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Images That Excite You



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John Bailey

Titusville, FL

United States

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This group was started on April 8th, 2014 and currently has:


954 Members


11,759 Images


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Images That Excite You

About This Group

We all have images that we love more than others. They draw our attention and we never tire of looking at them. We make them our desktop background or they are our 'go to' pieces when we are asked to show them to others. If and when we have a show, they are the ones we invest in having printed for display. These are the images this group will enjoy. Not only enjoy, but help you promote. How? Through liberal featuring and through commenting and voting on each others work. Members are also encouraged to share others work on the social media. If the purpose of the group isn't to share resources in order to help us all have a bigger social media footprint then all that happens is we pat each other on the back and feel better with no actual value added to our endeavors.

All formats are welcome. The submissions are limited to one a day in order to help as many as possible with their promotion. Some discretion will have to be used in accepting and featuring work, but my impetus is as many of us as possible benefit. Submissions should be family friendly.

Welcome aboard!

Our group Image is titled 'Along The Creek' and is provided by artist Dave Farrow .

Featured Images

Alexandre Martins - The Berlengas Island

The Berlengas Island

Alexandre Martins

Sue Jacobi - Funky Kookaburra...
Miroslava Jurcik - Walking towards me in...

Walking towards me in...

Miroslava Jurcik

David Zimmerman - Uphill to the Church

Uphill to the Church

David Zimmerman

David Zimmerman - The Needwood farm

The Needwood farm

David Zimmerman

Regina Geoghan - Central Park Carriage in...
Anita Braconnier - Sunlit


Anita Braconnier

Conor OBrien - Projection - Body - Car...
Ana Maria Edulescu - Joyful Little Sunflowers...

Joyful Little Sunflowers...

Ana Maria Edulescu

Betsy Zimmerli - Golden Days

Golden Days

Betsy Zimmerli

Joan Carroll - Dusky Megaboots

Dusky Megaboots

Joan Carroll

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - On The Prairie

On The Prairie

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

John Haldane - Caribbean Baskets

Caribbean Baskets

John Haldane

Chandana Arts - Poppy


Chandana Arts

Cindy McClung - In the Stars

In the Stars

Cindy McClung

Imran Ahmed - Hindu Thaipusam festival...
WB Johnston - Jute


WB Johnston

Esther Newman-Cohen - Sasha Pining Away

Sasha Pining Away

Esther Newman-Cohen

Laur Iduc - Get Your Wings

Get Your Wings

Laur Iduc

Melissa Stramel - Neah Bay at Night

Neah Bay at Night

Melissa Stramel

Milan Gonda - London City Hall.

London City Hall.

Milan Gonda

Hartmut Jager - Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot

Hartmut Jager

Jan Matson -  Moonrise Impression
Pamela Blizzard - Windows into the Blue

Windows into the Blue

Pamela Blizzard

Gry Thunes - Survivor


Gry Thunes

Alley Costa - Blue Nile River Egypt
Stormm Bradshaw - Abstract Dance Party

Abstract Dance Party

Stormm Bradshaw

Reid Callaway - Durhamtown Plantation...
Barbara Chichester - Tropical Blend

Tropical Blend

Barbara Chichester

Roselynne Broussard - It

It's That Time Of Year...

Roselynne Broussard

Radek Hofman - Golden Gate  At Dusk

Golden Gate At Dusk

Radek Hofman

Lenore Senior - Rectangles


Lenore Senior

Jennie Breeze - Magnolia Bound Bee

Magnolia Bound Bee

Jennie Breeze

Vishwanath Bhat - Colourful mini bell...

Colourful mini bell...

Vishwanath Bhat

Janice Rae Pariza - Laughing Mustangs

Laughing Mustangs

Janice Rae Pariza

Tami Quigley - Great Blue Sunset

Great Blue Sunset

Tami Quigley

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Rain on Rose

Rain on Rose

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Christie Morgans - Pine Needle Fireworks

Pine Needle Fireworks

Christie Morgans

Sandra Foster - Souhaits DE Fete

Souhaits DE Fete

Sandra Foster

Priscilla Burgers - Mosaico Flamenco

Mosaico Flamenco

Priscilla Burgers

Mario Carini - Masque of the Red Death
Patti Deters - Alpine Meadow Cascades -...
Lois Bryan - Snowy Sunday

Snowy Sunday

Lois Bryan

R A W M   -       Winter Sunset
Kris Hiemstra - A Gathering Place

A Gathering Place

Kris Hiemstra

Dawn Currie - Psalms 5 3

Psalms 5 3

Dawn Currie

Mike Dawson - Light on the Mountain
The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene - Cherish The Moment

Cherish The Moment

The Art of Marilyn Ridoutt-Greene

Miryam  UrZa - Strolling by the bridge
Rima Biswas - Trees in Autumn forest
Joy Borsavage - Colored Beauty

Colored Beauty

Joy Borsavage

Roselynne Broussard - Devoted


Roselynne Broussard

Jim Hill - Giverny Gardens
Peter Hogg - Sunset Through The...
Jamie Anderson - Blue Morning

Blue Morning

Jamie Anderson

Kume Bryant - Last Night
Karen Butscha - Shot Thru The Heart Yet...
Carol  Lux Photography - Indian Arm Twin Islands...

