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Catholic Art Gallery



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Frank J Casella

Homewood, IL

United States

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This group was started on March 16th, 2011 and currently has:

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Catholic Art Gallery

About This Group

Visitors - Welcome to Catholic Art Gallery group on and Fine Art America.

This group is here specifically to share Catholic Sacred and religious artwork with lovers of the Fine Art world. To make the stories of the bible, the saints, and other Christian Artwork, that does not portray anything against the teachings of The Catholic Church, approachable and accessible to both practicing Catholics and people who struggle with the practice of religion, but have a heart for good and God.

If you are on Twitter look for our featured artwork using the hashtag -- #CatholicArtGallery -- also, to visit here again directly use this short-link - - please make a note of it.

For a larger selection of our artwork on click here, or simply visit the 'images' tab at the group top menu. For the latest updates visit the 'Activity' tab.

TIP: To view the artwork large, visit the 'Images' tab then click the first image. You'll see arrows on both sides that you can use to 'slideshow' through the artwork exhibited in this gallery.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your day.


Artists please click here for the group guidelines or visit the discussion tab.

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Group logo artwork by Henryk Gorecki


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Featured Images

Javier Barras - SMA at Night

SMA at Night

Javier Barras

Ed Weidman - Sanctuary Scene

Sanctuary Scene

Ed Weidman

Frank J Casella - The Spirit of Life

The Spirit of Life

Frank J Casella

Susie Grossman - Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child

Susie Grossman

Christine Paris - Seraphina


Christine Paris

Jean Hall - Egyptian Lion

Egyptian Lion

Jean Hall

2141 Photography - Clover Hill

Clover Hill

2141 Photography

Mike De Lorenzo - Freedom


Mike De Lorenzo

Valerie Anne Kelly - Archangel Metraton

Archangel Metraton

Valerie Anne Kelly

Nancy Ingersoll - You Stud

You Stud

Nancy Ingersoll

Vladimir Berrio Lemm - God, Architect Of Universe

God, Architect Of Universe

Vladimir Berrio Lemm

Gardening Perfection - Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Gardening Perfection

Marian Palucci - I Love You So Much

I Love You So Much

Marian Palucci

Dawn Currie - Romans 8 28

Romans 8 28

Dawn Currie

Sister Laura McGowan - The Nativity

The Nativity

Sister Laura McGowan

Anna Folkartanna Maciejewska-Dyba  - Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

Anna Folkartanna Maciejewska-Dyba

Johannes Murat - Jesus


Johannes Murat

Freddy Kirsheh - Keep faith.

Keep faith.

Freddy Kirsheh

Ganesh Kelagina Beedu Shenoy - Jesus brought down from cross

Jesus brought down from cross

Ganesh Kelagina Beedu Shenoy

Suzanne Silvir - Saint Catherine

Saint Catherine

Suzanne Silvir

Don Columbus - Mother Mary

Mother Mary

Don Columbus

Larry Weingartner - The Door in Your House

The Door in Your House

Larry Weingartner

Maria Coulson - Three Candle Lights

Three Candle Lights

Maria Coulson

Sharon Soberon - In You I Take Refuge

In You I Take Refuge

Sharon Soberon

Joseph J Stevens - Pink Goes to Church

Pink Goes to Church

Joseph J Stevens

John Swencki - The Eucharist

The Eucharist

John Swencki

Michelle Greene Wheeler - God Will Help You

God Will Help You

Michelle Greene Wheeler

Patricia Ducher - St Leos Abbey Bell Tower

St Leos Abbey Bell Tower

Patricia Ducher

Elizabeth Baldwin Knight - Second Chance - The Purification

Second Chance - The Purification

Elizabeth Baldwin Knight