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Exclusive Feature Me Group



Group Administrator

Kelly Schutz

Lafayette, IN

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on February 14th, 2014 and currently has:

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Exclusive Feature Me Group

About This Group


New members wanting to join this group are welcome to do so in order to VIEW images or have images selected by me using specific criteria for a greeting card image. This group was started as a promotional effort to showcase images of members from around the world - selected by me in order to gain exposure in the stores in which I sell my own artwork.

MOST UNSOLICITED IMAGES ARE REJECTED in this group. Thank you for your contributions. I am seeking specific images that meet the criteria as stated below. Also, it is very difficult to capture diverse market interests. Greeting cards, in my area, take a very long time to sell (even if they are the nicest image). No guarantee I will accept or feature your image in this group.

FORMER PROMOTIONS - February 2014 and January 2015
Two promotions of past have been completed. No additional images selected as greeting cards will be purchased by me. The February 2014 promotion selected 50 winners with all sold or donated. The January 2015 promotion selected 15 winners ... half sold, half were donated to a silent auction. It takes a long time to sell a greeting card. At this time, no contest for 2016 will be offered.

With permission, I purchased selected greeting cards won in my promotional contests. The member received the proceeds from FAA when I purchased his/her greeting card allowing me to resell the greeting card (FAA) for $3.00 in one of my stores. All greeting cards were professionally packaged. Once the greeting card sold in one of my stores, a certificate of participation and pictures were sent to most participants. At this point, the contest for the member was over with no further promotion efforts. The certificate detailed quality of print, price point, length of time for it to sell, etc.).

The criteria involved in selection of images to make a nice looking greeting card involved the following: (1) printing quality is key (not too dark or too light - needed to be sharp enough for printing giving a 2nd generation or slightly muddy appearance); (2) price point via FAA - if too high, was not selected for resale (market in my area only purchases cards $3.00 or less); (3) fit for any store in which I sell my artwork (general public appears to purchase off of emotional appeal); and, (4) image popularity or connection with public in my region.

It is an honor to have one of your images selected for this group. Thank you for allowing me to select and showcase one or more of your best images.