Indian Arm Twin Islands...

Carol Lux Photography

 Andrea Lazar - Crocus Reflections

Crocus Reflections

Andrea Lazar

Tamal Sen Sharma - Unitled-28


Tamal Sen Sharma

Joan Carroll - Prague Old Town Hall
Kim Hojnacki - Old But Not Forgotten
Peter Hogg - Impressive Clouds as a...
Gary Smith - Eiffel of Paris

Eiffel of Paris

Gary Smith

Meaghan Troup - Blazing Sun

Blazing Sun

Meaghan Troup

Constance Lowery - Yellow Mushrooms

Yellow Mushrooms

Constance Lowery

Christina Rollo - Serenity Waterfalls...

Serenity Waterfalls...

Christina Rollo

Kiki Art - Bamboo Delight
Kiki Art - Poppies in Paradise
Georgia Mizuleva - Starting to Rain...

Starting to Rain...

Georgia Mizuleva

Denise Clark - There Be Dragons Here
Calazones Flics - Stroll Gardens -...

Stroll Gardens -...

Calazones Flics

Martin Konopacki - Moonlight Mantis

Moonlight Mantis

Martin Konopacki

Rod  Giffels - No Room to Nurse

No Room to Nurse

Rod Giffels

Maria Bobrova - Plums Abstract

Plums Abstract

Maria Bobrova

Parker Cunningham - Pink Zinnia

Pink Zinnia

Parker Cunningham

CarolLMiller Photography - Garden


CarolLMiller Photography

Karl Anderson - Corn Field

Corn Field

Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson - Stable Humour

Stable Humour

Karl Anderson

Kathy Barney - September Grasses

September Grasses

Kathy Barney

Silvio Ligutti - Texas A and M Academic...
Michael Semaan - Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Michael Semaan

David Perry Lawrence - Road through the Woods-A...

Road through the Woods-A...

David Perry Lawrence

Dona  Dugay - House at Land
Suzi Harr - Egret In Flight

Egret In Flight

Suzi Harr

Jane Schnetlage - Blue Iris On Gold

Blue Iris On Gold

Jane Schnetlage

Kim Bemis - The Blue Barn

The Blue Barn

Kim Bemis

Lori Pittenger - Synchronicity


Lori Pittenger

Dona  Dugay - New Dawn on the Ren Cen
Pamela Iris Harden - Grand Canyon 2

Grand Canyon 2

Pamela Iris Harden

Neil James Brain - Night Harbour 2

Night Harbour 2

Neil James Brain

Stuart Harrison - Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman

Stuart Harrison

David Birchall - Dunskey Castle

Dunskey Castle

David Birchall

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Grand Canyon National...

Grand Canyon National...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Doug McPherson - Silver Glen Springs

Silver Glen Springs

Doug McPherson

John Clark - Vivid Palm

Vivid Palm

John Clark

Pamela Blayney - Life

Life's Piano

Pamela Blayney

Xueyin Chen - Private Airport

Private Airport

Xueyin Chen

Goszcz Andrzej - Yesterday is...

Yesterday is...

Goszcz Andrzej

Lance Vaughn - Savannah - Forsyth Park...
Laur Iduc - Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Laur Iduc

Ada Jopek - Time Of Memories
Ada Jopek - West of the sun

West of the sun

Ada Jopek

Curtis Radclyffe - One Tree

One Tree

Curtis Radclyffe

Gary Keesler - Tortuguero River Canals
Ian Mitchell - Lake Idwal Stream

Lake Idwal Stream

Ian Mitchell

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Goal Line - 5217

Goal Line - 5217

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Chris Scroggins - Forest Bear

Forest Bear

Chris Scroggins

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Champro Football - 5242

Champro Football - 5242

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Goszcz Andrzej - Face to face.

Face to face.

Goszcz Andrzej

Silvio Ligutti - The Joker - Antelope...
Chris Smith - Tiger illustration design
Jemmy Archer - Preparing for Takeoff
Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Bluebird in Suva Fiji

Bluebird in Suva Fiji

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Totally Tangerine

Totally Tangerine

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Steven Wayne - Dragon Cloud Over A Tree
Gary Smith - County Fair

County Fair

Gary Smith

Kandy Hurley - After the Rain

After the Rain

Kandy Hurley

Eric Lewis - Among Sharks

Among Sharks

Eric Lewis

Thomas R Fletcher - Mountain Mist and Heavy...

