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Covered Bridges



Group Administrator

Shelle Ettelson

New Hampton, NH

United States

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This group was started on August 24th, 2011 and currently has:


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Covered Bridges

About This Group

The construction and use of covered bridges was a major break through as transportation in the United States became more sophisticated. Now many of those bridges are forgotten and have fallen into various states of disrepair. Many of those bridges; however, have been restored and/or are still visible, if not in use. In this group, you are invited to share your best photographs or paintings of covered bridges located throughout the United States.

Any media will be accepted. If you know the history of your submitted covered bridge, you are encouraged to share it, along with the location of the bridge.

Featured Images

John Vose - Late Summer Sunset
Landon Garside - Bridge In Time 2

Bridge In Time 2

Landon Garside

Joann Vitali - Nissitissit Bridge...
DJ Florek - Sheards Mill Covered...
Alan Look - Bridgeton Covered Bridge...
Ansel Price - Larwood Covered Bridge
Bill Cannon - Baumgardeners Covered...
Dave Sandt - Herr
Dave Sandt - Summertime at the old...
Gene Walls - Snowy Muncy Creek...
Ansel Price - Rochester Covered Bridge
Joann Vitali - Autumn Wonder

Autumn Wonder

Joann Vitali

Shelle Ettelson - Mount Orne Covered Bridge
DJ Florek - Rural Winter

Rural Winter

DJ Florek

Thomas Schoeller - Bulls Bridge and the...

Bulls Bridge and the...

Thomas Schoeller

Michael Mazaika - Maryland Country Roads -...
Mike Griffiths - Red Bridge

Red Bridge

Mike Griffiths

Bill Cannon - Flooded Tohickon Creek...
DJ Florek - Hunsecker
Bill Cannon - Griesemers Mill Covered...
Catherine Gagne - Rowell Bridge

Rowell Bridge

Catherine Gagne

MTBobbins Photography - Thompson Bridge Scene

Thompson Bridge Scene

MTBobbins Photography

Jack R Perry - Cabin Creek

Cabin Creek

Jack R Perry

Joann Vitali - Ashuelot Covered Bridge 4
Lois Bryan - Crossing Shawnee Creek
Mike Martin - Restored Cilleyville...
DJ Florek - Portal to Serenity
Lois Bryan - The Colvin Covered Bridge
Bill Cannon - Berks Courty Pa -...
Bill  Wakeley - Kent Falls Covered...
Harold Rau - Bridgeton Bridge and Mill
Michael Mazaika - Maryland Country Roads -...
Randall Nyhof - The Whites covered...

The Whites covered...

Randall Nyhof

Ray Summers Photography - Arlington Covered Bridge

Arlington Covered Bridge

Ray Summers Photography

MTBobbins Photography - Coombs Covered Bridge

Coombs Covered Bridge

MTBobbins Photography

Randall Branham - Roseman Bridge Clint...

Roseman Bridge Clint...

Randall Branham

Denise Mazzocco - Roswell Covered Bridge

Roswell Covered Bridge

Denise Mazzocco

Shelle Ettelson - Drive in to Albany...

Drive in to Albany...

Shelle Ettelson

Regina McLeroy - Sephia Bridge of Tellico
Bill  Wakeley - Winter Stream

Winter Stream

Bill Wakeley

Chris Anderson - Wendling Oregon Covered...
Catherine Gagne - Dummerston Bridge

Dummerston Bridge

Catherine Gagne

Michael Mazaika - Winter Crossing in...

Winter Crossing in...

Michael Mazaika

DJ Florek - Sheard
Carol Wisniewski - Old Creamery Bridge in...

Old Creamery Bridge in...

Carol Wisniewski

Mike Martin - The Best Bridge

The Best Bridge

Mike Martin

Gene Walls - Historic Buttonwood...
Donna Brown - Riders From The Pass
Darren Fisher - Lincoln

Lincoln's Homestead

Darren Fisher

Donna Brown - Auchumpkee Creek Bridge
VLee Watson - Larwood Covered Bridge
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Granny Squirrel Bridge

Granny Squirrel Bridge

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Christiane Schulze - Covered Bridge Over Saco...

