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Historic New England



Group Administrator

Lois Lepisto

Lebanon, ME

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on June 5th, 2010 and currently has:


173 Members


2,773 Images


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Historic New England

About This Group

This group is for PHOTOGRAPHS depicting the history of New England. Photos of places, architecture, statues, ships, boats, cemeteries, etc., taken in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island can be posted here.


Let's see how much history we can photograph!!!

Only your BEST SHOTS please.
Limit of 3 photos per day.

Note: In keeping with the original premise of the group being Photographs, please do not submit photo's that are enhanced or retouched to look like a painting. Thanks!!

Featured Images

David Smith - Marshall Point Light at...
DJ Florek - West Dummerston Bridge
Betsy Zimmerli - Milltown


Betsy Zimmerli

David Russell - Eastern Point Lighthouse...
Catherine Gagne - Creamery Covered Bridge

Creamery Covered Bridge

Catherine Gagne

Catherine Gagne - Beavertail Lighthouse

Beavertail Lighthouse

Catherine Gagne

Catherine Melvin - Fort Popham

Fort Popham

Catherine Melvin

Liz Mackney - Winnekenni Castle V2
Catherine Melvin - Historical Fort Edgecomb

Historical Fort Edgecomb

Catherine Melvin

Bill  Wakeley - Covered Bridge West...
Scott Thorp - Perkins Cove Reflection
David Smith - Marshall Point Lighthouse
John Greim - Quechee Covered Bridge
Scott Thorp - Thru the Darkness

Thru the Darkness

Scott Thorp

David Russell - Parker Tavern - Reading...
Catherine Melvin - Fort Popham Moat

Fort Popham Moat

Catherine Melvin

Catherine Gagne - Coos Canyon Schoolhouse

Coos Canyon Schoolhouse

Catherine Gagne

Juergen Roth - USS Constitution

USS Constitution

Juergen Roth

Scott Thorp - Super Moon over Nubble
David Stone - John Whipple House 1677
Catherine Gagne - Eureka School House

Eureka School House

Catherine Gagne

Thomas Schoeller - The Flume Covered Bridge

The Flume Covered Bridge

Thomas Schoeller

Jeff Stallard - The Friendship 001

The Friendship 001

Jeff Stallard

Caroline Stella - North Conway Rail Station
Scott Thorp - Whose mailbox this is I...
Dan Myers - Lightship Nantucket
Catherine Gagne - Stevens Coolidge Place

Stevens Coolidge Place

Catherine Gagne

Thomas Schoeller - Bulls Bridge and the...

Bulls Bridge and the...

Thomas Schoeller

Nate Wilson - Grist Mill

Grist Mill

Nate Wilson

Susan Candelario - Rockport Buoys

Rockport Buoys

Susan Candelario

Jeff Heimlich - Bass Harbor Lighthouse
Scott Thorp - Island Chapel

Island Chapel

Scott Thorp

Nate Wilson - Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Nate Wilson

Catherine Gagne - Scargo Tower

Scargo Tower

Catherine Gagne

Jeff Heimlich - USS Salem 4

USS Salem 4

Jeff Heimlich

Joann Vitali - Commonwealth Ave Row...
Nancy Greindl - Bass Harbor Head Light
John Vose - Nubble Lighthouse After...
Catherine Gagne - Cape Cod Windmill

Cape Cod Windmill

Catherine Gagne

Joann Vitali - Ashuelot Covered Bridge 3
Catherine Gagne - Dummerston Covered Bridge
Alana Ranney - Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor

Alana Ranney

Jeff Heimlich - Hartwell Tavern 2

Hartwell Tavern 2

Jeff Heimlich

Caroline Stella - Noah Tooker 1733

Noah Tooker 1733

Caroline Stella

Elizabeth Thomas - Paris Hill Town Green...

Paris Hill Town Green...

Elizabeth Thomas

Geoffrey Coelho - Housatonic Mill No.5

Housatonic Mill No.5

Geoffrey Coelho

David Stone - The Sir Willliam...
Jeff Heimlich - First Parish

First Parish

Jeff Heimlich

David Stone - West Tisbury Grange
Mike Martin - Susan B Anthony...

Susan B Anthony...

Mike Martin

Catherine Gagne - Babbs Covered Bridge in...
Jennifer Rock - Prehistoric Stonehenge
Catherine Melvin - Goddard Mansion Cape...

Goddard Mansion Cape...

