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Get the Paints Out



Group Administrator

Julie Dunkley

Birmingham, West Midands

United Kingdom

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This group was started on May 5th, 2014 and currently has:


22 Members


261 Images


21 Discussions

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Get the Paints Out

About This Group

Its time to get the real art work out and flaunt it. This group is for paintings only, theres so many out there, this must be the group for you.

Featured Images

Stanza Widen - Tuscan Delusions

Tuscan Delusions

Stanza Widen

Graciela Scarlatto - Work in progress

Work in progress

Graciela Scarlatto

Anne Barberi - Magua


Anne Barberi

Stanza Widen - Violets and a Viceroy...
Stuart B Yaeger - Mosambique Fishermen

Mosambique Fishermen

Stuart B Yaeger

Paul Meijering - Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar

Paul Meijering

Pamela Allegretto - Tuscan Farmhouse At...

Tuscan Farmhouse At...

Pamela Allegretto

Stuart B Yaeger - Move Em Out

Move Em Out

Stuart B Yaeger

Anne Barberi - Sunshine and Poppies
Anne Barberi - Tha Poser

Tha Poser

Anne Barberi

Pamela Allegretto - Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise

Pamela Allegretto

Anne Barberi - Pot O

Pot O' Flowers

Anne Barberi

Janet Guss - His Majesty

His Majesty

Janet Guss

Paul Meijering - U2 Silver And Gold

U2 Silver And Gold

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Al Pacino

Al Pacino

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Marilyn Monroe 6

Marilyn Monroe 6

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Jari Litmanen

Jari Litmanen

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Dolly Parton 2

Dolly Parton 2

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Living Colour

Living Colour

Paul Meijering

Paul  Meijering - Freddy Mercury

Freddy Mercury

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Jimi Hendrix 3

Jimi Hendrix 3

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

Paul Meijering

Paul Meijering - Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Paul Meijering

Julie Dunkley - Red Rose

Red Rose

Julie Dunkley

Stanza Widen - Storm Clouds Over Winter...
Stuart B Yaeger - light house Nova Scotia

light house Nova Scotia

Stuart B Yaeger

Janet Guss - Port City Princess
Anne Barberi - Little Bee

Little Bee

Anne Barberi

Anne Barberi - Bouguereau
Janet Guss - Blue Bubble Awning
Stuart B Yaeger - Boat With A History

Boat With A History

Stuart B Yaeger

Graciela Scarlatto - Still life 2

Still life 2

Graciela Scarlatto

Anne Barberi - A

A 'Pair'

Anne Barberi

Graciela Scarlatto - Still life 15

Still life 15

Graciela Scarlatto

Graciela Scarlatto - Still Life 6

Still Life 6

Graciela Scarlatto

Pamela Allegretto - Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

Pamela Allegretto

Pamela Allegretto - Burano


Pamela Allegretto

Sheri Keith - Tropical Escape

Tropical Escape

Sheri Keith

Sheri Keith - Autumn Retreat

Autumn Retreat

Sheri Keith

Phyllis Beiser - Great Egret At Sylvia
Stanza Widen - Wildflowers and...

Wildflowers and...

Stanza Widen

Stuart B Yaeger - Western Wall

Western Wall

Stuart B Yaeger

Stuart B Yaeger - Directions


Stuart B Yaeger

Stanza Widen - Morning Glory and...
Anne Barberi - Lilac Reflections

Lilac Reflections

Anne Barberi

Anne Barberi - Watch Hill Light House
Anne Barberi - Geranium And Vegatable...
Stuart B Yaeger - Genoa Marina

Genoa Marina

Stuart B Yaeger

Tori Radford - Lady of Pompeii

Lady of Pompeii

Tori Radford

Rebecca Glaze - Gaia Incarnate

Gaia Incarnate

Rebecca Glaze

Paul Meijering - Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Paul Meijering

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Paul Meijering - Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams

Paul Meijering

Graciela Scarlatto - Bogart


Graciela Scarlatto

Jennifer Gibbs - The Secret

The Secret

Jennifer Gibbs

Stacy C Bottoms - Lincoln in Red

Lincoln in Red

Stacy C Bottoms

Szilvia Ponyiczki - Bathing in the Moonlight

Bathing in the Moonlight

Szilvia Ponyiczki

Marilyn Sisk - A Touch of Heaven

A Touch of Heaven

Marilyn Sisk

Marilyn Sisk - Fall in the Woods

Fall in the Woods

Marilyn Sisk

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Just Outside

Just Outside

Beverley Harper Tinsley