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Kelly Schutz

Lafayette, IN

United States

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This group was started on February 14th, 2014 and currently has:


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Exclusive Feature Me Group

About This Group


New members wanting to join this group are welcome to do so in order to view images or have images selected by me using specific criteria (per a promotion held in February 2014).

Determined at random or through contests in which I hold.

Invited members may be contacted by me if I hold one or more contests and select one or more of his/her images I feel is/are appropriate for this group. New members and those asked to join with their images fall under different guidelines than the previous members (February 2014) promotion.

In most cases, I will remove images uploaded to this group that have either not been invited or just do not meet a specific criteria. I am aware that uploads occur daily and in some cases, I do accept few into the Exclusive Features Group. This group is intended to showcase specific criteria in creating, printing, and selling images intended for store outlets.

The original contest (promotion) representing this group came to a close February 2014. Winner images (a.k.a. those I personally selected) were purchased and professionally packaged and placed on the shelves in, at that time and currently, three stores in which I sell my artwork.

Most images that are selected for this group NOW are from my contests via special invitation or randomly selected if I feel the image meets the criteria. It has been my experience in hosting contests that some images, very worthy of being in the top spots, never get the recognition they deserve. To help, I hold contests and select images outside of the top spots to be featured.

The criteria involved in selection of images for this group is as follows: (1) printing quality of image (if image is too dark for printing, it will not be selected), (2) price, (3) fit for any store in which I sell my artwork in (2-3 different consumer populations), and (4) image popularity or connection (this is tricky as my least liked images sell better than my most popular).

Printing quality is perhaps the most important factor followed by price point and then, image connection with the general public. Therefore, in the February 2014 contest, many images remained featured but were not purchased to be sold at one of three stores due to price point and image quality via printing issues.

It is an honor to be in this group.

Kelly Schutz
Administrator of Feature Me, Exclusive Feature Me, and Several Contests/Groups

Featured Images

John Straton -  Stone Mason - Stone...
Laura Lee Zanghetti - Can You Imagine

Can You Imagine

Laura Lee Zanghetti

F Leblanc - Vintage International...
Veronica Minozzi - Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley

Veronica Minozzi

Bliss Of Art - Nature of Night

Nature of Night

Bliss Of Art

Mary Palmer - Sugared Sunrise

Sugared Sunrise

Mary Palmer

Daniel Butler - Labrador Retriever-Just...
Arne Hansen - Ariel Perspective

Ariel Perspective

Arne Hansen

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Pretty as a...
Veronica Minozzi - Sunflowers


Veronica Minozzi

Prajakta P - Spices Of India

Spices Of India

Prajakta P

Kelly Schutz - Artistic Sunflower

Artistic Sunflower

Kelly Schutz

Nina Bradica - Vase of Flowers

Vase of Flowers

Nina Bradica

Irina Effa - The joy of summer
Shane Guinn - Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

Shane Guinn

Mitch Shindelbower - Gadwall Take Off

Gadwall Take Off

Mitch Shindelbower

Arne Hansen - Dianna


Arne Hansen

Geoffrey Coelho - Lackey

Lackey's Drug Store -...

Geoffrey Coelho

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - On The Edge Of The Forest

On The Edge Of The Forest

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Irina Effa - Sunny Physalis

Sunny Physalis

Irina Effa

Mary Palmer - Country Wagon

Country Wagon

Mary Palmer

Mike Savad - City - Chicago IL -...
Carol Wisniewski - Montauk Lighthouse Long...
Irina Effa - Pink Velvet

Pink Velvet

Irina Effa

Veronica Minozzi - Frost


Veronica Minozzi

Irina Effa - Sunflower


Irina Effa

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Family Day

Family Day

Laura Lee Zanghetti

F Leblanc - 1929 Chevrolet Teal...
Mariana Stauffer - Colorful season

Colorful season

Mariana Stauffer

Sydne Archambault - Bella


Sydne Archambault

F Leblanc - New Day Begins - Chalk
Michael Rucker - Three Moons

Three Moons

Michael Rucker

Mariana Stauffer - Magical Paris

Magical Paris

Mariana Stauffer

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Alphabet - O...
Mitch Shindelbower - Mother And Cub

Mother And Cub

Mitch Shindelbower

Donna Tuten - Cotswold Lavender Fields
Prajakta P - Dreaming Taj Mahal
Sydne Archambault - Jeune Femme

Jeune Femme

Sydne Archambault

Mike Savad - Store - Hoboken NJ - The...
Julie Brugh Riffey - The Gap of Dunloe...

