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Glimpses Of Autumn



Group Administrator

Dora Sofia Caputo

Little Neck, NY

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on September 1st, 2013 and currently has:


527 Members


4,031 Images


206 Discussions

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Glimpses Of Autumn

About This Group

Let's celebrate the beauty of the Autumn and Harvest season by displaying our best images of the season - landscapes, florals, pumpkins.

If you want to join the Glimpses of Autumn Group, and share your artwork with FAA members and others, please submit two (2) of the best images of your artwork PER DAY (all mediums accepted). And remember, this is a family friendly group.

Thanks for joining and enjoy being part of Glimpses of Autumn!

'The generous earth spreads out her fruitful stores,
And all the fields are decked with ripened sheaves;
While in the woods, at Autumn's rustling step,
The maples blush through all their trembling leaves'.
(From the poem Autumn by Albert Laighton).

Featured Images

Jeffrey Koss - Super Moon Walk

Super Moon Walk

Jeffrey Koss

Nina Fosdick - Late Fall

Late Fall

Nina Fosdick

Sandra Foster - Autumn

Autumn's Glory

Sandra Foster

Shelley Aasland - Down the Road

Down the Road

Shelley Aasland

Jeff Folger - The Witch House

The Witch House

Jeff Folger

Rosanne Jordan - Autumn Serenity

Autumn Serenity

Rosanne Jordan

Lynne Sutherland - Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory

Lynne Sutherland

Lynne Sutherland - Lazy Afternoon

Lazy Afternoon

Lynne Sutherland

Nina Fosdick - Hidden Barn

Hidden Barn

Nina Fosdick

Maria Hunt - Autumn in the Vineyards
Maria Hunt - Late Harvest 3

Late Harvest 3

Maria Hunt

Jeff Folger - St Matthew
Jeff Folger - The mysterious Witch...
Karol  Livote - Painted Autumn

Painted Autumn

Karol Livote

William Beuther - Mountain Mist II

Mountain Mist II

William Beuther

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Evening Walk

Evening Walk

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Uma Krishnamoorthy - A felled tree

A felled tree

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

Uma Krishnamoorthy

HH Photography - Autumn In Sophie
Carolyn Doe - Imagine Autumn

Imagine Autumn

Carolyn Doe

Jeff Folger - Connecticut fall colors
Joseph Juvenal - Man in God

Man in God's Creation

Joseph Juvenal

Shivonne Ross - Autumn textures

Autumn textures

Shivonne Ross

Joseph Juvenal - Hillary Wants a Horse

Hillary Wants a Horse

Joseph Juvenal

Demeter Gui - Autumn lights

Autumn lights

Demeter Gui

Shivonne Ross - Autumn coloured tree

Autumn coloured tree

Shivonne Ross

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Marsh at Jekyll Island

Marsh at Jekyll Island

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Terri Gostola - Autumn Forest Reflection
Jaunine Ammerman - When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up

Jaunine Ammerman

Uma Krishnamoorthy - A lazy afternoon

A lazy afternoon

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Swing


Uma Krishnamoorthy

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - The Glades at Sunset

The Glades at Sunset

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Rod Seel - Lone Horse Greenwood...
Rod Seel - Haybales and Jet Trails
Roselynne Broussard - River Islands

River Islands

Roselynne Broussard

Mike Nellums - Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold

Mike Nellums

Mike Nellums - Photo Watercolour...
Lynne Sutherland - Burst of Colour

Burst of Colour

Lynne Sutherland

Terry Eve Tanner - Where Memories Dwell

Where Memories Dwell

Terry Eve Tanner

Lynne Sutherland - Autumn


Lynne Sutherland

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Appalachian Mountain...

Appalachian Mountain...

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Golder Photography - Showdown at Rough Fork

Showdown at Rough Fork

Golder Photography

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Autumn Waterfall

Autumn Waterfall

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Steve Taylor - The Gingerbread House
Stephen  Vecchiotti - Smokies Stream In Autumn

Smokies Stream In Autumn

Stephen Vecchiotti

Rosanne Jordan - Path to the Spruces

Path to the Spruces

Rosanne Jordan

Linda Eversole - Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls

Linda Eversole

Linda D Lester - Maroon Bell

Maroon Bell

Linda D Lester

Wild Thing - Country Home

Country Home

Wild Thing

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Hyde Park  London

Hyde Park London

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Flaming autumn

Flaming autumn

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Stephen  Vecchiotti - Blue Ridge Mountain...

Blue Ridge Mountain...