Mountain Mist and Heavy...

Thomas R Fletcher

Bob Christopher - Cyber Borg Mister Roboto...
Allen Beatty - Abstract by Photoshop 20
Conor Murphy - White water in Kenmare ...
Marian Palucci - Faith


Marian Palucci

Bob Christopher - El Pulpo Mecanico

El Pulpo Mecanico

Bob Christopher

Regina Geoghan - NY Skyline Dawn Delight
James Welch - Alien Spacecraft

Alien Spacecraft

James Welch

Miroslava Jurcik - Splash


Miroslava Jurcik

Chandana Arts - Pink


Chandana Arts

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Alphabet - R...
Clare Bevan - Single Red

Single Red

Clare Bevan

Judy Vincent - Flaming Flower

Flaming Flower

Judy Vincent

Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Livoe Island late day...

Livoe Island late day...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Mihai Florea - Nostalghia


Mihai Florea

Milan Gonda - Cornwall sea stacks.
Iris Gelbart - Birds


Iris Gelbart

Brian Menasco - Painted Canyon

Painted Canyon

Brian Menasco

James Welch - Green Streak Of Hope For...
C Ray  Roth - Heart of the Dandilion
Brian Harig - Sunrise At Grand Teton
Leif Bakka - Untitled


Leif Bakka

Jijo George - Petronas


Jijo George

Ckworkshop - All Yellow...

All Yellow...


Michael Rucker - Extra 300S

Extra 300S

Michael Rucker

Naomi Burgess - Calm Water

Calm Water

Naomi Burgess

Mike Breau - Black Hole

Black Hole

Mike Breau

Cynthia Lassiter - Decrepitude


Cynthia Lassiter

Lisa Holland-Gillem - Wyoming Still Life...

Wyoming Still Life...

Lisa Holland-Gillem

Rick Todaro  - Au Petit Hotel

Au Petit Hotel

Rick Todaro

Stormm Bradshaw - Bull Fish Car Face

Bull Fish Car Face

Stormm Bradshaw

Inge Johnsson - Arles Windows

Arles Windows

Inge Johnsson

Chad Dutson - Desert Rainbow

Desert Rainbow

Chad Dutson

Morgan Wright - Fern


Morgan Wright

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Board Zoom

Board Zoom

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Mike Roberts - Garden Of The Spirit
Lenore Senior - Fields and Landscape

Fields and Landscape

Lenore Senior

Mike Roberts - Heavenly Blessings

Heavenly Blessings

Mike Roberts

Rich Helmer - 42


Rich Helmer

Lydia Holly - Portrait of a Heron
Nina Stavlund - Winterlude Festival...
Inge Johnsson - Guadalupe El Capitan

Guadalupe El Capitan

Inge Johnsson

Radek Hofman - The Land Ends

The Land Ends

Radek Hofman

Dan Myers - Ocean City Sunset
Navin Joshi - All you need is LOVE...
Alan Kepler - Sandhill Cranes Departing
Betsy Zimmerli - Autumn Glow

Autumn Glow

Betsy Zimmerli

Cindy McClung - Dinos Dinner

Dinos Dinner

Cindy McClung

Debra Martz - Lower Falls Of The...
Dean Ferreira - Half Moon Bay HS Show

Half Moon Bay HS Show

Dean Ferreira

Sandra Foster - The Broken Branch -...
Reid Callaway - Watkinsville Georgia...
Debbie Oppermann - What

What's What

Debbie Oppermann

Michael Ver Sprill - Lovers Embrace

Lovers Embrace

Michael Ver Sprill

Kim Andelkovic - Sunset At The Lake

Sunset At The Lake

Kim Andelkovic

Samuel Zylstra - Elvis


Samuel Zylstra

Sue Melvin - FAN-tastic


Sue Melvin

Samuel Zylstra - Nine Eleven

Nine Eleven

Samuel Zylstra

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Stormy Sunrise Art

Stormy Sunrise Art

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Shelby  Young - Signs of Autumn

Signs of Autumn

Shelby Young

Nanette Emerle - The Lizard King

The Lizard King

Nanette Emerle

Cindy McClung - Fairytale Forest

Fairytale Forest

Cindy McClung

Mike Savad - Optometrist - Number 1...
Scott Hill - The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Scott Hill

Chris Flees - Eastern Newt in a...
Marilyn Diaz - Westward Ho

Westward Ho

Marilyn Diaz

Dawn Currie - Thessalonians 5 11

Thessalonians 5 11

Dawn Currie

Georgia Mizuleva - Three Dimensional...

Three Dimensional...

