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Horse painters



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Go Van Kampen

Dieren, Gelderland


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This group was started on December 21st, 2011 and currently has:

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Horse painters

About This Group

Everyone who likes to join as a horsepainter

Featured Images

Maria Evangelina Rodriguez - Cabalgata


Maria Evangelina Rodriguez

Jose Miguel Perez Hernandez - Mania of the horses

Mania of the horses

Jose Miguel Perez Hernandez

Heidi Carson - Friesian Stallion

Friesian Stallion

Heidi Carson

Paul  Meijering - War Horse Joey

War Horse Joey

Paul Meijering

Janina  Suuronen - Misterioso 2013

Misterioso 2013

Janina Suuronen

Denise Boineau - Whirlwind


Denise Boineau

Go Van Kampen - Horse Nose

Horse Nose

Go Van Kampen

True Image - White Horse

White Horse

True Image

Michelle Wrighton - Dark Horse

Dark Horse

Michelle Wrighton

Michelle Wrighton - Tommy - Horse Painting

Tommy - Horse Painting

Michelle Wrighton

Elizabeth Parashis - Horse Park point two

Horse Park point two

Elizabeth Parashis

Kristine Plum - Whoa Wait Trot

Whoa Wait Trot

Kristine Plum

Melita Safran - Puzzle


Melita Safran

Pauline Sharp - Nero 2

Nero 2

Pauline Sharp

Pauline Sharp - Elsa

Elsa's shake

Pauline Sharp

Cassandra Buckley - Zebras in Stripes

Zebras in Stripes

Cassandra Buckley

Jani Freimann - Greetings Friend

Greetings Friend

Jani Freimann

Kay Sparks - Indian Pony

Indian Pony

Kay Sparks

Bobbie Deuell - Arabian


Bobbie Deuell

I F Abbie Shores   - Horses and Carriage

Horses and Carriage

I F Abbie Shores

Janice Rae Pariza -

'SPIRIT' War Horse

Janice Rae Pariza

Janina  Suuronen - Levada


Janina Suuronen

B Alisan - Autumn Horse

Autumn Horse

B Alisan

Will Logan - Buffalo Hunt

Buffalo Hunt

Will Logan

I F Abbie Shores   - Gypsy Vanner

Gypsy Vanner

I F Abbie Shores

B Alisan - Bay Horse

Bay Horse

B Alisan

Annette Bienvenu - Looking Good

Looking Good

Annette Bienvenu

Julie Kulina - Riding


Julie Kulina

Cheryl Poland - CC Beau Tiki aka Beau

CC Beau Tiki aka Beau

Cheryl Poland

Jill Parry - White Beauty

White Beauty

Jill Parry

Jani Freimann - Polo Player

Polo Player

Jani Freimann

Mary Armstrong - Majestic One

Majestic One

Mary Armstrong

Elizabeth Parashis - Lightening 2

Lightening 2

Elizabeth Parashis

Elizabeth Parashis - Stampede Sunset

Stampede Sunset

Elizabeth Parashis

Remy Francis - Terracota Bronco

Terracota Bronco

Remy Francis

Justine Rumney - Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark

Justine Rumney

Sheri Gordon - Cadence


Sheri Gordon

Sheri Gordon - Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser

Sheri Gordon

Melita Safran - Morning game

Morning game

Melita Safran

Melita Safran - Trotter


Melita Safran

Dee Elliott - First Kiss

First Kiss

Dee Elliott

Jani Freimann - Leopard Appy

Leopard Appy

Jani Freimann

Jani Freimann - A Cool Morning Breeze

A Cool Morning Breeze

Jani Freimann

Elena Melnikova - Under The Sun

Under The Sun

Elena Melnikova

Elena Melnikova - In The Blue Mountains

In The Blue Mountains

Elena Melnikova

Momin Khan - Polo


Momin Khan

Momin Khan - Buzkashi


Momin Khan

Alan Kirkland-Roath - The Home Straight

The Home Straight

Alan Kirkland-Roath

Suni Roveto - Andalusian Freedom

Andalusian Freedom

Suni Roveto

Kathy Jennings - Horses In The Sun

Horses In The Sun

Kathy Jennings

Pat Erickson - Morning Mist

Morning Mist

Pat Erickson

Rick Unger - Dusty Days

Dusty Days

Rick Unger

Brian  Commerford - The Inner Voice

The Inner Voice

Brian Commerford

Brian  Commerford - The Santa Fe Trail

The Santa Fe Trail

Brian Commerford

Pat Erickson - Sunhorse


Pat Erickson

Kristine Plum - Star Stallion

Star Stallion

Kristine Plum

Rick Unger - Moonshine


Rick Unger

Go Van Kampen - Horse - Julia

Horse - Julia

Go Van Kampen

Kathy Jennings - Horses By The Road

Horses By The Road

Kathy Jennings

Dr B Lynn Tillman - Undefeated


Dr B Lynn Tillman

Anna Garberg - Blue


Anna Garberg

Anna Garberg - Firebird


Anna Garberg

Linda Kriegel -  Kurious


Linda Kriegel

Thierry Keruzore - Horse in the paddock

Horse in the paddock

Thierry Keruzore

Lisa Kramer - Seahorse Surprise

Seahorse Surprise

Lisa Kramer

Jana Goode - Number one

Number one

Jana Goode

Jana Goode - Working


Jana Goode

Bobbie Deuell - Elegance


Bobbie Deuell

Bobbie Deuell - Focus


Bobbie Deuell

Laura Everetts - Diablo


Laura Everetts

Laura Everetts - Ocean


Laura Everetts

Janina  Suuronen - Paul on watch

Paul on watch

Janina Suuronen

Arline Wagner - Frantic Finish

Frantic Finish

Arline Wagner

Arline Wagner - Bay Thoroughbred

Bay Thoroughbred

Arline Wagner

Bonnie Rogers - Beautiful horse

Beautiful horse

Bonnie Rogers

Angela Davies - A New Dawn

A New Dawn

Angela Davies

Janina  Suuronen - Ansata El Naseri

Ansata El Naseri

Janina Suuronen

Janina  Suuronen - Pensador


Janina Suuronen

Alecia Underhill - Eye Shadows

Eye Shadows

Alecia Underhill

Alecia Underhill - Summer Drafts

Summer Drafts

Alecia Underhill

Alecia Underhill - Bente


Alecia Underhill

Julie Blakemore - Spot


Julie Blakemore

Go Van Kampen - horse - Angel

horse - Angel

Go Van Kampen

Angela Davies - Chance of Flurries

Chance of Flurries

Angela Davies

Bonnie Rogers - Wild Thing One

Wild Thing One

Bonnie Rogers

Bonnie Rogers - White horse

White horse

Bonnie Rogers

Carol McLagan -


Carol McLagan

Bonnie Rogers - Horse named Stormy

Horse named Stormy

Bonnie Rogers