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Country Churches



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Jeff Folger

Salem, Massachusetts

United States

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Country Churches

About This Group

The church was the social center of rural America. I have always loved to visit those old churches and to try to ponder what the lives of those early pioneers might have been like.

Please submit your photographs and artwrork of the old country and rural churches across America and around the world. All media will be considered for inclusion, but only rural country churches. No big churches and absolutely NO CATHEDRALS.

New this year I\\\'m including meeting houses which I know in New England did double duty as both the church and the town officials would also conduct business there and other meetings as needed. This may be strictly a New England thing but if you think your meeting house qualifies then I want to see in the description the name and location and if possible a wikki link that describes the functions of this meeting house.

I recognize that there are very often small churches within some of the larger cities. I will accept such churches into the group if in my judgement they meet the criteria.

continuing rule Please include a description I reserve the right to reject any artwork that does not include a description telling where the church is located and preferably a history of the church.

Please NO MORE THAN TWO PER DAY. This will not only make if easier for me, but it will prevent blocks of images from one artist from accumulating.

Contest winners for the last two contests with fall foliage and small country churches 2014

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Featured Images

Priscilla Burgers - San Javier del Bac...

San Javier del Bac...

Priscilla Burgers

Darice Machel McGuire - Lahuiokalani Chapel

Lahuiokalani Chapel

Darice Machel McGuire

Daniel Dempster - Chapel in the Snow -...

Chapel in the Snow -...

Daniel Dempster

Patty Gross - O Holy Night

O Holy Night

Patty Gross

Debbie Yuhas - Rainbow Cross Church
Richard Wambach - Marbletown Church

Marbletown Church

Richard Wambach

Elizabeth Dow - The Old Meeting House

The Old Meeting House

Elizabeth Dow

Janine Riley - Autumn Stone Church

Autumn Stone Church

Janine Riley

Jeff Folger - St Matthew
Viv Thompson - St Edmund and St George
Paul Freidlund - Church In The Woods

Church In The Woods

Paul Freidlund

Betsy Zimmerli - Village View

Village View

Betsy Zimmerli

Bill  Wakeley - Country Church

Country Church

Bill Wakeley

Lois Bryan - Evensong


Lois Bryan

Kathleen K Parker - Point Mountain Community...

Point Mountain Community...

Kathleen K Parker

Dale Powell - Lowcountry Church

Lowcountry Church

Dale Powell

Jeff Folger - Sunset over God
Lee Piper - Iowa Farm

Iowa Farm

Lee Piper

Yvonne Johnstone - Priory Church South...

Priory Church South...

Yvonne Johnstone

Thomas Schoeller - Waits River Vermont

Waits River Vermont

Thomas Schoeller

Thomas Schoeller - Autumn Scenic from Old...

Autumn Scenic from Old...

Thomas Schoeller

Jeff Folger - Sutton Metting House...
Priscilla Burgers - Mission Espada

Mission Espada

Priscilla Burgers

David T Wilkinson - Southern Door Church at...

Southern Door Church at...

David T Wilkinson

David and Carol Kelly - Road to Church

Road to Church

David and Carol Kelly

Elizabeth Dow - Shiloh Chapel Durham...
Judy Lybrand - Santo Nino Chapel

Santo Nino Chapel

Judy Lybrand

Liane Wright - Lovely Country Church
Delilah Downs - The Blue of Heaven

The Blue of Heaven

Delilah Downs

Mark Bowmer - Dollywood Church

Dollywood Church

Mark Bowmer

Terry Eve Tanner - Prayer Chapel

Prayer Chapel

Terry Eve Tanner

Robert Fawcett - Wallpack Church

Wallpack Church

Robert Fawcett

Jeff Folger - Connecticut fall colors
Stephen Brown - Garden Creek Baptist...
Toni Abdnour - San Geronimo Chapel

San Geronimo Chapel

Toni Abdnour

Robert Fawcett - Wayson

Wayson's Church

Robert Fawcett

Mike Savad - Winter - Clinton NJ -...
Darlene Prowell - Old Stone Church

Old Stone Church

Darlene Prowell

Wes and Dotty Weber - Eklutna Church D2547

Eklutna Church D2547

Wes and Dotty Weber

Paul Mashburn - Cades Cove Church

Cades Cove Church

Paul Mashburn

Charles Robinson - Historic Oysterville...

Historic Oysterville...