Stephen Vecchiotti

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Autumn Souvenirs

Autumn Souvenirs

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Demeter Gui - Trees in sunset

Trees in sunset

Demeter Gui

Luv Photography - Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

Luv Photography

Karol  Livote - Autumns Forest

Autumns Forest

Karol Livote

Karen Cook - The Fields of Autumn
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Trees in the Fog

Trees in the Fog

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Dennis Bucklin - Shades of Fall

Shades of Fall

Dennis Bucklin

Luv Photography - Fall Pyracantha Berries

Fall Pyracantha Berries

Luv Photography

Wild Thing - In Deep

In Deep

Wild Thing

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Fall Trees at the Farm

Fall Trees at the Farm

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jaunine Ammerman - Fall

Fall's Last Rays

Jaunine Ammerman

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Sunset Years

Sunset Years

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Karen Cook - Autumn in Nova Scotia
Jaunine Ammerman - Walk In The Woods

Walk In The Woods

Jaunine Ammerman

Uma Krishnamoorthy - Autumn in London

Autumn in London

Uma Krishnamoorthy

Karen Cook - Sugar time

Sugar time

Karen Cook

Bozena Zajiczek-Panus - Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

Bozena Zajiczek-Panus

Mike Nellums - An Autumn Tapestry

An Autumn Tapestry

Mike Nellums

Mike Nellums - Misty Autumn Lake and...
HH Photography - Forgotten In Time

Forgotten In Time

HH Photography

Stephen  Vecchiotti - Jordan Pond Autumn...

Jordan Pond Autumn...

Stephen Vecchiotti

Barbara Snyder - Detail Autumn Vineyard...
Rosanne Jordan - Follow the Road to Autumn
Stanza Widen - Thistledown in the Valley
Barbara Snyder - Autumn Vineyard Santa...
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Autumn

Autumn's Light

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Kim Andelkovic - The White House

The White House

Kim Andelkovic

Rosanne Jordan - A Secret Autumn

A Secret Autumn

Rosanne Jordan

Carolyn Doe - Little Bird #8

Little Bird #8

Carolyn Doe

Kim Andelkovic - Autumn Country Home

Autumn Country Home

Kim Andelkovic

Wild Thing - By the Tracks

By the Tracks

Wild Thing

Jeffrey Koss - Old White  Birch

Old White Birch

Jeffrey Koss

Adrian Evans - Autumn Break

Autumn Break

Adrian Evans

Deborah Scannell - Glistening Rocks

Glistening Rocks

Deborah Scannell

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Through the Window

Through the Window

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jordan Blackstone - Potential - Landscape...

Potential - Landscape...

Jordan Blackstone

Wild Thing - Bending


Wild Thing

Adrian Evans - Autumnal Garden

Autumnal Garden

Adrian Evans

Wild Thing - The Changing

The Changing

Wild Thing

Michael Mazaika - Zion National Park -...

Zion National Park -...

Michael Mazaika

Nina Fosdick - Listening to Leaves

Listening to Leaves

Nina Fosdick

RC deWinter - Gustav

Gustav's Tree

RC deWinter

Sonali Gangane - Vibrant Berries

Vibrant Berries

Sonali Gangane

Catherine Howley - Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader

Catherine Howley

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Wild Thing - Gloomy


Wild Thing

Paul Golder - Searching for Acorns
Karen Cook - Hunter

Hunter's Moon

Karen Cook

Barbara Snyder - Clearing The Trail At...
Wild Thing - Soaring Autumn

Soaring Autumn

Wild Thing

Tim Richards - Pecos River Autumn

Pecos River Autumn

Tim Richards

Mike Nellums - Autumnesque poster

Autumnesque poster

Mike Nellums

Mike Nellums - Autumn Woods

Autumn Woods

Mike Nellums

Wild Thing - Red Oak

Red Oak

Wild Thing

McCarthy Designs - Reaching For Rays

Reaching For Rays

McCarthy Designs

Gail Matthews - Wenonah II Steamship in...
Gail Matthews - Fall paints a picture

Fall paints a picture

Gail Matthews

Golder Photography - Autumn in Cataloochee

Autumn in Cataloochee

Golder Photography

Debra Martz - Red and White

Red and White

Debra Martz

Diane Schuster - Autumn Dream

Autumn Dream

Diane Schuster

Nina Fosdick - Chinaberry Tree and Moon
Dragica  Micki Fortuna - A Fence In A Marsh

A Fence In A Marsh

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Mike Nellums - The Boat

The Boat

Mike Nellums

Mike Nellums - Autumn Driftwood 1

Autumn Driftwood 1

Mike Nellums

Karen Cook - Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Karen Cook

RC deWinter - Autumn Jigsaw

Autumn Jigsaw

RC deWinter

Mark Papke - Durand Eastman Fall
HH Photography - How Now Brown Cow

How Now Brown Cow

HH Photography

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Smoky Mountain Farm Gate

Smoky Mountain Farm Gate

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Wild Thing - Seeds or Berrries
Gail Matthews - Trio of Triumphant Color
Ellen Levinson - Autumn Bounty

