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Coffee and Tea Cups from around the world



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Bruce Nutting

Upland, CA

United States

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This group was started on July 10th, 2013 and currently has:

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Coffee and Tea Cups from around the world

About This Group

I had not place to put my paintings of coffee ups and I know others who have painted them too. So, I created this group for a place for that type of still life art. Painting mediums primarily. If you post photographs I will consider them, however, I am primarily looking for drawings and paintings of cups.
Limit 5 per day.

Featured Images

Bruce Nutting - Many Shades of Coffee

Many Shades of Coffee

Bruce Nutting

Bruce Nutting - Shades of Coffee

Shades of Coffee

Bruce Nutting

Kenny Francis - Strange Brew

Strange Brew

Kenny Francis

Jane Dunn Borresen - Tea Time

Tea Time

Jane Dunn Borresen

Supranee Sengkanon - Hot Chocolate Drink

Hot Chocolate Drink

Supranee Sengkanon

Joe Bledsoe - I take mine Black

I take mine Black

Joe Bledsoe

Stuart Harrison - Cuppa


Stuart Harrison

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Buon Appetito

Buon Appetito

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Nancy L Marshall - Demitasse Cup 1

Demitasse Cup 1

Nancy L Marshall

Bruce Nutting - I Love You Jackie

I Love You Jackie

Bruce Nutting

Joe Bledsoe - Gods Promise

Gods Promise

Joe Bledsoe

Beverley Harper Tinsley - The Pleasure of a Well-Made Thing

The Pleasure of a Well-Made Thing

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Jane Dunn Borresen - Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Jane Dunn Borresen

Jane Dunn Borresen - Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Jane Dunn Borresen

Steve Taylor - The Unknown

The Unknown

Steve Taylor

Kenny Francis - Watercolor Coffee

Watercolor Coffee

Kenny Francis

Steve Taylor - Elevenses


Steve Taylor

Relihan Art - Afternoon break

Afternoon break

Relihan Art

Kenny Francis - Colorful Coffee

Colorful Coffee

Kenny Francis