Catherine Melvin

Mike Martin - Bridges to Buckland
Donna Doherty - Copper Paint Building

Copper Paint Building

Donna Doherty

Joann Vitali - Gloucester Fishermen
Adrian N Bouchard - Thornton Hall Dartmouth...

Thornton Hall Dartmouth...

Adrian N Bouchard

Geoffrey McLean - Slater Museum

Slater Museum

Geoffrey McLean

Jeff Folger - Patriotic Massachusetts
Mike Martin - Bancroft Tower

Bancroft Tower

Mike Martin

Catherine Gagne - Gloucester Fisherman

Gloucester Fisherman

Catherine Gagne

Jeff Stallard - Cresson Covered Bridge...
Caroline Stella - Restoration One

Restoration One

Caroline Stella

Jeff Heimlich - Hartwell Tavern 4

Hartwell Tavern 4

Jeff Heimlich

John Black - Union Station Worcester...
Betty Denise - 50s Diner

50s Diner

Betty Denise

Jeff Stallard - USS Massachusetts 0001
Jeff Heimlich - Smith House

Smith House

Jeff Heimlich

Catherine Gagne - Hemlock Covered Bridge

Hemlock Covered Bridge

Catherine Gagne

Jeff Stallard - The Essex Steam Train...
Catherine Gagne - Windsor Cornish Bridge

Windsor Cornish Bridge

Catherine Gagne

Elizabeth Thomas - Bridgton Maine

Bridgton Maine

Elizabeth Thomas

Brian Goebel - Old Cotton Hollow Mill
Nancy  de Flon - Newport in Monochrome

Newport in Monochrome

Nancy de Flon

Betty Denise - Historic Harrisville NH...
Mike Martin - Mounted Troopers Patrol...
Joann Vitali - Fudgery - Rockport

Fudgery - Rockport

Joann Vitali

Jeff Folger - The fog rises at the...
Mike Martin - Thompson Covered Bridge
David Stone - Unitarian Universalist...
Brian Goebel - Devils Hopyard Bridge
Dawna  Moore Photography - North Church on Market...

North Church on Market...

Dawna Moore Photography

David Stone - Green Street Bridge in a...
Joann Vitali - Beacon Hill Winter

Beacon Hill Winter

Joann Vitali

Jeff Folger - Dream of a better day
Dave Gordon - Cape Cod Railroad Bridge...
John Greim - Bulls Bridge

Bulls Bridge

John Greim

Joann Vitali - Winter Twilight in...
Andrew Pacheco - Heading For Newport

Heading For Newport

Andrew Pacheco

John Greim - Woodstock Covered Bridge
Joanne Shedrick - The Village Gazebo

The Village Gazebo

Joanne Shedrick

Catherine Gagne - Babbs Covered Bridge

Babbs Covered Bridge

Catherine Gagne

Lloyd Alexander - North Conay Covered...

North Conay Covered...

Lloyd Alexander

Keith Stokes - New Haven Lighthouse...
Keith Stokes - Fort Trumbull

Fort Trumbull

Keith Stokes

Scott Thorp - Tugs in the Snow

Tugs in the Snow

Scott Thorp

Mike Martin - Arthur A Smith Bridge
Jeff Stallard - Trinity Church 10

Trinity Church 10

Jeff Stallard

Jeff Folger - Storm off Eastern Point...
Karen Stephenson - Saco River Bridge

Saco River Bridge

Karen Stephenson

Betty Denise - Historic Taylor Mill
Barbara McDevitt - Saugus Town Hall

Saugus Town Hall

Barbara McDevitt

Joshua House - To Light The Graves

To Light The Graves

Joshua House

Joann Vitali - Custom House Dome

Custom House Dome

Joann Vitali

Edward Fielding - The Old Sugar Shack

The Old Sugar Shack

Edward Fielding

Patti Whitten - Red Light

Red Light

Patti Whitten

Barbara McDevitt - Watch Hill Merry Go Round

Watch Hill Merry Go Round

Barbara McDevitt

Christian Anderson - Eastern Point Lighthouse

Eastern Point Lighthouse

Christian Anderson

Barbara McDevitt - Nubble Light in December

Nubble Light in December

Barbara McDevitt

Joann Vitali - Arlington Street Church
Tricia Marchlik - Fall Comes To Rockport

Fall Comes To Rockport

Tricia Marchlik

Donnie Freeman - Abner

Abner's Wharf

Donnie Freeman

John Greim - Gay Head Lighthouse
Mike Martin - Devil

Devil's Hopyard

Mike Martin

Elizabeth Kohler - Marblehead light at...

