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Europe - Painted by impressionism



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Nop Briex



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This group was started on October 13th, 2011 and currently has:

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Europe - Painted by impressionism

About This Group

Impressionistic and speed paintings (real and digitally painted) of European people, life style, landscapes, city views etc. are welcome here. As long as it represents Europe. Join and show the world how Europe looks in classic and modern impressionism on the canvas!

Maximum 6 x art piece submission per day.

Featured Images

Vasilij Belikov - Pink cloud

Pink cloud

Vasilij Belikov

Luke Karcz - Old Krakow

Old Krakow

Luke Karcz

R W Goetting - Gondolas II

Gondolas II

R W Goetting

Elise Palmigiani - Oliviers en Provence

Oliviers en Provence

Elise Palmigiani

L Diane Johnson - Winter in Rome

Winter in Rome

L Diane Johnson

Nop Briex - Cows and Sails

Cows and Sails

Nop Briex

Nop Briex - No 4711

No 4711

Nop Briex

Elise Palmigiani - Lavender field

Lavender field

Elise Palmigiani

Nop Briex - Zandvoort Beach

Zandvoort Beach

Nop Briex

Judith Desrosiers - The Rich Idiot

The Rich Idiot

Judith Desrosiers

Madeleine Holzberg - Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

Madeleine Holzberg

Jo-Anne Gazo-McKim - Prague by Moonlight

Prague by Moonlight

Jo-Anne Gazo-McKim

Elise Palmigiani - Sulla Collina

Sulla Collina

Elise Palmigiani

Nop Briex - Chemical Sunset

Chemical Sunset

Nop Briex