Autumn Bounty

Ellen Levinson

Gail Matthews - Fall Collage

Fall Collage

Gail Matthews

Lynn Bauer - Lundy
Jeff Heimlich - Autumn at Horn Pond

Autumn at Horn Pond

Jeff Heimlich

Jeff Heimlich - Fall


Jeff Heimlich

Linda Eversole - Harvest Pumpkins

Harvest Pumpkins

Linda Eversole

Jenny Rainbow - Red Autumnal Birch Grove
Donna Kennedy - Lazy Days of Autumn

Lazy Days of Autumn

Donna Kennedy

Mike Nellums - Barney
Mike Nellums - Autumn Bush and Boulder
Lynn Bauer - Shenandoah Valley Fall...
Luv Photography - Pyrakantha Berries

Pyrakantha Berries

Luv Photography

Lynn Bauer - Fall
Dennis Reagan - Fall Berries

Fall Berries

Dennis Reagan

Joann Vitali - Ashuelot River in Autumn...
Joann Vitali - Sheep Grazing on...

Sheep Grazing on...

Joann Vitali

Mike Nellums - A Painting Autumn Stream
Karen Stephenson - Cade

Cade's Cove

Karen Stephenson

Mike Nellums - A Painting Autumn Bench
Gail Matthews - Mirror Mirror on the...
Karol  Livote - Autumns Glow

Autumns Glow

Karol Livote

Gail Matthews - Barn old rusted and...
Karol  Livote - Autumns Flock Of Eight
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - River Walk

River Walk

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Autumn Boardwalk

Autumn Boardwalk

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jeff Folger - Flume Gorge covered...
Mike Nellums - Tree and autumn leaves
Lynn Bauer - Star of the Forest
Jeffrey Koss - Out In The Country

Out In The Country

Jeffrey Koss

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Monet

Monet's Trail

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Bill  Wakeley - Enders Falls Square

Enders Falls Square

Bill Wakeley

Mike Nellums - Adirondack stream 2

Adirondack stream 2

Mike Nellums

Wild Thing - Leading Me

Leading Me

Wild Thing

Bill  Wakeley - Ethereal Autumn Square
Mike Nellums - Autumn Leaves on Gravel 2
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Autumn Cottage

Autumn Cottage

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Lynn Bauer - Best View in Town
Kim Andelkovic - Autumn in the Park

Autumn in the Park

Kim Andelkovic

Mike Nellums - Lincoln Woods Autumn...
Mike Nellums - The Jamestown Windmill
Marcia Colelli - Lanterman

Lanterman's Bridge

Marcia Colelli

Wild Thing - Fall Pavilion

Fall Pavilion

Wild Thing

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Autumnal Days

Autumnal Days

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Priscilla Burgers - Storm at Trout Lake

Storm at Trout Lake

Priscilla Burgers

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Mike Nellums - Autumn Lane

Autumn Lane

Mike Nellums

Marcia Colelli - Out of The Mist

Out of The Mist

Marcia Colelli

Mike Nellums - Autumn Leaves on Wood
Richard Clark - November 2013

November 2013

Richard Clark

Richard Clark - November Colors

November Colors

Richard Clark

Valerie Paterson - Natural Redhead

Natural Redhead

Valerie Paterson

Valerie Paterson - Natural Contrasts

Natural Contrasts

Valerie Paterson

RC deWinter - September Along the...
Marcia Colelli - McConnell
Mike Nellums - The Leaf and the Snow
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Autumn Canoes

Autumn Canoes

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Mike Nellums - Diamond Hill Autumn

Diamond Hill Autumn

Mike Nellums

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - A Stable With Thatched...

A Stable With Thatched...

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Smoky Mountain Picnic

Smoky Mountain Picnic

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Karen Stephenson - Road near Cade

Road near Cade's Cove

Karen Stephenson

Karen Stephenson - Morning Light with Fog...

Morning Light with Fog...

Karen Stephenson

Wild Thing - Autumn Trails

Autumn Trails

Wild Thing

Olahs Photography - Window into Autumn

Window into Autumn

Olahs Photography

Priscilla Burgers - John Oliver

John Oliver's Cabin in...

Priscilla Burgers

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Canopy of Color

Canopy of Color

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Olahs Photography - Autumn in the Blue Ridge...

Autumn in the Blue Ridge...

Olahs Photography

Priscilla Burgers - Tipton Cabin in Great...

Tipton Cabin in Great...