Covered Bridge Over Saco...

Christiane Schulze

Catherine Gagne - Union Village Bridge

Union Village Bridge

Catherine Gagne

Sally Weigand - Poole Forge covered...
David Arment - Hammer Bridge

Hammer Bridge

David Arment

Lee Piper - Amish Country

Amish Country

Lee Piper

Marvin Mast - The Ritner Creek Bridge
Catherine Gagne - Cilley Bridge

Cilley Bridge

Catherine Gagne

Ansel Price - Early Winter At The...
R A W M   - Covered Bridge
John Vose -  Foster Covered Bridge...
Rockstar Artworks - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Rockstar Artworks

Lois Bryan - The Kissing Bridge
John Vose - Northern Lights -...
Elaine Schwetz - Baumgardener

Baumgardener's Mill

Elaine Schwetz

Dan Stone - The Painted Mill
Mike Griffiths - Autumn Bridge

Autumn Bridge

Mike Griffiths

Alan L Graham - Covered Bridge Sunset

Covered Bridge Sunset

Alan L Graham

Pamela Baker - Covered Bridge in Ohio
Robert Turner - Leaving Cox Ford Bridge
Lloyd Alexander - North Conay Covered...

North Conay Covered...

Lloyd Alexander

Digital Reproductions - Hearts of Oak Threeway...

Hearts of Oak Threeway...

Digital Reproductions

Paul Mangold - Carlton Bridge

Carlton Bridge

Paul Mangold

Rob Huntley - Red Covered Bridge

Red Covered Bridge

Rob Huntley

Michael Porchik - Kennedy Covered Bridge...
Karen Stephenson - Saco River Bridge

Saco River Bridge

Karen Stephenson

Jack R Perry - Goddard or White Covered...
Jack McKenzie - Campbell

Campbell's Covered...

Jack McKenzie

Dwight Cook - Hump Back Bridge

Hump Back Bridge

Dwight Cook

Phyllis Taylor - Hueston Woods Covered...
Daniel Behm - covered bridge Everett...
David Cote - Van Sandt Covered Bridge
Ansel Price - Antelope Creek Covered...
Catherine Gagne - Kissing Bridge 2

Kissing Bridge 2

Catherine Gagne

Chris Shadwick - Time Portal

Time Portal

Chris Shadwick

Priscilla Burgers - Leaving Cover

Leaving Cover

Priscilla Burgers

DJ Florek - Knecht Bridge

Knecht Bridge

DJ Florek

Alan Toepfer - Cox Ford Covered Bridge
Nina Stavlund - Hartlands Pride...

Hartlands Pride...

Nina Stavlund

Regina McLeroy - Bridge over Tellico River
Steve Harrington - Carrollton Covered Bridge

Carrollton Covered Bridge

Steve Harrington

Dave Sandt - Little Gap Covered Bridge
Cathy Pierce Payne - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Cathy Pierce Payne

Joann Vitali - Cresson Covered Bridge 3
Monnie Ryan - Caine Road Covered Bridge
Michael Porchik - Kennedy Bridge

Kennedy Bridge

Michael Porchik

Bill  Wakeley - West Cornwall Covered...
Scott B Bennett - crooks Road Covered...

crooks Road Covered...

Scott B Bennett

Scott B Bennett - Everrett Road Covered...

Everrett Road Covered...

Scott B Bennett

Mike Martin - Albany Covered Bridge
John Black - Covered Bridge - Shirley...
Monnie Ryan - Smolen-Gulf Covered...
Thomas Schoeller - Middle Bridge -...

Middle Bridge -...

Thomas Schoeller

Ansel Price - Belknap Bridge

Belknap Bridge

Ansel Price

Amazing Jules - West Woodstock Covered...
Bill Cannon - Covered Bridge - Valley...
Michael Mazaika - The Grass is Always...

