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French Bulldog Love



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Dianne Ferrer

Brooklyn, NY

United States

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This group was started on December 27th, 2013 and currently has:

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French Bulldog Love

About This Group

For the LOVE of Frenchies. Beautiflul breed in many different colors and extremely lovable. All mediums accepted.

1. Must be French Bulldog friendly -- this means no cruelty of any shape or form, no pictures/artwork
where Frenchies can be harmed. etc.

2.The overall artwork must be of a positive and happy in nature.

Featured Images

Dianne Ferrer - Brooklyn Dog

Brooklyn Dog

Dianne Ferrer

Barbara Chichester - Little Frenchie Face

Little Frenchie Face

Barbara Chichester

Barbara Chichester - True Blue Frenchie

True Blue Frenchie

Barbara Chichester

Jean luc Comperat - French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Jean luc Comperat

Dobromir Dobrinov - Party Dog

Party Dog

Dobromir Dobrinov

Dobromir Dobrinov - Puppy


Dobromir Dobrinov

Rafael  Pacheco - Yoda Sleeping

Yoda Sleeping

Rafael Pacheco

Rafael  Pacheco - My little Yoda

My little Yoda

Rafael Pacheco

Lida Bruinen - Bulldog


Lida Bruinen

Dianne Ferrer - Rest- French Bulldog

Rest- French Bulldog

Dianne Ferrer

Jane Schnetlage - Three Frenchie Puppies

Three Frenchie Puppies

Jane Schnetlage

Dianne Ferrer - The Cruz-Man

The Cruz-Man

Dianne Ferrer