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Composite or Mixed Media



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Shirley Mangini

Fort Bragg, CA

United States

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This group was started on August 26th, 2013 and currently has:

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Composite or Mixed Media

About This Group

This is a group for the creative, multi media photographers and artists. Like to mix it up, maybe use 2, 3, or 4 photographs? Like to add a little digital art into your image? Like to mix digital art and traditional painting or drawing? This is the group for you.

Happy creating.

Congratulations to the winner of our Composite or Mixed Media - Transportation Contest :)

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Featured Images

Larry Weingartner - Tranquility


Larry Weingartner

Tina  LeCour - Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Tina LeCour

Larry Weingartner - Dahlia Electric Flash

Dahlia Electric Flash

Larry Weingartner

Freddie Lieberman - The Light

The Light

Freddie Lieberman

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - The Look

The Look

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Tina  LeCour - Dressed To Kill

Dressed To Kill

Tina LeCour

Tina  LeCour - Innocence


Tina LeCour

Michele  Avanti - Irish Cat

Irish Cat

Michele Avanti

Patti Deters - Postman Butterfly

Postman Butterfly

Patti Deters

Shirley Mangini - Salsa


Shirley Mangini

Jay Salton - Cool World

Cool World

Jay Salton

Tina  LeCour - Every Last Drop

Every Last Drop

Tina LeCour

Tina  LeCour - The Old Huffy

The Old Huffy

Tina LeCour

Pennie  McCracken - Healing Waters

Healing Waters

Pennie McCracken

Alexandra-Emily Kokova - Lacrima Nebula

Lacrima Nebula

Alexandra-Emily Kokova

Carlos Caetano - Memorial Still-live

Memorial Still-live

Carlos Caetano

Movie Poster Prints - Tough Ambitious Women

Tough Ambitious Women

Movie Poster Prints

Pennie  McCracken - One With The Universe

One With The Universe

Pennie McCracken

Jay Salton - Ice Queen

Ice Queen

Jay Salton

Jay Salton - Set Sail

Set Sail

Jay Salton

Putterhug  Studio - Summer Solstice 2015

Summer Solstice 2015

Putterhug Studio

Pennie  McCracken - Alone on the Lake

Alone on the Lake

Pennie McCracken

Janette Boyd - Artic Polar Bear

Artic Polar Bear

Janette Boyd

Movie Poster Prints - Terminator Oil Pastel Sketch

Terminator Oil Pastel Sketch

Movie Poster Prints

Alexandra-Emily Kokova - Wolf


Alexandra-Emily Kokova

Avriahartz Digital Arts - Beauty and Madness

Beauty and Madness

Avriahartz Digital Arts

Shirley Mangini - Gem Ball in Satin Cave

Gem Ball in Satin Cave

Shirley Mangini

Pennie  McCracken - Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

Pennie McCracken

Ally  White - Magic Moments

Magic Moments

Ally White

Larry Weingartner - Iris 3

Iris 3

Larry Weingartner

P J Lewis - Rose Gold

Rose Gold

P J Lewis

Jackie Pecoroni - Hendrix


Jackie Pecoroni

Patti Deters - Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris

Patti Deters

Michele  Avanti - Pink Peony

Pink Peony

Michele Avanti

Pennie  McCracken - Enchanted Lake

Enchanted Lake

Pennie McCracken

Stanza Widen - A Winter

A Winter's Tale

Stanza Widen

Ally  White - Nature Awareness

Nature Awareness

Ally White

Shirley Mangini - Green Apple

Green Apple

Shirley Mangini

Patti Deters - Pitcher of Lilacs

Pitcher of Lilacs

Patti Deters

Larry Weingartner - Colors Close-up

Colors Close-up

Larry Weingartner

Nicole Frischlich - Ballett - Ballet

Ballett - Ballet

Nicole Frischlich

Larry Weingartner - Sepia Down The Mountain

Sepia Down The Mountain

Larry Weingartner

Pennie  McCracken - Surfing at Sundown

Surfing at Sundown

Pennie McCracken

Gerald Griffin - Griffins Custom Bikes

Griffins Custom Bikes

Gerald Griffin

Freddie Lieberman - Last Night

Last Night's Dream

Freddie Lieberman

Esther Newman-Cohen - Down the Path

Down the Path

Esther Newman-Cohen

Jan Bickerton - Autumn Party

Autumn Party

Jan Bickerton

Janette Boyd - Looking for Land

Looking for Land

Janette Boyd

Joseph J Stevens - Elk Spirits in the Garden

Elk Spirits in the Garden

Joseph J Stevens

Lali Kacharava - White Lilies

White Lilies

Lali Kacharava

Ally  White - Blind Date

Blind Date

Ally White

Maria Carpio - Too Comfortable

Too Comfortable

Maria Carpio

Maria Huntley - Nature Abstract 28

Nature Abstract 28

Maria Huntley

Mark Miller - Lightning Over LBI

Lightning Over LBI

Mark Miller

Martin Capek - Earth in flames

Earth in flames

Martin Capek

Michael  Volpicelli  - Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai

Michael Volpicelli

Michael Huddleston - Parting Storm

Parting Storm

Michael Huddleston

Mike McGlothlen - Soft Grand Piano

Soft Grand Piano

Mike McGlothlen

Movie Poster Prints - Northeast Winter Wonderland

Northeast Winter Wonderland

Movie Poster Prints

Hilde Widerberg - A Car Romance

A Car Romance

Hilde Widerberg

P J Lewis - I have news

I have news

P J Lewis

Penny Collins - Save The Bunnies

Save The Bunnies

Penny Collins

Peter Suhocke - Willie


Peter Suhocke

Putterhug  Studio - Autumnal Equinox

Autumnal Equinox

Putterhug Studio

R christopher Vest - Rufous Hummingbirds

Rufous Hummingbirds

R christopher Vest

Romy Galicia - Ethereal Beauty

Ethereal Beauty

Romy Galicia

Roseann Caputo - Carved Tribal Stone 01

Carved Tribal Stone 01

Roseann Caputo

John Straton - Kitchen inTime

Kitchen inTime

John Straton

Shannon Story - Morning Montage

Morning Montage

Shannon Story

Maynard Ellis - Lionfish


Maynard Ellis

Shirley Roma Charlton - Butterfly abstract

Butterfly abstract

Shirley Roma Charlton

Steven  Michael - To the Moon and Back

To the Moon and Back

Steven Michael

Alexandra-Emily Kokova - Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Alexandra-Emily Kokova

Nicole Frischlich - Unlikely-Unpassend


Nicole Frischlich

Viaina     - Sail Away

Sail Away


Walt Foegelle - Hole In One

Hole In One

Walt Foegelle