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British Isles Professional Painters



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Roland Byrne

Carlow, Carlow


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This group was started on March 20th, 2014 and currently has:


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British Isles Professional Painters

About This Group

This group is for artists from England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Artists must be born in or be in long term residence in the British Isles. The aim of this group is to create awareness and promote the work of full time professional artists living there within.
Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Mixed Media, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Charcoal, Pencil etc... accepted.
Landscape, Abstract, Still Life, Portrait, Figurative etc... accepted.
Sorry no photography or digital work accepted.

Featured Images

Val Byrne - O Heagrain Pub in...
Karl  Fletcher  - Flowers


Karl Fletcher

Lesly Holliday - Still life with Pewter...
Lesly Holliday - English Ram

English Ram

Lesly Holliday

Neil McBride - Erosion


Neil McBride

Cathal Lindsay - In White

In White

Cathal Lindsay

Roland Byrne - Portal Tomb Aurora

Portal Tomb Aurora

Roland Byrne

Neil McBride - Kilburn Feast under the...
Neil McBride - Light Squall

Light Squall

Neil McBride

Neil McBride - Summer Camp Late Arrival
Neil McBride - Newburgh Study

Newburgh Study

Neil McBride

Neil McBride - Lakeland Splash

Lakeland Splash

Neil McBride

Neil McBride - Big Light

Big Light

Neil McBride

Neil McBride - Rolling Mist

Rolling Mist

Neil McBride

Val Byrne - Loophead Lighthouse Clare
Val Byrne - Newquay essentials Clare
Cathal Lindsay - Skull And Dots

Skull And Dots

Cathal Lindsay

Val Byrne - Ennistymon Backwater...
Cathal Lindsay - Lost Girl

Lost Girl

Cathal Lindsay

Val Byrne - Cladagh Recollections
Val Byrne - Broadband is coming
Val Byrne - Eyeries Village Beara ...
Val Byrne - Windmill on the Norfolk...
Lesly Holliday - Single Apple

Single Apple

Lesly Holliday

Lesly Holliday - Mandarin Orange

Mandarin Orange

Lesly Holliday

Lesly Holliday - Single Pear

Single Pear

Lesly Holliday

Lesly Holliday - Portrait with Spectacles
Chris Irwin Walker - ASPIRE - Impressions of...

ASPIRE - Impressions of...

Chris Irwin Walker

Chris Irwin Walker -  St.Ives Low Tide

St.Ives Low Tide

Chris Irwin Walker

Roland Byrne - Muckish Farm

Muckish Farm

Roland Byrne