The Gap of Dunloe...

Julie Brugh Riffey

Margie Amberge - Island Escape by Kayak

Island Escape by Kayak

Margie Amberge

Jamie Frier - Baby Seal and Seaweed
Robert Woodward - Watching Wind Power

Watching Wind Power

Robert Woodward

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Reflections at Patriot...

Reflections at Patriot...

Laura Lee Zanghetti

F Leblanc - A Blue Case - Painting
Nina Bradica - Sunflowers in Bloom

Sunflowers in Bloom

Nina Bradica

Alicia Hollinger - Lost little girl

Lost little girl

Alicia Hollinger

Olga Hamilton - Key West Sunset

Key West Sunset

Olga Hamilton

Ojars Bluzma - Fog in The Forest

Fog in The Forest

Ojars Bluzma

Mariana Stauffer - Romantic night

Romantic night

Mariana Stauffer

Nina Bradica - Peruvian Lillies-2

Peruvian Lillies-2

Nina Bradica

Steve Gadomski - Michigan Avenue Chicago...
Mitch Shindelbower - Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver

Mitch Shindelbower

Parker Cunningham - Sunflower Dreams

Sunflower Dreams

Parker Cunningham

Christelle Grey - Curiosity


Christelle Grey

Olga Hamilton - Yellow Legged...

Yellow Legged...

Olga Hamilton

Mike Savad - Americana - The Savatsky...
Phyllis Beiser - A Southern Sunrise

A Southern Sunrise

Phyllis Beiser

Mike Savad - Spring - Porch - Hoboken...
Carol Wisniewski - Just Passing The Time...

Just Passing The Time...

Carol Wisniewski

Jamie Frier - Blue Violet Flower Vase
Kelly Schutz - Tree Swing

Tree Swing

Kelly Schutz

Martha Suhocke - Artist

Artist's Brother

Martha Suhocke

Cristina Mihailescu - Summer..


Cristina Mihailescu

Mitch Shindelbower - Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Mitch Shindelbower

Christelle Grey - Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules

Christelle Grey

Parker Cunningham - Fall At Buck Creek

Fall At Buck Creek

Parker Cunningham

Daniel Butler -  Okeechobee Brahma...
Mitch Shindelbower - School Days

School Days

Mitch Shindelbower

F Leblanc - Bald Eagle and Flag
Irving Starr - Borona


Irving Starr

Phyllis Beiser - Great Egret At Sylvia
Donald Jones - A Rustic Memory

A Rustic Memory

Donald Jones

John Malone - Weather


John Malone

Svetlana Nikolova - Violetta


Svetlana Nikolova

Daniel Butler - Alabama Quail Hunting-A...
Daniel Butler - Paynes Prairie Preserve...
Crista Forest - Bird Painting - Apple...
Jamie Frier - Lavender Cottage

Lavender Cottage

Jamie Frier

Mary Lee Dereske - Graffiti at the Cadillac...
Donna Tuten - Sugar Overload

Sugar Overload

Donna Tuten

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Lavender in Provance

Lavender in Provance

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Wayne Hardee - Squirrels


Wayne Hardee

Stephanie Wingard - Red Flowers

Red Flowers

Stephanie Wingard

Sandy McIntire - Sassafras Trees on the...
Kathleen Viola - Path to the beach

Path to the beach

Kathleen Viola

Olga Hamilton - Tree Of Life And Two...
Bette Orr - Mushroom Party

Mushroom Party

Bette Orr

Mitch Shindelbower - Color Points

Color Points

Mitch Shindelbower

Mariana Stauffer - Colorful tree

Colorful tree

Mariana Stauffer

Lou Magoncia - Sunset Solitude

Sunset Solitude

Lou Magoncia

David Smith - Frost Pinwheel

Frost Pinwheel

David Smith

Michael John Cavanagh - Hours of Quiet...