Kelly Schutz
Administrator of Exclusive Feature Me

Featured Images

Shane Guinn - Dancing Pig

Dancing Pig

Shane Guinn

Christopher Reid - Pronking Springbock

Pronking Springbock

Christopher Reid

Veronica Minozzi - Under the rain

Under the rain

Veronica Minozzi

Marina Wirtz - Cat Nap

Cat Nap

Marina Wirtz

Bliss Of Art - Love


Bliss Of Art

Marina Wirtz - Boat House

Boat House

Marina Wirtz

Shane Guinn - Flowers 1

Flowers 1

Shane Guinn

Shane Guinn - Flowers 2

Flowers 2

Shane Guinn

Hal Halli - Don

Don't Walk Away

Hal Halli

Christopher Reid - Safari Parrot

Safari Parrot

Christopher Reid

Marina Wirtz - Bishops Lace

Bishops Lace

Marina Wirtz

Geraldine Myszenski - Reflections Of Me

Reflections Of Me

Geraldine Myszenski

Gardening Perfection - Chrysanthemum Power

Chrysanthemum Power

Gardening Perfection

Jason Majiq Holmes - Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass

Jason Majiq Holmes

Marina Wirtz - Cozy Corner

Cozy Corner

Marina Wirtz

Stanza Widen - Ice Curves

Ice Curves

Stanza Widen

Jamie Frier - Teapot and Vase

Teapot and Vase

Jamie Frier

Mitch Shindelbower - Eagle Reflection

Eagle Reflection

Mitch Shindelbower

Mitch Shindelbower - Emerald Bay Summer Solstice

Emerald Bay Summer Solstice

Mitch Shindelbower

Rosalie Scanlon - Butterfly, Butterfly

Butterfly, Butterfly

Rosalie Scanlon

Debra Souter - Morning Boost

Morning Boost

Debra Souter

R christopher Vest - Raven At Mesa Verde Ruins

Raven At Mesa Verde Ruins

R christopher Vest

R christopher Vest - Bluebird At The Cliff Palace

Bluebird At The Cliff Palace

R christopher Vest

Jamie Frier - Lavender House

Lavender House

Jamie Frier

Jamie Frier - Orchid


Jamie Frier

Ruth Jolly - Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock

Ruth Jolly

Paul Wear - All in a Row

All in a Row

Paul Wear

Veronica Minozzi - Gardenia


Veronica Minozzi

Geraldine Myszenski - House Cat

House Cat

Geraldine Myszenski

Irving Starr - Belize


Irving Starr

Wildlife Fine Art - Grizzly in Yellowstone

Grizzly in Yellowstone

Wildlife Fine Art

Stanza Widen - Frosty Cottonwoods

Frosty Cottonwoods

Stanza Widen

Fotosas Photography - Pink Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea

Fotosas Photography

Wildlife Fine Art - Electric Peak Cowboy

Electric Peak Cowboy

Wildlife Fine Art

Linda Covino - Old Glory

Old Glory

Linda Covino

Stanza Widen - Raven

Raven's Gather

Stanza Widen

Stanza Widen - Idiot Rock

Idiot Rock

Stanza Widen

Esther Newman-Cohen - We

We're Still Here

Esther Newman-Cohen

Elvira Pinkhas - Nature Of Fractals

Nature Of Fractals

Elvira Pinkhas

Geraldine Scull - Getting a drink

Getting a drink

Geraldine Scull

Jim Garrison - Sunup on the Dunes

Sunup on the Dunes

Jim Garrison

Wildlife Fine Art - Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Wildlife Fine Art

F Leblanc - Eclipse


F Leblanc

Nikolyn McDonald - Making Music

Making Music

Nikolyn McDonald

Marina Wirtz - Spring Mist

Spring Mist

Marina Wirtz

F Leblanc - Model T Taxi

Model T Taxi

F Leblanc

Marina Wirtz - Mango Orchard

Mango Orchard

Marina Wirtz

Jim Garrison - A Calming Effect

A Calming Effect

Jim Garrison

Tri State Art - A Pair Of Queens

A Pair Of Queens

Tri State Art

Nina Bradica - Owl in the Night

Owl in the Night

Nina Bradica

Michael Rucker - Hawaiian Horizon

Hawaiian Horizon

Michael Rucker

Stanza Widen - Fly High Dragonfly

Fly High Dragonfly

Stanza Widen

Mitch Shindelbower - San Francisco Sunrise

San Francisco Sunrise

Mitch Shindelbower

Viktoriya Sirris - Nice Evening Together

Nice Evening Together

Viktoriya Sirris

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Tip Toe

Tip Toe

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Viktoriya Sirris - Tropical Attraction

Tropical Attraction

Viktoriya Sirris

Olimpia - Hinamatsuri Barbu - Preparing communion bread

Preparing communion bread

Olimpia - Hinamatsuri Barbu

Rosalie Scanlon - Lavender Roses

Lavender Roses

Rosalie Scanlon

Plum Ovelgonne - Michelle

Michelle's Flowers

Plum Ovelgonne

Geraldine Scull - Painted seagull

Painted seagull

Geraldine Scull

Rosalie Scanlon - Purple Irises

Purple Irises

Rosalie Scanlon

Hal Halli - Daisy Boom

Daisy Boom

Hal Halli

Plum Ovelgonne - Canal Bridge

Canal Bridge

Plum Ovelgonne

Amani Al Hajeri - Garlic and Jars

Garlic and Jars

Amani Al Hajeri

Stanza Widen - Still Defiant

Still Defiant

Stanza Widen

Shane Guinn - No Peeking

No Peeking

Shane Guinn

Amani Al Hajeri - Waiting for dad

Waiting for dad

Amani Al Hajeri

Mitch Shindelbower - Solvang Windmill

Solvang Windmill

Mitch Shindelbower

Viktoriya Sirris - Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats

Viktoriya Sirris

Plum Ovelgonne - Daisy eating Muscles

Daisy eating Muscles

Plum Ovelgonne

Plum Ovelgonne - Raffle

Raffle's Malkoha

Plum Ovelgonne

Plum Ovelgonne - Fairy Wren II

Fairy Wren II

Plum Ovelgonne

Linda Covino - Historical Savannah

Historical Savannah

Linda Covino

F Leblanc - Fence Of Three

Fence Of Three

F Leblanc

Paul Wear - Piano Land

Piano Land

Paul Wear

Nikolyn McDonaldFootbridge - Great Smoky Mountains - Split Log Bridge - Great Smoky Mountains

