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For the Love of Abstract



Group Administrator

Katie Black

Santa Ana, San Jose

Costa Rica

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Group Overview

This group was started on March 19th, 2012 and currently has:


688 Members


10,183 Images


110 Discussions

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For the Love of Abstract

About This Group

An exciting place....crackling with visual energy....

Every piece submitted into this group must be associated with or in relation to the abstract art style. Submitted pieces can be paintings, photographs (abstract only) drawings, sculptures etc.

Deleting and adding new images rotates your artwork and ensures this gallery remains fresh and interesting for the viewer, it also makes this fair for everyone.

Featured Images

Samuel Duncan - Abstract #16

Abstract #16

Samuel Duncan

Gun Legler - Eye see you

Eye see you

Gun Legler

Agnes Trachet - Abstract In Beige

Abstract In Beige

Agnes Trachet

Thelma Zambrano - Imagina


Thelma Zambrano

Hazel Holland - Another World

Another World

Hazel Holland

Hazel Holland - Winter Magic

Winter Magic

Hazel Holland

Brian Buckley - World Map Imagine

World Map Imagine

Brian Buckley

R W Goetting - Kadesh II

Kadesh II

R W Goetting

Ana Maria Edulescu - Epiphany


Ana Maria Edulescu

Ana Maria Edulescu - Her And His Coffee Cups

Her And His Coffee Cups

Ana Maria Edulescu

Elise Palmigiani - Dancing colors

Dancing colors

Elise Palmigiani

Mary Sullivan - Vivace


Mary Sullivan

Shawna  Rowe - Color Doodle

Color Doodle

Shawna Rowe

Jim Whalen - Memories of My Youth #2
Katie Black - Pulse


Katie Black

Hari Thomas - Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Hari Thomas

Katie Black - Tranquil Moments

Tranquil Moments

Katie Black

Artist Ai - Crisis


Artist Ai

Ryan Jennings - Urbaceous.


Ryan Jennings

Jim Whalen - Northern Lights Rising
Anita Lewis - A Light In The Dark
Elise Palmigiani - Under the Tuscan Sky

Under the Tuscan Sky

Elise Palmigiani

Jim Whalen - Gravity Is Only A Theory
Jim Whalen - March Crossing

March Crossing

Jim Whalen

Brian Buckley - Adventure Days Paris

Adventure Days Paris

Brian Buckley

Becky Kim - A Tree

A Tree

Becky Kim

Ana Maria Edulescu - Venezia Colorful Burano

Venezia Colorful Burano

Ana Maria Edulescu

Jonathan E Raddatz - The Abduction of...

The Abduction of...

Jonathan E Raddatz

Helena Tiainen - Everything All The Time
Bradley Carter - City


Bradley Carter

Tolere -  Dance of a Red Line
Paul Pulszartti - My Fishing

My Fishing

Paul Pulszartti

Katie Black - Exploration


Katie Black

Barbara St Jean - Chiclet Abstract

Chiclet Abstract

Barbara St Jean

Katie Black - Maverick


Katie Black

Ana Maria Edulescu - Circus Confidential

Circus Confidential

Ana Maria Edulescu

Brian Buckley - Adventure Days 2

Adventure Days 2

Brian Buckley

Bill OConnor - New York Life

New York Life

Bill OConnor

Becky Kim - Passion 3

Passion 3

Becky Kim

Becky Kim - Passion 4

Passion 4

Becky Kim

Leon Sarantos - Endless Summer Fields

Endless Summer Fields

Leon Sarantos

Jim Whalen - Interaction


Jim Whalen

John Revitte - Harold The Chocolate...
Jo Appleby - Flight


Jo Appleby

Jim Whalen - In The Wind

In The Wind

Jim Whalen

Yuri Lushnichenko - Morning Toilet

Morning Toilet

Yuri Lushnichenko

William Hartill - Untitled


William Hartill

Esther Newman-Cohen - Vegetables at the...

Vegetables at the...

Esther Newman-Cohen

Katie Black - Splinter


Katie Black

Elise Palmigiani - Night Colors Over...

