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Dutch Golden Age Art



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Levin Rodriguez

Markham, ON


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This group was started on August 5th, 2012 and currently has:


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Dutch Golden Age Art

About This Group

This group is dedicated to those who are passionate about the Dutch Golden Age art and painting in particular. The Dutch Golden Age happened mostly during the 17th Century in the territory today known as The Netherlands and Belgium. The Dutch became the freer and most prosperous country at the time mostly through trade and hard work. Because the Netherlands were mostly protestants, painters could not seek the church patronage as was usual in the rest of Europe. Dutch masters had for the first time to find patronage in the free market and they did. This is the time that produced Rembrandt, Vermeer, Peter Claesz, Willem Kalf, Ambrosious Bosschaert, Jans Davidsz de Heem, Van Dyck and many others.

This group welcome images that look like paintings AND that can be considered:
- Vanitas
- Flower Bouquets
- Ontbijts or Breakfast pieces
- Banketjes
- Pronkstillevens
- Genre
- Historic
- Re-creations and variations of paintings from this period

Please make sure that photographic images have a painting-look.


Featured Images

Nop Briex - Maastricht seen from...
Karon Melillo DeVega - Fruit and Wine

Fruit and Wine

Karon Melillo DeVega

Alan Berkman - Girl Reading a Letter By...
Hugo Bussen - Still life with...

Still life with...

Hugo Bussen

Levin Rodriguez - Officer and worried girl

Officer and worried girl

Levin Rodriguez

Jon Wild - Still Life with Red...
Viet Ha Tran - The Muse from the...
Hugo Bussen - Bouquet


Hugo Bussen

Levin Rodriguez - Still Life with grapes...
Barry Williamson - The Dutch vase and apples

The Dutch vase and apples

Barry Williamson

Barry Williamson - The philosophers table

The philosophers table

Barry Williamson

Jon Wild - Life Extinguished
Hugo Bussen - Garlic and cheese.

Garlic and cheese.

Hugo Bussen

Hugo Bussen - Forest pond with ice and...
Hugo Bussen - Red tulips and tin jars
Levin Rodriguez - Woman Reading a Letter...
Gina Cordova - Ode To Joyce

Ode To Joyce

Gina Cordova

Levin Rodriguez - Girl with a pearl earring
Nop Briex - Dutch still life with a...
Levin Rodriguez - The Maid Has Left

The Maid Has Left

Levin Rodriguez

Rein Nomm - The Last Word

The Last Word

Rein Nomm

Gina Cordova - Maundy


Gina Cordova

Tom Mc Nemar - Grapes with Peaches

Grapes with Peaches

Tom Mc Nemar

Levin Rodriguez - Girl with a Pearl...

Girl with a Pearl...

Levin Rodriguez

Levin Rodriguez - Cherries and...

Cherries and...

Levin Rodriguez

Mike Savad - Food - Onions - Onions
Levin Rodriguez - Still Life with...

Still Life with...

Levin Rodriguez

Jill Battaglia - Lady in 16th Century...
Gina Cordova - Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

Gina Cordova

Levin Rodriguez - Heda - Still Life with...
Levin Rodriguez - Banquet with oysters and...
Levin Rodriguez - Pieter Claesz - Onbijt...
Levin Rodriguez - Pieter Claesz - Vanitas...
Levin Rodriguez - Kalf - Banquet with...

Kalf - Banquet with...

Levin Rodriguez

Levin Rodriguez - Flower Bouquet on a Ledge
Gina Cordova - Before the Sangria

Before the Sangria

Gina Cordova

Jill Battaglia - Roses in Urn

Roses in Urn

Jill Battaglia

Vic  Mastis - Ode to Bathasar van der...
Mike Savad - Cottage - Nana
Mike Savad - Other - Windmill

Other - Windmill

Mike Savad

Richard Le Page - Rembrandt and Colour

Rembrandt and Colour

Richard Le Page

Jill Battaglia - Still Life With Skull

Still Life With Skull

Jill Battaglia