Hours of Quiet...

Michael John Cavanagh

Meg Shearer - Cupcakes


Meg Shearer

Paul Wear - Summer Blues

Summer Blues

Paul Wear

Amani Al Hajeri - Still Life

Still Life

Amani Al Hajeri

Shane Bechler - Whitetail Deer in the...
Irving Starr - Swiss Granary

Swiss Granary

Irving Starr

Crystal Harman - Ready for Seed

Ready for Seed

Crystal Harman

Padre Art - Vintage Stove Polish Ad...
Danielle Arnal - Baptiste


Danielle Arnal

Absinthe Art By Michelle LeAnn Scott - Pirate Brittany Rose

Pirate Brittany Rose

Absinthe Art By Michelle LeAnn Scott

Barbara St Jean - Wild Eggs in my Nest

Wild Eggs in my Nest

Barbara St Jean

Ellen Cannon - All the Marbles

All the Marbles

Ellen Cannon

Arne Hansen - Lara


Arne Hansen

Phillip Gordon - Circle Of Flowers

Circle Of Flowers

Phillip Gordon

Rosalie Scanlon - Little White Church

Little White Church

Rosalie Scanlon

Margie Amberge - Blue Heron Morning

Blue Heron Morning

Margie Amberge

Parker Cunningham - Setting Sun

Setting Sun

Parker Cunningham

Parker Cunningham - Ocean Tide

Ocean Tide

Parker Cunningham

Margie Amberge - Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington Beach Pier

Margie Amberge

Marian Palucci - The Multi-Colored Orchid
Laura Lee Zanghetti - My Time

My Time

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Mary Palmer - A Place to Dream

A Place to Dream

Mary Palmer

Mary Palmer - Anticipation


Mary Palmer

Rosalie Scanlon - Bunch Beach Sunset

Bunch Beach Sunset

Rosalie Scanlon

Deb Mitchell - Chucks


Deb Mitchell

Deb Mitchell - Pay Attention

Pay Attention

Deb Mitchell

Parker Cunningham - Around The Bend

Around The Bend

Parker Cunningham

Mary Palmer - Summer Susans

Summer Susans

Mary Palmer

Donna Tuten - Lovers


Donna Tuten

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Tuscany Wine Barrel

Tuscany Wine Barrel

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Linda Kozachenko - Tricycle


Linda Kozachenko

M Montoya Alicea - Five


M Montoya Alicea

Nuno Marques - Lucille Ball Bride

Lucille Ball Bride

Nuno Marques

Robert Weiman - Mountain Dust Storm

Mountain Dust Storm

Robert Weiman

Paul Wear - The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk

Paul Wear

Paul Wear - Open


Paul Wear

Marilyn Michalec - Lighthouse


Marilyn Michalec

Putterhug  Studio - Mirrored Minneapolis

Mirrored Minneapolis

Putterhug Studio

Putterhug  Studio - Love in the Shade

Love in the Shade

Putterhug Studio

Veronica Minozzi - Spring bubble

Spring bubble

Veronica Minozzi

Michael Rucker - Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Michael Rucker

Susan Savad - White Horse Looking Away
Krys Bailey - Enchanted


Krys Bailey

Gustav Boye - Cafe


Gustav Boye

Kaye Menner - Lightning Rose

Lightning Rose

Kaye Menner

Brian Stevens - Winter Barn

Winter Barn

Brian Stevens

Matthias Hauser - Apple juice in bottles

Apple juice in bottles

Matthias Hauser

Veronica Minozzi - Tea time

Tea time

Veronica Minozzi

Bel Menpes - Scotney Castle in Mono
Nick Froyd - What to Wear

What to Wear

Nick Froyd

Lori Frostad - Happiness


Lori Frostad

Irving Starr - Moonlight Fantasy

Moonlight Fantasy

Irving Starr

Nick Froyd - Dancing Gypsy

Dancing Gypsy

Nick Froyd

Gerard O Reilly - Lighthouse in the garden...
Maciej Froncisz - Victory Lap

Victory Lap

Maciej Froncisz

Curtis Radclyffe - Three Times Tree

Three Times Tree

Curtis Radclyffe

Kelley Freel-Ebner - Soulful


Kelley Freel-Ebner

Mariarosa Rockefeller - Icarus


Mariarosa Rockefeller

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Blessed Kateri...

