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Lesser Known Female Singers Or Musicians



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Steven Macanka

Saint James, NY

United States

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Lesser Known Female Singers Or Musicians

About This Group

photos taken on stage, backstage, or during rehearsal, or recording sessions. photos in public like on the street. driving, drinking, sleeping. use your instincts to show them in the best settings. color or b/w photographs ONLY. just have fun with this, the women will thank you for the exposure.

Featured Images

Mike Martin - Blues Sensation

Blues Sensation

Mike Martin

Vedran Levi - Alissa White-Gluz

Alissa White-Gluz

Vedran Levi

John Malone - Cuban Opera Singer

Cuban Opera Singer

John Malone

Steven Macanka - Miriam


Steven Macanka

Mike Martin - She
Mike Martin - Screaming Orphans Joan...
Mike Martin - Lovely Leah

Lovely Leah

Mike Martin

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Selena Gomez-8646

Selena Gomez-8646

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Christina Grimmie - 5832

Christina Grimmie - 5832

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Joseph C Hinson Photography - Red Rose Festival 8

Red Rose Festival 8

Joseph C Hinson Photography

Joseph C Hinson Photography - Haley Dreis 2

Haley Dreis 2

Joseph C Hinson Photography

Jamie Barringer - Post Paradise 5

Post Paradise 5

Jamie Barringer

Mike Martin - Shiragirl


Mike Martin

Chris Berry - Blues Woman

Blues Woman

Chris Berry

Chris Berry - Guitar Girl

Guitar Girl

Chris Berry

Steven Macanka - Well At Least They Did...
Steven Macanka - Intense Niki

Intense Niki

Steven Macanka

Joseph C Hinson Photography - Rhythm on the River 4

Rhythm on the River 4

Joseph C Hinson Photography

Mike Martin - Vintage Songstress Leah...
Steven Macanka - Can One Woman Be Just To...
Linda Sannuti - Dark Thoughts

Dark Thoughts

Linda Sannuti

John Telfer - The Times Square Naked...
Linda Sannuti - Color Mask

Color Mask

Linda Sannuti

Michael Durst - The Jazz Singer

The Jazz Singer

Michael Durst

Tara Potts - Jennifer Daniels

Jennifer Daniels

Tara Potts

Chris Berry - May I

May I

Chris Berry

John Telfer - Boston
Patricio Lazen - Nights in Red Satin

Nights in Red Satin

Patricio Lazen

Jim Fitzpatrick - Myra Molloy winner of...

Myra Molloy winner of...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Mike Martin - Josy Svajda

Josy Svajda

Mike Martin

Kathleen K Parker - Royal Street Clarinet...

Royal Street Clarinet...

Kathleen K Parker

Kathleen K Parker - Royal Street Singer and...

Royal Street Singer and...

Kathleen K Parker

Steven Macanka - Sex With A Man

Sex With A Man

Steven Macanka

Steven Macanka - Drummer


Steven Macanka

Steven Macanka - Japanese Intensity

Japanese Intensity

Steven Macanka