Marblehead light at...

Elizabeth Kohler

Donald Fleming - Old Fort Adams

Old Fort Adams

Donald Fleming

Janice Drew - Jabez Howland House
Joann Vitali - Mount Washington Cog
Jeff Folger - Mysterious Salem

Mysterious Salem

Jeff Folger

Scott Thorp - North Church

North Church

Scott Thorp

DJ Florek - Ashuelot Covered Bridge
Ildiko Mester - Waitsfield Covered Bridge
Janice Drew - Autumn on Coles Hill
Thomas Schoeller - St Matthews of Sugar Hill

St Matthews of Sugar Hill

Thomas Schoeller

Mike Martin - View Through 1905...
Rachel E Moniz - Annisquam Dawn

Annisquam Dawn

Rachel E Moniz

Edward Fielding - Old Grist Mill Vermont

Old Grist Mill Vermont

Edward Fielding

Jeff Folger - Flume Gorge covered...
Andrew Pacheco - Cape Cod Cranberry Crates
Susan Candelario - Boston Custom House...

Boston Custom House...

Susan Candelario

Mike Martin - Cape Ann Fishing Shanty
Scott Thorp - North Church Portsmouth...
Edward Fielding - Marlow New Hampshire

Marlow New Hampshire

Edward Fielding

Mike Martin - Ashuelot Covered Bridge
Edward Fielding - Old Academy South...

Old Academy South...

Edward Fielding

Tricia Marchlik - Rail Trestle

Rail Trestle

Tricia Marchlik

Edward Fielding - Blow Me Down Mill...

Blow Me Down Mill...

Edward Fielding

Joseph Rennie - Schooner Nathaniel...

Schooner Nathaniel...

Joseph Rennie

John Black - Old Stone Church - West...
John Greim - Old Harbor Life Saving...
Joann Vitali - Bunker Hill Monument
Lois Lepisto - Wagon


Lois Lepisto

John Black - Green River Covered...
Priscilla Burgers - Weston Grist Mill

Weston Grist Mill

Priscilla Burgers

Edward Fielding - Cornish Windsor Covered...
Donnie Freeman - BIW Lightning

BIW Lightning

Donnie Freeman

Mike Martin - East Branch and Lincoln
Edward Fielding - Taftsville Covered...

Taftsville Covered...

Edward Fielding

John Munno - Keeping Watch

Keeping Watch

John Munno

Scott Thorp - U S C G C Eagle at...
Amy Baker - The Friendship

The Friendship

Amy Baker

Robert Ford - Church of the Epiphany...
Jerry Fornarotto - Back Dock

Back Dock

Jerry Fornarotto

Thomas Schoeller - Autumn on the Litchfield...
Mike Martin - Watch Hill Light

Watch Hill Light

Mike Martin

DJ Florek - Montauk Point

Montauk Point

DJ Florek

John Greim - Stage Harbor Lighthouse
Jerry Fornarotto - Portland Lobster Company

Portland Lobster Company

Jerry Fornarotto

Harry H Hicklin - Peacham No. 1

Peacham No. 1

Harry H Hicklin

Mike Martin - Creamery Bridge

Creamery Bridge

Mike Martin

DJ Florek - Vermont Grist Mill
Thomas Schoeller - Historic Old State House...
Mike Martin - Avery Point Lighthouse
Marianne Campolongo - Nobska  Lighthouse Cape...

Nobska Lighthouse Cape...

Marianne Campolongo

Meandering Photography - Into the lens

Into the lens

Meandering Photography

Jeff Folger - Storm passing Salem
Joann Vitali - Sunset on Old Ironsides
Scott Thorp - U S C G C  Eagle passes...
Jeff Folger - Sailing out for the red...
Staci Bigelow - Minute Man Statue...

Minute Man Statue...

Staci Bigelow

Robert Ford - Sign to Norman Rockwell...
Joann Vitali - Secret Harbor - Rockport...
Robert Ford - The Old First Church...
Staci Bigelow - HIstoric Union Street...
Joann Vitali - Strawbery Banke 3

Strawbery Banke 3

Joann Vitali

Jeff Folger - Snowbound Home

Snowbound Home

Jeff Folger

Mike Martin - Old Man of the Mountain
Robert Ford - Historic House and...
Jerry Fornarotto - Low Tide at Old Orchard...
Jeff Folger - Scituate strong...