Priscilla Burgers

Olahs Photography - Autumn in Our Lives

Autumn in Our Lives

Olahs Photography

Nina Fosdick - When You Feel Alone

When You Feel Alone

Nina Fosdick

Mike Nellums - Autumn Lake panoramic
Karen Cook - Sharons Choice

Sharons Choice

Karen Cook

Nina Fosdick - Do You Remember

Do You Remember

Nina Fosdick

Mike Nellums - Mirror Lake panoramic
Kim Andelkovic - Autumns Day

Autumns Day

Kim Andelkovic

Karen Cook - Hanging on

Hanging on

Karen Cook

Karen Cook - Goodbye to Autumn
Wild Thing - Backwater Sunset

Backwater Sunset

Wild Thing

Karen Cook - The Golden Tunnel
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - One of the Famous See...

One of the Famous See...

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Joe Jake Pratt - Adapt


Joe Jake Pratt

Val Arie - Prallsville Mill -...
Kendall Kessler - Bridge in Woods

Bridge in Woods

Kendall Kessler

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Autumn Farm Lane

Autumn Farm Lane

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Kiruba Sekaran - Flowers of the Fall

Flowers of the Fall

Kiruba Sekaran

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - A Path In The Wood

A Path In The Wood

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Birch Trees In Autumn

Birch Trees In Autumn

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Kiruba Sekaran - Fall In Pink

Fall In Pink

Kiruba Sekaran

Alana Ranney - Egypt Pond

Egypt Pond

Alana Ranney

Sue Smith - Rock Faces and Fall...
E Faithe Lester - Color Me Red

Color Me Red

E Faithe Lester

Wild Thing - Conjoined


Wild Thing

Karen Cook - Lazy River

Lazy River

Karen Cook

Joann Vitali - Sunkissed Lagoon Bridge
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Through the Trees

Through the Trees

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Kim Andelkovic - Autumn at Daylesford

Autumn at Daylesford

Kim Andelkovic

Stephen  Vecchiotti - Jordan Pond Afternoon

Jordan Pond Afternoon

Stephen Vecchiotti

Luv Photography - Red Is The Color

Red Is The Color

Luv Photography

Karol  Livote - Autumn Swan

Autumn Swan

Karol Livote

Paul Freidlund - Harvest Season

Harvest Season

Paul Freidlund

Marcia Colelli - Olmsted waterfalls

Olmsted waterfalls

Marcia Colelli

David Tinsley - Autumn Sunbeams

Autumn Sunbeams

David Tinsley

Luv Photography - Colors Of Autumn

Colors Of Autumn

Luv Photography

Wild Thing - Autumn Shack

Autumn Shack

Wild Thing

Karen Cook - Waiting for Winter
Jeffrey Koss - Sunflower Valley Farm
Dennis Ellman - Unstill Life

Unstill Life

Dennis Ellman

Joe Jake Pratt - Winter Grass

Winter Grass

Joe Jake Pratt

Nina Fosdick - Autumn Travels

Autumn Travels

Nina Fosdick

Wild Thing - Eerie


Wild Thing

Rima Biswas - Autumn reflection

Autumn reflection

Rima Biswas

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Autumn Row

Autumn Row

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Muriel Levison Goodwin - Central Park in Autumn 5

Central Park in Autumn 5

Muriel Levison Goodwin

Lianne Schneider - View from the hill...

View from the hill...

Lianne Schneider

Janine Riley - Paper White Birch...
Muriel Levison Goodwin - Textures of Autumn

Textures of Autumn

Muriel Levison Goodwin

Hazel Holland - God

God's New Creation

Hazel Holland

Ian Mitchell - Canal Walk

Canal Walk

Ian Mitchell

Cynthia Guinn - Changing Colors

Changing Colors

Cynthia Guinn

HH Photography - The Cullasaja

The Cullasaja

HH Photography

Denis Tangney Jr - Autumn Light

Autumn Light

Denis Tangney Jr

Donna Kennedy - Ode To Autumn

Ode To Autumn

Donna Kennedy

Wild Thing - Forest Floor

Forest Floor

Wild Thing

Jerry Cowart - Autumn Stream Under The...
Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Beautiful autumn

Beautiful autumn

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Bonnie Mason - Troutville Barn

Troutville Barn

Bonnie Mason

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Karol  Livote - Fall Reflections

Fall Reflections

Karol Livote

Robert ONeil - Autumn Bliss

Autumn Bliss

Robert ONeil

Deyanira Harris - At the End of our Journey
Karol  Livote - Autumnscape


Karol Livote

Cynthia Guinn - Mums And Pumpkins

Mums And Pumpkins

Cynthia Guinn

Bobbee Rickard - Reno Skyline Poster

Reno Skyline Poster

Bobbee Rickard

Robert ONeil - Splash of Red

Splash of Red

Robert ONeil

Hanne Lore Koehler - North Woods Song

North Woods Song

Hanne Lore Koehler

Hanne Lore Koehler - Pebble Creek Autumn

Pebble Creek Autumn

Hanne Lore Koehler

Deyanira Harris - Spring in Wylie

Spring in Wylie

Deyanira Harris

Margaret Bobb - Crisp Morning

Crisp Morning

Margaret Bobb

Lianne Schneider - Farm Country Autumn -...