Blessed Kateri...

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Mark Kiver - Point Wilson Lighthouse
Bill Jonas - W B Water Tower

W B Water Tower

Bill Jonas

Geoffrey Coelho - Counter Culture Fashion

Counter Culture Fashion

Geoffrey Coelho

Sheryl Bergman - Three Amigos

Three Amigos

Sheryl Bergman

Kelley Freel-Ebner - Postcard From The Sea

Postcard From The Sea

Kelley Freel-Ebner

Jai Johnson - Perched Pelican

Perched Pelican

Jai Johnson

Kelly Schutz - Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Kelly Schutz

Shere Crossman - Cardinal and Evergreen

Cardinal and Evergreen

Shere Crossman

M and L Creations - Eye Cat

Eye Cat

M and L Creations

Jai Johnson - Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

Jai Johnson

Kathy Bassett - Sunflower


Kathy Bassett

Greg Collins - Seagull Closeup

Seagull Closeup

Greg Collins

Julie Woodhouse - Bluebells


Julie Woodhouse

Veronica Minozzi - Thanks for the good times

Thanks for the good times

Veronica Minozzi

Mary Palmer - Along the Way

Along the Way

Mary Palmer

Gabriele Pomykaj - San Diego - City Living

San Diego - City Living

Gabriele Pomykaj

Gillian Singleton - Raindrops on Peony

Raindrops on Peony

Gillian Singleton

Crystal Harman - 644E - Automotive...

644E - Automotive...

Crystal Harman

Nikolyn McDonald - Sentinel Tree in Winter

Sentinel Tree in Winter

Nikolyn McDonald

Mike Savad - Flower - Sunflower -...
F Leblanc - Purple Brilliance v2
F Leblanc - Kids and 1 2 Scale Case...
Evelina Popilian - Blue Mood

Blue Mood

Evelina Popilian

Kelly Schutz - Rainy Day Butterfly

Rainy Day Butterfly

Kelly Schutz

Zina Zinchik - Ballerina Dreams

Ballerina Dreams

Zina Zinchik

Susan Richardson - Apalachicola

Apalachicola's Finest...

Susan Richardson

Kelly Mills - Sharpen your pencil for...
Michele Myers - Blushing Rose

Blushing Rose

Michele Myers

Bliss Of Art - Purple Bunch

Purple Bunch

Bliss Of Art

Fei A - Sunflower


Fei A

Sarah Batalka - Old Trumpet Valves

Old Trumpet Valves

Sarah Batalka

Elaine Haakenson - Peacock in all his Glory

Peacock in all his Glory

Elaine Haakenson

Ecinja Art Works - Sunflower Morn

Sunflower Morn

Ecinja Art Works

Dana Bechler - St. Malo Chapel

St. Malo Chapel

Dana Bechler

Shane Bechler - Tiger Fractal

Tiger Fractal

Shane Bechler

Steven Bateson - Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Steven Bateson

Steven Bateson - First Light

First Light

Steven Bateson

Kelly Schutz - Butterfly Palace

Butterfly Palace

Kelly Schutz

Catherine Sherman - White Pass and Yukon...

White Pass and Yukon...

