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Contemporary Florals



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Studio Tolere

Taos, New Mexico

United States

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This group was started on December 26th, 2012 and currently has:


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Contemporary Florals

About This Group

This group celebrates flowers and their containers, be it a vase ,the earth of a garden, or the sky like space of the imagination,
Any painting and drawing medium are accepted based on the quality of the work itself.
The focus is the flower outside of a purely realistic rendition.

Each artist has evolved a style and feeling for working with this motif over time. An ongoing discussion of process and inspiration will be enriching all around.

The vase with flowers impressionist era and on, done beautifully, is captivating and mesmerizing for the entire range of viewers.
The intent of this group is to function as a gallery of exceptional work , incorporating the heritage of the great modern master

New members are asked to post something to the discussion page prior to their work being addded to the group. Creative, provocative or short and simple. This way I can link a real person to an image and so can everyone else. .

I encourage you to send a group of your best work , three to five images, at a time, so they showcase together on the images pages.

Featured Images

Shijun Munns - Enlightenment


Shijun Munns

Miki De Goodaboom - Wild Flower Bouquets 03

Wild Flower Bouquets 03

Miki De Goodaboom

Diane Fine - Teabag


Diane Fine

Barbara Pommerenke - Studio Corner With Tulips

Studio Corner With Tulips

Barbara Pommerenke

Loretta Luglio - Morning Light

Morning Light

Loretta Luglio

Kathy Braud - Waterlilies in Shadow
Teresa Wegrzyn - Red Poppies

Red Poppies

Teresa Wegrzyn

Joan Hartenstein - Bougainvillea


Joan Hartenstein

Tanya Filichkin - Orange Purple and Lime...
Susan Porter - White Narcissus

White Narcissus

Susan Porter

Zeana Romanovna - Wild Vibrant Sunflowers

Wild Vibrant Sunflowers

Zeana Romanovna

 ILONA ANITA TIGGES - GOETZE  ART and Photography  - Egret in the Sunflowers

Egret in the Sunflowers


Miki De Goodaboom - Floral 01

Floral 01

Miki De Goodaboom

Teresa Wegrzyn - Bouquet


Teresa Wegrzyn

Kendall Kessler - Blooming Color

Blooming Color

Kendall Kessler

Barbara Pirkle - Poppies in the Sun

Poppies in the Sun

Barbara Pirkle

R W Goetting - Theres a party in my...
Anna Yurasovsky - On Sunday

On Sunday

Anna Yurasovsky

R W Goetting - Dark Iris

Dark Iris

R W Goetting

Nancy Kane Chapman - Roses 4

Roses 4

Nancy Kane Chapman

Lisa Kaiser - African Daisy Abstract
Mindy Newman - Sunflower Glowing

Sunflower Glowing

Mindy Newman

Nancy Jolley - Amaryllis 4

Amaryllis 4

Nancy Jolley

Susan Porter - Red Tulips

Red Tulips

Susan Porter

Wendy Westlake - Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds

Wendy Westlake

Pamela Allegretto - Hawaiian Pua

Hawaiian Pua

Pamela Allegretto

Melanie Harman - Yellow Prickly Pear

Yellow Prickly Pear

Melanie Harman

Joan Hartenstein - Willowy Whites

Willowy Whites

Joan Hartenstein

Eloise Schneider - Solitary Cotton

Solitary Cotton

Eloise Schneider

Janet Ashworth - Still Life of Flowers

Still Life of Flowers

Janet Ashworth

Nancy Merkle - Flower Shadows Still Life
Zeana Romanovna - Morning Heat -...

Morning Heat -...

Zeana Romanovna

Richard T Pranke - Rubies in the Emerald...

Rubies in the Emerald...

Richard T Pranke

Kathy Braud - Red Hot Cool Blue

Red Hot Cool Blue

Kathy Braud

Fiona Craig - Blandfordia and...

Blandfordia and...