Farm Country Autumn -...

Lianne Schneider

HH Photography - This Old Barn

This Old Barn

HH Photography

Optical Playground By MP Ray - Country camping

Country camping

Optical Playground By MP Ray

Zeana Romanovna - The Horse And The Gull -...
Optical Playground By MP Ray - Autumns abstract

Autumns abstract

Optical Playground By MP Ray

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - The Secret Bench

The Secret Bench

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Rhonda Chase - Rain in the Vineyard
Matthias Hauser - Fall or winter - autumn...
Robie Benve - Tree at Sunset

Tree at Sunset

Robie Benve

Wild Thing - First Splash

First Splash

Wild Thing

Karen Cook - Blomidon and the Look Off
Wild Thing - Chill


Wild Thing

Collin Clarke - Calm River

Calm River

Collin Clarke

Adrian Evans - Winding Road

Winding Road

Adrian Evans

Jeff Folger - Morning mist rises

Morning mist rises

Jeff Folger

Michael Flood - Shadow Dancing Leaves

Shadow Dancing Leaves

Michael Flood

Lynn Bauer - Golden Reflections on...
Rima Biswas - Picnic table

Picnic table

Rima Biswas

Carolyn Doe - Broken Fence

Broken Fence

Carolyn Doe

Aimelle - Promenade en Foret
Linda Eversole - Pumpkins in the Sky

Pumpkins in the Sky

Linda Eversole

Adrian Evans - Chirk Canal

Chirk Canal

Adrian Evans

Louise Heusinkveld - Reichsburg Castle

Reichsburg Castle

Louise Heusinkveld

Sylvie Moncion - The World Is A Forest

The World Is A Forest

Sylvie Moncion

Steven Reed - Autumn

Autumn's Glory

Steven Reed

Jeff Folger - Crossing over

Crossing over

Jeff Folger

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Stars in the Trees

Stars in the Trees

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Wild Thing - Autumn American Queen
Kendall Kessler - Near Childress

Near Childress

Kendall Kessler

Brooks Garten Hauschild - Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Brooks Garten Hauschild

Wild Thing - Bus Stop

Bus Stop

Wild Thing

Debra Johnson - The Train

The Train

Debra Johnson

Karol  Livote - Pisgah Covered Bridge
Debbie Oppermann - Autumn Picnic

Autumn Picnic

Debbie Oppermann

Janine Riley - Autumn Frost

Autumn Frost

Janine Riley

Karen Cook - Walk with me

Walk with me

Karen Cook

Sylvie Moncion - Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Sylvie Moncion

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Colors Of The Autumn

Colors Of The Autumn

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Janine Riley - Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections

Janine Riley

Karen Cook - Maple leaf forever
Hilde Widerberg - Our Best Little Friend

Our Best Little Friend

Hilde Widerberg

Daniel Portalatin Photography - Seasons Change

Seasons Change

Daniel Portalatin Photography

Carolyn Doe - Autumn Hens

Autumn Hens

Carolyn Doe

Sylvie Moncion - Glorious Yellow

Glorious Yellow

Sylvie Moncion

Joe JAKE Pratt - Texas Tango

Texas Tango

Joe JAKE Pratt

Daniel Portalatin Photography - Harriman Scenery During...

Harriman Scenery During...

Daniel Portalatin Photography

F Leblanc - Riding the Plow -...
Tricia Marchlik - November Rain

November Rain

Tricia Marchlik

Sylvie Moncion - Glorious Yellow  no 4

Glorious Yellow no 4

Sylvie Moncion

Debra Johnson - Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Debra Johnson

Debra Johnson - Autumn

Autumn's Color

Debra Johnson

Wild Thing - Reflections


Wild Thing

Muriel Levison Goodwin - Autumn Theme 1

Autumn Theme 1

Muriel Levison Goodwin

Collin Clarke - Distant Mountains

Distant Mountains

Collin Clarke

Muriel Levison Goodwin - Central Park in Autumn 4

Central Park in Autumn 4

Muriel Levison Goodwin

Bonnie Mason - Into the Forest

Into the Forest

Bonnie Mason

Lynn Bauer - Blaze of Glory - Fine...
Collin Clarke - Still Water

Still Water

Collin Clarke

Zeana Romanovna - Autumn In The Morning...