Charles Robinson

Thomas Schoeller - St Matthews of Sugar Hill

St Matthews of Sugar Hill

Thomas Schoeller

Darice Machel McGuire - Little Stone Church

Little Stone Church

Darice Machel McGuire

John Sagert - Round Knob Union Church
Mary Carol Story - Blue Mound Wayside Chapel

Blue Mound Wayside Chapel

Mary Carol Story

Luisa Azzolini - St. Caterina

St. Caterina's church

Luisa Azzolini

Priscilla Burgers - San Isidro Church

San Isidro Church

Priscilla Burgers

Janine Riley - Church Bells

Church Bells

Janine Riley

Joan Shortridge - Country church and Deer...
Janine Riley - Church - Step right in
Viv Thompson - Church of Saint Edmund...
Linsey Williams - Religion The Easter...

Religion The Easter...

Linsey Williams

Mary Carol Story - Goddard Church

Goddard Church

Mary Carol Story

Greg and Chrystal Mimbs - Harshaw Chapel and...

Harshaw Chapel and...

Greg and Chrystal Mimbs

Ellen Cannon - Shuttered Killarney...
Bill Holkham - Yosemite Valley Chapel
Kathleen K Parker - Rural Church in Fall - WV

Rural Church in Fall - WV

Kathleen K Parker

English Landscapes - Mount Joy Chapel Sunset

Mount Joy Chapel Sunset

English Landscapes

Thomas Woolworth - Sunrise On A Rural...

Sunrise On A Rural...

Thomas Woolworth

Rhonda Lee - Newport Trinity Church
Richard Wambach - Hurley Reformed Church

Hurley Reformed Church

Richard Wambach

Carol R Montoya - Brick Church on the Hill

Brick Church on the Hill

Carol R Montoya

Jeff Folger - Dream of a better day
Alicja Magdalena Zbikowska - On The Hill

On The Hill

Alicja Magdalena Zbikowska

Bill  Wakeley - Autumn Church

Autumn Church

Bill Wakeley

Jo Ann - Village church
Cindy McDaniel - Old Swedes Church

Old Swedes Church

Cindy McDaniel

Brian Wallace - Little White Church

Little White Church

Brian Wallace

Matthew Seufer - Baby Angel At The Cross
Dany  Lison - Santuario de Chimayo
Joel E Blyler - Tuckaleechee United...
Stephen Stookey - Tewkesbury Baptist...

Tewkesbury Baptist...

Stephen Stookey

Claudio Bacinello - Safe Haven

Safe Haven

Claudio Bacinello

Scott Pellegrin - Koloa Church

Koloa Church

Scott Pellegrin

Richard Wambach - Norwich University White...
Trevor Kersley - St Andrews Church Dent

St Andrews Church Dent

Trevor Kersley

Debbie Yuhas - Elvis Presley Memorial...
Diannah Lynch - St. Mary
Lee Piper - Sunday in Winter
Randall Branham - Church on Platte River

Church on Platte River

Randall Branham

Priscilla Burgers - Midway Congregational...

Midway Congregational...

Priscilla Burgers

Steven Barrows - Sentinel Rock and...

Sentinel Rock and...

Steven Barrows

Lianne Schneider - Off to Church -...

Off to Church -...

Lianne Schneider

Carol R Montoya - Cades Cove Missionary...

Cades Cove Missionary...

Carol R Montoya

David Nichols - Upper Neck Church

Upper Neck Church

David Nichols

Randall Branham - Beautiful Old Smoky...

Beautiful Old Smoky...

Randall Branham

Karen Stephenson - New Hampshire Steeple...

New Hampshire Steeple...

Karen Stephenson

Robyn Stacey - Country Church

Country Church

Robyn Stacey

Rita Brown - After the Snow on...
Daryl Baker - Country Church in Snow
Bart De Rijk - Abbey of Senanque with...
Daniel Dempster - Village of Tamworth -...

Village of Tamworth -...

Daniel Dempster

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography - Rural Church in the Fall

Rural Church in the Fall

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography

Alicja Magdalena Zbikowska - Morning Mass

Morning Mass

Alicja Magdalena Zbikowska

Priscilla Burgers - Possum Trot Church

Possum Trot Church

Priscilla Burgers

MB Russell - Old Church

Old Church

MB Russell

Cliff Wilson - Federated Church

Federated Church

Cliff Wilson

Beth Russell - Little Church on the Hill
Kelly Schutz - Rural Country Church
Marv Russell - St Mary

St Mary's Chruch

Marv Russell

Tracey Beer - St Huberts church Idworth
Ben Yassa - St Mary
Cynthia Lassiter - A Country Church

