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Food is Art



Group Administrator

Denisse Del Mar Guevara

Killeen, texas

United States

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This group was started on August 13th, 2012 and currently has:


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Food is Art

About This Group

This group is about FOOD and food only. I have a strong passion in food as well as art and both are very much the same so I created this wonderful group for you to show me the art in all foods.I welcome Drawings,paintings,photography,digital imagery of food only that would look great on a kitchen wall or dinning area.all mediums allowed.few things to add,I want color no black and whites,and no flowers please.if you have an image of pots and dishes it must have food in it for me to accept it.anything else will be rejected. Thank you for joining! :)

Featured Images

M and L Creations - Sandwich 2

Sandwich 2

M and L Creations

Brenda Pressnall - Pepper Rainbow

Pepper Rainbow

Brenda Pressnall

Steve Gadomski - Three Strawberries...

Three Strawberries...

Steve Gadomski

M and L Creations - Sandwich 1

Sandwich 1

M and L Creations

Sabine Edrissi - Its Chili Hot - by...

Its Chili Hot - by...

Sabine Edrissi

Wim Lanclus - Orange and Lemon

Orange and Lemon

Wim Lanclus

Suzanne Powers - Cranberry Cream Cake II
Ramona Matei - Sweet pumpkins

Sweet pumpkins

Ramona Matei

Viktor Pravdica - Child holding apple

Child holding apple

Viktor Pravdica

Nancy Mueller - Acorn Squash 1

Acorn Squash 1

Nancy Mueller

M and L Creations - Sushi Set In A Black...

Sushi Set In A Black...

M and L Creations

Susan Kronowitz - Cheeseburger on a Sesame...
Amanda Stadther - Rice and Bean Seller

Rice and Bean Seller

Amanda Stadther

Susan Kronowitz - Lox on a Bagel

Lox on a Bagel

Susan Kronowitz

Alexander Senin - Apples In Red

Apples In Red

Alexander Senin

France  Art - Beach Side Shake ...
Eloise Schneider - Vivid Pear

Vivid Pear

Eloise Schneider

Jessica Schafer - Spice Gumdrop

Spice Gumdrop

Jessica Schafer

Susan Duda - Sweet Reflection

Sweet Reflection

Susan Duda

Viktor Pravdica - Mullet fish and rosemary
Gerry Slabaugh - Basket Of Goodies

Basket Of Goodies

Gerry Slabaugh

Ramona Matei - Avocado salad

Avocado salad

Ramona Matei

Mike Savad - Kitchen - In a kitchen...
Joseph J Stevens - Vegie Man II

Vegie Man II

Joseph J Stevens

Alexander Senin - Don
Viktor Pravdica - Smoked bacon

Smoked bacon

Viktor Pravdica

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Coffee - The...
Susan Duda - Perfect Valentine Sweets...
Stephanie Garland - Cocunot Blessings

Cocunot Blessings

Stephanie Garland

Viktor Pravdica - Pasta salad

Pasta salad

Viktor Pravdica

Les Palenik - Fruit and wine - V2
William Kass - 2001 A Watermelon Odyssey
RC deWinter - Last Winter
Viktor Pravdica - Preparing Italian...

Preparing Italian...

Viktor Pravdica

Eloise Schneider - Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit

Eloise Schneider

Kat Marrello - Lemon and grapes

Lemon and grapes

Kat Marrello

Sally Rice - Still Life In Spring
Dana Carroll - Tomato in Two Reds...
Brenda Pressnall - A Slice of Summer

A Slice of Summer

Brenda Pressnall

Eloise Schneider - Wine Bottle Quartet on a...
Tracy  Hall - Fresh Roast Coffee
Tracy  Hall - Cappuccino Coffee N...
Barbara Griffin - Three Hothouse White...

Three Hothouse White...