Autumn In The Morning...

Zeana Romanovna

France  Art - Collioure France

Collioure France

France Art

Louise Heusinkveld - Horsey Windmill in Autumn

Horsey Windmill in Autumn

Louise Heusinkveld

Carolyn Doe - Untitled


Carolyn Doe

Michael Mazaika - Maryland Country Roads -...
Joe JAKE Pratt - Long Slow Drink

Long Slow Drink

Joe JAKE Pratt

Wild Thing - Nestled


Wild Thing

France  Art - Carcassonne in Fall
Asha Carolyn Young - Lula Cat Under the Oak...

Lula Cat Under the Oak...

Asha Carolyn Young

HH Photography - Lean On Me

Lean On Me

HH Photography

Wild Thing - Lazy Morning

Lazy Morning

Wild Thing

HH Photography - Lean On Me 2

Lean On Me 2

HH Photography

Esther Newman-Cohen - The Market in Mykanos

The Market in Mykanos

Esther Newman-Cohen

Asha Carolyn Young - Corn Stalk and Apple...

Corn Stalk and Apple...

Asha Carolyn Young

Janine Riley - Confetti


Janine Riley

Debbie Oppermann - Killarney Provincial...

Killarney Provincial...

Debbie Oppermann

Wild Thing - Deadfall Points the Way
Joann Vitali - Autumn Ride

Autumn Ride

Joann Vitali

Saywood Samen - Rainbow Of Colors

Rainbow Of Colors

Saywood Samen

Wild Thing - A Wandering

A Wandering

Wild Thing

Nina Fosdick - Deep Inside The Woods
Wild Thing - Popped Fluff

Popped Fluff

Wild Thing

Joy Nichols - Queen Anne

Queen Anne's Lace

Joy Nichols

F Leblanc - Leaf And Sunset

Leaf And Sunset

F Leblanc

Jim Southwell - Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

Jim Southwell

Jeff Folger - Time wears down all...
Treshae Villone  - Reno Downtown in Fall

Reno Downtown in Fall

Treshae Villone

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Smoky Mountain Waterfall

Smoky Mountain Waterfall

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jeff Folger - The road less traveled
Linda Eversole - Great Heron Take-Off

Great Heron Take-Off

Linda Eversole

Steven Reed - Evening

Evening's Gold

Steven Reed

Muriel Levison Goodwin - Serenity


Muriel Levison Goodwin

Carolyn Doe - Blue Depths

Blue Depths

Carolyn Doe

Michael Flood - October At Evergreen Lake
Caitlyn  Grasso - Corn of Many Colors

Corn of Many Colors

Caitlyn Grasso

Muriel Levison Goodwin - Central Park in Autumn 2

Central Park in Autumn 2

Muriel Levison Goodwin

Debbie Oppermann - Killarney Provincial...

Killarney Provincial...

Debbie Oppermann

Joann Vitali - The Harvest

The Harvest

Joann Vitali

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Olive Grove in Autumn ...

Olive Grove in Autumn ...

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Michael Mazaika - Ground Bouquet No. 2 -...
Zeana Romanovna - Autumn Promise

Autumn Promise

Zeana Romanovna

David Tinsley - Reflections in the Stream
Wild Thing - Curling


Wild Thing

Michael Mazaika - Falling From the Shadows...
Marcia Colelli - Autumn Beauty

Autumn Beauty

Marcia Colelli

Debra Johnson - Fog on the Mountain

Fog on the Mountain

Debra Johnson

Cristina-Velina Ion - Ficus elastica leaf...

Ficus elastica leaf...

Cristina-Velina Ion


Iceland Fishing Cabin

Neptune's Aperture

Ana Maria Edulescu - Paint Action 4 Horizontal

Paint Action 4 Horizontal

Ana Maria Edulescu

Patricia Keller - Ay Caramba

Ay Caramba

Patricia Keller

Christina Rollo - Autumn Pleasure

Autumn Pleasure

Christina Rollo

Marcia Colelli - Mabry Grist Mill

Mabry Grist Mill

Marcia Colelli

Asha Carolyn Young - Hill Vineyard and...

Hill Vineyard and...

