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Graffiti Art



Group Administrator

Peggy Carroll

Pasadena, CA

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on June 15th, 2013 and currently has:

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Graffiti Art

About This Group

Any type of graffiti or outsider street art.

Featured Images

Darrin Patton - Embrace


Darrin Patton

Steven Parker - Jeep


Steven Parker

Steven Parker - Living In The Patch

Living In The Patch

Steven Parker

Alex Theofanous - Urban Face

Urban Face

Alex Theofanous

Miriam Danar - Graffit with Taxi

Graffit with Taxi

Miriam Danar

Kathy Barney - Yummy


Kathy Barney

Steven Parker - City Lights

City Lights

Steven Parker

Steven Parker - Train Graffiti

Train Graffiti

Steven Parker

Colleen Kammerer - Be Happy

Be Happy

Colleen Kammerer

Colleen Kammerer - Beyond Graffiti

Beyond Graffiti

Colleen Kammerer

Nicholas Romano - Smoke Rama Door

Smoke Rama Door

Nicholas Romano

Stephen Stookey - Classic Cali Burger 2.4

Classic Cali Burger 2.4

Stephen Stookey

Denisse Del Mar Guevara - Street Art

Street Art

Denisse Del Mar Guevara

Karol Livote - One Love One Heart

One Love One Heart

Karol Livote

Steven Parker - Fishing Bones

Fishing Bones

Steven Parker

Kris Hiemstra - Graffiti


Kris Hiemstra

Adrian Evans - Urban Exploration

Urban Exploration

Adrian Evans

Stephen Stookey - Istanbul Graffiti

Istanbul Graffiti

Stephen Stookey

Bob Christopher - Graffiti Recife Brazil 1

Graffiti Recife Brazil 1

Bob Christopher

Kathy Barney - Lunch Ladies

Lunch Ladies

Kathy Barney

Max Malyhin - Trust Nobody

Trust Nobody

Max Malyhin

Chuck  Hicks - Jamming


Chuck Hicks

Kathy Barney - Liberty Tire III

Liberty Tire III

Kathy Barney

Steve Baldwin - Alchemy Of The Saints

Alchemy Of The Saints

Steve Baldwin

Manuel Matas - You Are Loved

You Are Loved

Manuel Matas

Steve Baldwin - Anarchy Of The Saints

Anarchy Of The Saints

Steve Baldwin

Kathy Barney - Urban Expression

Urban Expression

Kathy Barney

Kathy Barney - Curbside


Kathy Barney

Kathy Barney - Child

Child's Play

Kathy Barney

Victoria Herrera - Bell the cat

Bell the cat

Victoria Herrera

Victoria Herrera - Fugitive Hard Sell

Fugitive Hard Sell

Victoria Herrera

Ashley Davis - Sun Chair

Sun Chair

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis - My Playground

My Playground

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis - Good Life

Good Life

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis - Native


Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis - Smoking


Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis - Cars


Ashley Davis

Madaline Svencner - 16


Madaline Svencner

Ashley Davis - Up Kids

Up Kids

Ashley Davis

Madaline Svencner - 15


Madaline Svencner

Madaline Svencner - 13


Madaline Svencner

Steven Parker - Little Debbie

Little Debbie

Steven Parker

Phil Robinson - The Mask

The Mask

Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson - Love


Phil Robinson

Steven Parker - Mural New Orleans

Mural New Orleans

Steven Parker

Ashley Davis - M.i.a.


Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis - R.I.P. Nekst

R.I.P. Nekst

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis - Decay


Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis - Ignorance


Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis - Hidden Beauty

Hidden Beauty

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis - Diamonds


Ashley Davis

Madaline Svencner - 8


Madaline Svencner

Victoria Herrera - Graffiti Thoughtful Child

Graffiti Thoughtful Child

Victoria Herrera

Jacqueline Athmann - Dr. Suess

Dr. Suess

Jacqueline Athmann

Bob Christopher - Graffiti Recife Brazil 3

Graffiti Recife Brazil 3

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Graffiti Recife Brazil 6

Graffiti Recife Brazil 6

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Graffiti Recife Brazil 5

Graffiti Recife Brazil 5

Bob Christopher

Phil Robinson - John Lennon Wall 5

John Lennon Wall 5

Phil Robinson

Bob Christopher - Graffiti Olinda Brazil 1

Graffiti Olinda Brazil 1

Bob Christopher

Phil Robinson - Prague Spraycan 1

Prague Spraycan 1

Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson - 15 Minutes

15 Minutes

Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson - Undercroft One

Undercroft One

Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson - Skateboard Two

Skateboard Two

Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson - Dennis and Gnasher

Dennis and Gnasher

Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson - Crete Graffiti Three

Crete Graffiti Three

Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson - Spraycan Art

Spraycan Art

Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson - The Rules

The Rules

Phil Robinson

Denisse Del Mar Guevara - The Happy Tree

The Happy Tree

Denisse Del Mar Guevara

Kathy Barney - Leaf Graffiti

Leaf Graffiti

Kathy Barney

Jason Kimble - Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly

Jason Kimble

Ethna Gillespie - Rabbit


Ethna Gillespie

Kathy Barney - Many Hands

Many Hands

Kathy Barney

Denise Dube - Urban Micky

Urban Micky

Denise Dube

Ethna Gillespie - Shatin Graffiti

Shatin Graffiti

Ethna Gillespie

Danielle Nelisse - Rome Graffiti II

Rome Graffiti II

Danielle Nelisse

Kathy Barney - Heart of the Tree

Heart of the Tree

Kathy Barney

Robert Riordan - Red Shoes

Red Shoes

Robert Riordan

Denisse Del Mar Guevara - Digital Art

Digital Art

Denisse Del Mar Guevara

Ethna Gillespie - TST Graffiti

TST Graffiti

Ethna Gillespie

Steven Parker - United Farmworkers

United Farmworkers

Steven Parker

Steven Parker - Painted Lady

Painted Lady

Steven Parker

Kim Gauge - Street Poetry 7

Street Poetry 7

Kim Gauge

Kim Gauge - Street Poetry

Street Poetry

Kim Gauge

Kathy Barney - Artistic Junk

Artistic Junk

Kathy Barney

Steven Parker - James Dean Mural

James Dean Mural

Steven Parker

Ethna Gillespie - Doorway Man

Doorway Man

Ethna Gillespie

Robert Riordan - Off the Grid

Off the Grid

Robert Riordan

Kim Gauge - Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Kim Gauge

Kim Gauge - Marilyn


Kim Gauge

Kim Gauge - typOGraphi


Kim Gauge

Peggy Carroll - Heart


Peggy Carroll

Kim Gauge - Unit 5

Unit 5

Kim Gauge

Kim Gauge - The Veil

The Veil

Kim Gauge

Kim Gauge - Machine


Kim Gauge

Kim Gauge - Prism


Kim Gauge

Kim Gauge - Illuminati


Kim Gauge

Kim Gauge - Insanity


Kim Gauge

Kim Gauge - Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

Kim Gauge

Trever Miller - Girls Tag Two

Girls Tag Two

Trever Miller

Trever Miller - Girls Tag Too

Girls Tag Too

Trever Miller

Peggy Carroll - Truly madly deeply

Truly madly deeply

Peggy Carroll

Robert Riordan - Colorful Bricks

Colorful Bricks

Robert Riordan

Charles A LaMatto - Crumbling Mural

Crumbling Mural

Charles A LaMatto

Charles A LaMatto - Misfit Mural

Misfit Mural

Charles A LaMatto

Steven Parker - Walking Downtown

Walking Downtown

Steven Parker

Steven Parker - Frank Sinatra Mural

Frank Sinatra Mural

Steven Parker

Steven Parker - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Steven Parker

Steven Parker - Fireman Graffiti

Fireman Graffiti

Steven Parker

Steven Parker - Marilyn Monroe Mural

Marilyn Monroe Mural

Steven Parker

Jon Cotroneo - John Lennon wall

John Lennon wall

Jon Cotroneo

Charles A LaMatto - Taxi Mural

Taxi Mural

Charles A LaMatto

Charles A LaMatto - Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

Charles A LaMatto

Charles A LaMatto - Mural Earth Effect

Mural Earth Effect

Charles A LaMatto

Robert Riordan - Window Graffiti

Window Graffiti

Robert Riordan

Marie Jamieson - Graf On A Bunker Post

Graf On A Bunker Post

Marie Jamieson

Marie Jamieson - Waves On A Wall

Waves On A Wall

Marie Jamieson

Jacob Brewer - Street Art 4

Street Art 4

Jacob Brewer

Jacob Brewer - Street Art 3

Street Art 3

Jacob Brewer

Jacob Brewer - Street Art 2

Street Art 2

Jacob Brewer

Jacob Brewer - Street Art 1

Street Art 1

Jacob Brewer

Max Malyhin - Around The World

Around The World

Max Malyhin

Steven Parker - Face of Blue

Face of Blue

Steven Parker

Steven Parker - The Yellow Skull

The Yellow Skull

Steven Parker

Bob Christopher - Graffiti Genius 1

Graffiti Genius 1

Bob Christopher

Jacob Brewer - Under the Bridge 1

Under the Bridge 1

Jacob Brewer

Steven Parker - The Circus Clown

The Circus Clown

Steven Parker

Jacob Brewer - Mona


Jacob Brewer

Jacob Brewer - Freedom Tracks

Freedom Tracks

Jacob Brewer

Jacob Brewer - Zinger


Jacob Brewer

John Babis - Urban Art

Urban Art

John Babis