Scituate strong...

Jeff Folger

Donnie Freeman - Navy M/V Diamond

Navy M/V Diamond

Donnie Freeman

Jeff Folger - The Witch House

The Witch House

Jeff Folger

Jeff Folger - Super moon over Thacher...
Don Fleming - Schooner Black Dog

Schooner Black Dog

Don Fleming

Donnie Freeman - The Nubble

The Nubble

Donnie Freeman

Joanne Shedrick - Henry Covered Bridge

Henry Covered Bridge

Joanne Shedrick

Mike Martin - The Thomas E. Lannon
Barbara McDevitt - Capitol Diner Lynn

Capitol Diner Lynn

Barbara McDevitt

Dan Myers - Old Scituate Light
Joann Vitali - Bacco in Black and White
John Haldane - Portland Headlight Sunset
Dan Myers - Edgartown Light

Edgartown Light

Dan Myers

Tricia Marchlik - Harbor Life

Harbor Life

Tricia Marchlik

Karol  Livote - Heublein Tower

Heublein Tower

Karol Livote

Richard Bean - Grace


Richard Bean

Janice Drew - Inside the Shallop

Inside the Shallop

Janice Drew

Scott Thorp - Vanishing Maine

Vanishing Maine

Scott Thorp

Keith Armstrong - Montauk Dusk

Montauk Dusk

Keith Armstrong

Mike Martin - Memorial Day 2013 Boston
Joann Vitali - The Empire and the...
Susan Cole Kelly - Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall

Susan Cole Kelly

Tricia Marchlik - Barn in Warner

Barn in Warner

Tricia Marchlik

Richard Cox - Haper

Haper's Mill

Richard Cox

Joann Vitali - Trinity and The Hancock
Tricia Marchlik - Ayer Mill in Lawrence

Ayer Mill in Lawrence

Tricia Marchlik

Nancy  de Flon - Blue Plate Diner

Blue Plate Diner

Nancy de Flon

Janice Drew - Plymouth Immigrant...
Joann Vitali - Forgotten


Joann Vitali

Susan Cole Kelly - The African Meeting House

The African Meeting House

Susan Cole Kelly

Joann Vitali - Portland Head Light 2
Jeff Folger - Fireworks exploding over...
Betty Denise - Little River Dam

Little River Dam

Betty Denise

Richard Bean - Pond Island Light

Pond Island Light

Richard Bean

Henri Bersoux - New England Fishing...
John Greim - Lobster Shack

Lobster Shack

John Greim

Joanne Shedrick - School Days

School Days

Joanne Shedrick

Susan Cole Kelly - Old North Church and the...
Richard Bean - Fort Popham

Fort Popham

Richard Bean

Joann Vitali - Portsmouth Winter

Portsmouth Winter

Joann Vitali

Mike Martin - Slarrow

Slarrow's Mill

Mike Martin

Alana Ranney - Heritage


Alana Ranney

Karol  Livote - JFK Memorial

JFK Memorial

Karol Livote

Henri Bersoux - New England Tall Ship

New England Tall Ship

Henri Bersoux

Mike Martin - Bradley Wharf Dinghies
Scott Thorp - Whaleback Lighthouse
Marianne Campolongo - Sankaty Head Lighthouse...

Sankaty Head Lighthouse...

Marianne Campolongo

Edward Fielding - The Four Aces Diner

The Four Aces Diner

Edward Fielding

Edward Fielding - Chapel in the Woods...

Chapel in the Woods...

Edward Fielding

Edward Fielding - Vermont Maple Sugar...

Vermont Maple Sugar...

Edward Fielding

Thomas Schoeller - Perkins Cove - A Day in...
Jerry Fornarotto - Cape Neddick Lobster...

Cape Neddick Lobster...

Jerry Fornarotto

Richard Bean - Church on the Cape

Church on the Cape

Richard Bean

Joann Vitali - Portsmouth Tugs

Portsmouth Tugs

Joann Vitali

Scott Thorp - Time to Tap

Time to Tap

Scott Thorp

Joanne Shedrick - Middlebury Steeple

Middlebury Steeple

Joanne Shedrick

Linda  Jackson - Sentinel At Sunset

Sentinel At Sunset

Linda Jackson

Mike Martin - Rockport No. 1

Rockport No. 1

Mike Martin

Mike Martin - Tobacco Barns

Tobacco Barns

Mike Martin

Jerry Fornarotto - Perkins Cove Ogunquit...