Asha Carolyn Young

Wild Thing - November Cold

November Cold

Wild Thing

Carolyn Doe - Black Ravens In Birch
Debra Johnson - Where Shall I Go

Where Shall I Go

Debra Johnson

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Autumn Golds

Autumn Golds

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jim Southwell - Storming the Castle

Storming the Castle

Jim Southwell

Karol  Livote - Autumns Art

Autumns Art

Karol Livote

Debra Johnson - Palmer Chapel

Palmer Chapel

Debra Johnson

Brian Harig - Colorado Aspens

Colorado Aspens

Brian Harig

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Coastal Trail

Coastal Trail

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Debra Johnson - Currituck Lighthouse III
Wild Thing - Hidden Fence

Hidden Fence

Wild Thing

Bill  Wakeley - Autumn Light

Autumn Light

Bill Wakeley

Michael Flood - Ginko Leaves Meet...

Ginko Leaves Meet...

Michael Flood

Debbie Oppermann - Autumn Forest

Autumn Forest

Debbie Oppermann

Debbie Oppermann - La Cloche Mountain Range

La Cloche Mountain Range

Debbie Oppermann

Joann Vitali - Ashuelot Covered Bridge 3
Debra Johnson - Autumn Streams of Soco...
Louise Heusinkveld - Pumpkins For Sale

Pumpkins For Sale

Louise Heusinkveld

Michael Flood - Fall Leaves In Morning...
Debra Johnson - Mountain View

Mountain View

Debra Johnson

Christy Ricafrente - Illusion


Christy Ricafrente

Jeff Folger - Late afternoon on Lake...
Steven Reed - Drops on Nature
Donna Doherty - Mt. Monadnock Perkins...
Hilde Widerberg - Icelandic Countryside

Icelandic Countryside

Hilde Widerberg

E Faithe Lester - The Ferry Kitsap

The Ferry Kitsap

E Faithe Lester

Anne Gilbert - Leafy Lane

Leafy Lane

Anne Gilbert

Kathy Bassett - Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest

Kathy Bassett

Michael Mazaika - Dwell in the Land and...

Dwell in the Land and...

Michael Mazaika

Francois Fournier - The Green and Brown Hill

The Green and Brown Hill

Francois Fournier

Georgia Mizuleva - Sapphire and Gold - Blue...
Georgia Mizuleva - The Fiery Colors of the...
Bruce Nutting - Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Bruce Nutting

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Rock City Barn

Rock City Barn

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Carolyn Doe - Little Bird and Fence
E Faithe Lester - Beach Drive

Beach Drive

E Faithe Lester

Louise Heusinkveld - Kirkstone Pass in the...

Kirkstone Pass in the...

Louise Heusinkveld

Jeff Folger - Dawn reflection of fall...
Dragica  Micki Fortuna - An old stone bridge

An old stone bridge

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Debbie Oppermann - Walk This Way

Walk This Way

Debbie Oppermann

Jeff Folger - Morning reflection of...
Nina Fosdick - Autumns Light

Autumns Light

Nina Fosdick

Sylvie Moncion - Glorious Yellow no 8

Glorious Yellow no 8

Sylvie Moncion

Hazel Holland - Fall Leaves 3

Fall Leaves 3

Hazel Holland

Carolyn Doe - 3 Blackbirds

3 Blackbirds

Carolyn Doe

Jai Johnson - The Colors of Fall

The Colors of Fall

Jai Johnson

Jeff Folger - Lady bug blending in
Hazel Holland - Bronze Fall Leaves 1

Bronze Fall Leaves 1

Hazel Holland

Jai Johnson - Beginning of Autumn
Wild Thing - Autumn Drifting

Autumn Drifting

Wild Thing

Susan Harris - Shadow of the Bear

Shadow of the Bear

Susan Harris

Susan Harris - Fall buck

Fall buck

Susan Harris

Kendall Kessler - Stream


Kendall Kessler

Steven Reed - Art by Nature

Art by Nature

Steven Reed

Jeff Folger - Tree canopy glowing in...
Doug McPherson - Glades Creek Mill

Glades Creek Mill

Doug McPherson

Wild Thing - Sunset Fisherman

Sunset Fisherman

Wild Thing

Janine Riley - Milford church clock...
Kendall Kessler - Bridge in Woods Near...

Bridge in Woods Near...

Kendall Kessler

Sotiris Filippou - Ready For Your Journey ?

Ready For Your Journey ?

Sotiris Filippou

Adrian Evans - Autumn Rest

Autumn Rest

Adrian Evans

Muriel Levison Goodwin - Central Park in Autumn 10

Central Park in Autumn 10

Muriel Levison Goodwin

Thomas Habermann - Before the leaves fall

Before the leaves fall

Thomas Habermann

Muriel Levison Goodwin - Autumn Has Arrived

Autumn Has Arrived

Muriel Levison Goodwin

Michael Mazaika - Maryland Country Roads -...
Zeana Romanovna - Equilibrium Of The...

Equilibrium Of The...