Fiona Craig

Maria Hunt - Lilies in the Fountain
Melanie Harman - Yarrambat Roses

Yarrambat Roses

Melanie Harman

Linda J Bean - At the Butterfly...

At the Butterfly...

Linda J Bean

Irina Effa - Japanese Chrysanthemum...
Carol Wisniewski - Autumn Leaves of Red and...
Wendy Westlake - Tulips Splash

Tulips Splash

Wendy Westlake

Georg Douglas - Inner fire

Inner fire

Georg Douglas

Joan Hartenstein - Wildflowers


Joan Hartenstein

Richard T Pranke - Royal Poppies by...

Royal Poppies by...

Richard T Pranke

Miki De Goodaboom - Fantasy Flowers In A...

Fantasy Flowers In A...

Miki De Goodaboom

Linda J Bean - Afternoon in the Gardens
Georg Douglas - Inner light

Inner light

Georg Douglas

Linda J Bean - Orchids on Stripes

Orchids on Stripes

Linda J Bean

Bill OConnor - Pablo looking for Manet
Andre MEHU - Roses and tea pot
Em Scott - Pumkin Colors

Pumkin Colors

Em Scott

Kathy Braud - Sunflowers on the Rise
Talya Johnson - Boogie Nites dahlia...
Fiona Craig - Tulipomania 9 Reaching...
Maria Hunt - The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls

Maria Hunt

Jennifer Rutt - Lawai Ginger

Lawai Ginger

Jennifer Rutt

Mindy Newman - Amaryllis


Mindy Newman

Irina Effa - Chinese Peony 2

Chinese Peony 2

Irina Effa

Nancy Kane Chapman - Black Lily

Black Lily

Nancy Kane Chapman

Richard T Pranke - Abstract Sweet Poppies...

Abstract Sweet Poppies...

Richard T Pranke

Jolanta Anna Karolska - Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Tanya Filichkin - Illuminated


Tanya Filichkin

Pol Ledent - Blue poppies 7741
Lutz Baar - Flower Concerto

Flower Concerto

Lutz Baar

Catherine Gruetzke-Blais - Big Rhodies in Small Vase

Big Rhodies in Small Vase

Catherine Gruetzke-Blais

Shijun Munns - Blossoming


Shijun Munns

Brenda Ruark - Flowers and Fruits

Flowers and Fruits

Brenda Ruark

Esther Newman-Cohen - A Flower Dance

A Flower Dance

Esther Newman-Cohen

Joan Hartenstein - Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Joan Hartenstein

Danko Merin - Giardino 4

Giardino 4

Danko Merin

Anna Yurasovsky - End of Summer

End of Summer

Anna Yurasovsky

Fiona Craig - Tulipomania 5 Ablaze
Meaghan Troup - Black- Eyed Susans 2

Black- Eyed Susans 2

Meaghan Troup

Jose A Gonzalez Jr - Replica of Vincent

Replica of Vincent's...

Jose A Gonzalez Jr

Ana Maria Edulescu - Abstract Still Life -...

Abstract Still Life -...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Ana Maria Edulescu - Colorful Flowers -...

Colorful Flowers -...

Ana Maria Edulescu

R W Goetting - The Iris forest

The Iris forest

R W Goetting

 Tolere - Carnations in White Vase
Brenda Ruark - Sunflowers in blue vase
Cheryl Miller - Hearts Amor

Hearts Amor

Cheryl Miller

Maria Hunt - Flowers From the...
Stanza Widen - Springtime Aspens

Springtime Aspens

Stanza Widen

Bette Orr - Roses are Red

Roses are Red

Bette Orr

Jodie Marie Anne Richardson Traugott          aka jm-ART     - Fantasy Orchid

Fantasy Orchid

Jodie Marie Anne Richardson Traugott aka jm-ART

Tanya Filichkin - White Tulips on Blue...

White Tulips on Blue...