Split Log Bridge - Great Smoky Mountains

Nikolyn McDonaldFootbridge - Great Smoky Mountains

Viktoriya Sirris - Valencia Hills

Valencia Hills

Viktoriya Sirris

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Shabby six

Shabby six

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Veronica Minozzi - Easter bunny

Easter bunny

Veronica Minozzi

Marina Wirtz - Aqua Floral Iv

Aqua Floral Iv

Marina Wirtz

Jim Garrison - Frozen Watch

Frozen Watch

Jim Garrison

Jason Majiq Holmes - Era Of The Mamba

Era Of The Mamba

Jason Majiq Holmes

Jim Garrison - A Chance of Showers

A Chance of Showers

Jim Garrison

Linda Covino - Buggy Planter

Buggy Planter

Linda Covino

F Leblanc - Golden Grill

Golden Grill

F Leblanc

F Leblanc - Beautiful Team

Beautiful Team

F Leblanc

Viktoriya Sirris - Overgrown Pond

Overgrown Pond

Viktoriya Sirris

Irina Sumanenkova - The Life Stairs

The Life Stairs

Irina Sumanenkova

Marina Wirtz - Aqua Floral Iii

Aqua Floral Iii

Marina Wirtz

R christopher Vest - Heron Face Sudy

Heron Face Sudy

R christopher Vest

Viktoriya Sirris - Mediterranian Cuisine

Mediterranian Cuisine

Viktoriya Sirris

Nina Bradica - Ice-cream Sundaes

Ice-cream Sundaes

Nina Bradica

Jim Garrison - There Must be Kings

There Must be Kings

Jim Garrison

Irving Starr - Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats

Irving Starr

Nikolyn McDonald - Thoughts


Nikolyn McDonald

Carol Cavalaris - Love Among The Orchids

Love Among The Orchids

Carol Cavalaris

Viktoriya Sirris - The First Succses

The First Succses

Viktoriya Sirris

Hal Halli - Tulip Triad

Tulip Triad

Hal Halli

L Wright - Prehistoric


L Wright

Evelina Popilian - Cold Evening

Cold Evening

Evelina Popilian

Rumyana Whitcher - Let Me Go

Let Me Go

Rumyana Whitcher

Stanza Widen - A Winter

A Winter's Tale

Stanza Widen

Veronica Minozzi - Spring bubbles

Spring bubbles

Veronica Minozzi

Viktoriya Sirris - Wild And Blue

Wild And Blue

Viktoriya Sirris

Linda Covino - Bicycle


Linda Covino

Kelly Schutz - Midnight Bird

Midnight Bird

Kelly Schutz

Rumyana Whitcher - Spring In Yellow

Spring In Yellow

Rumyana Whitcher

Evelina Popilian - Oana

Oana's Bike

Evelina Popilian

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Misty


Laura Lee Zanghetti

Veronica Minozzi - Snow


Veronica Minozzi

Carol Cavalaris - True Love Tree

True Love Tree

Carol Cavalaris

L Wright - Haunted Town

Haunted Town

L Wright

Esther Newman-Cohen - Vase and Bowl

Vase and Bowl

Esther Newman-Cohen

Veronica Minozzi - Gold memories

Gold memories

Veronica Minozzi

Viktoriya Sirris - Spring Is Beautiful

Spring Is Beautiful

Viktoriya Sirris

Mitch Shindelbower - Well Fargo Express

Well Fargo Express

Mitch Shindelbower

Marina Wirtz - Country Trail

Country Trail

Marina Wirtz

Mitch Shindelbower - Cottonwood Barn

Cottonwood Barn

Mitch Shindelbower

Mitch Shindelbower - Let It Be

Let It Be

Mitch Shindelbower

Carol Cavalaris - Sunflower Power

Sunflower Power

Carol Cavalaris

Laura Lee Zanghetti - For Mom

For Mom

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Pennie  McCracken - You Choose