Georgia Mizuleva

Miryam  UrZa - Looking the Sunrise
Janice Rae Pariza - The Katydid

The Katydid

Janice Rae Pariza

Kathleen Sartoris - Nature

Nature's Bounty

Kathleen Sartoris

Reid Callaway - Golf at The Landing #3...
Karen Wiles - Fire Pot

Fire Pot

Karen Wiles

Tammy Garner - Double Rose

Double Rose

Tammy Garner

Paul Meijering - George Clooney 2

George Clooney 2

Paul Meijering

Scott Wallace  - Brittany Murphy...

Brittany Murphy...

Scott Wallace

Scott Wallace  - Bruce Willis Portrait

Bruce Willis Portrait

Scott Wallace

Georgia Mizuleva - Lovers and Other...

Lovers and Other...

Georgia Mizuleva

Karl Anderson - Standardbred


Karl Anderson

Dave Allen - Blue Ridge Parkway...
Karl Anderson - On Air

On Air

Karl Anderson

Priscilla Burgers - Flamenco Dancer at...

Flamenco Dancer at...

Priscilla Burgers

Jack Zulli - Round Things

Round Things

Jack Zulli

Andrea Kollo - Winter Super Full Moon
Mario Carini - Beorn

Beorn's Home

Mario Carini

Jim Garrison - The Misty Mountains

The Misty Mountains

Jim Garrison

Diane Schuster - Black Capped Chickadee...
Calazones Flics - Friendship


Calazones Flics

Berta Keeney - Rainbow Sky

Rainbow Sky

Berta Keeney

Christina Rollo - Flying Hummingbird...

Flying Hummingbird...

Christina Rollo

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Relaxing on the Dunes

Relaxing on the Dunes

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Mo T - Don
Brian Kamprath - Adorable


Brian Kamprath

Brian Kamprath - The Thinker

The Thinker

Brian Kamprath

Leif Sohlman - On birch - orange/yellow...
Lynn Bauer - Lupine Haze

Lupine Haze

Lynn Bauer

David Cullen - Tide


David Cullen

Julis Simo - Old Boat And The Blue...
Leif Sohlman - Clouds Sep -...

Clouds Sep -...

Leif Sohlman

Miro Gradinscak - The King

The King

Miro Gradinscak

Jim Garrison - The House Salad

The House Salad

Jim Garrison

Lyric Lucas - Sunset Reflected

Sunset Reflected

Lyric Lucas

Diane Schuster - Stargazer Lily and...

Stargazer Lily and...

Diane Schuster

Maggie Vlazny - Rockefeller Center Ice...
Bob VonDrachek - Portrait of a Swan

Portrait of a Swan

Bob VonDrachek

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Navajo Nation Series...

Navajo Nation Series...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Claire Bull - Poppy Garden

Poppy Garden

Claire Bull

Kimberlee  Baxter - Falling Leaves One...

Falling Leaves One...

Kimberlee Baxter

Berta Keeney - Standing Alone

Standing Alone

Berta Keeney

Vishwanath Bhat - Blue creek in Cascade...

Blue creek in Cascade...

Vishwanath Bhat

Vishwanath Bhat - Blue stream in Cascade...
Xueyin Chen - A Bouquet of Orchids
Steve Archbold - Cards


Steve Archbold

Susan Sadoury - Going Down

Going Down

Susan Sadoury

Mark Victors - Gnawed Pumpkin Negative
 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Going Home Again Canyon...

Going Home Again Canyon...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Patti Deters - Blue Heron Skip

Blue Heron Skip

Patti Deters

Michel Soucy - Sunflower with Textures
Richard Rosenshein - Artwork In A St...

Artwork In A St...

Richard Rosenshein

Nicklas Gustafsson - Bellatrix - Horizontal

Bellatrix - Horizontal

Nicklas Gustafsson

Nicklas Gustafsson - Bellatrix


Nicklas Gustafsson

Lynn Bauer - Summer Beauty at Twin...
Nancy and Renee Hopkins - Sunset at St. Pete Beach

Sunset at St. Pete Beach

Nancy and Renee Hopkins

Diana Sainz - Adobe Borax Ruins in...
Rene Triay Photography - Setting Traps

Setting Traps

Rene Triay Photography

Jeremy  Griever - Protector


Jeremy Griever

Nancy and Renee Hopkins - Haunted Jail

Haunted Jail

Nancy and Renee Hopkins

James Shepherd - 7 Trees

7 Trees

James Shepherd

Silvio Ligutti - Panorama of Rice...

Panorama of Rice...