Tanya Filichkin

Em Scott - Strange Flowers
Irina Effa - The joy of summer
Carol Wisniewski - Nasturtiums


Carol Wisniewski

Ion vincent DAnu - Purple flowers On Orange...
Tolere - Big Red Flowers in a...
Kathy Braud - Soft Quilted Tulips
Brooks Garten Hauschild - Romance Me

Romance Me

Brooks Garten Hauschild

Ann  Nicholson - Pansies and Fruit

Pansies and Fruit

Ann Nicholson

Trudi Doyle - Watching Dragonflies
 ILONA ANITA TIGGES - GOETZE  ART and Photography  - Indian Summer

Indian Summer


Tanya Filichkin - Red Tulips Abstract

Red Tulips Abstract

Tanya Filichkin

Tanya Filichkin - Bursting Colors

Bursting Colors

Tanya Filichkin

Nancy Jolley - Three Ladies

Three Ladies

Nancy Jolley

Ana Maria Edulescu - Lily Pond Impression

Lily Pond Impression

Ana Maria Edulescu

Trudi Doyle - Arranging Red Tulips
Kathy Braud - Daylily Stix

Daylily Stix

Kathy Braud

Georg Douglas - Anatomy of an orange lily
Tanya Filichkin - Deep Purple

Deep Purple

Tanya Filichkin

Becky Kim - Flowers in Blue Vase 1
Nikki Dalton - Poppies and Daisies

Poppies and Daisies

Nikki Dalton

Mary Wolf - Floral Painting

Floral Painting

Mary Wolf

Natalia Astankina - Tangerine


Natalia Astankina

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Supta Vajrasana

Supta Vajrasana

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Madeleine Holzberg - Poppy Bouquet

Poppy Bouquet

Madeleine Holzberg

Donna Randall - Red at Night

Red at Night

Donna Randall

Diane Fine - Flowers and Leaves
Connie Ely McClure - Night Irises

Night Irises

Connie Ely McClure

Johane Amirault - I Promise to Bring you...
Eloise Schneider - Morning Tea for Two

Morning Tea for Two

Eloise Schneider

Mona Edulesco - Irises


Mona Edulesco

Brooke Baxter Howie - Artichokes and Daisies

Artichokes and Daisies

Brooke Baxter Howie

Trudi Doyle - Lilies and Heliconia
Carole Goldman - Sunny bouquet

Sunny bouquet

Carole Goldman

 Tolere - Lily and Koi Pond
Julie Todd-Cundiff - Giverny in Autumn

Giverny in Autumn

Julie Todd-Cundiff

Karen Whitworth - Lady Lavender

Lady Lavender

Karen Whitworth

Stanza Widen - Sun Drenched

Sun Drenched

Stanza Widen

Thelma Zambrano - Un grato encuentro

Un grato encuentro

Thelma Zambrano

BJ Pinkston - Spring II

Spring II

BJ Pinkston

Shijun Munns - Starry Night

Starry Night

Shijun Munns

Anne Duke - Marianne
Kendall Kessler - Waving Beauty

Waving Beauty

Kendall Kessler

Kathy Braud - Tulips For the Love of...
Maria Hunt - Roses in the Garden
Zeana Romanovna - Retro Petals

Retro Petals

Zeana Romanovna

John Clark - Aloe


John Clark

Becky Kim - Flowers in Green Vase
Claudia Smaletz - Garden Party

Garden Party

Claudia Smaletz

Esther Newman-Cohen - Flower Festival in Blue

Flower Festival in Blue

Esther Newman-Cohen

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Looking Forward Looking...

Looking Forward Looking...

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Lutz Baar - Florian


Lutz Baar

Kathy Braud - Styalized Lily Pads 3
Nancy Kane Chapman - Magnolia Highlight

Magnolia Highlight

Nancy Kane Chapman

Elaine Elliott - Bouquet de Provence

Bouquet de Provence

Elaine Elliott

Nikki Dalton - Lounging


Nikki Dalton

Becky Kim - Jinny in Pink Dress
Talya Johnson - Gleaning Light...