Night Colors Over...

Elise Palmigiani

Nancy Kane Chapman - Ancient Garden 3

Ancient Garden 3

Nancy Kane Chapman

Dmitri Matkovsky - The Four Seasons - Spring

The Four Seasons - Spring

Dmitri Matkovsky

Barbara St Jean - Chiclet Rose

Chiclet Rose

Barbara St Jean

Jim Whalen - Altered Circles

Altered Circles

Jim Whalen

Jim Whalen - House of Cards

House of Cards

Jim Whalen

Gabrielle Schertz - Balloons in Heaven

Balloons in Heaven

Gabrielle Schertz

Artist Ai - Precious Memories
Jim Whalen - The Passion

The Passion

Jim Whalen

Nancy Kane Chapman - Ancient Gardens

Ancient Gardens

Nancy Kane Chapman

Esther Newman-Cohen - Keeping Rhythm

Keeping Rhythm

Esther Newman-Cohen

Ed Weidman - Love Is The Answer
Cedric Hampton - Emerging From The Deep

Emerging From The Deep

Cedric Hampton

Jim Whalen - Confection


Jim Whalen

Kyle Johnston - Quiet Story

Quiet Story

Kyle Johnston

Dmitri Matkovsky - Crocodile Eye

Crocodile Eye

Dmitri Matkovsky

Marina R Vladis - Tears in Haven

Tears in Haven

Marina R Vladis

John  Nolan - Unboundedness I

Unboundedness I

John Nolan

David Guerin - Abstract #5

Abstract #5

David Guerin

Becky Kim - Passion 1

Passion 1

Becky Kim

John  Nolan - Somewhere Over The...
Nancy Kane Chapman - s o s Fukushima

s o s Fukushima

Nancy Kane Chapman

John  Nolan - Somewhere Over The...
Hazel Holland - Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy

Hazel Holland

Navo Art - Secure


Navo Art

 Tolere -  La Danse des Fleur
William Hartill - Untitled


William Hartill

Svetlana Novikova - Colorful joy

Colorful joy

Svetlana Novikova

Ana Maria Edulescu - Abstract Santorini - Oia...

Abstract Santorini - Oia...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Gun Legler - Embrace


Gun Legler

Sandra Conceicao - Sintonia Cromatica

Sintonia Cromatica

Sandra Conceicao

Laura Vizbule - Windows


Laura Vizbule

Barbara St Jean - Underwater Weeds

Underwater Weeds

Barbara St Jean

John  Nolan - Palimpsest 004

Palimpsest 004

John Nolan

Dmitri Matkovsky - Disaster Red Ship Tragedy

Disaster Red Ship Tragedy

Dmitri Matkovsky

Brian Buckley - Boston City

Boston City

Brian Buckley

Yuri Lushnichenko - Rendezvous


Yuri Lushnichenko

Hari Thomas - Summer Playland

Summer Playland

Hari Thomas

Jamie Frier - Abstract Pour 1

Abstract Pour 1

Jamie Frier

Artist Ai - Unofficial


Artist Ai

Mary Sullivan - Timeline


Mary Sullivan

Marina R Vladis - Bond and Free

Bond and Free

Marina R Vladis

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim - Sage-Laced Silence Here...

Sage-Laced Silence Here...

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim

Brian Buckley - Giraffe Days

Giraffe Days

Brian Buckley

William Hartill - Untitled


William Hartill

Nancy Kane Chapman - From the Air

From the Air

Nancy Kane Chapman

Ana Maria Edulescu - Birds In Paradise

Birds In Paradise

Ana Maria Edulescu

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1012 Abstract Thought

1012 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Evelina Popilian - The Story of a...

The Story of a...

Evelina Popilian

Kyle Johnston - Spring in a Heart Beat
William Hartill - Untitled


William Hartill

Ana Maria Edulescu - Abstract Garden Of...

