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Deniece Platt

Elizabeth, CO

United States

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This group was started on August 11th, 2012 and currently has:

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About This Group

A group dedicated to the most interesting of all insects, the Dragonfly. You may enter as many as pieces of artwork you like but it must feature the dragonfly. It can be any medium, but if the dragonfly is not the main piece of the artwork it will be rejected. Absolutely no nudity, must be kid and family friendly.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Featured Images

Jim Zablotny - Windy Day Dragonfly

Windy Day Dragonfly

Jim Zablotny

Robert Frederick - Gear Malfunction

Gear Malfunction

Robert Frederick

Michele Caporaso - Dragonfly


Michele Caporaso

Dion Dior - Dragonfly


Dion Dior

Jerri Moon Cantone - Dragonfly in the Sand

Dragonfly in the Sand

Jerri Moon Cantone

Joshua Ward - Dragonfly Close Up

Dragonfly Close Up

Joshua Ward

Kim Doran - Blue


Kim Doran

Priya Ghose - Dragonfly Smile

Dragonfly Smile

Priya Ghose

Rona Black - Dragonfly Jewels

Dragonfly Jewels

Rona Black

Denise Hopkins - Purple Dragonfly

Purple Dragonfly

Denise Hopkins

Chad and Stacey Hall - The Smile

The Smile

Chad and Stacey Hall

Carolyn L Schaefer - Emperor Dragonfly

Emperor Dragonfly

Carolyn L Schaefer

Sally Rice - Blue Dragonfly

Blue Dragonfly

Sally Rice

Raphaela  - Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly


Robert Frederick - Dragonfly In Sunflowers

Dragonfly In Sunflowers

Robert Frederick

Kim Henderson - Antena Ornament

Antena Ornament

Kim Henderson

Kim Henderson - In The Green

In The Green

Kim Henderson

John  Greaves - Poppyseed Bug

Poppyseed Bug

John Greaves

John  Greaves - Little Blue Eyes

Little Blue Eyes

John Greaves

Denise Hopkins - Dragonfly Acrobat

Dragonfly Acrobat

Denise Hopkins

Robert Woodward - Red Dragon At Rest

Red Dragon At Rest

Robert Woodward

Robert Woodward - Dragons Breath

Dragons Breath

Robert Woodward

Bill Morgenstern - Common Green Darner

Common Green Darner

Bill Morgenstern

Bill Morgenstern - Dreaming Dragon

Dreaming Dragon

Bill Morgenstern

Deniece Platt - Dragonfly At Rest

Dragonfly At Rest

Deniece Platt