Jodie Welsh - Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

Jodie Welsh

Martin Davey - White Doves using a...
Dorothy Dator - Imprint


Dorothy Dator

Debra Hall - Play with me...please
Debra Hall - Bee Fascinated

Bee Fascinated

Debra Hall

Debra Hall - Proud


Debra Hall

Debra Hall - Punch


Debra Hall

Jo Appleby - Looking at Moo

Looking at Moo

Jo Appleby

Jo Appleby - Curious Cows

Curious Cows

Jo Appleby

Jo Appleby - Looking at Ewe

Looking at Ewe

Jo Appleby

Cherise Foster - FoX


Cherise Foster

Ann Fellows - Badger in the fall.
Martin Davey - Mallards On River Bank
Tracey Williams - That

That's another Puffin...

Tracey Williams

Jean Walker - Misty Morning on Cannock...
Jean Walker -  Call of the Wild
Barry J Davis - Working shires

Working shires

Barry J Davis

Barry J Davis - Corals dream

Corals dream

Barry J Davis

Barry J Davis - Harry

Harry's game

Barry J Davis

Martin Davey - Brown Horse By Stables
Martin Davey - Three horses in field
Martin Davey - Brown and White Horse by...
Martin Davey - Cow in grass

Cow in grass

Martin Davey

Martin Davey - Cow And Calf In Field
Cherise Foster - Poppy


Cherise Foster

Cherise Foster - Friends Fur Ever

Friends Fur Ever

Cherise Foster

Ann Fellows - Tuscany landscape

Tuscany landscape

Ann Fellows

Ann Fellows - The Greenman

The Greenman

Ann Fellows

Cherise Foster - Golden Glade

Golden Glade

Cherise Foster

Dorothy Dator - Winter Bird

Winter Bird

Dorothy Dator

Tracey Williams - Autumn wind

Autumn wind

Tracey Williams

Tracey Williams - A winters day

A winters day

Tracey Williams

Tracey Williams - Roming in the dales

Roming in the dales

Tracey Williams

Tracey Williams - Grazing in the Hills

Grazing in the Hills

Tracey Williams

Jodie Welsh - Vintage Flowers

Vintage Flowers

Jodie Welsh

Tracey Williams - Bursting out to bloom

Bursting out to bloom

Tracey Williams

Cherise Foster - Blushing Tulips

Blushing Tulips

Cherise Foster

Tracey Williams - Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Tracey Williams

Victoria Macdonald - Antelope Kiss

Antelope Kiss

Victoria Macdonald

Tracey Williams - Your so Funny

Your so Funny

Tracey Williams

Cherise Foster - Expectation


Cherise Foster

Cherise Foster - Embraced


Cherise Foster

Cherise Foster - Pebbles


Cherise Foster

Martin Davey - Canoeing on the river...
Jo Appleby - Old Harry Rocks

Old Harry Rocks

Jo Appleby

Jean Walker - The Endurance - Enduring