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Chairs and such



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Gordon Elwell

Perry, GA

United States

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Chairs and such

About This Group

Photographs of chair or similar sitting location. Please upload photos where the subject of the image is mainly or secondarily the chair. Please don\'t include images where there just happens to be a chair in the background and it is not related to the subject at all.

Featured Images

Thomas Woolworth - 1947 Pullman Railroad...

1947 Pullman Railroad...

Thomas Woolworth

Holly Blunkall - Granular Blue

Granular Blue

Holly Blunkall

Christi Kraft - Off-Season Grunge

Off-Season Grunge

Christi Kraft

Mike Savad - Barber - The Barber Chair
Gordon Elwell - Old Rockers - Square

Old Rockers - Square

Gordon Elwell

Mike Savad - Bench - Privacy

Bench - Privacy

Mike Savad

Anita Dale Livaditis - Seated Plant Folding...

Seated Plant Folding...

Anita Dale Livaditis

Thomas Woolworth - 1947 Pullman Railroad...

1947 Pullman Railroad...

Thomas Woolworth

Mike Savad - Chair - The Chair
Kym Backland - Line Of Rainbow Chairs
Mike Savad - Sewing - Room -...
Gordon Elwell - A Quiet Spot in the Woods
Mike Savad - Barber - The Barber Shop...
Julie Dant - Bench Among the Foxgloves
Mike Savad - House - Porch -...
Mike Savad - Dentist - The Dentist...
Mike Savad - Porch - Westfield NJ -...
Bob Christopher - Sit A Spell

Sit A Spell

Bob Christopher

Gordon Elwell - Rockers on the Porch

Rockers on the Porch

Gordon Elwell

Bob Christopher - All I Have

All I Have

Bob Christopher

Mike Savad - Doctor - My tiny little...
Julie Dant - Old Hanging Ladderback
Julie Dant - His and Hers

His and Hers

Julie Dant

Thomas Woolworth - Lonely Cafe

Lonely Cafe

Thomas Woolworth

Anne Gilbert - Come Sit Awhile

Come Sit Awhile

Anne Gilbert

Gordon Elwell - Shedding


Gordon Elwell

Thomas Woolworth - Snow Covered Chair

Snow Covered Chair

Thomas Woolworth

Gordon Elwell - Tybee Island Swing

Tybee Island Swing

Gordon Elwell

Gordon Elwell - Old Rockers

Old Rockers

Gordon Elwell