Abstract Garden Of...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Hari Thomas - Navajo Blanket and...
Jacob Brewer - Predator


Jacob Brewer

Yoandy Rodriguez - Cafe Guitar

Cafe Guitar

Yoandy Rodriguez

Ann Powell - abstract art COLOR...
Jacob Brewer - Scrap Pile

Scrap Pile

Jacob Brewer

Ed Weidman - Fountain Splash

Fountain Splash

Ed Weidman

Ana Maria Edulescu - Red Carnation

Red Carnation

Ana Maria Edulescu

Katie Black - Vista


Katie Black

Greg stew - Inner African Joy
Angela L Walker - Vibrancy


Angela L Walker

Gun Legler - Breaking point

Breaking point

Gun Legler

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim - On Reading Rembrandt -...

On Reading Rembrandt -...

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim

Marilyn Woods - Infinity of Life

Infinity of Life

Marilyn Woods

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1021 Abstract Thought

1021 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Artist Ai - Scared


Artist Ai

Katie Black - Betrayal


Katie Black

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim - NYC Transit Authority -...

NYC Transit Authority -...

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim

Angela L Walker - Feeling Violated and BLUE
Studio Tolere - Liberation


Studio Tolere

Brian Buckley - Pug Graffiti

Pug Graffiti

Brian Buckley

Tolere - Fulcrum 1

Fulcrum 1


Artist Ai - Insane


Artist Ai

Sandra Conceicao - Women with fish

Women with fish

Sandra Conceicao

Gun Legler - A minute of reflection
Barbara St Jean - Behind which Door

Behind which Door

Barbara St Jean

Angela L Walker - In My Sister

In My Sister's Garden

Angela L Walker

Eloise Schneider - Pretty Pitty

Pretty Pitty

Eloise Schneider

Brian Buckley - Paris


Brian Buckley

Becky Kim - Big Dream Small Steps
Katie Black - Drama


Katie Black

Leon Sarantos - Mexican Roadtrip

Mexican Roadtrip

Leon Sarantos

Lauren Hunter - Sleep


Lauren Hunter

Ana Maria Edulescu - Bodyscape


Ana Maria Edulescu

Ana Maria Edulescu - Red Passion Roses

Red Passion Roses

Ana Maria Edulescu

Ann Powell - Abstract Art Blue Collage
Chowdary V Arikatla - 0974 Abstract Thought

0974 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim - New York City that Year

New York City that Year

Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim

Sandra Conceicao - Mexico2


Sandra Conceicao

Mary Sullivan - Time Warp

Time Warp

Mary Sullivan

Shelli Finch - Days I Didn
Jack Zulli - Left


Jack Zulli

Alec Drake - Interracial Colours
Noah Maggio - Black Tides

Black Tides

Noah Maggio

Laura Vizbule - Fire


Laura Vizbule

Gun Legler - Bottle a la Klimt
Xoanxo Cespon - Entering the Dream

Entering the Dream

Xoanxo Cespon

Brian Buckley - Abstract Living Sydney...
Byron Fli Walker - Cursive


Byron Fli Walker

Elise Palmigiani - Cefalu Seaside

Cefalu Seaside

Elise Palmigiani

Lauren Hunter - Split Decision

Split Decision

Lauren Hunter

Petros Yiannakas - Girl Praying

Girl Praying

Petros Yiannakas

Jolina Anthony - Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Jolina Anthony