Catherine Sherman

Ronald Olivier - Antique Cypress Barn

Antique Cypress Barn

Ronald Olivier

Charles Stuart - Lover


Charles Stuart

Heather L Giltner - Pink  Ranunculus

Pink Ranunculus

Heather L Giltner

Alicia Hollinger - Steampunk Girl

Steampunk Girl

Alicia Hollinger

Shoal Hollingsworth - Wedding Ring Heart

Wedding Ring Heart

Shoal Hollingsworth

Leah Moore - A Moment for Mother Robin
Pamela Patch - Cherry Blossom Time

Cherry Blossom Time

Pamela Patch

Carol Walker - Snow Stallion

Snow Stallion

Carol Walker

Jon Glaser - Behind the Rain

Behind the Rain

Jon Glaser

Dave Dilli - Black Hearse Antique
Sarah Batalka - Vintage Coke Bottle Trio
Aat Kuijpers - Skala Kalloni

Skala Kalloni

Aat Kuijpers

Elvira Pinkhas - Girl with Red Umbrella

Girl with Red Umbrella

Elvira Pinkhas

Katy  Scott - Ballerina


Katy Scott

Erin Baxter - Butterfly 2

Butterfly 2

Erin Baxter

Kathleen Viola - Pools


Kathleen Viola

Madeleine Holzberg - Butterfly


Madeleine Holzberg

Julie Brugh Riffey - Five O

Five O'Clock

Julie Brugh Riffey

Mary Ellen Anderson - Rusty - A Hunting Dog

Rusty - A Hunting Dog

Mary Ellen Anderson

Lesley DeHaan - Posterized Forest...

Posterized Forest...

Lesley DeHaan

Kathleen Viola - Four leaf clovers

Four leaf clovers

Kathleen Viola

Joey Nash - Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Joey Nash

Kathleen Viola - Ghost Bridge

Ghost Bridge

Kathleen Viola

David Orias - Balloon Helpers  MG1138
Scott Hill - Old Pillar Point Pier
Tri State Art - Colors Of Metamora

Colors Of Metamora

Tri State Art

Kellice Swaggerty - Spring Afternoon in...

Spring Afternoon in...

Kellice Swaggerty

Melly Terpening - Sea Star

Sea Star

Melly Terpening

Melly Terpening - Chesapeake Marsh

Chesapeake Marsh

Melly Terpening

Steve Gadomski - Fruit Market

Fruit Market

Steve Gadomski

Natalia Chaplin - Classic Cupcake

Classic Cupcake

Natalia Chaplin

Mike Savad - Kitchen - Try to keep...
Bonnie Mason - Soft Light

Soft Light

Bonnie Mason

Bonnie Mason - Old Roses

Old Roses

Bonnie Mason

Kathy Bassett - Princess


Kathy Bassett

Cj Avery - I Heart Water

I Heart Water

Cj Avery

Peter Mooyman - Pohutukawa Trees at...
Veronica Minozzi - Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits

Veronica Minozzi

Veronica Minozzi - Snow


Veronica Minozzi

Karen Beasley - Fender


Karen Beasley

Ken Walker - Spy


Ken Walker

Bob Phillips - Mesa Arch at Sunrise
Bob Phillips - A Lot of Bull

A Lot of Bull

Bob Phillips

David Armstrong - Morpho On Calla

Morpho On Calla

David Armstrong

Bob and Nancy Kendrick - Sunny Profile

Sunny Profile

Bob and Nancy Kendrick

Mary Carol Story - Cardinal


Mary Carol Story

Bobbie Barth - Circle Of Love

Circle Of Love

Bobbie Barth

Stacy Moore - Contemplation


Stacy Moore

Pamela Blizzard - Magical Mystical Monkey

Magical Mystical Monkey

Pamela Blizzard

Catherine Van Der Woerd - Mosaic Stained Glass -...

Mosaic Stained Glass -...

Catherine Van Der Woerd

Jane Ford - Window To The World
F Leblanc - Pink Azelia

Pink Azelia

F Leblanc

Joey Nash - Wind Warrior

Wind Warrior

Joey Nash

Rose Rigden - Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Rose Rigden

Ernie Echols - A Peacock

A Peacock

Ernie Echols

Deb Halloran - Soul Mates

Soul Mates

Deb Halloran

Svetlana Nilova - Mountain Trail

Mountain Trail

Svetlana Nilova

Sheila Diemert - Blessed Pope John Paul...
John Haldane - Rockports Motif Number 1...
Tony  Colvin - 1957 Chevy #2

1957 Chevy #2

Tony Colvin

Tim Brandt - Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima

Tim Brandt

Diane Leo - Up Close and Personal
Francis Couchi Dit Diodore -  the pontoon of...

the pontoon of...

