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Epicurean Photography and Illustration



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James Temple

Kualapuu, HI

United States

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This group was started on November 17th, 2010 and currently has:


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Epicurean Photography and Illustration

About This Group

Tasty images fueled by a passion for the culinary arts and an inspiration to create tantalizing food photography and illustration.

GROUP RULES: Only food photography and illustration please, and be selective... ONLY YOUR BEST, DON'T SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE IMAGE OF ONE SUBJECT! A limit of only 4 images are allowed each day. The featured images below represent the quality of work created by the members in this group and is regularly added to as new creations come in.

For a taste of Hawaii, visit my food blog where you will find hundreds of tropical recipes:

Featured Images

James Temple - Asian Mung Beans

Asian Mung Beans

James Temple

Lainie Wrightson - Ail Frais

Ail Frais

Lainie Wrightson

Ramona Matei - Evening in Tuscany

Evening in Tuscany

Ramona Matei

James Temple - The First Piece Is Yours
James Temple - Days of Plenty

Days of Plenty

James Temple

Brenda Pressnall - Apples In Blue Bowl

Apples In Blue Bowl

Brenda Pressnall

James Temple - Phyllo


James Temple

James Temple - Black Mushroom Salad
France  Art - French Cafe Bowls
Stephanie Frey - Sliced Nectarines

Sliced Nectarines

Stephanie Frey

France  Art - Sous le Parasol Rouge
Karen Wiles - Daydreaming Gals

Daydreaming Gals

Karen Wiles

Mark Victors - Star Fruit

Star Fruit

Mark Victors

James Temple - Chikoo


James Temple

Greg Kopriva - Berries in the Kitchen
Mark Victors - Currant Harvest

Currant Harvest

Mark Victors

James Temple - Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

James Temple

Garry McMichael - Eat Rite Diner St Louis

Eat Rite Diner St Louis

Garry McMichael

Yuly Foley - Papaya Infusion

Papaya Infusion

Yuly Foley

Brian Chase - Organic Carrots

Organic Carrots

Brian Chase

Stephanie Frey - Fresh Baked Loaves of...
Ann Benoit - Crabcake


Ann Benoit

Ann Benoit - Cragbmeat Ravigore
Stephanie Frey - Blueberry Muffins and...
Carol Groenen - Luscious Cherries

Luscious Cherries

Carol Groenen

Karen Wiles - Swiss Chard Forest

Swiss Chard Forest

Karen Wiles

Carol Groenen - Blueberries on the Vine...
Stephanie Frey - Pink and Yellow Cupcakes
James Temple - Hawaiian Chili Pepper...
Stephanie Frey - Apricots


Stephanie Frey

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Buon Appetito

Buon Appetito

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Stephanie Frey - Strawberries


Stephanie Frey

France  Art - Oh Pablo..

Oh Pablo..

France Art

Thomas Marchessault - Mickey Mouse Shaped...

Mickey Mouse Shaped...

Thomas Marchessault

James Temple - DILLicious Cream of...
Thomas Marchessault - Beers of Europe

Beers of Europe

Thomas Marchessault

Thomas Marchessault - Seared Tuna with Ginger

Seared Tuna with Ginger

Thomas Marchessault

James Temple - Island-Style... Roasted...
Suzanne Powers - Lasagna On A Plate

Lasagna On A Plate

Suzanne Powers

James Temple - Simple Spicy Mexican...
James Temple - Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

James Temple

Sabine Edrissi - It

It's Chili Hot - by...

Sabine Edrissi

France  Art - Market Day

Market Day

France Art

Steve Gadomski - Fruit Market

Fruit Market

Steve Gadomski

Sabine Edrissi - Tofu and Chinese Noodles...
James Temple - Cottage Cheese Shrimp...
Suzanne Powers - Cranberry Cream Cake

Cranberry Cream Cake

Suzanne Powers

Anne Gilbert - Five Days on Black

Five Days on Black

Anne Gilbert

Ausra Paulauskaite - Sweet Waves of Ribbon...

Sweet Waves of Ribbon...

Ausra Paulauskaite

Kathryn Barry - Red Lettuce Veins

Red Lettuce Veins

Kathryn Barry

James Temple - The Golden Lime

The Golden Lime

James Temple

James Temple - Tobiko Tapenade

Tobiko Tapenade

James Temple

France  Art - Mediterranean Lunch
Stephanie Frey - Coffee and Doughnuts

Coffee and Doughnuts

Stephanie Frey

James Temple - Pineapple Flower

Pineapple Flower

James Temple

France  Art - Beach Side Shake ...
Karen Wiles - Wild Lettuce

Wild Lettuce

Karen Wiles

France  Art - Wine Country

Wine Country

France Art

Andee Photography - Painted Chocolates

Painted Chocolates

Andee Photography

James Temple - Lilikoi Lime Pound Cake
Stephanie Frey - Spoon and Blackberry Jam
Stephanie Frey - Homemade Pear Crisp

Homemade Pear Crisp

Stephanie Frey

Steve Gadomski - 24 Tomatoes

24 Tomatoes

Steve Gadomski

Mark McKinney - Fruit of the Vine

Fruit of the Vine

Mark McKinney

James Temple - Azorean Grilled Blood...
James Temple - Pickled Beet Root with...
Stephanie Frey - Pomegranates


Stephanie Frey

France  Art - Menton Citrus Festival
Suzanne Powers - Rosemary Herb European...
Suzanne Powers - Moroccan Hot Chili...