Perkins Cove Ogunquit...

Jerry Fornarotto

Joann Vitali - Fry
Dara Hurt - The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower

Dara Hurt

Robert Ford - Historic Church Essex...
Mike Martin - Old School Sugar Harvest
Anna Lisa Yoder - Ocean House in Watch...

Ocean House in Watch...

Anna Lisa Yoder

Robert Ford - Historic Salt Box of...
Susan Cole Kelly - Union Oyster House in...

Union Oyster House in...

Susan Cole Kelly

Robert Ford - Fall Colors Shelburne...
Joann Vitali - Fenway

Fenway's 100th

Joann Vitali

Joann Vitali - Union Oyster House

Union Oyster House

Joann Vitali

Betty Denise - Arthur
Alana Ranney - West Quoddy Head...

West Quoddy Head...

Alana Ranney

Robert Ford - Old First Church...
John Greim - Edgartown Harbor

Edgartown Harbor

John Greim

John Greim - Somesville Footbridge
John Greim - Edgartown Light Sunrise
Jerry Fornarotto - Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Jerry Fornarotto

Andrew Pacheco - The Corner of Cherry and...
Anna Lisa Yoder - The 1856 Point Judith...

The 1856 Point Judith...

Anna Lisa Yoder

Patti Whitten - United Church of...

United Church of...

Patti Whitten

Alana Ranney - The End of the Line

The End of the Line

Alana Ranney

Jeff Stallard - Springfield Point Ledge...
John Greim - The Olsen House

The Olsen House

John Greim

Jeff Stallard - Ashuelot Bridge 01

Ashuelot Bridge 01

Jeff Stallard

Don Fleming - Figure Head

Figure Head

Don Fleming

Jeff Stallard - Logging Train 01

Logging Train 01

Jeff Stallard

Joann Vitali - First Baptist

First Baptist

Joann Vitali

Jeff Stallard - Southbound at Bear Hill...
Joann Vitali - Beacon Hill Doorways
Thomas Schoeller - Sugar Shack - Southbury...
Erin Paul Donovan - Flume Covered Bridge -...

Flume Covered Bridge -...

Erin Paul Donovan

Joann Vitali - Holiday Bustle

Holiday Bustle

Joann Vitali

Patti Whitten - Stowe Community Church
Joann Vitali - Mount Washington Cog...
Erin Paul Donovan - Lyndonville Air Force...

Lyndonville Air Force...

Erin Paul Donovan

Andrew Pacheco - The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl

Andrew Pacheco

Barbara McDevitt - Where

Where's Weirs?

Barbara McDevitt

Joseph Rennie - Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
Thomas Schoeller - New England Winter...

New England Winter...

Thomas Schoeller

Joann Vitali - Pierce-Hichborn House
Nancy Griswold - Indian Head in Lincoln...
Joann Vitali - Autumn Covered Bridge
Joseph Rennie - Schooner Isaac H Evans
Richard Cox - Loon Mountain Logger
Thomas Schoeller - Pomfret Highlands Farm

Pomfret Highlands Farm

Thomas Schoeller

Joann Vitali - Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Joann Vitali

Andrew Pacheco - Al Mac

Al Mac's Diner

Andrew Pacheco

Andrew Pacheco - 4th Street Diner

4th Street Diner

Andrew Pacheco

Joann Vitali - On the Cape

On the Cape

Joann Vitali

Meandering Photography - Fort Trumbull

Fort Trumbull

Meandering Photography

Joann Vitali - Otter Cliffs

Otter Cliffs

Joann Vitali

Thomas D McManus - Glass Building in Boston

Glass Building in Boston

Thomas D McManus

Andrew Pacheco - USS Massachusetts

USS Massachusetts

Andrew Pacheco

Lois Lepisto - HMS Bounty 1

HMS Bounty 1

Lois Lepisto

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Captain William Smith...

Captain William Smith...

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Andrew Pacheco - Battleship Cove

Battleship Cove

Andrew Pacheco

Joann Vitali - Beacon Hill Sidewalks
Barbara McDevitt - Gold Brook Bridge

Gold Brook Bridge

Barbara McDevitt

Joann Vitali - Acorn St. 3

Acorn St. 3

Joann Vitali

Al Hambidge - Autumn at The Old Chapel
Thomas Schoeller - The Grafton Vermont...

