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Canadian Panoramas



Group Administrator

Les Palenik

Richmond Hill, ON


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Group Overview

This group was started on March 11th, 2013 and currently has:


21 Members


94 Images


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Canadian Panoramas

About This Group

This FAA Group features landscape photographs and portraits of wild animals in their environment in PANORAMIC format.

Panoramic format is defined as one with the length of the picture measuring at least twice the height (1:2, 1:3, 1:4). Vertical panoramas (where the height is 2 or 3 times longer than width) will be also considered.

If you don't have currently your image in the elongated panoramic format, and the image resolution is high enough for cropping, you might consider cutting off the top or bottom (or both) to make it a panoramic format. Sorry, we can't accept images submitted in conventional 2:3, 9:16 or square formats.

If possible, indicate where the image was taken or painted and provide a brief description of the place or animals.

The initial daily image limit has been set to 3.

Featured Images

Peter Lessey - My City My Home

My City My Home

Peter Lessey

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography - A Settler

A Settler's Paradise

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography

Ian Mcadie - Athabasca Falls Winter
Ian Mcadie - Golden Ears Peaks Spring
Ian Mcadie - Two Jacks Lake Sunset
Brad Allen Fine Art Photography - Calgary Sunrise

Calgary Sunrise

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography

Peter Lessey - Daffodil Panoramic

Daffodil Panoramic

Peter Lessey

Bo Semeniuk - Light of Consciousness
Randy Giesbrecht - A Majestic Lake

A Majestic Lake

Randy Giesbrecht

Michael Swanson - Winter Aspens

Winter Aspens

Michael Swanson

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography - Alberta Rockies Snow...

Alberta Rockies Snow...

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography

Les Palenik - Maple Syrup bottles -...
Les Palenik - Red Barn In Winter

Red Barn In Winter

Les Palenik

Peter Lessey - Holding Strong

Holding Strong

Peter Lessey

Peter Lessey - Long Way Home

Long Way Home

Peter Lessey

Peter Lessey - Saint Elias Church

Saint Elias Church

Peter Lessey

Peter Lessey - Panoramic Winter

Panoramic Winter

Peter Lessey

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography - 2816 - Canmore

2816 - Canmore

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography - Harmonious Lines

Harmonious Lines

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography - Crop Samples

Crop Samples

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography - Westbound Grain II

Westbound Grain II

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography

Peter Lessey - Basic


Peter Lessey

Les Palenik - Abstract - Fields at...
Roy Urbach - Morning frozen fog over...
Barbara Griffin - Walking Near Deadman
Brad Allen Fine Art Photography - Team Work

Team Work

Brad Allen Fine Art Photography

Les Palenik - Rugged Lake Superior...
Les Palenik - Sailboat And Steamboat -...
Ian Mcadie - Autumn Cloudscape
Barbara Griffin - Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

Barbara Griffin

Randy Giesbrecht - Medicine Lake Jasper

Medicine Lake Jasper

Randy Giesbrecht

Randy Giesbrecht - Chilliwack Mt range

Chilliwack Mt range

Randy Giesbrecht

Randy Giesbrecht - Vancouver Skyline

Vancouver Skyline

Randy Giesbrecht

Les Palenik - Toronto skyline

Toronto skyline

Les Palenik

Bo Semeniuk - Birch Tree

Birch Tree

Bo Semeniuk

Peter Lessey - Changing Skyline

Changing Skyline

Peter Lessey

Ian Mcadie - Alouette Beach

Alouette Beach

Ian Mcadie

Les Palenik - Skyline of Barrie in...
Barbara Griffin - Little Pond Near the...

Little Pond Near the...

Barbara Griffin

Peter Lessey - Signs Of Autumn

Signs Of Autumn

Peter Lessey

Peter Lessey - Sulitude


Peter Lessey

Les Palenik - Fall colors on a calm...
Les Palenik - Colorful trees along the...
Barbara Griffin - The Roaring of the Sea

The Roaring of the Sea

Barbara Griffin

Les Palenik - Open Canoe Whitewater...
Ian Mcadie - Lake Louise Mists
Les Palenik - Rocky islands on...
Les Palenik - Colorful rock panoramic...
Les Palenik - Boat on a blue lake
Michael Swanson -  Autumn Sunlight

Autumn Sunlight

Michael Swanson

Roy Urbach - Rural Road in Ontario
Ian Mcadie - Waterton Mountains
Bo Semeniuk - Primeval Forest

Primeval Forest

Bo Semeniuk

Bo Semeniuk - Pacific Stand

Pacific Stand

Bo Semeniuk

Bo Semeniuk - Mount Robson

Mount Robson

Bo Semeniuk

Bo Semeniuk - Helmcken Canyon

Helmcken Canyon

Bo Semeniuk

Bo Semeniuk - Columbia Icefield

Columbia Icefield

Bo Semeniuk

Les Palenik - Fast River Panorama
Michael Swanson - The Scouting Party

The Scouting Party

Michael Swanson

Ian Mcadie - Kanaka Creek Rising
Barbara Griffin - Summer Panorama

Summer Panorama

Barbara Griffin

Les Palenik - Georgian Bay on a calm...
Barbara Griffin - Cabot Tower overlooking...
Les Palenik - Gazebo on lake

Gazebo on lake

Les Palenik

Barbara Griffin - First Sight of Home -...

First Sight of Home -...

Barbara Griffin

Les Palenik - Panorama with two...
Ian Mcadie - Mountain Mirror

Mountain Mirror

Ian Mcadie

Les Palenik - Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf

Les Palenik

Les Palenik - Summer morning on...
Les Palenik - Ferruginous Hawk

Ferruginous Hawk

Les Palenik

Michael Swanson - North Channel Reflections
Les Palenik - Kushog Lake in...

Kushog Lake in...

Les Palenik

Les Palenik - Sleeping wolves on logs...
Les Palenik - Kayaks In Whitewater
Les Palenik - Lake Muskoka

Lake Muskoka

Les Palenik

Les Palenik - Algonquin Park in...
Les Palenik - Georgian Bay Coastline
Les Palenik - Timber wolves under a...