Rhonda Brooks - On the Line

On the Line

Rhonda Brooks

Dorothy Menera - Falling Apart

Falling Apart

Dorothy Menera

Marilyn Woods - Gates of Hades

Gates of Hades

Marilyn Woods

Lauren Hunter - Rice Paper

Rice Paper

Lauren Hunter

Elise Palmigiani - Time to Time

Time to Time

Elise Palmigiani

Liz Evensen - Sea Jewels

Sea Jewels

Liz Evensen

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Sundance


Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Yvette Pichette - Lightning


Yvette Pichette

Deborah Benoit - Textured Gnarl

Textured Gnarl

Deborah Benoit

Sandra Conceicao - Explosion


Sandra Conceicao

Julia  Deptula - Name 293

Name 293

Julia Deptula

Julia Fine Art And Photography - Emotion


Julia Fine Art And Photography

Buck Buchheister - Troubled Water

Troubled Water

Buck Buchheister

Nancy Kane Chapman - Reflection 4

Reflection 4

Nancy Kane Chapman

Michael Leporati - Salamander


Michael Leporati

Michael Leporati - Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer

Michael Leporati

Bruce Iorio - Red Rust 2

Red Rust 2

Bruce Iorio

Sandra Conceicao - Sempre


Sandra Conceicao

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0871 Abstract Thought

0871 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Megan Zilm - Green


Megan Zilm

Ann Powell - Abstract Art Torn...
Hari Thomas - The Carnival Comes to...
Hari Thomas - Thank You

Thank You

Hari Thomas

Katie Black - Subjective


Katie Black

Jerry T Price - Study 2

Study 2

Jerry T Price

Marilyn Woods - Mindscape


Marilyn Woods

Ismeta Gruenwald - Abstract


Ismeta Gruenwald

Katie Black - Diversion


Katie Black

Jury Onyxman - Afflatus


Jury Onyxman

Sergey Uvarov - Abstract composition

Abstract composition

Sergey Uvarov

Gun Legler - The shadow of her
Andrew Govan Dantzler - Lady in Blue Abstract

Lady in Blue Abstract

Andrew Govan Dantzler

Christy Usilton - Trapped in Wood

Trapped in Wood

Christy Usilton

Ken Keller - Evolving Device

Evolving Device

Ken Keller

Shelli Finch - You Have No Idea

You Have No Idea

Shelli Finch

Hari Thomas - Goin To The Park

Goin To The Park

Hari Thomas

Katie Black - Calamity


Katie Black

Ismeta Gruenwald - Powerful - Abstract Art

Powerful - Abstract Art

Ismeta Gruenwald

Heather Assaf - Psychedelic


Heather Assaf

John Revitte - Alligator Surfing...
Yoandy Rodriguez - The Show

The Show

Yoandy Rodriguez

Peter Benkmann - Turbine


Peter Benkmann

Heather Assaf - Promises


Heather Assaf

Brian Shaw - Emotive Dreamscape
Xoanxo Cespon - Spring Day

Spring Day

Xoanxo Cespon

Rachel Carmichael - Bubble Gums

Bubble Gums

Rachel Carmichael

Lutz Baar - Energy


Lutz Baar

Sandra Conceicao - Drawing 29

Drawing 29

Sandra Conceicao

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch - 779 - Mankind Future ...

779 - Mankind Future ...

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Heather Assaf - Courage


Heather Assaf

Yvette Pichette - A Hint of Pink

A Hint of Pink

Yvette Pichette

Hari Thomas - Ahimsa   Go Peacefully
Dorinda K Skains - Moonlit Maze

Moonlit Maze

Dorinda K Skains

Fran Riley - Seam Between

Seam Between

Fran Riley

Angela L Walker - A Shared Fantasy

A Shared Fantasy

Angela L Walker

Katie Black - Salon


Katie Black

Gabriela  Taylor - Sunflowers


Gabriela Taylor

Barbara St Jean - Story Lines

Story Lines

Barbara St Jean

Ginny Schmidt - Flying Colors

Flying Colors

Ginny Schmidt

Jani Freimann - Rustic Hull 2

Rustic Hull 2

Jani Freimann

Sandra Conceicao - Abstract 81

Abstract 81

Sandra Conceicao

Lauren Hunter - Puzzled


Lauren Hunter

Jonathan Allen - GreenBlackCrimsonDiagonal
Chowdary V Arikatla - 0683 Abstract Thought

0683 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Pete Trenholm - Liquid Colors

