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HDR Photography



Group Administrator

David Patterson

Old Forge, NY

United States

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This group was started on June 19th, 2010 and currently has:


768 Members


26,087 Images


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HDR Photography

About This Group

Any artist/photographer that creates HDR photography may join this group.

The acronym HDR comes from the words High Dynamic Range. High dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods. This wider dynamic range allows HDR images to more accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes.

There are many methods, and various kinds of software, that photographers now use to create an HDR image. Show us what you feel are your best creations. HDR photos do not necessarily have to be color.

I love seeing the work of all the talented photographers out there who use the various HDR methods. Please share your photos here that show your diverse imaginations and creativity. We all love seeing shots taken around the world that give us a chance to see the creative wonders that come from other photographers creative eyes.

Featured Images

Michael Gass - Govan Schoolhouse

Govan Schoolhouse

Michael Gass

Michael Gass - Seattle Waterfront...
Ludmila Nayvelt - Saint Isaac

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Ludmila Nayvelt

Priscilla Burgers - Storm at Woods Lake

Storm at Woods Lake

Priscilla Burgers

Mark Lucey - Smoothing Agent

Smoothing Agent

Mark Lucey

Mike Savad - Autumn - Farm -...
Kaye Menner - Stairs from the Beach
Arnie Goldstein - Here Come Da Judge

Here Come Da Judge

Arnie Goldstein

Ian Mitchell - Gods Faith

Gods Faith

Ian Mitchell

David Bearden - Flatiron in the rain

Flatiron in the rain

David Bearden

Saija  Lehtonen - A Stormy Evening in the...
Stephen Campbell - Upper Yosemite Falls

Upper Yosemite Falls

Stephen Campbell

Lewis Mann - By The Shade Tree
Mike Savad - Machinist - Industrial...
Dan Carmichael - Misty Blue Ridge Sunrise...
Carolyn Ascher - The Courthouse

The Courthouse

Carolyn Ascher

Nathan Wright - Old power station

Old power station

Nathan Wright

David Patterson - Lock and Dam on the...

Lock and Dam on the...

David Patterson

Saija  Lehtonen - Southwest Monsoon Skies
David Patterson - Reflections at Fly Pond

Reflections at Fly Pond

David Patterson

Ian Mitchell - Dinorwic Slate Quarry
David Patterson - The Peacefulness of Bubb...
Spencer McDonald - 23 Skidoo Bomber

23 Skidoo Bomber

Spencer McDonald

Ian Mitchell - Show Me The Light

Show Me The Light

Ian Mitchell

M Dale - Winter Tributary
Chuck Robinson - Bromo Seltzer Tower

Bromo Seltzer Tower

Chuck Robinson

Lewis Mann - Mirrored Lake

Mirrored Lake

Lewis Mann

David Patterson - The Canoe on Bubb Lake

The Canoe on Bubb Lake

David Patterson

Wayne Sherriff - Golden Barn

Golden Barn

Wayne Sherriff

Lois Bryan - One Room School

One Room School

Lois Bryan

David Patterson - Early Fall Color on Fly...
Chris Martin - Sunset at Sunset

Sunset at Sunset

Chris Martin

Mike Savad - Cafe - Hoboken NJ -...
Wayne Sherriff - Cityscape


Wayne Sherriff

Bill  Wakeley - Glowing Maples Square
David Tinsley - Summer Lilies

Summer Lilies

David Tinsley

Ray Warren - Let
Nathan Wright - All opened

All opened

Nathan Wright

Ian Mitchell - St Mary

St Mary's

Ian Mitchell

David Patterson - Fly Pond on Rondaxe Road

Fly Pond on Rondaxe Road

David Patterson

Mike Savad - Barber - Eastern State...
David Patterson - The Eclectic Bryan Hall...
JC Findley - Perspectives V

Perspectives V

JC Findley

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Plumbing -...
Yhun Suarez - St Patrick
Wayne Sherriff - Malice In Wonderland

Malice In Wonderland

Wayne Sherriff

Kasey Cline - Green With Envy

Green With Envy

Kasey Cline

David Patterson - Droplets of Autumn

Droplets of Autumn

David Patterson

Isaac Silman - Old city Girona

Old city Girona

Isaac Silman

Richard Lee - The Farm

The Farm

Richard Lee

Evelina Kremsdorf - Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Evelina Kremsdorf

