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Hidden Hearts



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Debra Thompson

Sacramento, CA

United States

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This group was started on February 2nd, 2014 and currently has:

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Hidden Hearts

About This Group

The purpose of this group is to gather and share a collection of 'Hidden Hearts' primarily found in nature. For example, it could be a heart shaped cloud, island, tree, set of tree branches, knot in a tree, tree roots, tree stump, leaf, flower, clump of berries, clump of snow or ice, rock, shell, piece of sea glass and so on... Any photos with a hidden heart shaped frame with a nature background behind it will be acceptable as well. I have taken several photos with Hidden Hearts and noticed a lot of other FAA members have also so that is what inspired this group. Please submit only clear, well composted photos where a hidden heart is the main focus. Paintings, drawings, and digital art are also welcome as long as a hidden heart can be found in them. Please limit submissions to 10 a day. Have fun finding and creating hearts!

Potential buyers: Any of these images would make great Valentine's Day or Anniversary cards or gifts for nature lovers! I have tried to organize the home page with heart photos near the top going to the middle of the page and then paintings and digital art starting in the middle of the page and going to the bottom of the page. Then I organized each section by category to make it easier for a buyer to find what they are looking for! Thanks for looking!

Featured Images

Kathy Barney - Lake Heart

Lake Heart

Kathy Barney

James E Weaver - Desert Valentine

Desert Valentine

James E Weaver

Vesna Martinjak - The path of love

The path of love

Vesna Martinjak

AnnaJo Vahle - Pure Love

Pure Love

AnnaJo Vahle

Misti Algeo - Coconut Heart

Coconut Heart

Misti Algeo

Linda Sannuti - Popping Passion

Popping Passion

Linda Sannuti

Kris Hiemstra - Two Hearts

Two Hearts

Kris Hiemstra

Geraldine Scull   - Bleeding hearts on vine

Bleeding hearts on vine

Geraldine Scull

Julie Pappas - Love The Forest

Love The Forest

Julie Pappas

Irina Sztukowski - Vintage Window Le Cafe

Vintage Window Le Cafe

Irina Sztukowski

Tamara Kulish - Heart of the Wood

Heart of the Wood

Tamara Kulish

Marlene Rose Besso - Rose Heart Cork Collage

Rose Heart Cork Collage

Marlene Rose Besso

Jan Bickerton - Love on the Line

Love on the Line

Jan Bickerton

Tamara Kulish - Telephone Pole Art 4

Telephone Pole Art 4

Tamara Kulish

Robert Bales - The Bleeding Hearts

The Bleeding Hearts

Robert Bales

Kimberlee  Baxter - Butterfly Jig

Butterfly Jig

Kimberlee Baxter

Karin Ravasio - Heart in the clouds

Heart in the clouds

Karin Ravasio

Debra Thompson - Purple Flower Heart

Purple Flower Heart

Debra Thompson

Vesna Martinjak - Imagination 6

Imagination 6

Vesna Martinjak

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art - Bed Of Bleeding Hearts

Bed Of Bleeding Hearts

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art

Debra Thompson - I Love The Ocean

I Love The Ocean

Debra Thompson

Linda Sannuti - Winter Cosmic Heart

Winter Cosmic Heart

Linda Sannuti

Roselynne Broussard - Love Is Welcome

Love Is Welcome

Roselynne Broussard

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art - Heart Shaped Roots

Heart Shaped Roots

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art

Richard Green - Snow Hearts

Snow Hearts

Richard Green

Debra Thompson - I Love Pismo Beach

I Love Pismo Beach

Debra Thompson

Christina Verdgeline - Bread  From the Heart

Bread From the Heart

Christina Verdgeline

Dominique Fortier - Coeur rouge / Red Heart

Coeur rouge / Red Heart

Dominique Fortier

Dominique Fortier - Coeur de sable / Sand Heart

Coeur de sable / Sand Heart

Dominique Fortier

Karen Roberson - Small Surprise

Small Surprise

Karen Roberson

Southwindow Eugenia Rey-Guerra  - Heart Home

Heart Home

Southwindow Eugenia Rey-Guerra

Chris Scroggins - Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Chris Scroggins