Gleaning Light...

Talya Johnson

Ginette Fine Art LLC Ginette Callaway - Impressionist Tulips in...

Impressionist Tulips in...

Ginette Fine Art LLC Ginette Callaway

Madeleine Holzberg - Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden

Madeleine Holzberg

Barbara Pommerenke - Uta

Uta's Posy

Barbara Pommerenke

Tanya Filichkin - Red Green and Blue

Red Green and Blue

Tanya Filichkin

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim - I Forget. Was it Four...

I Forget. Was it Four...

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim

Lutz Baar - Floral Abstraction
Esther Newman-Cohen - Flowers in Spin

Flowers in Spin

Esther Newman-Cohen

Anna Yurasovsky - Red Blue Yellow

Red Blue Yellow

Anna Yurasovsky

Ann  Nicholson - Potted Pansies

Potted Pansies

Ann Nicholson

 Tolere - Homage to Three Vases by...
Maja Sokolowska - Colorful dream

Colorful dream

Maja Sokolowska

Becky Kim - Blue Vase

Blue Vase

Becky Kim

Nancy Kane Chapman - Blue Sky Magnolia

Blue Sky Magnolia

Nancy Kane Chapman

Margaret Biggs - Caroline


Margaret Biggs

Pamela Allegretto - Pansies For Rosalina

Pansies For Rosalina

Pamela Allegretto

Madeleine Holzberg - White Poppy Bouquet

White Poppy Bouquet

Madeleine Holzberg

Madeleine Holzberg - White Poppy Garden II

White Poppy Garden II

Madeleine Holzberg

Elaine Elliott - Lavender Fields in...

Lavender Fields in...

Elaine Elliott

Madeleine Holzberg - Flower Fantasy

Flower Fantasy

Madeleine Holzberg

Loretta Luglio - Blazing Fields

Blazing Fields

Loretta Luglio

Bill OConnor - Maurice


Bill OConnor

Esther Newman-Cohen - Mandarin Floral Abstract

Mandarin Floral Abstract

Esther Newman-Cohen

Binka Kirova - Naturmort


Binka Kirova

Ginette Callaway - Black Tulips Expressive...
Natalie Holland - Joy of Summer

Joy of Summer

Natalie Holland

Fiona Craig - Sheherazade Lilies 1
Belinda Low - Belinda
Maja Sokolowska - Green dreams

Green dreams

Maja Sokolowska

Mona Edulesco - Magnolias For Ever

Magnolias For Ever

Mona Edulesco

Kathy Braud - The Tulips Bed Rock
Natalie Holland - Large Bouquet Of Flowers

Large Bouquet Of Flowers

Natalie Holland

Esther Newman-Cohen - Down the Path

Down the Path

Esther Newman-Cohen

Ann  Nicholson - Geranium II

Geranium II

Ann Nicholson

Shijun Munns - Celebration VII

Celebration VII

Shijun Munns

Fiona Craig - Tulipomania 7 Pink and...
Shijun Munns - Celebration


Shijun Munns

Janet Ashworth - Tulips


Janet Ashworth

Kathy Braud - Tulips Blowing in the...
Jolanta Anna Karolska - Blooming Expressions...

Blooming Expressions...

Jolanta Anna Karolska

Annie Zeno - Whacky Whimsical Wild...
Maria Hunt - The Colors of Happy
Kathy Braud - July Summer Arrangement
Ann  Nicholson - Kitchen Primrose

Kitchen Primrose

Ann Nicholson

Maria Hunt - Sunflowers


Maria Hunt

Ginette Callaway - Mona Lavender Flowers...

Mona Lavender Flowers...

Ginette Callaway

Eloise Schneider - Bouquet of Sweetness

Bouquet of Sweetness

Eloise Schneider

Elena Oleniuc - Spring


Elena Oleniuc

Julie Todd-Cundiff - Flower Study

Flower Study

Julie Todd-Cundiff

Bill OConnor - Travels With Auntie

Travels With Auntie

Bill OConnor

Stanza Widen - Nasturtium and...