Lori Deiter - Sunset at Mt. Katahdin
David Patterson - Sunshine on the Palouse

Sunshine on the Palouse

David Patterson

David Patterson - A Sliver of Canola

A Sliver of Canola

David Patterson

Vicki Jauron - Summer Lawn

Summer Lawn

Vicki Jauron

Wayne Sherriff - Once Was Kitchen

Once Was Kitchen

Wayne Sherriff

David Bearden - Number Nine Industrial...
Evelina Kremsdorf - An Ode To England

An Ode To England

Evelina Kremsdorf

Yhun Suarez - Seafood Bar

Seafood Bar

Yhun Suarez

Mike Hendren - Power Wagon

Power Wagon

Mike Hendren

Erik Brede - The Asylum Project -...
David Patterson - 1928 Chevrolet National...
Saija  Lehtonen - A Sonoran Desert Sunset
Mike Savad - Machinist - A room full...
David Patterson - Sedona Rock Formations

Sedona Rock Formations

David Patterson

David Patterson - Red Rock Canyon...

Red Rock Canyon...

David Patterson

Pamela Baker - Storybook Bench

Storybook Bench

Pamela Baker

David Patterson - The Granary

The Granary

David Patterson

Martin Crush - Midnight Express

Midnight Express

Martin Crush

Frank Garciarubio - Sterling Memorial...

Sterling Memorial...

Frank Garciarubio

Deborah Kolesar - Waterworks Graffiti 4

Waterworks Graffiti 4

Deborah Kolesar

David Patterson - Red Rocks Park Hillside

Red Rocks Park Hillside

David Patterson

Edward Myers - New Hampshire Waterway 2
JC Findley - The Fishing Spot

The Fishing Spot

JC Findley

Chantal PhotoPix - Captivated Cat - A...

Captivated Cat - A...

Chantal PhotoPix

David Bearden - President James Garfield
Jason Blalock - King Of The Hill HDR

King Of The Hill HDR

Jason Blalock

Mike Savad - Barber - The country...
Mike Savad - Spring - Landscape - My...
Roger and Michele Hodgson - Clouds Over Miami

Clouds Over Miami

Roger and Michele Hodgson

JC Findley - Sandy


JC Findley

Frank Feliciano - Fanning Spring out to...

Fanning Spring out to...

Frank Feliciano

JC Findley - Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit

JC Findley

Rosemary McGahey - Bayside Watch

Bayside Watch

Rosemary McGahey

Kathleen Struckle - Country Scene

Country Scene

Kathleen Struckle

Yhun Suarez - Witness


Yhun Suarez

The Stone Age - Shadows Of Yesteryear

Shadows Of Yesteryear

The Stone Age

Carl Jackson - Sunrise Arch

Sunrise Arch

Carl Jackson

Carol Christopher  - Standin Crooked

Standin Crooked

Carol Christopher

Danny Black - Cannon Ball Express
Frank Garciarubio - Motif No.1

Motif No.1

Frank Garciarubio

E R Smith - Clouds and Froth
Linda Azevedo - Coastal Lighthouse

Coastal Lighthouse

Linda Azevedo

Douglas J Fisher - Like a Moth to a Flame

Like a Moth to a Flame

Douglas J Fisher

Mike Hendren - Old Ford Truck

Old Ford Truck

Mike Hendren

Scott Merriman - Goldie Lake

Goldie Lake

Scott Merriman

Pierric Descamps - Sunset over the Red Sea

Sunset over the Red Sea

Pierric Descamps

Andrew Armstrong  -  Orange Room Images - The Black Cloud

The Black Cloud

Andrew Armstrong - Orange Room Images

David Patterson - Fencelines


David Patterson

Dean Traiger - Tower of Fountain

Tower of Fountain

Dean Traiger

Scott Childress - Old Store

Old Store

Scott Childress

Terry Talbot -  Old Phone Booth

Old Phone Booth

Terry Talbot

Thomas  MacPherson Jr - Boardwalk    HDR

Boardwalk HDR

Thomas MacPherson Jr

Chris Thaxter - Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

Chris Thaxter

Sandy Jensen - Early morning Sunshine
Mike Hill - After the Plow

After the Plow

Mike Hill

Osvaldo Carbuccia - Interior de la Catedral...

Interior de la Catedral...

