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Focused on Abstract Photography



Group Administrator

Anton Kuskin

Millerton, NY

United States

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This group was started on July 12th, 2013 and currently has:

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Focused on Abstract Photography

About This Group

This group is dedicated to Abstract Photography. We welcome all those whom are committed to working out their creativity in abstract terms. Abstract art covers a very wide spectrum. The photos in this group must express a statement in depth using fine art abstractions.

The total amount of pictures FOCUSED ON ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY, will show will be no greater than 30. Each artist can show up to three photos. There will be a continuos flow of new and deleted works as time goes on.

The reason being the administrator feels that this will give a viewer a chance to see the whole collection in a short period of time rather than the impossibility of viewing countless images and at the same time, the goal of this group is to constantly strengthen the collection by adding new artist's work.

Featured Images

Victor Arriaga - Maze


Victor Arriaga

Nancy Merkle - Take a Break

Take a Break

Nancy Merkle

Francine Collier - Sea of Illusion

Sea of Illusion

Francine Collier

B Pellegrin - Elvis Cowboy

Elvis Cowboy

B Pellegrin

Francine Collier - Points of Eternity

Points of Eternity

Francine Collier

Anne Gilbert - Translucent


Anne Gilbert

B Pellegrin - Berlin graffiti

Berlin graffiti

B Pellegrin

Thomas Woolworth - No Air Conditioning

No Air Conditioning

Thomas Woolworth

Abraham Farrar - Twisted Train

Twisted Train

Abraham Farrar

Amy Vangsgard - Paradise Found 3 Tall

Paradise Found 3 Tall

Amy Vangsgard

Sheldon Landa - Night Shades

Night Shades

Sheldon Landa

Anne Gilbert - The Sun Deck

The Sun Deck

Anne Gilbert

Jean Hall - Japanese Pine

Japanese Pine

Jean Hall

Francine Collier - Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Francine Collier

Milan Gonda - Port

Port 'II

Milan Gonda

Anton Kuskin - Trane 1966

Trane 1966

Anton Kuskin

Anton Kuskin - Carnival


Anton Kuskin

Robert Riordan - Passing Through

Passing Through

Robert Riordan

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Painted Horses

Painted Horses

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Anton Kuskin - The Firebird

The Firebird

Anton Kuskin

Milan Gonda - port

port 'IV

Milan Gonda