A Country Church

Cynthia Lassiter

Ann Horn - Light


Ann Horn

John Burch - Days Gone By

Days Gone By

John Burch

Linda Clark - Antioch


Linda Clark

Aileen Mozug - West Mound Church Steeple
Greg Kopriva - In the Heart of the Hill...
Marinescu Dan - Hurezi Monastery Romania
Priscilla Burgers - Saint Teresa Church

Saint Teresa Church

Priscilla Burgers

Gerald Mitchell - First Universalist Parish
Cathy Pierce Payne - Old Mountville Church

Old Mountville Church

Cathy Pierce Payne

Phil Dionne - Night Mass At A Country...
Wendy Gertz - Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith

Wendy Gertz

Scott Pellegrin - St. Martin de Tours

St. Martin de Tours

Scott Pellegrin

Lee Piper - Country Life

Country Life

Lee Piper

David Simons - Come To Me

Come To Me

David Simons

Joseph C Hinson Photography - Train Goes to Church

Train Goes to Church

Joseph C Hinson Photography

Ross Henton - The Parish Church of St....
English Landscapes - St Mildreds Church IOW

St Mildreds Church IOW

English Landscapes

Mark Bowmer - Goddard Chruch

Goddard Chruch

Mark Bowmer

Cindy Croal - St. Louis Cathedral Dome
Thierry Borcy - Notre Dame des Anges

Notre Dame des Anges

Thierry Borcy

Photos By Jeff - Washington Memorial...

Washington Memorial...

Photos By Jeff

Carolyn Ricks - Church Complex

Church Complex

Carolyn Ricks

Kylie Sabra - Chapel in the Wood

Chapel in the Wood

Kylie Sabra

Priscilla Burgers - Palmer Chapel

Palmer Chapel

Priscilla Burgers

HH Photography - On The Road To Maryville
Thomas Schoeller - Autumn on the Litchfield...
Dawn  Black - Reflection


Dawn Black

Renie Rutten - Salem Church Steeple
Randall Branham - From Here To Eternity

From Here To Eternity

Randall Branham

Luisa Azzolini - When the sky meets the...
Rona Black - Christ Church in Spring
Cynthia Guinn - Church Bell

Church Bell

Cynthia Guinn

Mark Mesenko - D Aste Church near...
Brian Wallace - Inspirational


Brian Wallace

Charles Robinson - Shaniko Chapel

Shaniko Chapel

Charles Robinson

Greg Mason Burns - Igreja da Se de Olinda

Igreja da Se de Olinda

Greg Mason Burns

Stuart Row - St Marys By The Sea
Stuart Harrison - Saint Wilifrids

Saint Wilifrids

Stuart Harrison

Diana Sainz - Behind the Steeple By...
Jean Hall - Church of the Good...
Dany  Lison - Chapel of San Amasio
Cindy Croal - Chapel of the Holy Cross...
Kathleen Struckle - Saint Elizabeth

Saint Elizabeth's Church

Kathleen Struckle

Terri Cowart - The Prayer Meeting

The Prayer Meeting

Terri Cowart

Randall Branham - Church with tall Steeple

Church with tall Steeple

Randall Branham

Janice Drew - Union Cemetery Entrance
Rita Brown - First Parish Church
Donna Oshea - Hamilton Steeple

Hamilton Steeple

Donna Oshea

Tim Moore - Saint Josephs Catholic...
Wes and Dotty Weber - Bannack Church D3072

Bannack Church D3072

Wes and Dotty Weber

Dorothy Pinder - Between the Lanes

Between the Lanes

Dorothy Pinder

Kathy Sampson - House of God

House of God

Kathy Sampson

Robert Camp - Selma United Methodist...
Scott Pellegrin - The Living Water Wayside...
Charlene  Aycock - Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Charlene Aycock

Sally Weigand - Old Adobe Church

Old Adobe Church

Sally Weigand

Jim Garrison - The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle

Jim Garrison

Gary Holmes - And the Glory of the Lord
Jeff  Swan - When Heaven Is Your Home
Gerald Mitchell - Franklin Congregational...
Kathleen Struckle - Village Church

Village Church

Kathleen Struckle

English Landscapes - Igreja Matriz de Estoi

Igreja Matriz de Estoi

English Landscapes

Bianca Baker - Church in Germany

Church in Germany

Bianca Baker

Andy Smy - St James the Less Church
Jeff  Swan - An Old Mission In...
Paolo Signorini - Pilgrimage Church of Wies
Charlene  Aycock -  Our Lady Queen of...

Our Lady Queen of...

Charlene Aycock

Darlene Prowell - Luray Virginia County...