Silvio Ligutti

David Millenheft - Stork Landing

Stork Landing

David Millenheft

David Zimmerman - The Art Barn

The Art Barn

David Zimmerman

Lynn R Morris - Beauty of Wood

Beauty of Wood

Lynn R Morris

David Zimmerman - Good n Plenty

Good n Plenty

David Zimmerman

Imran Ahmed - Ornate decorated...
R W Goetting - Big Sur

Big Sur

R W Goetting

Kim Bemis - Colorful Temple Entrance...
Miroslava Jurcik - Open wider

Open wider

Miroslava Jurcik

Kim Hojnacki - Black and White Dahlia
L Wright - My Afternoon Delight
Ian Mitchell - Late Summer Walks

Late Summer Walks

Ian Mitchell

Catherine Gagne - Shelburne Falls

Shelburne Falls

Catherine Gagne

Sue Jacobi - Funky Goofy Brown...
Trina  Ansel - Waterfall at Robert...
Goszcz Andrzej - One Day . The most...

One Day . The most...

Goszcz Andrzej

David Hill - View from a plane -...
Bob Sample - 911 Memorial

911 Memorial

Bob Sample

Bozena Simeth - Landscape Amazing colors...
Chris Smith - Bald Eagle in the Full...
Kim Hojnacki - Just Peachy - Rose

Just Peachy - Rose

Kim Hojnacki

Tamal Sen Sharma - Unitled-38


Tamal Sen Sharma

Luther   Fine Art - Flower  - Daring Red...

Flower - Daring Red...

Luther Fine Art

Milan Gonda - Diaskari beach.

Diaskari beach.

Milan Gonda

Scott Hill - Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden

Scott Hill

Ian Mitchell - I Trust In You

I Trust In You

Ian Mitchell

Barbara Chichester - Corvette Club Santa...

Corvette Club Santa...

Barbara Chichester

David Hill - Solar Silver - Nativity...
Michael Easton - Muir Beach

Muir Beach

Michael Easton

Michael Rucker - Three Moons

Three Moons

Michael Rucker

Cindy Nearing - Yellow Beauty

Yellow Beauty

Cindy Nearing

Cathy Mahnke - Riverbank


Cathy Mahnke

Stormm Bradshaw - Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality

Stormm Bradshaw

Lenore Senior - The Emerald Cliff

The Emerald Cliff

Lenore Senior

Inge Johnsson - Morning flight

Morning flight

Inge Johnsson

Roselynne Broussard - Adobe Style

Adobe Style

Roselynne Broussard

Donna Miller - The Lock

The Lock

Donna Miller

Irma BACKELANT GALLERIES - All In Ones Perception

All In Ones Perception


Kathy Liebrum Bailey - Early Morning At The Dock

Early Morning At The Dock

Kathy Liebrum Bailey

Cynthia Guinn - Yacht Basin Provision Co.
Pamela Iris Harden - T. M. 5     no. 2 of 2

T. M. 5 no. 2 of 2

Pamela Iris Harden

Betsy Zimmerli - October Welcome

October Welcome

Betsy Zimmerli

Sandra Foster - Gazania Stamen Macro

Gazania Stamen Macro

Sandra Foster

Janice Rae Pariza - Peace Joy Hope

Peace Joy Hope

Janice Rae Pariza

Chuck  Hicks - VW stacked

VW stacked

Chuck Hicks

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - You and Me Forever

You and Me Forever

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Gary Keesler - Tipple Dead Chute

Tipple Dead Chute

Gary Keesler

Paul Meijering - Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia

Paul Meijering

Dora Sofia Caputo - Autumn at Cold Spring...

Autumn at Cold Spring...

Dora Sofia Caputo

Barbie Corbett-Newmin - Coromandel Rock

Coromandel Rock

Barbie Corbett-Newmin

Dora Sofia Caputo - Autumn Reflection

Autumn Reflection

Dora Sofia Caputo

Ellen Levinson - Southwest-Desert...


Ellen Levinson

Pamela Peters - Grand Tetons

Grand Tetons

Pamela Peters

Alan Kepler - Rock Study 002

Rock Study 002

Alan Kepler

Bob VonDrachek - Cozy Berth

Cozy Berth

Bob VonDrachek

Annette Hugen - Dance Of The Robin

Dance Of The Robin

Annette Hugen

Navin Joshi - Abstract TWILIGHT ZONE...
Jemmy Archer - Korean War Veterans...
Vivian ANDERSON - Blue White Red

Blue White Red


Rosalie Scanlon - Red and Green Mandala...

Red and Green Mandala...