Francis Couchi Dit Diodore

Elvira Pinkhas - Gentle


Elvira Pinkhas

Esther Newman-Cohen - Clematis in a Speckled...

Clematis in a Speckled...

Esther Newman-Cohen

Stephen Stookey - Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

Stephen Stookey

Greg Collins - Venetian Windows 1

Venetian Windows 1

Greg Collins

Douglas Barnard - A Night at the Rodeo V34

A Night at the Rodeo V34

Douglas Barnard

Matthias Hauser - Avenue with row of trees...
Brandon Henry - Garage on desert highway
Hartmut Jager - Spirit of Gaia

Spirit of Gaia

Hartmut Jager

Jukka Nopsanen - A Portrait of a Girl

A Portrait of a Girl

Jukka Nopsanen

Denise Fulmer - Church Tree

Church Tree

Denise Fulmer

Julianne Baltrus - 1 Thessalonians 5 16

1 Thessalonians 5 16

Julianne Baltrus

Lyn Voytershark - Sunset View of Watch Ho...
Rose Rigden - Cunning Vultures

Cunning Vultures

Rose Rigden

Ken Anderson Sr - Van Gough Alone

Van Gough Alone

Ken Anderson Sr

Bill  Wakeley - Bugatti


Bill Wakeley

Clare Bevan - Stoney in the rain

Stoney in the rain

Clare Bevan

Caroline Street - Yesterday Today and...

Yesterday Today and...

Caroline Street

Rudi Prott - Neuschwanstein castle...
Sheri Keith - Maroon Trail Splendor
Curtis Radclyffe - A Quiet Corner

A Quiet Corner

Curtis Radclyffe

Vicki Dreher - Gettysburg Battlefield
John Straton - USS Batfish Mess Room 1
Pamela Clements - Favorite Jeans

Favorite Jeans

Pamela Clements

Robert Woodward - It

It's Time

Robert Woodward

Irving Starr - Her Mother

Her Mother's Hand

Irving Starr

Margie Amberge - God

God's Amazing Garden 2

Margie Amberge

Bonnie Cook - Golden Sun Porch

Golden Sun Porch

Bonnie Cook

Holly Bean - Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle

Holly Bean

Lowell Monke - Raindrop path

Raindrop path

Lowell Monke

Craig Lapsley - Postman butterfly feeding
Brad Brizek - Yagen Forest Bridge
RoyD Erickson - Traveling Cat - Orange...
Greg and Chrystal Mimbs - Rest Stop

Rest Stop

Greg and Chrystal Mimbs

Barbara LeMaster - The Table By The Window

The Table By The Window

Barbara LeMaster

Carol  Lux Photography - Coal Harbour Boats

Coal Harbour Boats

Carol Lux Photography

Mariarosa Rockefeller - Petunias


Mariarosa Rockefeller

Katie Farmer - Trumpet Jazz Man

Trumpet Jazz Man

Katie Farmer

Surbhi Grover - Beautiful Dreams

Beautiful Dreams

Surbhi Grover

Elaine Haberland - Into The Sunset

Into The Sunset

Elaine Haberland

Steven Bateson - Chevy At The Barn

Chevy At The Barn

Steven Bateson

Debby Richards - Quaking Aspen Zion...

Quaking Aspen Zion...