The Grass is Always...

Michael Mazaika

Annette Allman - Sepia Covered Bridge

Sepia Covered Bridge

Annette Allman

Michael Porchik - Pine Grove Covered Bridge
Jean Hall - Vermont Swimming Hole
Rachel Cohen - Pierce Stocking Scenic...
Randall Nyhof - White
Tim Moore - Lost Creek Covered Bridge
Robert Ford - Palladium Covered Bridge...
Joann Vitali - Through the Woods

Through the Woods

Joann Vitali

Lisa and Norman  Hall - Bob White Covered Bridge

Bob White Covered Bridge

Lisa and Norman Hall

Carol Wisniewski - The Rialto Bridge An...

The Rialto Bridge An...

Carol Wisniewski

Barbara McDevitt - Pennsylvania Covered...

Pennsylvania Covered...

Barbara McDevitt

Gerald Mitchell - Private Bridge 1

Private Bridge 1

Gerald Mitchell

David Arment - Essenhaus Covered Bridge
Robert Ford - Hogback Bridge Madison...
Mike Martin - Covered Bridge No. 22
Michael Mazaika - Waiting for Winter -...

Waiting for Winter -...

Michael Mazaika

Mike Savad - Architecture - Woodstock...
Dave Sandt - Sachs Covered Bridge...
Diane Alexander - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Diane Alexander

Pamela Phelps - Grahmsville Covered...
Robert Ford - Scott Covered Bridge...
Deborah Smolinske - Covered Bridge Reflection

Covered Bridge Reflection

Deborah Smolinske

Pamela Phelps - Covered Bridge-Textured...
Tammy Davis - Aquaduct


Tammy Davis

Chris Smith - Bridge


Chris Smith

Chad Wilkins - Hopewell Church Covered...
Len Stomski - Perrines Covered Bridge
Kay Gilley - Gorham Covered Bridge
Nick  Boren - Hoffman Covered Bridge
Richard Bean - Hemlock Covered Bridge
Randall Branham - Little White church...

Little White church...

Randall Branham

Gene Walls - Downstream From The...
Gene McKinley - Shimanek Bridge

Shimanek Bridge

Gene McKinley

Christiane Schulze - Haverhill Bath Covered...

Haverhill Bath Covered...

Christiane Schulze

Anna Lisa Yoder - Model A Ford at Knecht
Richard T Pranke - New England Covered...

New England Covered...

Richard T Pranke

David Lester - Meems Bottom Bridge 7
George Bostian - Watson Mill Covered...

Watson Mill Covered...

George Bostian

Nick  Boren - Short Covered Bridge
Patti Whitten - Historic Grist Mill...
Bob Fromm - Sugar Creek Covered...
Phil Abrams - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Phil Abrams

Dan Myers - New Baltimore Covered...
Darren Fisher - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Darren Fisher

Lois Bryan - Bowser
Janice Drew - Snow covered bridge
LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - Picnic on the Bavarian...

Picnic on the Bavarian...

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom

Barbara McDevitt - Small Private Country...

Small Private Country...

Barbara McDevitt

Gerald Mitchell - Bartonsville Bridge

Bartonsville Bridge

Gerald Mitchell

Lois Bryan - Sach
Harold Rau - Humpback Covered Bridge
Paul Mangold - Henniker Bridge

Henniker Bridge

Paul Mangold

Jack R Perry - Hune Covered bridge

Hune Covered bridge

Jack R Perry

Randall Branham - Goddard White Bridge and...
Bill Cannon - Knox Valley Forge...
Donna Walsh - Vermont Covered Bridge...
John Burk - Sunday River Covered...
Beverly Cazzell - Brown County Covered...

Brown County Covered...

Beverly Cazzell

Wayne Toutaint - Turkey Jim
Melissa  Riggs - Rememberance


Melissa Riggs

Thomas Schoeller - A Kancamagus Gem -...