You Choose

Pennie McCracken

Rosalie Scanlon - Yellow Daisy Dots

Yellow Daisy Dots

Rosalie Scanlon

Viktoriya Sirris - Oldness Of Chios

Oldness Of Chios

Viktoriya Sirris

Nina Bradica - Nyc


Nina Bradica

Surbhi Grover - Splash Of Colors 2

Splash Of Colors 2

Surbhi Grover

Ronel Broderick - Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day

Ronel Broderick

Veronica Minozzi - Sleeping in the rain

Sleeping in the rain

Veronica Minozzi

Evelina Popilian - In the Graden

In the Graden

Evelina Popilian

Shane Guinn - Chicken Chat

Chicken Chat

Shane Guinn

Veronica Minozzi - Sweet friendship

Sweet friendship

Veronica Minozzi

Irving Starr - Paris Cafe Scene

Paris Cafe Scene

Irving Starr

Mariana Stauffer - I am here

I am here

Mariana Stauffer

Rosalie Scanlon - Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Rosalie Scanlon

Veronica Minozzi - Magical bunny

Magical bunny

Veronica Minozzi

Marina Wirtz - Aqua Floral Ii

Aqua Floral Ii

Marina Wirtz

Richard Hahn - Hot cutoffs

Hot cutoffs

Richard Hahn

Sydne Archambault - To Veronica Lake

To Veronica Lake

Sydne Archambault

Veronica Minozzi - My little friend

My little friend

Veronica Minozzi

Nikolyn McDonald - Old Farmhouse - Winter

Old Farmhouse - Winter

Nikolyn McDonald

Alicia Hollinger - Elfin Winter Holidays

Elfin Winter Holidays

Alicia Hollinger

Linda Covino - Beach tree

Beach tree

Linda Covino

Hal Halli - Amaryllis


Hal Halli

Nina Bradica - Dreamy Country Lake

Dreamy Country Lake

Nina Bradica

Stephen Stookey - Lower Falls #3

Lower Falls #3

Stephen Stookey

Rob Corsetti - Jesus Rocks

Jesus Rocks

Rob Corsetti

Veronica Minozzi - Christmas party

Christmas party

Veronica Minozzi

Linda Covino - Savannah

Savannah's best

Linda Covino

Theresa Campbell - Symphony


Theresa Campbell

Marina Wirtz - Polka Dot Teapot

Polka Dot Teapot

Marina Wirtz

Elvira Pinkhas - Sign of Affection

Sign of Affection

Elvira Pinkhas

Veronica Minozzi - Hello friend

Hello friend

Veronica Minozzi

Duane West - Almost Home

Almost Home

Duane West

Joey Nash - Tigger


Joey Nash

Linda Covino - Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Linda Covino

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Peekaboo


Laura Lee Zanghetti

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Pa Pa and Me

Pa Pa and Me

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Veronica Minozzi - Cuddle


Veronica Minozzi

Joey Nash - Reflections


Joey Nash

Evelina Popilian - Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

Evelina Popilian

Veronica Minozzi - A mystery story

A mystery story

Veronica Minozzi

Viktoriya Sirris - Snowing Day

Snowing Day

Viktoriya Sirris

Stacey Chiew - Yoga - Bow Pose

Yoga - Bow Pose

Stacey Chiew

Stanza Widen - Kiss the Sun

Kiss the Sun

Stanza Widen