The Grafton Vermont...

Thomas Schoeller

Joann Vitali - Boston Nights 3

Boston Nights 3

Joann Vitali

Thomas Schoeller - A Vermont Classic -...

A Vermont Classic -...

Thomas Schoeller

Joann Vitali - Boston Public Gardens
Lloyd Alexander - Magalloway River in Fall

Magalloway River in Fall

Lloyd Alexander

Joann Vitali - Fenway Bustle

Fenway Bustle

Joann Vitali

Barbara McDevitt - Crew Boston Prep

Crew Boston Prep

Barbara McDevitt

Betty Denise - Longfellow Grist Mill...
Janice Drew - First Parish Church in...
Loud Waterfall Photography Chelsea Sullens - If These Stones Could...

If These Stones Could...

Loud Waterfall Photography Chelsea Sullens

Janice Drew - Sparrow House

Sparrow House

Janice Drew

Barbara McDevitt - Salem City Hall

Salem City Hall

Barbara McDevitt

Bill  Wakeley - Lovers Leap Bridge

Lovers Leap Bridge

Bill Wakeley

Joseph Rennie - Monhegan Island...

Monhegan Island...

Joseph Rennie

Nancy Griswold - The Pier on Old Orchard...
Bill  Wakeley - Highland Light

Highland Light

Bill Wakeley

Thomas Schoeller - White Barn and Silo

White Barn and Silo

Thomas Schoeller

Janice Drew - Rich Colors of the Night
Janice Drew - Nathaniel Thomas Mill
Lois Lepisto - Fall in Maine

Fall in Maine

Lois Lepisto

Andrew Pacheco - Goat Island Light

Goat Island Light

Andrew Pacheco

Barry Doherty - Old New England...

Old New England...

Barry Doherty

Joseph Rennie - Dory and Lighthouse...
Bill  Wakeley - Stage Harbor Lighthouse
Betty Denise - Lake Chocoura Boathouse
Janice Drew - Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock

Janice Drew

Roseann Caputo - State House - Boston

State House - Boston

Roseann Caputo

Andrew Pacheco - St Anne
David Fiske - Madame Sherri Castle...
Mike Martin - Indians


Mike Martin

Richard Bean - Casco Bay Maine

Casco Bay Maine

Richard Bean

Mark Sellers - Antique Mason Jars

Antique Mason Jars

Mark Sellers

Lois Lepisto - Hamilton Hall

Hamilton Hall

Lois Lepisto

Mark Sellers - Boott Cotton Mills...
Lois Lepisto - Westward at Shipyard
Lloyd Alexander - Summer Waves

Summer Waves

Lloyd Alexander

Richard Bean - Fort Gorges

Fort Gorges

Richard Bean

Marianne Campolongo - Americas Tall Ship The...

Americas Tall Ship The...

Marianne Campolongo

Thomas Schoeller - The Stella Lee

The Stella Lee

Thomas Schoeller

Joann Vitali - Train Plow

Train Plow

Joann Vitali

Meandering Photography - Bass Harbor Light

Bass Harbor Light

Meandering Photography

Barbara McDevitt - Gillette

Gillette's Castle

Barbara McDevitt

Nancy  de Flon - King of the Bay

King of the Bay

Nancy de Flon

Mike Martin - Hospital Point Light
Mike Martin - Randall Bridge

Randall Bridge

Mike Martin

Mike Martin - Fenway from the 50th
Joann Vitali - The Potter 2

The Potter 2

Joann Vitali

Richard Bean - Wood Island Light Sunrise
Joann Vitali - An Evening on the Charles
Lois Lepisto - Sunset at Boothbay Harbor
Lois Lepisto - Old House

Old House

Lois Lepisto

Joann Vitali - Sturbridge Church in...
Joann Vitali - Autumn Wagon

Autumn Wagon

Joann Vitali

Bill  Wakeley - Smyrski Farm

Smyrski Farm

Bill Wakeley

Joann Vitali - Rockport Buoys

Rockport Buoys

Joann Vitali

Thomas Schoeller - Highland Lighthouse -...

Highland Lighthouse -...