Nasturtium and...

Stanza Widen

Aliya Michelle - Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Aliya Michelle

Mona Edulesco - Peonies And Art Book

Peonies And Art Book

Mona Edulesco

Talya Johnson - Common Threads - Divine...
John Clark - Front Garden

Front Garden

John Clark

AmaS Art - Hot Summer

Hot Summer

AmaS Art

Karen Mattson - Orange Oriental Poppy

Orange Oriental Poppy

Karen Mattson

Beverley Harper Tinsley - First Fire

First Fire

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Ann  Nicholson - Patio Pansies

Patio Pansies

Ann Nicholson

Ann  Nicholson - Pansy Path

Pansy Path

Ann Nicholson

Kathy Braud - Red Floral Mishmash
Ann  Nicholson - Shadowland


Ann Nicholson

Ana Maria Edulescu - Flowers - Colorful...

Flowers - Colorful...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Janet Ashworth - Light and Shadows

Light and Shadows

Janet Ashworth

Vladimir Kezerashvili - Irises


Vladimir Kezerashvili

Talya Johnson - Dahlia Row

Dahlia Row

Talya Johnson

Becky Kim - Friendship


Becky Kim

Deborah Ronglien - Showstopper


Deborah Ronglien

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Breathe


Beverley Harper Tinsley

Ana Maria Edulescu - Blooming Beyond Known...

Blooming Beyond Known...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Miki De Goodaboom - Poppies on Fire

Poppies on Fire

Miki De Goodaboom

Kathy Braud - Rudbecki and Teal

Rudbecki and Teal

Kathy Braud

Teresa Wegrzyn - Another Dream

Another Dream

Teresa Wegrzyn

Madeleine Holzberg - Best Friends

Best Friends

Madeleine Holzberg

Trudi Doyle - You Are a Child of the...
Maria Hunt - Irises and Apples
Sue Jacobi - Funky Iris Flower
Rosa Garcia Sanchez - Sunflowers by the...

Sunflowers by the...

Rosa Garcia Sanchez

Natalia Astankina - Dahlia


Natalia Astankina

Ion vincent DAnu - Lilies at Night

Lilies at Night

Ion vincent DAnu

BJ Pinkston - Geranium and Lilies
Talya Johnson - Just Past Bloom - roses...
Miki De Goodaboom - Wild Flowers 13

Wild Flowers 13

Miki De Goodaboom

Patricia Awapara - Spring Flowers Daisies

Spring Flowers Daisies

Patricia Awapara

Diane Fine - Underwater Flowers
Zdzislaw Dudek - Hollyhocks


Zdzislaw Dudek

Patricia Awapara - Sunflowers Girasoles...

Sunflowers Girasoles...

Patricia Awapara

Madeleine Holzberg - Sunburst


Madeleine Holzberg

Nancy Jolley - Red Dahlia

Red Dahlia

Nancy Jolley

Madeleine Holzberg - Harmony 3

Harmony 3

Madeleine Holzberg

Lutz Baar - Lovely Poppies

Lovely Poppies

Lutz Baar

Lutz Baar - Flower Serenade

Flower Serenade

Lutz Baar

Diane Fine - Fish Bowl and Posies
Nikki Dalton - Summer Blooms 2

Summer Blooms 2

Nikki Dalton

Nikki Dalton - Sunflowers


Nikki Dalton

 Tolere - Hearts and Flowers
Esther Newman-Cohen - Poppies in Spring

Poppies in Spring

Esther Newman-Cohen

Talya Johnson - Wildrain Retreat -...

Wildrain Retreat -...