Rosalie Scanlon

Lyn  Perry - Blue Wall with Flowers
Aidan Moran - Windmill


Aidan Moran

Kathy Bassett - Okanagan Autumn

Okanagan Autumn

Kathy Bassett

Xueyin Chen - The Blue Hue

The Blue Hue

Xueyin Chen

Linda Phelps - Waitamgi Lighthouse

Waitamgi Lighthouse

Linda Phelps

Linda Prewer - The Bridge To Knowledge
Lee Kirchhevel - Cathedral Rock Sunset...
Steven Richman - Plainsboro Sunset

Plainsboro Sunset

Steven Richman

Anne Barberi - Countryside View

Countryside View

Anne Barberi

Christie Morgans - Old Railroad Relic

Old Railroad Relic

Christie Morgans

Linda Phelps - Private Pier

Private Pier

Linda Phelps

Anita Oakley - Surreal Landscape

Surreal Landscape

Anita Oakley

Jay Milo - Laurel And Hardy...
Inge Johnsson - Havasu Paradise

Havasu Paradise

Inge Johnsson

Janice Rae Pariza - Psalm 18

Psalm 18

Janice Rae Pariza

John Clark - Napali Coast Evening...
Photos By Jeff - Sunset


Photos By Jeff

Jacque The Muse - Bodega Bay Seagull

Bodega Bay Seagull

Jacque The Muse

Shannon Louder - Downtown Norfolk...

Downtown Norfolk...

Shannon Louder

Phil Welsher - The Blessing

The Blessing

Phil Welsher

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - River Ghosts

River Ghosts

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Eddie Yerkish - King Of The Jungle

King Of The Jungle

Eddie Yerkish

Mark Victors - Spider Web Yew

Spider Web Yew

Mark Victors

RC deWinter - Night Light

Night Light

RC deWinter

Lois Bryan - Rapunzel Rapunzel
Stormm Bradshaw - Grace Jones

Grace Jones

Stormm Bradshaw

RC deWinter - Star-Spangled Sunset
Tami Quigley - The Summer Wanes

The Summer Wanes

Tami Quigley

Gary Gingrich Galleries - 1957 Chevy - 210 Chrome...

1957 Chevy - 210 Chrome...

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Bruce Frye - Late Summer on the River
Dawn Currie - Lamentations 3 25-26
Gary Gingrich Galleries - 1957 Chevy - 210 Trunk -...

1957 Chevy - 210 Trunk -...

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Jay Milo - Tall Sailing Ship
Sarah Loft - Glass Abstract 212
Lynn Bauer - Bluebonnet Barn

Bluebonnet Barn

Lynn Bauer

Karry Degruise - Tomorrow Awaits

Tomorrow Awaits

Karry Degruise

Luther   Fine Art - Snow - South Park...

Snow - South Park...

Luther Fine Art

Robert McCubbin - Oh Say Can U See

Oh Say Can U See

Robert McCubbin

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Down by the River

Down by the River

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Fei A - Native Sense
Maria Dryfhout - Michigan Red Lighthouse
Jijo George - Amazing Petronas

Amazing Petronas

Jijo George

Kay Novy - Dessert


Kay Novy

Lynn Hopwood - Fall vines

Fall vines

Lynn Hopwood

Joseph Mosley - Astrolabe Our Place in...
Karen Butscha - Blowin Smoke

Blowin Smoke

Karen Butscha

Jim Garrison - Sabre Rattling

Sabre Rattling

Jim Garrison

Patti Deters - Black Bear Profile...
Elvis Vaughn - Pathway of Monks

Pathway of Monks

Elvis Vaughn

Jim Garrison - We Mean It

We Mean It

Jim Garrison

Elvis Vaughn - Medieval Durnstein

Medieval Durnstein

Elvis Vaughn

Eloisa Bevilacqua - Eternal Forest

Eternal Forest

Eloisa Bevilacqua

Rene Triay Photography - Water Under The Bridge

Water Under The Bridge

Rene Triay Photography

Greg Patzer - The Falls

The Falls

Greg Patzer

Allen Beatty - Oak Alley

Oak Alley

Allen Beatty

Tamal Sen Sharma - Untitled-5


Tamal Sen Sharma

Kevin Trow - Crustacean


Kevin Trow

Vishwanath Bhat - Beautiful sunflower on...
Parker Cunningham - Monochrome Ocean

Monochrome Ocean

Parker Cunningham

David Zimmerman - Prairie Goodnight

Prairie Goodnight

David Zimmerman

Shelby  Young - Glowing Sunset

Glowing Sunset

Shelby Young

Barbara Chichester - Sunflower Pixie

Sunflower Pixie

Barbara Chichester

David Zimmerman - All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome

David Zimmerman

Milan Gonda - Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle

Milan Gonda

Kym Backland - Air Attack on Bud

Air Attack on Bud

Kym Backland

Jack Zulli - Marco Dream

Marco Dream

Jack Zulli

Michael Durst - Daisy Darlings 3

Daisy Darlings 3

Michael Durst

Shelby  Young - Rainfall


Shelby Young

Sharon Coles - Feeding time

Feeding time

Sharon Coles

Geraldine Scull ART - Tilly


Geraldine Scull ART

Rose Wang - Labrador


Rose Wang

Rose Wang - Beach girl

Beach girl

Rose Wang

Bozena Simeth - Landscape Amazing colors...
Stan Askew - La Jolla

La Jolla

Stan Askew

Conor Murphy - Blue Mist over Nantucket...
Zori Minkova - Poppies after rain

Poppies after rain

Zori Minkova

Marcia Colelli - Ala Moana Beach Park...
Louise Heusinkveld - Puffin peeps from under...