Thomas Schoeller

Steven Scott - Schoodic Peninsula

Schoodic Peninsula

Steven Scott

M S McKenzie - Pemaquid Reflections
Nancy  de Flon - North Light Block Island
Thomas Schoeller - Bass Head Lighthouse

Bass Head Lighthouse

Thomas Schoeller

Frank Garciarubio - New Haven Lighthouse II

New Haven Lighthouse II

Frank Garciarubio

Joann Vitali - The Old Cog

The Old Cog

Joann Vitali

Frank Garciarubio - New Haven Lighthouse

New Haven Lighthouse

Frank Garciarubio

Robin EL-Hachem - Holy Family Parish in...

Holy Family Parish in...

Robin EL-Hachem

Joann Vitali - Trinity Church

Trinity Church

Joann Vitali

John Haldane - 19th Century Schooner
Richard Bean - Manufactory


Richard Bean

Joann Vitali - Motif No.1

Motif No.1

Joann Vitali

Jack Torcello - Aquinnah Cultural Center...
Janice Drew - Plymouth Light

Plymouth Light

Janice Drew

Janice Drew - Lightkeepers Equipment
Meandering Photography - Faneuil Hall Sky

Faneuil Hall Sky

Meandering Photography

Lois Lepisto - Old Boat

Old Boat

Lois Lepisto

Mike Griffiths - Springtime Beauty

Springtime Beauty

Mike Griffiths

Thomas Schoeller - Newport Rhode...

Newport Rhode...

Thomas Schoeller

Mike Griffiths - Guardian


Mike Griffiths

Barbara McDevitt - Friendship of Salem

Friendship of Salem

Barbara McDevitt

Richard Bean - Portland Observatory
Mike Griffiths - Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Mike Griffiths

Joseph Rennie - Pumpkin Island Lighthouse
Joann Vitali - Portsmouth Tugs

Portsmouth Tugs

Joann Vitali

Sarah Burrin - Stonington Maine

Stonington Maine

Sarah Burrin

Debbra Obertanec - Memorial Bridge...

Memorial Bridge...

Debbra Obertanec

Meandering Photography - Saybrook outer light

Saybrook outer light

Meandering Photography

DJ Florek - American Sacrifice
Joann Vitali - The Vineyard

The Vineyard

Joann Vitali

Joann Vitali - Through the Looking Glass
John Haldane - Vermont Boathouse

Vermont Boathouse

John Haldane

Meandering Photography - Connecticut Tobacco

Connecticut Tobacco

Meandering Photography

Joann Vitali - The Cog 2

The Cog 2

Joann Vitali

Nancy Griswold - The Old Mill House

The Old Mill House

Nancy Griswold

Janice Drew - Pilgrim Maiden

Pilgrim Maiden

Janice Drew

Joann Vitali - Boston Tenement

Boston Tenement

Joann Vitali

Joann Vitali - USS Constitution

USS Constitution

Joann Vitali

Mike Savad - Train - Steam - 385...
Barbara McDevitt - Franklin Falls Dam

Franklin Falls Dam

Barbara McDevitt

Joann Vitali - Autumn Ride

Autumn Ride

Joann Vitali

Barbara McDevitt - Winnipesaukee River Line

Winnipesaukee River Line

Barbara McDevitt

Linda  Jackson - Old Vermont Mill

Old Vermont Mill

Linda Jackson

Barry Doherty - Slater Mill Complex

Slater Mill Complex

Barry Doherty

Bill  Wakeley - Cape Cod Light

Cape Cod Light

Bill Wakeley

Joann Vitali - Autumn Wonder

Autumn Wonder

Joann Vitali

Carol Groenen - Gay Head Lighthouse

Gay Head Lighthouse

Carol Groenen

Barry Doherty - Step Dancing

Step Dancing

Barry Doherty

Richard Bean - West Quoddy Head Light
Janice Drew - Tulips at Pilgrim Hall...
Joann Vitali - City Nights

