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Digital Sci-Fi and Paranormal Art - 5 per day



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Andy Heavens

Shipton Bellinger, HAMPSHIRE

United Kingdom

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This group was started on March 15th, 2013 and currently has:

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Digital Sci-Fi and Paranormal Art - 5 per day

About This Group

Ok, I'm fairly new to FAA and i haven't seen a group for this and to be honest my art mostly suits this group so I'm going to set one up.

Let me give you an idea - I am into sci fi, comics, paranormal, aliens, the unknown etc etc etc...

I love all kinds of art but this is my thing and to be honest I would like to see if its anybody else's thing...

Hope to see lots soon.

Keep believing...



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Runner up is Amanda Young by Vishvesh Tadsare

Featured Images

Andy Heavens - Red sky at night...

Red sky at night...

Andy Heavens

Andy Heavens - Calm before the...

Calm before the...

Andy Heavens

Andy Heavens - Chosen


Andy Heavens

John Robichaud - Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings

John Robichaud

Twilight Vision - Collapsing Wormhole

Collapsing Wormhole

Twilight Vision

Brian Wallace - Escape


Brian Wallace

Tony Murray - Anomoly


Tony Murray

Robert  Denton  - Traveler


Robert Denton

Loriental Photography - From Holes to Asteroids

From Holes to Asteroids

Loriental Photography

Daniel Furon - Lookin Fly

Lookin Fly

Daniel Furon

Michael Rucker - The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier

Michael Rucker

Wendy J St Christopher - Alexander


Wendy J St Christopher

John Malone - We

We're Here

John Malone

Brad Holderman - Superman 1938

Superman 1938

Brad Holderman

Wendy J St Christopher - The Terrible Twos

The Terrible Twos

Wendy J St Christopher

Michael Rucker - Star Trek - Punch It

Star Trek - Punch It

Michael Rucker

Geoff Simmonds - Metropolis


Geoff Simmonds

Cynthia Decker - Cloud City

Cloud City

Cynthia Decker