Susan Richardson - Painting at the Cape

Painting at the Cape

Susan Richardson

Shane Guinn - Santa  You Are Fat

Santa You Are Fat

Shane Guinn

Stacey Chiew - Orangutan


Stacey Chiew

Marian Palucci-Lonzetta - Colorful Leaves

Colorful Leaves

Marian Palucci-Lonzetta

Stanza Widen - Little Heartsease

Little Heartsease

Stanza Widen

Viktoriya Sirris - White Ferrari

White Ferrari

Viktoriya Sirris

Paul Wear - Writer

Writer's Block

Paul Wear

Viktoriya Sirris - Colors Of Fall

Colors Of Fall

Viktoriya Sirris

Wildlife Fine Art - Bluebird


Wildlife Fine Art

Stanza Widen - Butterfly Dreaming

Butterfly Dreaming

Stanza Widen

Marina Wirtz - Reflections Ii

Reflections Ii

Marina Wirtz

Steve Gadomski - Lion Emerging    captive

Lion Emerging captive

Steve Gadomski

Stanza Widen - In The Winter Woods

In The Winter Woods

Stanza Widen

Shelby Young - Tranquil Colors

Tranquil Colors

Shelby Young

Veronica Minozzi - Snowy night

Snowy night

Veronica Minozzi

Stanza Widen - Daisy At Your Feet

Daisy At Your Feet

Stanza Widen

Hal Halli - Mellow Way

Mellow Way

Hal Halli

Esther Newman-Cohen - Reflections in Rhapsody

Reflections in Rhapsody

Esther Newman-Cohen

Marina Wirtz - Iridescent


Marina Wirtz

Patti Whitten - Mums Bouquet

Mums Bouquet

Patti Whitten

Olga Hamilton - Fall Tree

Fall Tree

Olga Hamilton

Marina Wirtz - Reflections


Marina Wirtz

Veronica Minozzi - For fun

For fun

Veronica Minozzi

Nina Bradica - Pair of Pears

Pair of Pears

Nina Bradica

Marina Wirtz - White Roses

White Roses

Marina Wirtz

Mitch Shindelbower - Soft Weather

Soft Weather

Mitch Shindelbower

Nina Bradica - Wine Anyone-1

Wine Anyone-1

Nina Bradica

Ally  White - Basic Housing

Basic Housing

Ally White

Veronica Minozzi - Meditation


Veronica Minozzi

Linda Covino - Flowers and veggies

Flowers and veggies

Linda Covino

Mary Palmer - Winters Eve

Winters Eve

Mary Palmer

Johanna Hurmerinta - Autumn in Finland 6

Autumn in Finland 6

Johanna Hurmerinta

Sydne Archambault - Funky Pear

Funky Pear

Sydne Archambault

Mary Palmer - Yanworth


Mary Palmer

Marina Wirtz - Hiking Trail

Hiking Trail

Marina Wirtz

Stanza Widen - Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Stanza Widen

Viktoriya Sirris - The Entrance To Paradise

The Entrance To Paradise

Viktoriya Sirris

Viktoriya Sirris - The Summer Day Off

The Summer Day Off

Viktoriya Sirris

Carol Wisniewski - Sophies Hydrangeas

Sophies Hydrangeas

Carol Wisniewski

Philipp Rietz - Sweet and cute owl

Sweet and cute owl

Philipp Rietz

Viktoriya Sirris - Let

Let's Go Fishing

Viktoriya Sirris

Steve Gadomski - Fresh Radishes

Fresh Radishes

Steve Gadomski

Laura Lee Zanghetti - For the Love of the Sea

For the Love of the Sea

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Sandra Nardone - Sunflowers in Milkcan