Talya Johnson

Becky Kim - Beautiful Cat Dohchi
Andre MEHU - Bouquet Study

Bouquet Study

Andre MEHU

Mona Edulesco - Mon Amour La Rose

Mon Amour La Rose

Mona Edulesco

 Tolere - Pink roses in a blue vase
Elinor Rakowski - Roses at Dusk

Roses at Dusk

Elinor Rakowski

Mary Wolf - Bright Flower Bouquet
Nikki Dalton - Spring Song

Spring Song

Nikki Dalton

Eloise Schneider - Spring in a Vase

Spring in a Vase

Eloise Schneider

BJ Pinkston - Southern Beauty

Southern Beauty

BJ Pinkston

Kathy Braud - Heart of the Orchid
Trudi Doyle - Winter Hellebores the...
Bill OConnor - The Uninvited

The Uninvited

Bill OConnor

Diane Fine - Geisha Girl

Geisha Girl

Diane Fine

Diane Fine - Lemon Squash and Pumpkin
Nancy Kane Chapman - November

November's Flower

Nancy Kane Chapman

Nancy Kane Chapman - Gauguin Paradise

Gauguin Paradise

Nancy Kane Chapman

Elena Yakubovich - Butterfly Mosaic 02...

Butterfly Mosaic 02...

Elena Yakubovich

Lutz Baar - Pale Green Floral
Thelma Zambrano - Petalos noctambulos

Petalos noctambulos

Thelma Zambrano

Nikki Dalton - Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Nikki Dalton

Susan Schiffer - Bird in the Islands

Bird in the Islands

Susan Schiffer

Susan Schiffer - Throwing Flowers to the...
Susan Schiffer - A walk through Balboa...
Kendall Kessler - Swirling Color

Swirling Color

Kendall Kessler

Teresa Wegrzyn - My Deep Love

My Deep Love

Teresa Wegrzyn

Alexander  Kriushin - Rosemary alley

Rosemary alley

Alexander Kriushin

Johane Amirault - Standing Not Far

Standing Not Far

Johane Amirault

Esther Newman-Cohen - Agave and Friends

Agave and Friends

Esther Newman-Cohen

Beverley Harper Tinsley - A Place To Start

A Place To Start

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Taos Spring

Taos Spring

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Natalie Holland - Vibrant Blooms

Vibrant Blooms

Natalie Holland

Barbara Pirkle - Peonies


Barbara Pirkle

Corey Habbas - Alone with the Last...
Thelma Zambrano - Solo tu aroma

Solo tu aroma

Thelma Zambrano

Talya Johnson - Persian Cobalt - yellow...
Madeleine Holzberg - Waterlilies


Madeleine Holzberg

Madeleine Holzberg - Bromiliad


Madeleine Holzberg

Karen Mattson - From the Poppy Patch

From the Poppy Patch

Karen Mattson

 Tolere - Homage to Vincent
Nikki Dalton - Red Tulips

Red Tulips

Nikki Dalton

Bill OConnor - blue d

blue d'Orsay

Bill OConnor

Bill OConnor - Dorothy

Dorothy's Party

Bill OConnor

Nancy Jolley - Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Nancy Jolley

Transcend Designs - Tulips and Fruit

Tulips and Fruit

Transcend Designs

Oksana Semenchenko - Wealth and Comfort. Soul...

Wealth and Comfort. Soul...

Oksana Semenchenko

Esther Woods - Poppies at Midnight

Poppies at Midnight

Esther Woods

Natalia Bardi - Popies bouquet

Popies bouquet

Natalia Bardi

Mona Edulesco - Autumn Flowers

Autumn Flowers

Mona Edulesco

Miki De Goodaboom - Wild Flowers Bouquet in...

Wild Flowers Bouquet in...

Miki De Goodaboom

Eloise Schneider - Fanciful Flowers

Fanciful Flowers

Eloise Schneider

Esther Woods - The Iris

The Iris

Esther Woods

Yuri Lushnichenko - Rendezvous


Yuri Lushnichenko

Miki De Goodaboom - Flower Symphony 03

Flower Symphony 03

Miki De Goodaboom

Sharon Cummings - You Cant Hide Beautiful

You Cant Hide Beautiful

Sharon Cummings

Esther Newman-Cohen - Flowers Pots on a Wooden...