Barbara Griffin

M and L Creations - Cherries Delight

Cherries Delight

M and L Creations

Tracy  Hall - Fresh Apples

Fresh Apples

Tracy Hall

William Cain - Red Coffee Pot

Red Coffee Pot

William Cain

Jean Hall - Cabbage and Marigolds
Viktor Pravdica - Fresh herbs

Fresh herbs

Viktor Pravdica

Viktor Pravdica - Cepe mushroom

Cepe mushroom

Viktor Pravdica

Eloise Schneider - Coffee Tea and Wine

Coffee Tea and Wine

Eloise Schneider

Viktor Pravdica - Pizza


Viktor Pravdica

William Kass - Lone Fisherman

Lone Fisherman

William Kass

Viktor Pravdica - Ravioli


Viktor Pravdica

Wim Lanclus - Blueberries Up Close
Justin Woodhouse - Summer Salad

Summer Salad

Justin Woodhouse

Susan Kronowitz - Berries and Cream

Berries and Cream

Susan Kronowitz

Susan Kronowitz - Heart of chocolates

Heart of chocolates

Susan Kronowitz

Geoffrey Coelho - Bacon No. 1

Bacon No. 1

Geoffrey Coelho

France  Art - 2014 Premiere Bulle
Wayne Meyer - Bowl of Cherries

Bowl of Cherries

Wayne Meyer

Karen Wiles - Fresh Market

Fresh Market

Karen Wiles

Suzanne Powers - Mission Figs On A White...
Beverley Harper Tinsley - Bella Vita

Bella Vita

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Brenda Pressnall - Many Mini Macarons

Many Mini Macarons

Brenda Pressnall

Wayne Meyer - Pomegranate


Wayne Meyer

Mike Savad - Food - Eggs - Country...
Bill  Wakeley - Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle

Bill Wakeley

Maria Bobrova - Figs And Plums

Figs And Plums

Maria Bobrova

Wolfgang Simm - Handcrafted Icecube

Handcrafted Icecube

Wolfgang Simm

Margaret Newcomb - Holiday Deviled Eggs

Holiday Deviled Eggs

Margaret Newcomb

Mike Savad - Americana - Candy -...
Natalia Stahl - Avocado


Natalia Stahl

Historic Image - 19th C. The Cannibal Pigs
Tracy  Hall - Jelly Bean Street
Karen Wiles - Honey Jar

Honey Jar

Karen Wiles

Michelle Wrighton - Run Run As Fast As You...

Run Run As Fast As You...

Michelle Wrighton

RC deWinter - Harlequin Tart

Harlequin Tart

RC deWinter

Mike Savad - Kitchen - Food - Eggs -...
Mike Savad - Abstract - Spirals - The...
Karyn Robinson - Chiles


Karyn Robinson

RC deWinter - Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick

RC deWinter

Natalia Stahl - Ricotta


Natalia Stahl

David Esslemont - Berkeley Breakfast

Berkeley Breakfast

David Esslemont

Tracy  Hall - Coffee and Beans

Coffee and Beans

Tracy Hall

Shanna Gillette - Green Living

Green Living

Shanna Gillette

Mark McKinney - Row of Cherries

Row of Cherries

Mark McKinney

Karen Wiles - Twas the Night Before...
Mike Savad - Steampunk - Apiary - The...
Margarita Souleiman - Fruits


Margarita Souleiman

Pamela Allegretto - Sicilian Table

Sicilian Table

Pamela Allegretto

Chelsea Geldean - French Toast

French Toast

Chelsea Geldean

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke - Strawberry Chocolate...

Strawberry Chocolate...

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke

Mike Savad - Food - Preserving...
Greg Kopriva - Heat


Greg Kopriva

Karen Wiles - Divine Perfection

Divine Perfection

Karen Wiles

Mark McKinney - Broken Walnuts

Broken Walnuts

Mark McKinney

Karen Wiles - Home Grown

Home Grown

Karen Wiles

Natalia Stahl - Mushrooms


Natalia Stahl

RC deWinter - Cup Interrupted

Cup Interrupted

RC deWinter

Gunter Nezhoda - Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Gunter Nezhoda

Mark McKinney - Holiday Poms

Holiday Poms

Mark McKinney

Natalia Stahl - Eggs


Natalia Stahl

Natalia Stahl - Mushroom soop

Mushroom soop

Natalia Stahl

RC deWinter - Harvest Rustic

Harvest Rustic

RC deWinter

Susan Candelario - Salt And Pepper

Salt And Pepper

Susan Candelario

Susan Candelario - Coffee And Dessert

Coffee And Dessert

Susan Candelario

Robert ONeil - A Day At The Market #21
Susan Duda - Yumm


Susan Duda

Bill  Wakeley - Lemons


Bill Wakeley

Mike Savad - Food - Vegetables -...
Tim Eickmeier - Party of Two

Party of Two

Tim Eickmeier

Tracy  Hall - Candy Rocks  Candy Sucker
Nan Wright - Red Tomatoes

Red Tomatoes

Nan Wright

Mike Savad - Kitchen - Food - Eggs -...
Ambika Jhunjhunwala - Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles

Ambika Jhunjhunwala

Marty Strutt - Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

Marty Strutt

Kat Marrello - Herring Still Life

Herring Still Life

Kat Marrello

Sally Rice - Juicy Pink Grapefruit
Tracy  Hall - Colorful Fruit Bowl
Shalece Elynne - Birthday Bunting Cake

Birthday Bunting Cake

Shalece Elynne

Mark Howard Jones - Still life with bicycle...

