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Kim Hojnacki

Fort Myers, FL

United States

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This group was started on June 17th, 2011 and currently has:

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About This Group

Welcome to the Floral Group. This group is to share your beautiful photographs and/or paintings of flowers. When submitting please follow the rules below.

Group Member Rules:
1. You may post a maximum of two (2) images per day.
2. Open to any art medium, digital, drawing, mixed media, painting, photography etc.
3. No butterflies, bees, dried seed pods, dandelions, leaves or photos with any insects. No landscapes. Flowers only.
4. I retain the right to decide on the eligibility of a photo to the group.



Congratulations to Elena Oleniuc:
Art Prints


July Flora Contest Winners :

First Place: John Kolenberg:
Sell Art Online

Second Place: Steffen Gierok:
Art Prints

Third Place: Evgeni Ivanov:
Sell Art Online

Featured Images

Marie Burke - Iris


Marie Burke

Juergen Roth - Red Divine

Red Divine

Juergen Roth

Debbie Oppermann - The Fairy

The Fairy

Debbie Oppermann

Robert Murray - Meconopsis Mrs Jebb

Meconopsis Mrs Jebb

Robert Murray

Jerri Moon Cantone - Coneflower


Jerri Moon Cantone

Dennis Reagan - Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Dennis Reagan

Karen J Jones - Red Poppies 1

Red Poppies 1

Karen J Jones

Richard Andrews - White Lilacs

White Lilacs

Richard Andrews

Linda Covino - Inner sunshine

Inner sunshine

Linda Covino

Sharon Johnston - Echinacea or Cone Flower

Echinacea or Cone Flower

Sharon Johnston

Bijan Pirnia - Iris XXXVII


Bijan Pirnia

Kenny Glotfelty - Single Pink Day Lily

Single Pink Day Lily

Kenny Glotfelty

Bruce Bley - Regal Beauty

Regal Beauty

Bruce Bley

Kim Hojnacki - Poppy Fan

Poppy Fan

Kim Hojnacki

Janice Drew - Lace Cap Hydrangea

Lace Cap Hydrangea

Janice Drew

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Yellow Hibiscus

Yellow Hibiscus

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Helene Fallstrom - Tulips by the Artist

Tulips by the Artist

Helene Fallstrom

Oscar Gutierrez - Pink Parrot Tulip

Pink Parrot Tulip

Oscar Gutierrez

Sergey Lukashin - Summer fantasy

Summer fantasy

Sergey Lukashin

Penny Meyers - Summer


Penny Meyers

Pamela Cooper - Rose 328

Rose 328

Pamela Cooper

JHR photo ART - Helenium


JHR photo ART

Richard Andrews - Michigan in Spring

Michigan in Spring

Richard Andrews

Juergen Roth - Shades of Pink

Shades of Pink

Juergen Roth

Nicole Curreri - Crabby


Nicole Curreri

CJ Anderson - One For Each Year

One For Each Year

CJ Anderson

Elaine Teague - Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain

Elaine Teague

Kim Hojnacki - Pink Ruffles

Pink Ruffles

Kim Hojnacki

Robert Murray - Siberian Iris

Siberian Iris

Robert Murray

Jeannie Rhode Photography - Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl

Jeannie Rhode Photography

Allen Beatty - Water Lily 37

Water Lily 37

Allen Beatty

Debra Martz - Whispers of Pink

Whispers of Pink

Debra Martz

Kathy Bucari - Once In A Dream

Once In A Dream

Kathy Bucari

Robert Murray - Iris in the Rain

Iris in the Rain

Robert Murray

Kathleen Rinker - Coneflower


Kathleen Rinker

Nancy Kane Chapman - Hydrangea Bloom 4

Hydrangea Bloom 4

Nancy Kane Chapman

Rachel Cohen - Shades of Lovely

Shades of Lovely

Rachel Cohen

Bijan Pirnia - Iris XXXVI


Bijan Pirnia

ArtissiMo Photography - Sheer Grace

Sheer Grace

ArtissiMo Photography

Chad and Stacey Hall - Gift of God

Gift of God's Creation

Chad and Stacey Hall

Patricia Susan Wells - Beautiful Lilacs

Beautiful Lilacs

Patricia Susan Wells

Patricia Susan Wells - Morning Glorys

Morning Glorys

Patricia Susan Wells

Terri Winkler - Pink Gerbera 8549

Pink Gerbera 8549

Terri Winkler

I F Abbie Shores 1stAngel Arts - Purple petals

Purple petals

I F Abbie Shores 1stAngel Arts