Luray Virginia County...

Darlene Prowell

Phil Dionne - Notch Hill Church

Notch Hill Church

Phil Dionne

Richie Knight - Church in the Snow

Church in the Snow

Richie Knight

Kevin Desrosiers - Yosemite Chapel in Winter

Yosemite Chapel in Winter

Kevin Desrosiers

Trevor Kersley - St John Church Salton

St John Church Salton

Trevor Kersley

Dorothy Pinder - Sts Cyril and Methodius...
Mark Callanan - Snowy Blackfriars Abbey
Cricket Hackmann - Dry Fork Baptist Church

Dry Fork Baptist Church

Cricket Hackmann

Rita Brown - The Bells of St. Mary
Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Kahakuloa Church - Maui

Kahakuloa Church - Maui

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Joann Vitali - Autumn Days

Autumn Days

Joann Vitali

Kathy Long - Little Church in the...
Jim Garrison - St. Malo

St. Malo

Jim Garrison

Jim Lepard - White Church

White Church

Jim Lepard

Susan DeLain - Finding Comfort

Finding Comfort

Susan DeLain

Dawn  Black - Kenmore Church...
Patti Whitten - United Church of...

United Church of...

Patti Whitten

Sandra Bronstein - Storm over Taos Graveyard

Storm over Taos Graveyard

Sandra Bronstein

Jeff  Swan - A Church In Raton New...
Trevor Kersley - East Witton Church

East Witton Church

Trevor Kersley

Dany  Lison - San Geronimo Church
Leslie Kirk - The Chapel

The Chapel

Leslie Kirk

Dee  Savage - Hawaiian Church

Hawaiian Church

Dee Savage

Blair Wainman - Chapel in the Woods

Chapel in the Woods

Blair Wainman

Kathleen Struckle - Church In Black And White

Church In Black And White

Kathleen Struckle

Joshua House - Reflections of the day
Prairie Poetry - Anywhere You Go

Anywhere You Go

Prairie Poetry

Greg and Chrystal Mimbs - Crescent Hill Baptist...

Crescent Hill Baptist...

Greg and Chrystal Mimbs

Fran Riley - United Methodist Church...
Jim and Emily Bush - Bodie Church Sepia

Bodie Church Sepia

Jim and Emily Bush

Lana Trussell - Sunnyside Chapel

Sunnyside Chapel

Lana Trussell

Deborah Benoit - Franklin Church

Franklin Church

Deborah Benoit

Darlene Prowell - Country Church

Country Church

Darlene Prowell

Brian Wallace - Dudley

Dudley's Chapel

Brian Wallace

Janice Drew - Church of the Pilgrimage
John Telfer - The Final Resting Spot
Randall Branham - Goddard White Bridge and...
Randall Branham - Harvest Moon Platte...

Harvest Moon Platte...

Randall Branham

Rita Brown - Christmas Morning at Our...
Mark Bowmer - The Bridge to Salvation...
Phil Dionne - Notch Hill

Notch Hill

Phil Dionne

Sandra Bronstein - A Pew With A View

A Pew With A View

Sandra Bronstein

Prairie Poetry - Hymn Of Praise

Hymn Of Praise

Prairie Poetry

Cathryn  Brown - Concord Ga Baptist Church
Dave Godden - St Michael
Regina McLeroy - Concord Methodist

Concord Methodist

Regina McLeroy

Luisa Azzolini - Assisi


Luisa Azzolini

Darlene Prowell - Country Church with Swans
Trevor Kersley - Hubberholme Church

Hubberholme Church

Trevor Kersley

Richard Mann - Farm Church

Farm Church

Richard Mann

Robin EL-Hachem - The Church in Cap Sante

The Church in Cap Sante

Robin EL-Hachem

Grace Dillon - Knowledge of the Lord
Therese Alcorn - St Marys By The Sea -...
Cricket Hackmann - Midway Locust Grove...

Midway Locust Grove...

Cricket Hackmann

Paul Mashburn - Second Creek Baptist...
Richard Mann - Winter Church

Winter Church

Richard Mann

Kenny Francis - Myers Chapel United...
Patty Gross - Christmas Eve in Maine
Donna Parlow - Old Time Religion

Old Time Religion

Donna Parlow

Grace Dillon - Awesome God

Awesome God

Grace Dillon

Therese Alcorn - The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place

Therese Alcorn

Marilyn Wilson - Church of St. Mary in...
Kenny Francis - Historic Harshaw Chapel
Eloise Schneider - Country Church

Country Church

Eloise Schneider