Flowers Pots on a Wooden...

Esther Newman-Cohen

Kathy Braud - Sunflower Head 3

Sunflower Head 3

Kathy Braud

Karen Mattson - Sun Song

Sun Song

Karen Mattson

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim - Colorado Morning

Colorado Morning

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim

Karen Whitworth - Lotus Light - Hawaiian...
Deborah Ronglien - Enchantment


Deborah Ronglien

Tolere - Iris Panel
Julie Todd-Cundiff - Amalfi Evening

Amalfi Evening

Julie Todd-Cundiff

Deborah Ronglien - Gardenias


Deborah Ronglien

Miki De Goodaboom - Still Life in Bouges 03

Still Life in Bouges 03

Miki De Goodaboom

Miki De Goodaboom - Bouquet de Chez Moi 01

Bouquet de Chez Moi 01

Miki De Goodaboom

Diane Fine - The Ring

The Ring

Diane Fine

Miki De Goodaboom - Bouquet de Chez Moi 02

Bouquet de Chez Moi 02

Miki De Goodaboom

Deborah Ronglien - Stargazers


Deborah Ronglien

Susan Schiffer - Gift of Flowers

Gift of Flowers

Susan Schiffer

Kendall Kessler - Basket of Yellow

Basket of Yellow

Kendall Kessler

Kirohan Art - Ac308 White Rose

Ac308 White Rose

Kirohan Art

Johane Amirault - The Flowers are Dancing...
Diane Fine - Chinoiserie


Diane Fine

AmaS Art - Diana s Roses

Diana s Roses

AmaS Art

Brooke Baxter Howie - Red Sunflowers

Red Sunflowers

Brooke Baxter Howie

Belinda Low - Belle
Nancy Merkle - Red Tulips

Red Tulips

Nancy Merkle

Elise Palmigiani - Bouquet de Couleurs

Bouquet de Couleurs

Elise Palmigiani

Becky Kim - Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

Becky Kim

Kathy Braud - Yellow Orchids of the...
Connie Ely McClure - Tuesday

Tuesday's Tulips

Connie Ely McClure

Ana Maria Edulescu - Abstract Colorful Flowers

Abstract Colorful Flowers

Ana Maria Edulescu

Rhonda Brooks - Still Life with Lavender
Mary Wolf - Memories of the Meadow
Kathy Braud - Bold Quilted Tulips
Anne Duke - Poppy Pirouette

Poppy Pirouette

Anne Duke

Loretta Luglio - Sun Dancers

Sun Dancers

Loretta Luglio

Elise Palmigiani - Dancing colors

Dancing colors

Elise Palmigiani

Barbara Pirkle - Summer Bouquet

Summer Bouquet

Barbara Pirkle

Rhonda Brooks - Ginger and Lemon

Ginger and Lemon

Rhonda Brooks

Lutz Baar - Fauve Flowers

Fauve Flowers

Lutz Baar

Becky Kim - Yellow Flowers and Apples
Natalie Holland - Happy Memories

Happy Memories

Natalie Holland

Claudia Smaletz - Poppies in the Sun

Poppies in the Sun

Claudia Smaletz

Julia Gatti - Echinacea


Julia Gatti

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim - Bete Noire - Number Four...

Bete Noire - Number Four...

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim

Ann  Nicholson - Stained Glass Pansies

Stained Glass Pansies

Ann Nicholson

Nancy Kane Chapman - Valentine Bouquet

Valentine Bouquet

Nancy Kane Chapman

Barbara Pirkle - My Gardenias

My Gardenias

Barbara Pirkle

 Tolere - Ladders and Lilies
Mona Edulesco - Gladioli In A Vase

Gladioli In A Vase

Mona Edulesco