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Celebrating the Artistic Nude



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Untethered Soul

Ottawa, ON


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This group was started on November 15th, 2012 and currently has:

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Celebrating the Artistic Nude

About This Group

This group is all about celebrating the artistic female nude. There is an obvious distinction between artistic nudes and porn. Please only submit photos of your photography or other forms of art that fit the above description.

Feel free to comment on everyone\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s submissions and make this a happening group.

Enjoy and have fun!

Featured Images

Nude Impact - The ROSE  No. 2  ...

The ROSE No. 2 ...

Nude Impact

Exposed Arts - Country


Exposed Arts

Exposed Arts - Boudoir


Exposed Arts

Exposed Arts - Stockings


Exposed Arts

Newd PhotoWerks - Peek


Newd PhotoWerks

Newd PhotoWerks - Nude 2

Nude 2

Newd PhotoWerks

Newd PhotoWerks - Tight


Newd PhotoWerks

Jeff Leland - Big Wheel

Big Wheel

Jeff Leland

Jeff Leland - Erin


Jeff Leland

John Silver - The waiting game

The waiting game

John Silver

Howard Kennedy - Pyramid


Howard Kennedy

Hugh Smith - Nude


Hugh Smith

Chas Della Silva - Actress Miss Corrie

Actress Miss Corrie

Chas Della Silva

Newd PhotoWerks - Nude on a Night Stand

Nude on a Night Stand

Newd PhotoWerks

Hugh Smith - Nude in window

Nude in window

Hugh Smith

Newd PhotoWerks - Good Morning

Good Morning

Newd PhotoWerks

Chuck Caramella - Bonitas  Curvas ...

Bonitas Curvas ...

Chuck Caramella

Pete Whistler - Atlantic City

Atlantic City

Pete Whistler

Newd PhotoWerks - Nude On A Chair

Nude On A Chair

Newd PhotoWerks

Hugh Smith - Red Shoes

Red Shoes

Hugh Smith

Hugh Smith - Briana


Hugh Smith

Jeff Leland - Reclining Nude

Reclining Nude

Jeff Leland

Newd PhotoWerks - Eye Contact

Eye Contact

Newd PhotoWerks

Manolis Tsantakis - From The Eighties Shots

From The Eighties Shots

Manolis Tsantakis

Howard Kennedy - Storm Dreamer

Storm Dreamer

Howard Kennedy

Hugh Smith - Nude in ruins

Nude in ruins

Hugh Smith

TMP Gallery - Hand to Thigh

Hand to Thigh

TMP Gallery

Devilish - Photographer - Grasping


Devilish - Photographer

Howard Kennedy - Splash


Howard Kennedy

Manolis Tsantakis - Hymn to the sun

Hymn to the sun

Manolis Tsantakis

Devilish - Photographer - Lost in Thought

Lost in Thought

Devilish - Photographer

Giovanni Barrera - Bricks and nude woman

Bricks and nude woman

Giovanni Barrera

John James - Artistic Nude 1

Artistic Nude 1

John James

Howard Kennedy - Pyramid


Howard Kennedy

TMP Gallery - Gentle Guitar

Gentle Guitar

TMP Gallery

Howard Kennedy - Daydreamer


Howard Kennedy