Liquid Colors

Pete Trenholm

Andrew Govan Dantzler - Sexy Female Abstract

Sexy Female Abstract

Andrew Govan Dantzler

Jonathan E Raddatz - Balaam


Jonathan E Raddatz

Katie Black - Retreat


Katie Black

RochVanh   - Eveil-2



Yvette Pichette - Feathery


Yvette Pichette

Jay Taylor - Serendipity


Jay Taylor

Florin Birjoveanu - New Level

New Level

Florin Birjoveanu

Ismeta Gruenwald - Melody of Passion

Melody of Passion

Ismeta Gruenwald

Mohamed KHASSIF - Corps



Shawna  Rowe - Life in The Flames

Life in The Flames

Shawna Rowe

Barbara St Jean - You me and the Machine

You me and the Machine

Barbara St Jean

Sandra Conceicao - Abstract 71

Abstract 71

Sandra Conceicao

Visual Artist  Frank Bonilla - Hummingbirds Feeding

Hummingbirds Feeding

Visual Artist Frank Bonilla

Susan A Becker - Aspen Forest Colorado

Aspen Forest Colorado

Susan A Becker

Kyle Johnston - Feeding The Lion

Feeding The Lion

Kyle Johnston

Shawna  Rowe - Ink Drops

Ink Drops

Shawna Rowe

Xoanxo Cespon - Abstract Flower...

Abstract Flower...

Xoanxo Cespon

Judi Bagwell - Patterns in Scarlet

Patterns in Scarlet

Judi Bagwell

Alec Drake - Down on my knees

Down on my knees

Alec Drake

Danielle Nelisse - Buffer Zones

Buffer Zones

Danielle Nelisse

Anne Lacy - A heart

A heart

Anne Lacy

Mohamed KHASSIF - Marrakech III

Marrakech III


Lutz Baar - Golden reflections
Chowdary V Arikatla - 0664 Abstract Thought

0664 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Becky Kim - Freedom


Becky Kim

Mary Sullivan - Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil

Mary Sullivan

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0682 Abstract Thought

0682 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Marina R Vladis - Tears in Haven

Tears in Haven

Marina R Vladis

Liubov Meshulam Lemkovitch - Abstract flowers

Abstract flowers

Liubov Meshulam Lemkovitch

Gretchen Ten Eyck Hunt - Time Warp

Time Warp

Gretchen Ten Eyck Hunt

Jose Miguel Barrionuevo - Invader


Jose Miguel Barrionuevo

Anne Lacy - Hot City Night

Hot City Night

Anne Lacy

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0652 Abstract Thought

0652 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Branko Jovanovic - Mothers ...

Mothers ...

Branko Jovanovic

M J Venrick - A light in my Heart
Liz Evensen - Ethereal Changing Mood
Sandra Conceicao - Abstract 54

Abstract 54

Sandra Conceicao

Marilyn Woods - High Spirit

High Spirit

Marilyn Woods

Hari Thomas - Walk Through the Park
Gabriela  Taylor - A Tribute To Van Gogh
Kyle Johnston - Dark Carnival

Dark Carnival

Kyle Johnston

Gustavo Ramirez - August 28 2012 Series 8

August 28 2012 Series 8

Gustavo Ramirez

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Mohamed KHASSIF -  Burst



Shelli Finch - Hillock


Shelli Finch

Angela L Walker - Fabulously Adorned

Fabulously Adorned

Angela L Walker

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0627 Abstract Thought

0627 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Navo Art - People Dancing
Linda Haynes - Victory


Linda Haynes

Chowdary V Arikatla - 0661 Abstract Thought

0661 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

Danita Cole - DragonFly Marsh Moon
Katie Black - Pink Palace

Pink Palace

Katie Black

Shakhenabat Kasana - Ecstasy


Shakhenabat Kasana

Lutz Baar - Florisan


Lutz Baar

Yvette Pichette - Rainbow


Yvette Pichette

Heather Moore - Just a Crazy Thought

Just a Crazy Thought

Heather Moore

Marina R Vladis - My Love Filled Heart

My Love Filled Heart

Marina R Vladis

Rory Sagner - What A Fly Dreams

What A Fly Dreams

Rory Sagner

Andrea Banjac - Lost Comet

Lost Comet

Andrea Banjac

Rory Sagner - View From Another Realm
Andrea Banjac - Floating in Unknown

Floating in Unknown

Andrea Banjac