Marlene Rose Besso - Heart Leaf

Heart Leaf

Marlene Rose Besso

Shawna  Rowe - Home Grown Love

Home Grown Love

Shawna Rowe

Marlene Rose Besso - Heart Cloud Sedona CPD

Heart Cloud Sedona CPD

Marlene Rose Besso

Marlene Rose Besso - Heart Tree

Heart Tree

Marlene Rose Besso

Marlene Rose Besso - Grand Canyon View

Grand Canyon View

Marlene Rose Besso

Marlene Rose Besso - Sedona Heart Rock

Sedona Heart Rock

Marlene Rose Besso

Marlene Rose Besso - Heart Shaped Persimmon

Heart Shaped Persimmon

Marlene Rose Besso

Marlene Rose Besso - Heart Autumn Tree

Heart Autumn Tree

Marlene Rose Besso

Marlene Rose Besso - Bell Rock 6413 Serendipity

Bell Rock 6413 Serendipity

Marlene Rose Besso

Claudia  Ellis - One Heart

One Heart

Claudia Ellis

Thomas Woolworth - I Love My Bride

I Love My Bride

Thomas Woolworth

Bob and Kathy Frank - Salcha


Bob and Kathy Frank

Kathy Barney - Kitty Love Shows

Kitty Love Shows

Kathy Barney

Christina Ochsner - With Love

With Love

Christina Ochsner

AnnaJo Vahle - Swan Song

Swan Song

AnnaJo Vahle

Linda Galok - HeartstWings


Linda Galok

Leif Sohlman - Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly

Leif Sohlman

Julia Ivanovna Tanner - Water Fall Heart

Water Fall Heart

Julia Ivanovna Tanner

Julia Ivanovna Tanner - Ocean Heart

Ocean Heart

Julia Ivanovna Tanner

Patrick M Lynch - Love In The Keys

Love In The Keys

Patrick M Lynch

Mike Wing - Heart Reef

Heart Reef

Mike Wing

Linda Sannuti - See Through Heart

See Through Heart

Linda Sannuti

Leana De Villiers - Heart Of Another Kind

Heart Of Another Kind

Leana De Villiers

Loriental Photography - Beach Treasures

Beach Treasures

Loriental Photography

Shelley Lewis - I LOVE SeaGlassing

I LOVE SeaGlassing

Shelley Lewis

Kathy Barney - Le Coeur de la Mer

Le Coeur de la Mer

Kathy Barney


Heart Rocks

Dawn's Good Nature

Kimberly Nyce - Love Rocks

Love Rocks

Kimberly Nyce

Natalie Long - A Heart of Stone

A Heart of Stone

Natalie Long

John Daly - Sea Foam Heart

Sea Foam Heart

John Daly

Susan Sidorski - Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone

Susan Sidorski

Emily Schmidt - Heart Shells

Heart Shells

Emily Schmidt

Debra Thompson - Seaweed Heart

Seaweed Heart

Debra Thompson

Debra Thompson - I Love The Beach

I Love The Beach

Debra Thompson

Kimberly Nyce - Impressions of Love

Impressions of Love

Kimberly Nyce

Robin Lee Mccarthy Photography - #377 Heart at the Beach Film

#377 Heart at the Beach Film

Robin Lee Mccarthy Photography

Cynthia Guinn - Heart Of Sand

Heart Of Sand

Cynthia Guinn

Roger Wedegis - Found Love

Found Love

Roger Wedegis


Heart Tree

Dawn's Good Nature

Jayne Carney - Love Tree

Love Tree

Jayne Carney

Diane Stresing - Nature Lover

Nature Lover

Diane Stresing

James Peterson - Nature Loves Me

Nature Loves Me

James Peterson

Fiona Kennard - Nature Is In My Heart

Nature Is In My Heart

Fiona Kennard

Mick Anderson - Heart of the Tree

Heart of the Tree

Mick Anderson

Christy Cox - Tree Art - Heart

Tree Art - Heart

Christy Cox

Natalie Long - Tree Love

Tree Love

Natalie Long

Kathy Barney - Heart of the Tree

Heart of the Tree

Kathy Barney

Nomad Art And  Design - Love Tree

Love Tree

Nomad Art And Design

Cynthia Guinn - Heart-Face Angel

Heart-Face Angel

Cynthia Guinn

Robin Lewis - Love of Trees

Love of Trees

Robin Lewis

Linda Galok - Nature

Nature's Heart

Linda Galok

Patti Whitten - Love Me Knot

Love Me Knot

Patti Whitten

Kathy Barney - Heart Stump

Heart Stump

Kathy Barney

Kathy Barney - Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

