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Ink drawings



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Manuela Constantin



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This group was started on October 6th, 2013 and currently has:

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Ink drawings

About This Group

Are you use ink for your drawings? Than you are welcomed here!
I am fascinated by those drawings. Not tried so far, but...
As I did not tried ink so far, I use my pencil drawing as image, for the moment. Please don\'t do like me :)

I look forward to see your works for all our visitors and thank you!

Featured Images

Victor Koryagin - A wounded eagle

A wounded eagle

Victor Koryagin

Victor Koryagin - Infinity


Victor Koryagin

Dennis Ellman - Primed and Ready

Primed and Ready

Dennis Ellman

Pablo Franchi - Indian Chief 1951

Indian Chief 1951

Pablo Franchi

Pablo Franchi - Indian Chief 1948

Indian Chief 1948

Pablo Franchi

Pablo Franchi - Indian Chief 1947

Indian Chief 1947

Pablo Franchi

Daniel Yakubovich - Dreaming Cat

Dreaming Cat

Daniel Yakubovich

Alexandra-Emily Kokova - Still Life 2

Still Life 2

Alexandra-Emily Kokova

Alexandra-Emily Kokova - Still Life 4

Still Life 4

Alexandra-Emily Kokova

Vitaliy Gonikman - Life in the Shell

Life in the Shell

Vitaliy Gonikman

Vitaliy Gonikman - Progress


Vitaliy Gonikman

Vitaliy Gonikman - Love


Vitaliy Gonikman

Vitaliy Gonikman - Grasshopper Rider

Grasshopper Rider

Vitaliy Gonikman

Vitaliy Gonikman - City Love

City Love

Vitaliy Gonikman

Vitaliy Gonikman - Understanding Music

Understanding Music

Vitaliy Gonikman

Rebecca Glaze - Entangled


Rebecca Glaze

Justin Moore - White Tiger

White Tiger

Justin Moore

Justin Moore - Gunsling Born

Gunsling Born

Justin Moore

Justin Moore - Counting on Forver

Counting on Forver

Justin Moore

Mark Teeter - Ball Point Flowers

Ball Point Flowers

Mark Teeter

Mamoun Sakkal - Caribou


Mamoun Sakkal

Mamoun Sakkal - Cougar


Mamoun Sakkal

Mamoun Sakkal - Horses


Mamoun Sakkal

Mamoun Sakkal - Pelicans


Mamoun Sakkal

Mamoun Sakkal - Four Men in the Wind

Four Men in the Wind

Mamoun Sakkal

Mamoun Sakkal - Four Men in Less Wind

Four Men in Less Wind

Mamoun Sakkal

Harry Briggs - On Break

On Break

Harry Briggs

Mark Teeter - Dragonfly


Mark Teeter

Mark Teeter - Lake home

Lake home

Mark Teeter

Mark Teeter - Space Cat

Space Cat

Mark Teeter

Mark Teeter - Birth of Land

Birth of Land

Mark Teeter

Mark Teeter - The Open Desert

The Open Desert

Mark Teeter

Alexandra-Emily Kokova - Kurt Vonnegut Portrait

Kurt Vonnegut Portrait

Alexandra-Emily Kokova

Harry Briggs - Twisted


Harry Briggs

Patricio Lazen - Venice


Patricio Lazen

Anthony Hodgson - Fragmentation


Anthony Hodgson

Angela Hedderick - Thank a Farmer

Thank a Farmer

Angela Hedderick

Eric David - Cityscape 1

Cityscape 1

Eric David

Anthony Hodgson - Awakening


Anthony Hodgson

Anthony Hodgson - Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight

Anthony Hodgson

Jim Fitzpatrick - The Three Degrees

The Three Degrees

Jim Fitzpatrick

Kendya Battle - Eye Of The Universe

Eye Of The Universe

Kendya Battle