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Brushless Art Work



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Greg Moores

Jenison, MI

United States

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This group was started on June 3rd, 2011 and currently has:


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Brushless Art Work

About This Group

PAINTINGS ONLY - NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR DIGITAL WORKS - Paintings using any kind of paint that have been created without the use of a paint brush ! Palette knife, sponges etc. or any other tools other than a brush are acceptable. Sorry pastels and/or Oil Pastels are considerd drawings and will not be considered. If in my estimation the work appears as though it was NOT done without the use of a brush it will be rejected.

No nudity and no computer generated and/or digital work. You may do some digital color enhancement of the painting after the fact but the original work must be a brushless painting with nothing generated or added by the computer.

Please submit no more than 2 works a day and have patience until I have a chance to review the work before posting.

Featured Images

Talya Johnson - Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere

Talya Johnson

Renee Anderson - Chasing Color - Palette...
Renee Anderson - Transcendental Joy...

Transcendental Joy...

Renee Anderson

Talya Johnson - Just Past Bloom - roses...
Renee Anderson - White Blue Black...

White Blue Black...

Renee Anderson

Elise Palmigiani - Among the Red Rocks -...

Among the Red Rocks -...

Elise Palmigiani

Karen Tarlton - Rooster Barnyard Bird

Rooster Barnyard Bird

Karen Tarlton

David Figielek - Paris street

Paris street

David Figielek

Karen Tarlton - Rainy Romance

Rainy Romance

Karen Tarlton

Aaron Beeston - Red Lake

Red Lake

Aaron Beeston

Kume Bryant - Dreaming


Kume Bryant

Elise Palmigiani - Along The Trail - Arizona

Along The Trail - Arizona

Elise Palmigiani

Henryk Gorecki - The Firery Mountains

The Firery Mountains

Henryk Gorecki

Karen Tarlton - Posing Pony Portrait

Posing Pony Portrait

Karen Tarlton

David Figielek - Street


David Figielek

Teresa Wegrzyn - Sunset


Teresa Wegrzyn

Meaghan Troup - Frost Like Ashes

Frost Like Ashes

Meaghan Troup

David Figielek - Florist


David Figielek

Chris Hobel - Daisy Delight Palette...
Karen Tarlton - The Rooster

The Rooster

Karen Tarlton

Greg Moores - Lazy River

Lazy River

Greg Moores

Karen Tarlton - Blue Heron

Blue Heron

Karen Tarlton

Meaghan Troup - Beyond Measure

Beyond Measure

Meaghan Troup

Steven Lebron Langston - Walking with a Dream

Walking with a Dream

Steven Lebron Langston

Greg Moores - Summer Falls

Summer Falls

Greg Moores

Kume Bryant - Jesus In Disguise

Jesus In Disguise

Kume Bryant

David Figielek - Danzig


David Figielek

Elise Palmigiani - Sunset Over the Village

Sunset Over the Village

Elise Palmigiani

Aaron Beeston - Lush Forest

Lush Forest

Aaron Beeston

Ana Lusi - Big Bang

Big Bang

Ana Lusi

Karen Tarlton - Hummingbird Dance

Hummingbird Dance

Karen Tarlton

Teresa Wegrzyn - Spring Love

Spring Love

Teresa Wegrzyn

Ana Lusi - The coral cavern
Greg Moores - Two Palms

Two Palms

Greg Moores

Karen Tarlton - Harbor Boats at Sunrise
Eric Sosnowski - Flowers 2

Flowers 2

Eric Sosnowski

Emily Young - Fall on the Green

Fall on the Green

Emily Young

Marc Chambers - A winters valley

A winters valley

Marc Chambers

Meaghan Troup - Assurance


Meaghan Troup