Kathy Barney

John Rizzuto - Tree Heart

Tree Heart

John Rizzuto

Karin Ravasio - Ivy heart

Ivy heart

Karin Ravasio

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - Winter Wild Rose Heart

Winter Wild Rose Heart

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom

Cortney Leigh - Nature

Nature's Ornaments

Cortney Leigh

Nikolyn McDonald - For the Love of Wine

For the Love of Wine

Nikolyn McDonald

Kerri Mortenson - Prickly Pear Heart

Prickly Pear Heart

Kerri Mortenson

Ann Johndro-Collins - Love in the Desert

Love in the Desert

Ann Johndro-Collins

Roselynne Broussard - Heart Of Hearts

Heart Of Hearts

Roselynne Broussard

Roselynne Broussard - Fragile Heart

Fragile Heart

Roselynne Broussard

James Peterson - Hornet Nest

Hornet Nest

James Peterson

Debra Thompson - Nature

Nature's Heart

Debra Thompson

Kirkodd Photography Of New England - Berry Heart - Acadia Maine

Berry Heart - Acadia Maine

Kirkodd Photography Of New England

Joseph Baril - Macro Holly Bush

Macro Holly Bush

Joseph Baril

Diannah Lynch - Frozen Like My Heart

Frozen Like My Heart

Diannah Lynch

Patti Whitten - Strawberry


Patti Whitten

Janet Pancho Gupta - I Found LOVE

I Found LOVE

Janet Pancho Gupta

Diane Stresing - I heart trees

I heart trees

Diane Stresing

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - The heart of the bog

The heart of the bog

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom

Jimmy Ostgard - Heart And Butterfly

Heart And Butterfly

Jimmy Ostgard

Sabrina L Ryan - Heart in the Garden

Heart in the Garden

Sabrina L Ryan

Haren Images- Kriss Haren - Blue and green

Blue and green

Haren Images- Kriss Haren

Deyanira Harris - happy Valentine today

happy Valentine today

Deyanira Harris

Deyanira Harris - Valentine Leaf

Valentine Leaf

Deyanira Harris

Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch - Green Heart

Green Heart

Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch


Heart Leaf

Dawn's Good Nature

Deon Grandon - Leaf Heart

Leaf Heart

Deon Grandon

Linda Sannuti - This One is for Love

This One is for Love

Linda Sannuti

Julia Ivanovna Tanner - Jungle Heart

Jungle Heart

Julia Ivanovna Tanner

Patti Whitten - Heartstrings


Patti Whitten

Geraldine Scull   - Thinking inside the box

Thinking inside the box

Geraldine Scull

Julia Ivanovna Tanner - Leaf Heart

Leaf Heart

Julia Ivanovna Tanner

Chris Scroggins - Love is Everywhere

Love is Everywhere

Chris Scroggins

Chris Scroggins - Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart

Chris Scroggins

Kathy Barney - Garden Heart

Garden Heart

Kathy Barney

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art - Air Potato Vine

Air Potato Vine

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art - Vines and Oaks

Vines and Oaks

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art

Susan Sidorski - Planted Hearts

Planted Hearts

Susan Sidorski

Susan Sidorski - Hidden Hearts

Hidden Hearts

Susan Sidorski

Linda Galok - Yin Yang Hearts

Yin Yang Hearts

Linda Galok

Debra Thompson - Rose Heart at Night

Rose Heart at Night

Debra Thompson

Debra Thompson - Rose Heart

Rose Heart

Debra Thompson

Sabine Jacobs - Pink Spring Heart

Pink Spring Heart

Sabine Jacobs

Jale  Fancey - Flower of my Heart

Flower of my Heart

Jale Fancey

Kimberlee  Baxter - Sedum in the Heart

Sedum in the Heart

Kimberlee Baxter

Danielle Allard - Flower of love

Flower of love

Danielle Allard

Joann Copeland-Paul - Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Joann Copeland-Paul

