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Chicago Artists



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Jeannette Mattson

Valparaiso, IN

United States

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This group was started on March 23rd, 2010 and currently has:


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Chicago Artists

About This Group

any Chicago Artists, any Medium, any Image.

There is some great photography about Chicago in the group.

Featured Images

Adam Romanowicz - Chicago Skyline at Night...
Milena Ilieva - The Boat and The City

The Boat and The City

Milena Ilieva

Galexa Ch - Chicago Theatre

Chicago Theatre

Galexa Ch

Milena Ilieva - City of Color

City of Color

Milena Ilieva

Donald Schwartz - Chicago Buckingham...

Chicago Buckingham...

Donald Schwartz

Jim Wright - Chicago jogger

Chicago jogger

Jim Wright

Daniel Chen - Guide Me Across The River
John Harrison - Lighthouse Moon

Lighthouse Moon

John Harrison

Milena Ilieva - Chicago in Black and...
Milena Ilieva - Chicago in Early Autumn
Sven Brogren - Snowy Bean scene

Snowy Bean scene

Sven Brogren

Jim Wright - Skyline biker

Skyline biker

Jim Wright

Sven Brogren - Icicles on Chicago
Steve Gadomski - Buckingham Fountain...

Buckingham Fountain...

Steve Gadomski

Sheryl Thomas - Another View of Navy Pier
Adam Romanowicz - Chicago Skyline Daytime...
David Bearden - Buckingham Fountain...
Jim Wright - Chicago River

Chicago River

Jim Wright

Adam Romanowicz - John Hancock Center...

John Hancock Center...

Adam Romanowicz

Thomas Woolworth - Chicago Trump Tower Blue...
Joseph Yarbrough - City Evening

City Evening

Joseph Yarbrough

Sven Brogren - Navy Pier at night

Navy Pier at night

Sven Brogren

Donald Schwartz - Bean and Buildings

Bean and Buildings

Donald Schwartz

Jim Wright - City gulls

City gulls

Jim Wright

Donald Schwartz - Willis Tower

Willis Tower

Donald Schwartz

Milena Ilieva - At the Park

At the Park

Milena Ilieva

Donald Schwartz - Chicago Evening

Chicago Evening

Donald Schwartz

Donald Schwartz - Chicago Panorama

Chicago Panorama

Donald Schwartz

Steve Gadomski - Chicago Morning BW

Chicago Morning BW

Steve Gadomski

Jim Wright - Surf
Steve Gadomski - Chicago Foggy Lakefront...
David Bearden - Chicago seasons--snow...
Donald Schwartz - Chicago Skyline March...

Chicago Skyline March...

Donald Schwartz

David Bearden - Buckingham North

Buckingham North

David Bearden

Sheryl Thomas - State Street Scene - 1
Horsch Gallery - Black and White Chicago...
Horsch Gallery - Chicago Skyline - Black...
David Bearden - Buckingham Tonight

Buckingham Tonight

David Bearden

Sheryl Thomas - Chicago Theater in Black...
Steve Gadomski - Chicago Loop Sundown BW...
Steve Gadomski - Chicago River East BW

Chicago River East BW

Steve Gadomski

Geobert Palencia - The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

Geobert Palencia

Horsch Gallery - Chicago Architectural...
Horsch Gallery - Black and White City of...
Milena Ilieva - Magnificent Chicago

Magnificent Chicago

Milena Ilieva

Milena Ilieva - The Boat and The lake

The Boat and The lake

Milena Ilieva

Milena Ilieva - Panorama


Milena Ilieva

Adam Romanowicz - Sunrise over Chicago

Sunrise over Chicago

Adam Romanowicz

David Bearden - The Lion in Winter

The Lion in Winter

David Bearden

David Bearden - North from Buckingham

North from Buckingham

David Bearden

Sheryl Thomas - The River At Night

The River At Night

Sheryl Thomas

Sheryl Thomas - Train Spotting

Train Spotting

Sheryl Thomas

Sven Brogren - White checkered light by...
David Bearden - Chicago on thin ice

Chicago on thin ice

David Bearden

Scott Norris - Chicago skyline at dusk
Milena Ilieva - the Fountain

the Fountain

Milena Ilieva

Sven Brogren - Chicago Skyline...

Chicago Skyline...

Sven Brogren

Adam Romanowicz - Willis Tower at Dusk aka...
Sven Brogren - Chicago river and...
David Bearden - Night at the Fountain

Night at the Fountain

David Bearden

Sven Brogren - Twilight Chicago skyline
Adam Romanowicz - Cloud Gate and Skyline

Cloud Gate and Skyline

Adam Romanowicz

Zoran Markovik - Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline

Zoran Markovik

Sven Brogren - Open bridges in Chicago
Sven Brogren - LaSalle Street Commuter...
David Bearden - Chicago Nightline

Chicago Nightline

David Bearden

Sven Brogren - Chicago Sailboats...
Sven Brogren - Chicago River with...
Sven Brogren - Chicago Harbor Scene
Sven Brogren - Michgan Avenue Action
Jeannette Mattson - Chicago Scene

Chicago Scene

Jeannette Mattson

Sven Brogren - Beautiful clouds over...