Moroccan Hot Chili...

Suzanne Powers

Karen Wiles - Crabapple Hill

Crabapple Hill

Karen Wiles

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Squeeze


Beverley Harper Tinsley

James Temple - Ginger and Spice Cookies
Suzanne Powers - Chocolate Mocha Dessert...
Mike Savad - Inspirational - Your...
Suzanne Powers - Ripe Red Pomegranate...
James Temple - Roasted Beet Carpaccio...
Stephanie Frey - Christmas Tree Cookies...
Denise Pohl - Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese

Denise Pohl

Mark McKinney - Soup Fixins

Soup Fixins

Mark McKinney

James Temple - Red Ginger Pate

Red Ginger Pate

James Temple

Mark McKinney - Broken Walnuts

Broken Walnuts

Mark McKinney

Suzanne Powers - Traditional Christmas...
James Temple - The Walk

The Walk

James Temple

Karen Wiles - Honey Jar

Honey Jar

Karen Wiles

Susan Savad - Apples and Apple Peeler
Stephanie Frey - Heart Shaped Shortbread...
Stephanie Frey - Three Pumpkin Smoothies
Brian Chase - Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Buns
Christi Kraft - Colors of the Cabbage...
Eloise Schneider - Corn in the Husk

Corn in the Husk

Eloise Schneider

Barbara Orenya - Creamy cake

Creamy cake

Barbara Orenya

James Temple - Blackberry Pie

Blackberry Pie

James Temple

Denise Elfenbein - Fraise crepe

Fraise crepe

Denise Elfenbein

Peta Thames - Autumn Falls at the...
Jean Hall - Pears and Plums

Pears and Plums

Jean Hall

Denise Elfenbein - Pomme buerre sucre...

Pomme buerre sucre...

Denise Elfenbein

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Pumpkin and Pomegranate

Pumpkin and Pomegranate

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Jean Hall - Ischia Fish Market
Barbara Orenya - French Macarons

French Macarons

Barbara Orenya

Anne Gilbert - Worcester Pearmain

Worcester Pearmain

Anne Gilbert

Sean Griffin - Purple Bells

Purple Bells

Sean Griffin

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Forelles  Dreaming

Forelles Dreaming

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Shiitake


Beverley Harper Tinsley

Andee Photography - Strawberry Banana...

Strawberry Banana...

Andee Photography

Steve Gadomski - Corn Cob Silk

Corn Cob Silk

Steve Gadomski

Stephanie Frey - Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint Leaves

Stephanie Frey

Stephanie Frey - Blueberry Muffins and...
Andee Photography - Lemon Chiffon Cake Slice

Lemon Chiffon Cake Slice

Andee Photography

Eloise Schneider - My Lil Cupcake -...

My Lil Cupcake -...

Eloise Schneider

Anne Gilbert - Old Cotswold Legbars
James Temple - Hawaiian Lychee

Hawaiian Lychee

James Temple

Anne Gilbert - Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Fruit Salad

Anne Gilbert

Anne Gilbert - Veg Box

Veg Box

Anne Gilbert

Anne Gilbert - The Meeting of Two Halves
Mike Savad - Kitchen - Food - Bread -...
Wolfgang Simm - Martini close up

Martini close up

Wolfgang Simm

Anne Gilbert - Star Anise Dish

Star Anise Dish

Anne Gilbert

Anne Gilbert - Portabellini


Anne Gilbert

Susan Savad - Tomatoes and Peaches
Anne Gilbert - Mixed Veg

Mixed Veg

Anne Gilbert

Mythja  Photography - Baklava pastry dessert

Baklava pastry dessert

Mythja Photography

Mythja  Photography - Coffe beans in the...

Coffe beans in the...

Mythja Photography

Mythja  Photography - Fresh ripe grapes

Fresh ripe grapes

Mythja Photography

Mythja  Photography - Lemon fruit tea

Lemon fruit tea

Mythja Photography

Mythja  Photography - Fresh wild plum

Fresh wild plum

Mythja Photography

Mythja  Photography - Deep fried fritters...

Deep fried fritters...

Mythja Photography

Stephanie Frey - Three Whoopie Pies or...
Brenda Pressnall - Sublime


Brenda Pressnall

Susan Savad - Vegetable - Corn on the...
Eloise Schneider - Morning Tea for Two

Morning Tea for Two

Eloise Schneider

Stephanie Frey - Pumpkin Spice Cupcake...
Sean Griffin - Frozen Migration

Frozen Migration

Sean Griffin

Mike Savad - Utensils - Old country...
Susan Savad - Making Waldorf Salad
Carol Groenen - Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens

Carol Groenen

Andee Photography - Chocolate Cake With A...

