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German Shepherd Dogs



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Isabella F Abbie Shores

Manchester, Cheshire

United Kingdom

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This group was started on May 6th, 2010 and currently has:


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German Shepherd Dogs

About This Group

German Shepherd Dog Fine Art Prints - Photographs, Paintings, Drawings, and Digital Artworks

This group displays fine art of the German Shepherd Dog in portraits, in act shots, and in beautiful landscape scenery images. To see all the artworks available, please click the 'artworks' tab above.

All are welcome to join the group; view images; share the link; post the link in blogs and message boards; post topics relating to art and/or the GSD in the discussion forum; subscribe to RSS feeds; etc.

All images are available for sale. Click on the image of your choice for more details.

No duplicates please

Featured Images

Shawn Shea - Noble German Shepherd Dog
Svetlana Novikova - German Shepherd Dog...

German Shepherd Dog...

Svetlana Novikova

Lou Ortiz - German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Lou Ortiz

Laurie Cook - Gunnar


Laurie Cook

Sue Long - Custom Paw Print   Nero
Eleanor Abramson - German Shepherd Portrait

German Shepherd Portrait

Eleanor Abramson

Pat Saunders-White             - Butch


Pat Saunders-White

Pat Purdy - You Say

You Say

Pat Purdy