Zeana Romanovna

Jeff Folger - The old back road

The old back road

Jeff Folger

Richard Cheski - Abandoned Lift in Summer
F Leblanc - Harvest Darke County -...
Chad Dutson - Timp Fall Glow

Timp Fall Glow

Chad Dutson

HH Photography - Appalachian Highlands 2
Suzanne Norgress Harris - Neighborhood Aspen

Neighborhood Aspen

Suzanne Norgress Harris

Kathy Bassett - In For the Night

In For the Night

Kathy Bassett

Wild Thing - Backwater Beauty

Backwater Beauty

Wild Thing

Thomas Woolworth - Autumn Red Leaves

Autumn Red Leaves

Thomas Woolworth

Angelika Kimmig - Place for Adventures

Place for Adventures

Angelika Kimmig

Debbie Oppermann - Meandering Creek In...

Meandering Creek In...

Debbie Oppermann

Jeff Folger - Rainy Fall Reflections
E Faithe Lester - Signs of Fall

Signs of Fall

E Faithe Lester

Suzanne Norgress Harris - Woodland Park Aspen

Woodland Park Aspen

Suzanne Norgress Harris

Louise Heusinkveld - A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

Louise Heusinkveld

Louise Heusinkveld - Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point

Louise Heusinkveld

Stephen  Vecchiotti - Autumn Cottonwood - Zion

Autumn Cottonwood - Zion

Stephen Vecchiotti

Louise Heusinkveld - Walking by the stream

Walking by the stream

Louise Heusinkveld

Stephen  Vecchiotti - Shenendoah Sunset

Shenendoah Sunset

Stephen Vecchiotti

Janine Riley - Rocking chairs on a...
Wild Thing - Uprooted


Wild Thing

Jeff Folger - Clouds over mountains
Dora Sofia Caputo -  Impressionistic Bouquet...
Wild Thing - Guardians


Wild Thing

Janine Riley - Red Japanese Maple in...
Jeff Folger - Reflecting pool solitude
Angelika Kimmig - Come in and find out

Come in and find out

Angelika Kimmig

Denis Tangney Jr - Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England

Denis Tangney Jr

Denis Tangney Jr - Pioneer Valley

Pioneer Valley

Denis Tangney Jr

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Barn in the Woods

Barn in the Woods

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Susan Harris - Mabry Mill

Mabry Mill

Susan Harris

Bill  Wakeley - The Oaks

The Oaks

Bill Wakeley

Wild Thing - Jax


Wild Thing

HH Photography - Lil Country Church

Lil Country Church

HH Photography

Susan Harris - Mabry Mill Wagon

Mabry Mill Wagon

Susan Harris

James Peterson - Cliffside Scenic Vista

Cliffside Scenic Vista

James Peterson

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jeff Folger - Reflecting On Fall...
Nina Fosdick - Red Barn and Red Oaks in...
Bill  Wakeley - Connecticut Scenic Vista...
Muriel Levison Goodwin - Autumn Wildflowers

Autumn Wildflowers

Muriel Levison Goodwin

N Roman - In the forest at autumn
Jose Oquendo - Windswept Grassy Meadow
Muriel Levison Goodwin - Central Park in Autumn 9

Central Park in Autumn 9

Muriel Levison Goodwin

Angelika Kimmig - Dragon-Fly


Angelika Kimmig

Hanny Heim - Morning Fog

Morning Fog

Hanny Heim

Sotiris Filippou - Lights and Shadows

Lights and Shadows

Sotiris Filippou

Louise Heusinkveld - Stone Packhorse Bridge...

Stone Packhorse Bridge...

Louise Heusinkveld

Wild Thing - Peering In

Peering In

Wild Thing

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Trees in the Mist

Trees in the Mist

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Geoffrey Coelho - Littleville Lake

Littleville Lake

Geoffrey Coelho

Susan Harris - Cades Cove Doe

Cades Cove Doe

Susan Harris

Debbie Oppermann - Cranberry Bog Killarney...
Debbie Oppermann - Maple And Birch

Maple And Birch

Debbie Oppermann

Louise Heusinkveld - Red Deer Stag

Red Deer Stag

Louise Heusinkveld

Nina Fosdick - Descending Dusk

Descending Dusk

Nina Fosdick

Zeana Romanovna - Memories Of Home

Memories Of Home

Zeana Romanovna

Steve Sullivan - The Season is Gone

The Season is Gone

Steve Sullivan

Janine Riley - ESU The future looks...
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - 1942 Buick

1942 Buick

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Janine Riley - Sun sets on the marsh
Brooks Garten Hauschild - Welcome Autumn

Welcome Autumn

Brooks Garten Hauschild

Sotiris Filippou - Morning colors

Morning colors

Sotiris Filippou