Puffin peeps from under...

Louise Heusinkveld

Betsy Zimmerli - Hemlock


Betsy Zimmerli

Geraldine Scull ART - Asbury Park New Jersey...

Asbury Park New Jersey...

Geraldine Scull ART

Sue Jacobi - Funky Colorful Pelican...
Joe  Connors - Design Square 55

Design Square 55

Joe Connors

Brian Carson - Backyard Flowers In...
Georgia Mizuleva - Glowing Autumn - Oak Leaf

Glowing Autumn - Oak Leaf

Georgia Mizuleva

Scottys Photography - Number 19

Number 19

Scottys Photography

Joe  Connors - Design Square 54

Design Square 54

Joe Connors

Annemeet Van der Leij - My old hiking boots

My old hiking boots

Annemeet Van der Leij

Olahs Photography - Blue Heron Island

Blue Heron Island

Olahs Photography

Jan Matson - Brown Rooster

Brown Rooster

Jan Matson

Neil James Brain -

'Bridge View' in mono

Neil James Brain

Ismo Raisanen - Good Morning Helsinki

Good Morning Helsinki

Ismo Raisanen

Gry Thunes - Carousel


Gry Thunes

Imran Ahmed - Seated Buddha views busy...
Claudia  Ellis - Desiderata #3

Desiderata #3

Claudia Ellis

Cassandra Buckley - Guanajuato III

Guanajuato III

Cassandra Buckley

Nina Fosdick - Silent Water

Silent Water

Nina Fosdick

Jeremy Griever - Becoming Her Monster

Becoming Her Monster

Jeremy Griever

Tracy Winter - Tohokujhae Sunflower in...
Tammy Garner - Visit With Mom

Visit With Mom

Tammy Garner

L Wright - View off Gandy Blvd
Lenore Senior - Sundowning


Lenore Senior

Tammy Garner - Vintage Wheelbarrow 2
Marcel  J Goetz  Sr - Autumn Evening

Autumn Evening

Marcel J Goetz Sr

Imran Ahmed - Two meditating cupolas...
Stormm Bradshaw - Erykah Badu Live

Erykah Badu Live

Stormm Bradshaw

Reid Callaway - Entry to The Ponce 1913
Kume Bryant - Blue Hydrangeas

Blue Hydrangeas

Kume Bryant

Beth Ferris Sale - To Infinity And Beyond

To Infinity And Beyond

Beth Ferris Sale

Christine Till - Sunset over Cabo

Sunset over Cabo

Christine Till

Sue Melvin - Got Any Peanuts

Got Any Peanuts

Sue Melvin

Sandra Foster - Still Beautiful

Still Beautiful

Sandra Foster

Rosalie Scanlon - Purple Mandala Wall Art

Purple Mandala Wall Art

Rosalie Scanlon

Kim Andelkovic - Viewing Point

Viewing Point

Kim Andelkovic

Priscilla Burgers - Fiesta del Tlaquepaque...

Fiesta del Tlaquepaque...

Priscilla Burgers

Beth Ferris Sale - Orange Farm Cat

Orange Farm Cat

Beth Ferris Sale

Aimee L Maher - No Vacancy at The Stilt...
Bob Sample - Duck Duck Goose...
Mike  Dawson - Tropical Cauldron

Tropical Cauldron

Mike Dawson

Bob Sample - Early Snow on Railroad...
Erin  O


Erin O'Neal-Morie

Marion Johnson - Beach Wonder

Beach Wonder

Marion Johnson

Lynn Bauer - Poppies and Lupines on...
Lisa L Silva - Bee on Cosmo

Bee on Cosmo

Lisa L Silva

Barbara Chichester - Blue Eyes Crying In The...

Blue Eyes Crying In The...