Chocolate Cake With A...

Andee Photography

T Monticello - Composition with fresh...
Carol Groenen - Sweet Grapes

Sweet Grapes

Carol Groenen

Li Newton - The Happy Chef

The Happy Chef

Li Newton

Andy Smy - DUNGENESS CRAB whole...
James Temple - Hawaiian Shave Ice

Hawaiian Shave Ice

James Temple

Farah Faizal - Colorful Candies

Colorful Candies

Farah Faizal

Lisa  Phillips - Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie

Lisa Phillips

Kathryn Barry - Scallops in green sauce
James Temple - Rib Eye Candy

Rib Eye Candy

James Temple

Janeen Wassink Searles - Pile of Red Raspberries

Pile of Red Raspberries

Janeen Wassink Searles

Garry McMichael - Riesling


Garry McMichael

James Temple - Hawaiian Spam Musubi
Garry McMichael - Summer Harvest

Summer Harvest

Garry McMichael

Mike Savad - Food - Cake - Le Dessert
Mike Savad - Food - Candy - Lollipops
Andee Photography - She Dreams In Chocolate...

She Dreams In Chocolate...

Andee Photography

Alexandra-Flaminia Boc -  Embryo


Alexandra-Flaminia Boc

Garry McMichael - In Search of the Perfect...
James Temple - Hawaiian Strawberry...
Mike Savad - Chef - Ingredients -...
Carol Groenen - Blueberries Close-Up -...
Afrodita Ellerman - Lemon


Afrodita Ellerman

Afrodita Ellerman - Crepes


Afrodita Ellerman

Afrodita Ellerman - Baked Eggs

Baked Eggs

Afrodita Ellerman

Afrodita Ellerman - Detail


Afrodita Ellerman

Afrodita Ellerman - Soup


Afrodita Ellerman

Carol Groenen - Peaches and Nectarines
James Temple - Pineapple Perfection Cake
Sue Melvin - Market Time II

Market Time II

Sue Melvin

Afrodita Ellerman - Omelette


Afrodita Ellerman

Afrodita Ellerman - Bites


Afrodita Ellerman

David Wenman - Bananas


David Wenman

Janeen Wassink Searles - Cosmic Lime

Cosmic Lime

Janeen Wassink Searles

Janeen Wassink Searles - Octopus Tentacle in Water

Octopus Tentacle in Water

Janeen Wassink Searles

Janeen Wassink Searles - Abstract Grapefruit

Abstract Grapefruit

Janeen Wassink Searles

Janeen Wassink Searles - Like Two Peas in a Pod

Like Two Peas in a Pod

Janeen Wassink Searles

James Temple - Hearts of Palm Salad
Frank Schmidt - Santa and Brandy

Santa and Brandy

Frank Schmidt

Alexander Voss - Kiwi fruit cut in half

Kiwi fruit cut in half

Alexander Voss

Glenda Brunette - Grapes


Glenda Brunette

Sally Weigand - Fruit Still Life

Fruit Still Life

Sally Weigand

Steve Gadomski - Red Pepper FreshSplash

Red Pepper FreshSplash

Steve Gadomski

Chantal PhotoPix - Vignette Photo of Small...
Carol Groenen - Washington Apples

Washington Apples

Carol Groenen

Trude Janssen - Lost in the Halloween...
James Temple - Lumina


James Temple

Andy Smy - Tayberry


Andy Smy

Farah Faizal - Carrot Halwa

Carrot Halwa

Farah Faizal

Farah Faizal - Marble Cake

Marble Cake

Farah Faizal

James Temple - Prickly Sweet Hawaiian...
Carol Groenen - Onions


Carol Groenen

Glenda Brunette - Blue Crabs

Blue Crabs

Glenda Brunette

Gert Lavsen - Kiwi


Gert Lavsen

Christine Huwer - Pizza Amore

Pizza Amore

Christine Huwer

David Wenman - Radicchio


David Wenman

Susan Savad - Tomatoes and String...
Gert Lavsen - Coffee


Gert Lavsen

Christine Huwer - Strawberry


Christine Huwer

Carol Groenen - Blueberries with Spoon
Mike Savad - Store - The old Deli
Bryan Knox - Citrus Vase

Citrus Vase

Bryan Knox

James Temple - Honey Glazed Duck

Honey Glazed Duck

James Temple

James Temple - Hawaiian Star Fruit In...
Dietrich Sauer - Chili


Dietrich Sauer

David Wenman - Yellow Pepper

Yellow Pepper

David Wenman

Carol Groenen - Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries

Carol Groenen

Shelly Davis - Cookies anyone

Cookies anyone

Shelly Davis