Debby Richards

Amanda Mohler - Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower

Amanda Mohler

Lynn Bauer - Reflections of Yosemite...
Timothy Smith - Simpler Times

Simpler Times

Timothy Smith

Timothy Smith - Peaceful Winter Day

Peaceful Winter Day

Timothy Smith

Don Schwartz - What

What's the Point

Don Schwartz

Bel Menpes - Green Beauty

Green Beauty

Bel Menpes

Deborah Strategier - Bath Time

Bath Time

Deborah Strategier

Greg Kluempers - On The Trails Of Gold...
Rosalie Scanlon - Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Rosalie Scanlon

Robert Weiman - Wolves Nature Song

Wolves Nature Song

Robert Weiman

Robert Weiman - Protection


Robert Weiman

Bette Orr - Ballerina Dream

Ballerina Dream

Bette Orr

Nancy Mueller - Rue Lamonnoye in Dijon...
Greg and Chrystal Mimbs - Driftwood Sunset

Driftwood Sunset

Greg and Chrystal Mimbs

Natalia Chaplin - Cupcake


Natalia Chaplin

Olimpia - Hinamatsuri Barbu - First time growing...

First time growing...

Olimpia - Hinamatsuri Barbu

Lesa Fine - Goose Art Pap Daddy...
Elvira Pinkhas - Bubbling Up and Down

Bubbling Up and Down

Elvira Pinkhas

John Babis - Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots

John Babis

Loriental Photography - Butterfly Spirit #01

Butterfly Spirit #01

Loriental Photography

Mary Palmer - Lone Cypress

Lone Cypress

Mary Palmer

Kelly Mills - Beauty In Paris

Beauty In Paris

Kelly Mills

Debby Richards - Springtime


Debby Richards

Veronica Minozzi - Trees


Veronica Minozzi

Madeleine Holzberg - Waterlilies


Madeleine Holzberg

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Iris


Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Diana Powell - Magic Oak

Magic Oak

Diana Powell

Teresa Zieba - Pink Orchid

Pink Orchid

Teresa Zieba

Dick Bobnick - Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Dick Bobnick

Jai Johnson - A Taste of Nectar

A Taste of Nectar

Jai Johnson

Theresa  Asher - Shine On - Pure

Shine On - Pure

Theresa Asher

Geraldine Alexander - Geraniums


Geraldine Alexander

Elaine Haberland - On Empty

On Empty

Elaine Haberland

John Haldane - Colored Chicks

Colored Chicks

John Haldane

Simone Blakeney - Sea lights

Sea lights

Simone Blakeney

Kelly Schutz - Artistic Hat

Artistic Hat

Kelly Schutz

Patti Whitten - Pillars of Strength

Pillars of Strength

Patti Whitten

Marty Fancy - Western Bluebird

Western Bluebird

Marty Fancy

Lois Bryan - Meet Me At Our Bench
Lois Bryan - Barred Owl

Barred Owl

Lois Bryan

Lois Bryan - One Room School

One Room School

Lois Bryan

Denise Fulmer - Barn


Denise Fulmer

Sydne Archambault - Lady Karenina

Lady Karenina

Sydne Archambault

Karen Stephenson - All Things Collage

All Things Collage

Karen Stephenson

Laura Lee Zanghetti - Just Leave a Message

Just Leave a Message

Laura Lee Zanghetti

Walter  Holland - By Any Other Name

By Any Other Name

Walter Holland

Evie Cook - Vino


Evie Cook

Barbara LeMaster - The Flower Shop

The Flower Shop

Barbara LeMaster

Barbara LeMaster - She Wore Violets

She Wore Violets

Barbara LeMaster

Donna Tuten - Jar of Pink

Jar of Pink

Donna Tuten

Joan-Violet Stretch - Rainbow Tulips

Rainbow Tulips

Joan-Violet Stretch

Debbie Souter - Purity


Debbie Souter

Barbara Jewell - Life is Just a - - -

Life is Just a - - -

Barbara Jewell

Carlin Blahnik - Good Luck Fish abstract
Janette Boyd - Rabbit and Pink Tulips
Karen Beasley - Iris Beauty