Sunflowers in Milkcan

Sandra Nardone

Viktoriya Sirris - Lavender Field

Lavender Field

Viktoriya Sirris

Bill Wakeley - Splish Splash

Splish Splash

Bill Wakeley

Viktoriya Sirris - Rainy Paris

Rainy Paris

Viktoriya Sirris

Charles Stuart - Scout


Charles Stuart

Shane Guinn - Orange Fish

Orange Fish

Shane Guinn

Marina Wirtz - Foggy Forest

Foggy Forest

Marina Wirtz

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Splash


Laura Lee Zanghetti

Bill Wakeley - Summer Sun Square

Summer Sun Square

Bill Wakeley

Veronica Minozzi - Heaven of rest

Heaven of rest

Veronica Minozzi

Marina Wirtz - Beeloved


Marina Wirtz

Viktoriya Sirris - Frosty Silence

Frosty Silence

Viktoriya Sirris

Marina Wirtz - Enchanted Irises

Enchanted Irises

Marina Wirtz

Susan Richardson - Oyster Catchers

Oyster Catchers

Susan Richardson

Maciej Froncisz - Sense of Speed

Sense of Speed

Maciej Froncisz

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Dottie


Laura Lee Zanghetti

Lil Taylor - Left Alone

Left Alone

Lil Taylor

Marina Wirtz - Town And Country

Town And Country

Marina Wirtz

Jamie Frier - Hermosa Beach Pier

Hermosa Beach Pier

Jamie Frier

Veronica Minozzi - Friends


Veronica Minozzi

Esther Newman-Cohen - Sunflower in the Moonlight

Sunflower in the Moonlight

Esther Newman-Cohen

Susan Richardson - Working the Line

Working the Line

Susan Richardson

Nina Bradica - Yellow DragonFly

Yellow DragonFly

Nina Bradica

Marina Wirtz - City Lights

City Lights

Marina Wirtz

Elaine Haberland - Moosely Foggy Morning

Moosely Foggy Morning

Elaine Haberland

Parker Cunningham - Sky On Fire

Sky On Fire

Parker Cunningham

Veronica Minozzi - Hi there

Hi there

Veronica Minozzi

Jamie Frier - Tulips


Jamie Frier

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Breathless


Laura Lee Zanghetti

Brian Stevens - Aqua Ascent

Aqua Ascent

Brian Stevens

Marina Wirtz - Riverbend


Marina Wirtz

F Leblanc - Little Owl

Little Owl

F Leblanc

Amani Al Hajeri - On the eastern side

On the eastern side

Amani Al Hajeri

Merrin Jeff - Calm Sailing

Calm Sailing

Merrin Jeff

Ally  White - Monarch Meadow

Monarch Meadow

Ally White

DG Ewing - The Gate

The Gate

DG Ewing

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Road In Tuscany

Road In Tuscany

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Evelina Popilian - For MOM


Evelina Popilian

Veronica Minozzi - A little sleep

A little sleep

Veronica Minozzi

Lil Taylor - Beach Fun

Beach Fun

Lil Taylor

Vicki Dreher - Crabapple Branch

Crabapple Branch

Vicki Dreher

Evelina Popilian - To Brighten Your Evening

To Brighten Your Evening

Evelina Popilian

Gillian Singleton - Sing for his supper

Sing for his supper

Gillian Singleton

Nina Bradica - Disco Fever

Disco Fever

Nina Bradica

Nina Bradica - Yellow Tulips

Yellow Tulips

Nina Bradica

Fotosas Photography - A Study in Contrast

A Study in Contrast

Fotosas Photography

F Leblanc - Resplendent


F Leblanc

Veronica Minozzi - Happy bee

Happy bee

Veronica Minozzi

Sydne Archambault - The Yellow Bicycle

The Yellow Bicycle

Sydne Archambault

Lou Magoncia - Rescued


Lou Magoncia

Nancy Mueller - Purple Poppies

Purple Poppies

Nancy Mueller

Marina Wirtz - Flower Field

Flower Field

Marina Wirtz

Shelby  Young - Morning Dock

Morning Dock

Shelby Young

Veronica Minozzi - Sweet surprise

Sweet surprise

Veronica Minozzi

Olga Hamilton - African Dancer

African Dancer

Olga Hamilton

Mary Palmer - Painted Pots

Painted Pots

Mary Palmer

Irving Starr - Solitude


Irving Starr

Mary Palmer -  Sedona Archway

Sedona Archway

Mary Palmer

Marina Wirtz - Orange Scarf

Orange Scarf

Marina Wirtz

Lou Magoncia - Autumn

Autumn's Glow

Lou Magoncia

Lil Taylor - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Lil Taylor

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Three Lipizzans

Three Lipizzans

Dragica Micki Fortuna