Still life with bicycle...

Mark Howard Jones

Mike Savad - Chef - Food - Health food
Natalia Stahl - Breakfast


Natalia Stahl

Lee Wright - Vegetable and Fruit Stand
Ira Shander -  Cup Cake Fun Cake
Mike Savad - Food - Winter Reserve
Mark Howard Jones - Still life with red...

Still life with red...

Mark Howard Jones

Historic Image - 1895 Shredded Codfish...
Barbara Orenya - Coffee and muffin

Coffee and muffin

Barbara Orenya

Mike Savad - Americana - Candy
Mike Savad - Chef - Kitchen -...
Carla Bank - MnM


Carla Bank

Robert ONeil - Peck of Peppers

Peck of Peppers

Robert ONeil

Mike Savad - Food - Veggie - Sage...
Mike Savad - Food - Lemons - Winter...
Susan Candelario - Colorful Bell Peppers

Colorful Bell Peppers

Susan Candelario

Mike Savad - Baker - Kitchen - The...
Mike Savad - Chef - Ingredients -...
Tracy  Hall - Waffle


Tracy Hall

AnnaJo Vahle - Onions


AnnaJo Vahle

Mike Savad - Food - Fruit - Things...
Doreta Y Boyd - Harvest Fruit

Harvest Fruit

Doreta Y Boyd

Margaret Newcomb - Fruit Still Life 9

Fruit Still Life 9

Margaret Newcomb

Karon Melillo DeVega - Still Life in...

Still Life in...

Karon Melillo DeVega

Gunter Nezhoda - Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Gunter Nezhoda

Mike Savad - Store - Dreyer
Mike Savad - Store - In the General...
Mike Savad - Store -  The General...
Gunter Nezhoda - Norwegian Jarlsberg and...
Gunter Nezhoda - Group of Vegetables

Group of Vegetables

Gunter Nezhoda

Luke Karcz - Still life from Bordeaux
Carla Bank - Text me Tweet me

Text me Tweet me

Carla Bank

Luke Karcz - Wine and apples

Wine and apples

Luke Karcz

Luke Karcz - Still life from Tivoli
Mike Savad - Jars - Ingredients II
Margaret Newcomb - Citrus


Margaret Newcomb

Margaret Newcomb - Strawberry Kiwi Still...

Strawberry Kiwi Still...

Margaret Newcomb

Margaret Newcomb - Fruit Still Life 10

Fruit Still Life 10

Margaret Newcomb

Barbara Griffin - Sepia Hothouse Tomatoes

Sepia Hothouse Tomatoes

Barbara Griffin

Mike Savad - Cafe - Hoboken NJ -...
Mike Savad - Barista - Coffee -...
Mike Savad - Barista - Tea Set -...
Nan Wright - Dish of Cherries

Dish of Cherries

Nan Wright

Tracy  Hall - Summer Fruits

Summer Fruits

Tracy Hall

Mike Savad - Food - I love preserving...
Shalece Elynne - Three Cherries

Three Cherries

Shalece Elynne

Nan Wright - Ripe Strawberries
JAXINE Cummins - Asian Peaches

Asian Peaches

JAXINE Cummins

JAXINE Cummins - quilted Apples

quilted Apples

JAXINE Cummins

Sweet Moments Photography                  - Vanilla Bunny Cake

Vanilla Bunny Cake

Sweet Moments Photography

Mike Savad - Kettle - Cherished...
Mike Savad - Kitchen - Food - Bread -...
Wolfgang Simm - Martini close up

Martini close up

Wolfgang Simm

Barbara Griffin - Fruit - Strawberries -...
Nan Wright - Glass Full of Cherries
Tracy  Hall - Green Limes and Mint ...
Tracy  Hall - Cafe Nero

Cafe Nero

Tracy Hall

Mike Savad - Stove - What
Tina Calle - Sunflowers


Tina Calle

Mike Savad - Utensils - In the...
Tracy  Hall - Melon Platter

Melon Platter

Tracy Hall

Mike Savad - Hat Maker - A hat box...
Nan Wright - Illustration of Broccoli
Stuart Harrison - Tea Time

Tea Time

Stuart Harrison

M and L Creations - blue Wine

blue Wine

M and L Creations