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Colored Pencil Art



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Ana Tirolese

London, ON


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This group was started on April 10th, 2012 and currently has:

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Colored Pencil Art

About This Group

Paintings, drawings, and any art that is primarily colored pencil.

1) Work must be mostly coloured pencil
2) Be Nice to your Fellow Members
3) No Spam will be tolerated

Featured Images

Julie McDoniel - Firmly rooted

Firmly rooted

Julie McDoniel

Desheron Mullins-wright - Green Grass Cup

Green Grass Cup

Desheron Mullins-wright

MaryEllen Frazee - Skeleton


MaryEllen Frazee

Dwayne  Hamilton - Abstract Bird 01

Abstract Bird 01

Dwayne Hamilton

Michelle Ripari - Enlightenment


Michelle Ripari

Julie McDoniel - Blackie


Julie McDoniel

Jiang Betty - Cat plant

Cat plant

Jiang Betty

Pamela Clements - O-Cherry


Pamela Clements

Connie Thomas - Red Rooster

Red Rooster

Connie Thomas

Todd Hatchett - Train Them Up

Train Them Up

Todd Hatchett

Todd Hatchett - Adonirum Judson

Adonirum Judson

Todd Hatchett

Sarah Batalka - Green Tree Frog

Green Tree Frog

Sarah Batalka

MaryEllen Frazee - Cracked Egg

Cracked Egg

MaryEllen Frazee

MaryEllen Frazee - Dandelion


MaryEllen Frazee

Dwayne  Hamilton - Blue Robin

Blue Robin

Dwayne Hamilton

MaryEllen Frazee - Flowers in Hair

Flowers in Hair

MaryEllen Frazee