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Color Pencils Only



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Lew Davis

Raleigh, NC

United States

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This group was started on November 13th, 2013 and currently has:

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Color Pencils Only

About This Group

This group is for posting your own original artwork done only in color pencils. Please do not submit anything other than pictures done in color pencils.

Featured Images

Bruce Bley - Pink Mum

Pink Mum

Bruce Bley

Lew Davis - Lily On Fire

Lily On Fire

Lew Davis

Bruce Bley - Daisy in Pink

Daisy in Pink

Bruce Bley

Pamela Clements - Essentially Lily

Essentially Lily

Pamela Clements

Lew Davis - Tumbo Blossom

Tumbo Blossom

Lew Davis

Lew Davis - Glacier View 1

Glacier View 1

Lew Davis

Pamela Clements - Favorite Jeans

Favorite Jeans

Pamela Clements

Pamela Clements - Lily

Lily's Garden

Pamela Clements

Barbara Keith - Intense


Barbara Keith

Dan Julien - Route 66 Drawing

Route 66 Drawing

Dan Julien

Patricio Lazen - First Fight

First Fight

Patricio Lazen

Barbara Keith - Aperatif


Barbara Keith

Pamela Clements - Pretty Penny

Pretty Penny

Pamela Clements

Pamela Clements - Spring Forward

Spring Forward

Pamela Clements

Cynthia Stewart - Bird Drawing

Bird Drawing

Cynthia Stewart