A Kancamagus Gem -...

Thomas Schoeller

Sally Weigand - Knox Covered Bridge...
Mel Steinhauer - Whisky Creek

Whisky Creek

Mel Steinhauer

William Carroll - Autumn Bridge

Autumn Bridge

William Carroll

Heather Applegate - The Flume

The Flume

Heather Applegate

Randall Branham - Old Car Older Barn...

Old Car Older Barn...

Randall Branham

Bill Cannon - Neff
Nick Mares - Kissing Bridge Montrose...
Joann Vitali - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Joann Vitali

Dave Sandt - Lancaster County Pa....
Terri Burbank - Blair Covered Bridge

Blair Covered Bridge

Terri Burbank

Ann Horn - 1860 Ceylon Bridge
Mark Bowmer - Goddard White Bridge
Nadine and Bob Johnston - Authentic Covered Bridge...

Authentic Covered Bridge...

Nadine and Bob Johnston

Robin Pross - Billie Creek Village...
Richard T Pranke - Covered  Bridge

Covered Bridge

Richard T Pranke

Harold Rau - Ringo
Tim Murray - Saco River Bridge
Scott Kenney - Sachs covered bridge
Spencer McKain - Ebenezer Bridge in Winter
Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography - Old Red Bridge

Old Red Bridge

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography

Jeanne Sheridan - The Hills Covered Bridge

The Hills Covered Bridge

Jeanne Sheridan

Sherman Perry - Hurricane Irenes...

Hurricane Irenes...

Sherman Perry

Peggy  Franz -  Sandy Creek Cover...
Regina McLeroy - Bridge


Regina McLeroy

Nancy Griswold - Covered Bridge at Dusk

Covered Bridge at Dusk

Nancy Griswold

Christiane Schulze - Sentinel Pine Bridge And...

Sentinel Pine Bridge And...

Christiane Schulze

Nancy Griswold - Blair Bridge Campton New...
Daniel Dempster - Swiftwater Covered...

Swiftwater Covered...

Daniel Dempster

Ansel Price - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Ansel Price

Earl Jackson - The Ware Covered Bridge
Susan DeLain - Enjoying the View

Enjoying the View

Susan DeLain

Tristan Connard - Humpback Bridge

Humpback Bridge

Tristan Connard

Mike Savad - Architecture - Bridges -...
Dan Myers - Josiah Hess Covered...
Shelle Ettelson - Squam Covered Bridge 65

Squam Covered Bridge 65

Shelle Ettelson

Nancy Patterson - Philippi Covered Bridge

Philippi Covered Bridge

Nancy Patterson

Christiane Schulze - Beneath The Roof

Beneath The Roof

Christiane Schulze

Mike Martin - Larkin Bridge

Larkin Bridge

Mike Martin

Diana  Tyson - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Diana Tyson

Karol  Livote - Pisgah Covered Bridge
Christiane Schulze - Covered Bridge Albany

Covered Bridge Albany

Christiane Schulze

Randy Bayne - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Randy Bayne

Kathleen Struckle - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Kathleen Struckle

Dave Sandt - Aged Sachs covered bridge
Lloyd Alexander - Winter at Babbs Bridge

Winter at Babbs Bridge

Lloyd Alexander

Tim Murray - Durgin Bridge

Durgin Bridge

Tim Murray

Mike Ivey - Kymulga Covered Bridge
Jackie Huntington - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Jackie Huntington

Mike Martin - Bissell Bridge

Bissell Bridge

Mike Martin

Jim and Emily Bush - Knights Ferry covered...

Knights Ferry covered...

Jim and Emily Bush

David Bishop - Bridge in the fog

Bridge in the fog

David Bishop

Shelle Ettelson - Squam Covered Bridge at...
Yvonne Hazelton - White Covered Bridge

White Covered Bridge

Yvonne Hazelton

Pat Carosone - Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Pat Carosone

Joyce  Kimble - Meem