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Jeanette K

Chicago, IL

United States

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This group was started on June 6th, 2011 and currently has:


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Cards - Prefer text on front

About This Group

*Welcome to our friendly group where cards of all kinds are welcome. Greeting cards, Note cards, and Postcards.
Cards from Group Submissions and Group Discussions will be featured occasionally on the Group Home pg.

The guidelines are simple -

Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome :)


Must be your own design

All mediums are welcome

Cards must have text in group submission. Any cards without text must be placed in Group Discussion under ' Note Cards'

Cards can be for any occasion or holiday etc.

Currently allowing an unlimited amount of cards per daily submission, but please be reasonable.

If administrator believes that cards are too graphic, inappropriate, or infringes on FAA standards of what is allowed on their site, then the cards will be removed from the group.


Must be your own design

All mediums are welcome

Cards must be placed under proper category

Blank cards should go under Note Cards to keep discussions organized and from winding up with random images.

Anyone adding cards to group discussion must promote other member (s) in some way.

For as many of your own cards, that you add to the discussion, that's the minimum votes required to promote others. May promote more than the minimum if you wish.

Featured Images

Jeanette K - Two Hearts Valentine
Jeanette K - Be Mine Raccoon

Be Mine Raccoon

Jeanette K

Jeanette K - Valentine
Jeanette K - Valentine
Diana Sainz - You Hold My Heart...
Freddy Kirsheh - Peace is born from...

Peace is born from...

Freddy Kirsheh

Diana Gunning - Bunny Hugs and Kisses

Bunny Hugs and Kisses

Diana Gunning

Jeanette K - Birthday Panda

Birthday Panda

Jeanette K

Lorna Maza - Speed Your Love To Me
Christine Huwer - Love


Christine Huwer

Jeanette K - St. Patrick
Jeanette K - St. Patrick
Jeanette K - St. Patrick
Jeanette K - Happy Easter Bunny
The Creative Minds Art and Photography - Happy St. Patrick

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The Creative Minds Art and Photography

Melodye Whitaker - Light of My Life

Light of My Life

Melodye Whitaker

Jeanette K - Happy Arbor Day Sheltie...
Michael Peychich - Happy Valentine
Jeanette K - Raccoon Dream

Raccoon Dream

Jeanette K

Jeanette K - Florida Sunset

Florida Sunset

Jeanette K

Sara  Raber - Ecclesiastes 3 Verse 1