J L Kempster - Red for LOVE

Red for LOVE

J L Kempster

Juergen Roth - Rosy Rose

Rosy Rose

Juergen Roth

Sabrina L Ryan - Heart of a Peach Rose

Heart of a Peach Rose

Sabrina L Ryan

Linda Galok - Benevolence


Linda Galok

Linda Galok - With All My Heart

With All My Heart

Linda Galok

Pamela Patch - Sunflower Love

Sunflower Love

Pamela Patch

Nanette Emerle - Seeds of love

Seeds of love

Nanette Emerle

Matthew Yeoman - Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts

Matthew Yeoman

Julia Ivanovna Tanner - Don

Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover

Julia Ivanovna Tanner

Debbie Oppermann - Romantic Bleeding Hearts

Romantic Bleeding Hearts

Debbie Oppermann

Robert Bales - Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts

Robert Bales

Robert Bales - The Red Heart

The Red Heart

Robert Bales

Juergen Roth - Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Juergen Roth

Diannah Lynch - Carefree Hearts

Carefree Hearts

Diannah Lynch

Angie Vogel - Two Hearts

Two Hearts

Angie Vogel

Leif Sohlman - Hearts in sorrow

Hearts in sorrow

Leif Sohlman

Geraldine Scull   - Lonely Heart

Lonely Heart

Geraldine Scull

Rona Black - Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Rona Black

Debbie Oppermann - One Love One Heart

One Love One Heart

Debbie Oppermann

Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch - Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch

JoNeL Art  - Pink Petal Heart

Pink Petal Heart

JoNeL Art

Jan Bickerton - Forget Me Not Heart

Forget Me Not Heart

Jan Bickerton

Linda Sannuti - Heart Of A Daisy

Heart Of A Daisy

Linda Sannuti

Kathy Barney - Pansy Fansy

Pansy Fansy

Kathy Barney

Geraldine Scull   - Heart on a leaf

Heart on a leaf

Geraldine Scull

Christy Cox - Grape Seed Hearts

Grape Seed Hearts

Christy Cox

Norma Brock - Hickory Hearts

Hickory Hearts

Norma Brock

Linda Galok - Autumn Passageway

Autumn Passageway

Linda Galok

Elizabeth Dow - Heart Rock

Heart Rock

Elizabeth Dow

Debra Thompson - Heart Rock in Yosemite

Heart Rock in Yosemite

Debra Thompson

Jale  Fancey - Heart on the Rocks

Heart on the Rocks

Jale Fancey

Kathy Barney - Flagstone Heart

Flagstone Heart

Kathy Barney

Kathy Barney - Stone Heart

Stone Heart

Kathy Barney

Kathy Barney - Shapes of Life

Shapes of Life

Kathy Barney

Debra Thompson - Desert Heart Rock

Desert Heart Rock

Debra Thompson

Debra Thompson - Heart Shaped Rock

Heart Shaped Rock

Debra Thompson

Nomad Art And  Design - Love Shutters

Love Shutters

Nomad Art And Design

Nomad Art And  Design - Window Hearts

Window Hearts

Nomad Art And Design

Nomad Art And  Design - Door to my Heart

Door to my Heart

Nomad Art And Design

Michelle Frizzell-Thompson - Horseshoe Love

Horseshoe Love

Michelle Frizzell-Thompson

Nomad Art And  Design - Book Flower

Book Flower

Nomad Art And Design

Nomad Art And  Design - The Love of a Book

The Love of a Book

Nomad Art And Design

Jan Bickerton - Love is all Around

Love is all Around

Jan Bickerton

Jan Bickerton - Love


Jan Bickerton

Bob and Kathy Frank - Love is ....

Love is ....