F Leblanc - Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire

F Leblanc

Sydne Archambault - Lady In The Yellow Hat

Lady In The Yellow Hat

Sydne Archambault

Marina Wirtz - Evening In The Park

Evening In The Park

Marina Wirtz

Carol Wisniewski - The World Loves A Clown

The World Loves A Clown

Carol Wisniewski

Marina Wirtz - Vintage Tea

Vintage Tea

Marina Wirtz

Vicki Dreher - Vintage View

Vintage View

Vicki Dreher

Jeff Swan - Yellow floral

Yellow floral

Jeff Swan

Marina Wirtz - Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha

Marina Wirtz

Veronica Minozzi - Abstract flower field

Abstract flower field

Veronica Minozzi

Carol Wisniewski - Reflections In A Sunset

Reflections In A Sunset

Carol Wisniewski

Michael Rucker - Winter Gazebo

Winter Gazebo

Michael Rucker

Carol Wisniewski - Scarlet Poppies

Scarlet Poppies

Carol Wisniewski

Greg Kopriva - Yard Pots

Yard Pots

Greg Kopriva

Michael Rucker - Snowy Ice Reflection

Snowy Ice Reflection

Michael Rucker

Evelina Popilian - Wild Roses

Wild Roses

Evelina Popilian

Carol Wisniewski - The Old Family Farm

The Old Family Farm

Carol Wisniewski

Bliss Of Art - Banjaran


Bliss Of Art

Carol Wisniewski - The Cottage Garden Path

The Cottage Garden Path

Carol Wisniewski

Rob Corsetti - 2 Bad Duga Boys

2 Bad Duga Boys

Rob Corsetti

Carol Wisniewski - Flower Garden Hand Pump

Flower Garden Hand Pump

Carol Wisniewski

Carol Wisniewski - Marias Basket of Peonies

Marias Basket of Peonies

Carol Wisniewski

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Play Date

Play Date

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Marina Wirtz - Exquisite


Marina Wirtz

Dick Bobnick - Coach Bud Grant

Coach Bud Grant

Dick Bobnick

Rob Corsetti - Legendary Pirate

Legendary Pirate

Rob Corsetti

Rob Corsetti - Legendary Archer

Legendary Archer

Rob Corsetti

Walker and  Haberfield - Water Stroll

Water Stroll

Walker and Haberfield

Marina Wirtz - Lilac Aroma

Lilac Aroma

Marina Wirtz

Carol Wisniewski - A Winter Sunset Serenade

A Winter Sunset Serenade

Carol Wisniewski

Veronica Minozzi - Spring fever

Spring fever

Veronica Minozzi

Marina Wirtz - Rose In The Rain

Rose In The Rain

Marina Wirtz

Susan Richardson - Italian Sausage

Italian Sausage

Susan Richardson

Cheryl Hoyle - Blue Allure

Blue Allure

Cheryl Hoyle

Veronica Minozzi - Island of happiness

Island of happiness

Veronica Minozzi

Shylaja Nanjundiah - Moored Boats

Moored Boats

Shylaja Nanjundiah

Linda Covino - Jones Street

Jones Street

Linda Covino

Olga Hamilton - Key Largo Pelicans

Key Largo Pelicans

Olga Hamilton

Sandra Nardone - Taras Golden Tree

Taras Golden Tree

Sandra Nardone

Sydne Archambault - D

D'oro Verde

Sydne Archambault

Marina Wirtz - Homestead


Marina Wirtz

Nina Bradica - Owls on a Swing

Owls on a Swing

Nina Bradica

Nancy Mueller - Blue Smokies at Dusk

Blue Smokies at Dusk

Nancy Mueller

Hal Halli - Tulips in Love

Tulips in Love

Hal Halli

Christelle Grey - African Lion

African Lion

Christelle Grey

Mario Sergio Calzi - Acrylic MSC 110

Acrylic MSC 110

Mario Sergio Calzi

Linda Covino - Tybee swing

Tybee swing

Linda Covino

Benanne Stiens - Southern Charm

Southern Charm

Benanne Stiens

Denise Mazzocco - Imagine Success

Imagine Success

Denise Mazzocco

Priya Ghose - Picture Lake

Picture Lake

Priya Ghose

Grant Washburn - Garden Glow

Garden Glow

Grant Washburn

Lora Serra - Bolshoi Ballet

Bolshoi Ballet

Lora Serra

R christopher Vest - Raccoons On Forest Log

Raccoons On Forest Log

R christopher Vest

Bruce Repei - Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Bruce Repei

Bette Orr - Roses are Red

Roses are Red

Bette Orr

Barbara Silva - Motherhood


Barbara Silva

Jurgen Lorenzen - Tree in Provence

Tree in Provence

Jurgen Lorenzen

Lillian  Bell - Hat on garden bench

Hat on garden bench

Lillian Bell

Marina Wirtz - Birthday Bouquet

Birthday Bouquet

Marina Wirtz