Osvaldo Carbuccia

Thomas  Jarvais - Nasty Old Car

Nasty Old Car

Thomas Jarvais

Harry H Hicklin - Corinth Station

Corinth Station

Harry H Hicklin

Irene Abdou - Turret Arch Red IV

Turret Arch Red IV

Irene Abdou

Randy Wehner Photography - Classic Blue Chevy

Classic Blue Chevy

Randy Wehner Photography

SD Smart - Port Willunga

Port Willunga

SD Smart

Sandra Bronstein - Bahai Temple

Bahai Temple

Sandra Bronstein

Brad Granger - Haystacks at Sunset

Haystacks at Sunset

Brad Granger

Nicholas Damario -  Content


Nicholas Damario

Joe  Ng - Blue Water Bridge
Paul W Sharpe Aka Wizard of Wonders - Nicolas Haunted House II

Nicolas Haunted House II

Paul W Sharpe Aka Wizard of Wonders

Val Black Russian Tourchin - Trump Tower at Columbus...

Trump Tower at Columbus...

Val Black Russian Tourchin

Sarita Rampersad - Charlotte Street Vendors

Charlotte Street Vendors

Sarita Rampersad

Kadir Murat Tosun - Haydarpasa


Kadir Murat Tosun

Levin Rodriguez - King

King's Landing Old Mill

Levin Rodriguez

Anthony Sacco - Old Number 40

Old Number 40

Anthony Sacco

Farol Tomson - Desert Storm Clouds

Desert Storm Clouds

Farol Tomson

Laura Ogrodnik - better is one day in...
Chris Fleming - Pushing Through

Pushing Through

Chris Fleming

Cheyenne L  Rouse - Dodge Bootlegger Truck

Dodge Bootlegger Truck

Cheyenne L Rouse

John Johnson - Old stove

Old stove

John Johnson

Yi Huang - Chinese Ancient Town
Dolly Sanchez - Good Morning Amsterdam
Ludmila Nayvelt - Is it love

Is it love

Ludmila Nayvelt

Jim  Hatch - Paris at Dusk

Paris at Dusk

Jim Hatch

Russell Styles - Faded glamour

Faded glamour

Russell Styles

Sophie De Roumanie - Abandoned Boats

Abandoned Boats

Sophie De Roumanie

Jimmy Ostgard - A Birds Paradise

A Birds Paradise

Jimmy Ostgard

Jane Linders - Polaroid perceptions
Wayne Sherriff - Sideshow Alley

Sideshow Alley

Wayne Sherriff

Fred Lassmann - Springtime at Augusta...
Rich Leighton - Busted and Rusted

Busted and Rusted

Rich Leighton

Michel Filion - Marsh near the Lake

Marsh near the Lake

Michel Filion

Laurie Prentice - Staring Lake

Staring Lake

Laurie Prentice

Deborah Benoit - Old Montreal June 2010

Old Montreal June 2010

Deborah Benoit

Andrew Kubica - Taps


Andrew Kubica

Chris Smith - Abraham Derbys Iron...
Sabine Jacobs - Plzen in HDR Czech...

Plzen in HDR Czech...

Sabine Jacobs

Svetlana Sewell - Sunset on the Beach

Sunset on the Beach

Svetlana Sewell

Scott  Wyatt - Carts Before the Horse
Angie Tirado - Peaceful Calm - Allaire...
Tom Melo - Under The Dream
Evelina Kremsdorf - Time to Reflect

Time to Reflect

Evelina Kremsdorf

Kathy Tarochione - Streets of Chicago

Streets of Chicago

Kathy Tarochione

Mick Burkey - Evening in the Valley
Edward Myers - Locomotive in HDR

Locomotive in HDR

Edward Myers

William Wetmore - Pelican in the Florida...
Pierre Leclerc Photography - Majestic Cliffs of Moher...

Majestic Cliffs of Moher...

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Larry Underwood - Bronze Brunch

Bronze Brunch

Larry Underwood

Patrick  Flynn - Aging Red Caboose

Aging Red Caboose

Patrick Flynn

Dale Stillman - Reservation Church

Reservation Church

Dale Stillman

Dustin K Ryan - Plantation Drive Live...
Don Nieman - Downtown Sunrise Shadows
Robert Pearson - Sun Snow Ice

Sun Snow Ice

Robert Pearson

Gareth Davies - Pentre Ifan

Pentre Ifan

Gareth Davies

Edward Sobuta - Indigo Lily

Indigo Lily

Edward Sobuta