Barbara Chichester

Cynthia Lassiter - A Farm Home

A Farm Home

Cynthia Lassiter

Reid Callaway - God says I Love You

God says I Love You

Reid Callaway

Lyric Lucas - Tears Of The Sun

Tears Of The Sun

Lyric Lucas

Navin Joshi - Jewel Stones Sprinkle...
Roselynne Broussard - Jupiter

Jupiter's Beard

Roselynne Broussard

Bob VonDrachek - Madrona Bark

Madrona Bark

Bob VonDrachek

Paul Meijering - Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Paul Meijering

Robyn King - I Can See For Miles And...
Karen Cook - Red White and Blue
Sharon Coles - Reflect


Sharon Coles

Jess Williams - Morning Reflections

Morning Reflections

Jess Williams

Lucinda Walter - Shapes and The Light

Shapes and The Light

Lucinda Walter

R A W M   - Marblehead Light House
Daniel Furon - Ibiza


Daniel Furon

Andrea Kollo - Beach - Sandy Water and...
Manny Lorenzo - Fractal Leaf Jewel

Fractal Leaf Jewel

Manny Lorenzo

David Millenheft - Take off

Take off

David Millenheft

Andrea Kollo - Egret on the River

Egret on the River

Andrea Kollo

Jiayin Ma - Sea Turtle In Deep Ocean
Radek Hofman - Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Radek Hofman

Nick Difi - Full Moon

Full Moon

Nick Difi

Debra Hall - Bee-guiled


Debra Hall

Richard Rosenshein - Daylily Macro 2

Daylily Macro 2

Richard Rosenshein

Cascade Colors - Colorado Autumn Color...
Nicklas Gustafsson - Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Nicklas Gustafsson

Rick Todaro - Walking Through Quebec...
C  Lythgo - Pop Vegas

Pop Vegas

C Lythgo

Eddie Yerkish - Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

Eddie Yerkish

Beverly Guilliams - Everything has a Season

Everything has a Season

Beverly Guilliams

Marilyn Diaz - Riding In Comfort

Riding In Comfort

Marilyn Diaz

Scottys Photography - El Jardin De Rosas

El Jardin De Rosas

Scottys Photography

Linda Phelps - Decorative Foliage

Decorative Foliage

Linda Phelps

Karen Wiles - REACHING for HEAVEN
Jack Zulli - Rainbow Drops II

Rainbow Drops II

Jack Zulli

Cristina Mihailescu - Resting..


Cristina Mihailescu

Joaquin Abella Ojeda - Hyacinth


Joaquin Abella Ojeda

Viggo Mortensen - Dreams #70

Dreams #70

Viggo Mortensen

Ellen Levinson - Wolf  - White Wolf  -...

Wolf - White Wolf -...

Ellen Levinson

Michael Ver Sprill - Sunflower Field

Sunflower Field

Michael Ver Sprill

Sarah Loft - Swirl Design on Brown 2
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Farm Life

Farm Life

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Jacque The Muse - Quiet Moment

Quiet Moment

Jacque The Muse

Leif Sohlman - Glistening Inky Cap
Jacque The Muse - Catching a Wave

Catching a Wave

Jacque The Muse

Wendy J St Christopher - B-427 Sunshine Sectional...

B-427 Sunshine Sectional...

Wendy J St Christopher

Michael Ver Sprill - Washing Over The Rocks

Washing Over The Rocks

Michael Ver Sprill

Iris Gelbart - Designers Dream

Designers Dream

Iris Gelbart

Jolly Van der Velden - Early morning in Station...

Early morning in Station...

Jolly Van der Velden

Kathleen K Parker - Cafe Beignet Morning NOLA

Cafe Beignet Morning NOLA

Kathleen K Parker

Regina Geoghan - Anniversary Tribute of...
Ian Mitchell - Tryfan at Dawn

Tryfan at Dawn

Ian Mitchell

Anthony Mwangi - Misty Morning in the...
Eddie Eastwood - Sunset Worshippers

Sunset Worshippers

Eddie Eastwood

Matthias Hauser - Iceland coast...

Iceland coast...

Matthias Hauser

Luther  Fine Art - Flower -Easter Lily...

Flower -Easter Lily...

Luther Fine Art

Cynthia Guinn - Redneck Chandelier

Redneck Chandelier

Cynthia Guinn

Iris Gelbart - Almost


Iris Gelbart

Sue Rosen - Red Aura

Red Aura

Sue Rosen

Leif Bakka - Knife and Horn Headdress
Mark Victors - Salt One

Salt One

Mark Victors

Catherine Gagne - Hemlock Covered Bridge

Hemlock Covered Bridge

Catherine Gagne

Rene Triay Photography - The Sunrise Crossing-...

The Sunrise Crossing-...

Rene Triay Photography

Joe Schofield - Harvest Cloudcover

Harvest Cloudcover

Joe Schofield

Chris Smith - Vintage Style Dunnock
Elmar Langle - Red Poppy

Red Poppy

Elmar Langle

Dawn Currie - Psalms 103 1-5

Psalms 103 1-5

Dawn Currie

Stormm Bradshaw - Afro Michael Jackson

Afro Michael Jackson

Stormm Bradshaw

Phil Welsher - Past Present and Future...
Arnie Goldstein - This Side Ok

This Side Ok

Arnie Goldstein