Iris Beauty

Karen Beasley

Bette Orr - Egret Charm

Egret Charm

Bette Orr

James C Thomas - Butterfly Bliss

Butterfly Bliss

James C Thomas

Natalie Collins - Free Love

Free Love

Natalie Collins

Samantha Howell - Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

Samantha Howell

Carol Walker - Foal in the Flowers

Foal in the Flowers

Carol Walker

Evelina Popilian - Three Birds

Three Birds

Evelina Popilian

Mohamed Hirji - Peek A Boo

Peek A Boo

Mohamed Hirji

Nina Bradica - Springtime at the Lake
Veronica Minozzi - Family


Veronica Minozzi

Veronica Minozzi - Blueberries and Butterfly

Blueberries and Butterfly

Veronica Minozzi

Carol Wisniewski - Cherry Pickins

Cherry Pickins

Carol Wisniewski

Vladimir Zhikhartsev - Light in the Woods

Light in the Woods

Vladimir Zhikhartsev

Joy Bradley - Welcome


Joy Bradley

Joy Bradley - Lakota Bison Skull

Lakota Bison Skull

Joy Bradley

Juergen Roth - Sometimes I Get a Good...
DG Ewing - Sunrise at Sand Island...
Carol Wisniewski - Pumpkin Pickin

Pumpkin Pickin

Carol Wisniewski

Carol Wisniewski - A Basket of Peaches

A Basket of Peaches

Carol Wisniewski

Mary Palmer - Autumn in the Arboretum
Bruce Friedman - Carmel Valley Sunset...
Amanda Mohler - Bee on the Lavender...
Phyllis Beiser - Bayou Coco Point Pelican
Jason Politte - The Old Mill in Autumn -...
Ivan Slosar - Misty forest

Misty forest

Ivan Slosar

Kathy Bassett - Spring

Spring's Coming

Kathy Bassett

Melinda Saminski - Jenny Wren Shih Tzu Puppy

Jenny Wren Shih Tzu Puppy

Melinda Saminski

Kelly Schutz - Piano Keys

Piano Keys

Kelly Schutz

Alberta Boato - Thyme Blooming

Thyme Blooming

Alberta Boato

Linda Arndt - Chubby Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks

Linda Arndt

J M L Patty - Grandpa
Ella Char - Essence of Innoncence 2
Mike Savad - Chicken - Playing chicken
R A W M   -          A Slow Go

A Slow Go


PMG Images - Exterior Decorator
Gail Butler - MMMM..My Magic Mountain...
Bev Conover - Times Square

Times Square

Bev Conover

Richard Bryce and Family - Chicago Reflections

Chicago Reflections

Richard Bryce and Family

Martha Suhocke - Truman and Feller

Truman and Feller

Martha Suhocke

Kathleen Viola - Purple Passion

Purple Passion

Kathleen Viola

Kathleen Viola - Pussy Willows

Pussy Willows

Kathleen Viola

Rose Rigden - Pass that off as an egg
Lou Magoncia - Mother

Mother's Memories

Lou Magoncia

Lila Fisher-Wenzel - Joy of Summer

Joy of Summer

Lila Fisher-Wenzel

Shane Bechler - Butterfly In A Bulb II
Wayne Hardee - Loons


Wayne Hardee

Jale  Fancey - Love Foggy Mornings
Bobby Perkins - Just Flowers

Just Flowers

Bobby Perkins

Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch - Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch

Hartmut Jager - Seagulls at Lake Monger
Mario Pichler - Vienna Ferris Wheel

Vienna Ferris Wheel

Mario Pichler

Colleen Kammerer - Antiques in the Window

Antiques in the Window

Colleen Kammerer

Meaghan Troup - Reflections of Worship
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Ol

Ol' Rusty

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Mary Lee Dereske - Barn with Silo in...

Barn with Silo in...

Mary Lee Dereske

Olga Hamilton - Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olga Hamilton

Joey Nash - Gardener

Gardener's Eden

Joey Nash

Barbara D Richards - Waiting


Barbara D Richards

Vivienne Gucwa - Winter
Shane Guinn - Family Resemblance

Family Resemblance

Shane Guinn

Shane Guinn - Peacock


Shane Guinn

JoNeL Art  - Crow


JoNeL Art

JoNeL Art  - Wine and Cheese Hour
Eddie Yerkish - Barber Shop

Barber Shop

Eddie Yerkish