City Nights

Joann Vitali

Richard Bean - Cushings Point House
Jeremy Cozannet - Chatham Lighthouse

Chatham Lighthouse

Jeremy Cozannet

DJ Florek - Engine 50 - Boston
Nancy Griswold - Stonehouse Windows

Stonehouse Windows

Nancy Griswold

Nancy Griswold - Church in Franconia New...
Lloyd Alexander - The Storm

The Storm

Lloyd Alexander

Lloyd Alexander - Snow Covered Bridge

Snow Covered Bridge

Lloyd Alexander

Mike Savad - Farm - Barn - Welcome to...
DJ Florek - Time for Lunch

Time for Lunch

DJ Florek

Mike Savad - Mill - The Mill

Mill - The Mill

Mike Savad

Janice Drew - By the moonlight

By the moonlight

Janice Drew

Christine Segalas - However Far Away

However Far Away

Christine Segalas

Jeanne  Woods - Maine Lighthouse

Maine Lighthouse

Jeanne Woods

Jim McDonald Photography - NH Meetinghouse

NH Meetinghouse

Jim McDonald Photography

Frank Garciarubio - Mark Twain

Mark Twain's Home II

Frank Garciarubio

Nancy Griswold - First Baptist Church of...
Nancy Griswold - The Old Mill House

The Old Mill House

Nancy Griswold

Thomas Schoeller - Painterly Autumn Scenic...
Thomas Schoeller - Old First Church -...

Old First Church -...

Thomas Schoeller

Barry Doherty - Inside Slater Mill

Inside Slater Mill

Barry Doherty

Barbara McDevitt - Historical Gas Street...

Historical Gas Street...

Barbara McDevitt

DJ Florek - McWilliam Covered Bridge
Thomas Schoeller - Old Grist Mill - Kent...

Old Grist Mill - Kent...

Thomas Schoeller

Elizabeth Thomas - Beths Tea Shop and Cafe

Beths Tea Shop and Cafe

Elizabeth Thomas

Janice Drew - First Street in Plymouth...
Richard Bean - Portland Head Light at...
Alana Ranney - Winter on the Farm

Winter on the Farm

Alana Ranney

Lois Lepisto - View from the field

View from the field

Lois Lepisto

Lois Lepisto - Nubble Light 2011

Nubble Light 2011

Lois Lepisto

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Dummerston Bridge

Dummerston Bridge

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Jack Torcello - Swift
Kim Galluzzo Wozniak - All Is Quiet On The Farm

All Is Quiet On The Farm

Kim Galluzzo Wozniak

DJ Florek - A Horses Walk

A Horses Walk

DJ Florek

Lois Lepisto - Witch House

Witch House

Lois Lepisto

Thomas Schoeller - A Kancamagus Gem -...

A Kancamagus Gem -...

Thomas Schoeller

Kim Galluzzo Wozniak - Silo in red

Silo in red

Kim Galluzzo Wozniak

Lois Lepisto - House down the road

House down the road

Lois Lepisto

Barry Doherty - Far Side

Far Side

Barry Doherty

Barbara McDevitt - Saco River and Covered...

Saco River and Covered...

Barbara McDevitt

Thomas Schoeller - Aspetuck Barn - Autumn...

Aspetuck Barn - Autumn...

Thomas Schoeller

Lois Lepisto - Light in the Fog

Light in the Fog

Lois Lepisto

Heather Applegate - Pemigewasset Bridge

Pemigewasset Bridge

Heather Applegate

Angela Cook - Moving On

Moving On

Angela Cook

Alana Ranney - Sailing along

Sailing along

Alana Ranney

Thomas Schoeller - Waterloo Covered Bridge...
Mark Sellers - Jones House 1830 Sepia
Susan Cole Kelly - Portsmouth Reflections

Portsmouth Reflections

Susan Cole Kelly

DJ Florek - TAGs


DJ Florek

Thomas Schoeller - Covered Bridge-West...

Covered Bridge-West...

Thomas Schoeller

Janice Drew - Shallop


Janice Drew

Thomas Schoeller - Burning the Midnight Oil...
Barry Doherty - Towers


Barry Doherty

Elizabeth Thomas - Rowing Crew Martha

Rowing Crew Martha's...

Elizabeth Thomas

Thomas Schoeller - Castle Hill Lighthouse -...
Barbara McDevitt - Revere Beach Happenings

Revere Beach Happenings

Barbara McDevitt

Nancy Griswold - The Old Country Store...
Mike Savad - Architecture - Woodstock...
DJ Florek - Bartonsville Covered...
Steven Scott - Cape Split Maine

Cape Split Maine

Steven Scott

Barbara McDevitt - Light Keeper Cottage

Light Keeper Cottage

Barbara McDevitt

Mark Sellers - Joslin Farm 1860 Sepia 1
Janice Drew - Mayflower II on her 50th...
Barbara McDevitt - Red Beacon on Nauset...

Red Beacon on Nauset...

Barbara McDevitt