Bob and Kathy Frank

Thomas Woolworth - A Strong Heart

A Strong Heart

Thomas Woolworth


I Heart Lake Tahoe

Dawn's Good Nature

Cj Avery - I Heart Water

I Heart Water

Cj Avery

J L Kempster - Water Heart

Water Heart

J L Kempster

Janet Smith - Flowing Heart

Flowing Heart

Janet Smith

Bob and Kathy Frank - Ice Abstract

Ice Abstract

Bob and Kathy Frank

Kimberly Nyce - Exalted Love

Exalted Love

Kimberly Nyce

Kathy Barney - Melting Heart

Melting Heart

Kathy Barney

Christina Verdgeline - Heart


Christina Verdgeline

Janet Smith - Frozen Hearts

Frozen Hearts

Janet Smith

Nicholas Palmieri - H

H'art In The Ice

Nicholas Palmieri

Cynthia Guinn - Heart Shadow

Heart Shadow

Cynthia Guinn

Mim White - Rainbow Heart

Rainbow Heart

Mim White

Mim White - Heart


Mim White

Debra Thompson - Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air

Debra Thompson

Cynthia Guinn - Fluffy Heart

Fluffy Heart

Cynthia Guinn

Kerstin Ivarsson - Blue Heart in Heaven

Blue Heart in Heaven

Kerstin Ivarsson

Marlene Rose Besso - Heart Cloud Sedona

Heart Cloud Sedona

Marlene Rose Besso

Kerstin Ivarsson - Red Heart in Heaven

Red Heart in Heaven

Kerstin Ivarsson

Michelle Frizzell-Thompson - Heart Planet

Heart Planet

Michelle Frizzell-Thompson

Ricardo Chavez-Mendez - Corazon del Mar

Corazon del Mar

Ricardo Chavez-Mendez

Janine Riley - Oh baby giraffe

Oh baby giraffe

Janine Riley

Sara  Maria - Forever yours

Forever yours

Sara Maria

Marina Likholat - Tropical dream

Tropical dream

Marina Likholat

Mike Grubb - Lonely Heart

Lonely Heart

Mike Grubb

Ken Day - Heart Tree

Heart Tree

Ken Day

Deborah Smith - Heart Tree

Heart Tree

Deborah Smith

Cheryl Young - Romance Tree

Romance Tree

Cheryl Young

Janine Riley - Spring


Janine Riley

Janine Riley - Vernal Equinox

Vernal Equinox

Janine Riley

Nathan Wilson - Zen


Nathan Wilson

Kimberlee  Baxter - Roses Hidden in the Heart

Roses Hidden in the Heart

Kimberlee Baxter

Bruce Nutting - Tree of Pink Love

Tree of Pink Love

Bruce Nutting

Bruce Nutting - Apple Trees

Apple Trees

Bruce Nutting

Jan Bickerton - Button Love

Button Love

Jan Bickerton

Bruce Nutting - My Empty Heart

My Empty Heart

Bruce Nutting

Bruce Nutting - Two Become One

Two Become One

Bruce Nutting

Bruce Nutting - Happy Heart

Happy Heart

Bruce Nutting

Kerstin Ivarsson - Stained Glass Heart

Stained Glass Heart

Kerstin Ivarsson

Kerstin Ivarsson - Heart in the dark

Heart in the dark

Kerstin Ivarsson

Linda Sannuti - Blood Red Heart

Blood Red Heart

Linda Sannuti

Linda Sannuti - Glitter Heart

Glitter Heart

Linda Sannuti

Linda Sannuti - Hearts At Sea

Hearts At Sea

Linda Sannuti

Linda Sannuti - Riding The Wave

Riding The Wave

Linda Sannuti

Linda Sannuti - Angels Symphony

Angels Symphony

Linda Sannuti

Michelle Frizzell-Thompson - Beautiful music

Beautiful music

Michelle Frizzell-Thompson

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art - Pink Heart Sun

Pink Heart Sun

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art - Tiny Heart

Tiny Heart

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art

Linda Sannuti - Going In

Going In

Linda Sannuti

Linda Sannuti - Light In Darkness

Light In Darkness

Linda Sannuti

Linda Sannuti - Flowing Heart

Flowing Heart

Linda Sannuti

Linda Sannuti - One Eye

One Eye

Linda Sannuti

Linda Sannuti - Un philtre d

Un philtre d'amour

Linda Sannuti

Kathy Barney - Hidden Hearts

Hidden Hearts

Kathy Barney

Jan Bickerton - Thanksgiving


Jan Bickerton

Nomad Art And  Design - The promise

The promise

Nomad Art And Design

Nomad Art And  Design - The best thing about me is you

The best thing about me is you

Nomad Art And Design

R R  Balasar - An Apple Within

An Apple Within

R R Balasar

JoNeL Art  - Hidden Heart

Hidden Heart

JoNeL Art

Maureen Clarke - Dori


Maureen Clarke

Maureen Clarke - Angel


Maureen Clarke

Maureen Clarke - African Elephant

African Elephant

Maureen Clarke

Maureen Clarke - Chester


Maureen Clarke