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Love of the Land



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Gedda Runyon Starlin

Southwest, FL

United States

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This group was started on May 31st, 2013 and currently has:

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Love of the Land

About This Group

For all those who love the Land from farms to forests, frome the seas to the trees, from the skys to the twisted tree at the snow line on the mountain. Every single aspect of our Mother Earth, Includeing the mother earth herself. Seeking very pure landscape, and natural earth, consider other subject included depending on how it detracts from landscape itself. This is not for buildings architecture, farm machinery, or other subject as primary interest.
Use Featured Images as your guide.

Featured Images

Teresa Ascone - Solitary Spruce

Solitary Spruce

Teresa Ascone

Radek Hofman - Heleakala


Radek Hofman

Yuly Foley - Morning visitor

Morning visitor

Yuly Foley

Amanda Stadther - Okavango Sunset

Okavango Sunset

Amanda Stadther

Bruce Nutting - Field of Orange

Field of Orange

Bruce Nutting

Mike Dawson - Rural Patterns

Rural Patterns

Mike Dawson

Eunice Miller - Single Peak

Single Peak

Eunice Miller

Gedda Runyon Starlin - In The Valley Below

In The Valley Below

Gedda Runyon Starlin

Eddie Yerkish - Desert Sunset II

Desert Sunset II

Eddie Yerkish

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Trail Near Boulder

Trail Near Boulder

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Karyn Robinson - Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy

Karyn Robinson

Meaghan Troup - Heaven

Heaven's Breath

Meaghan Troup

Teresa Ascone - Mountain View

Mountain View

Teresa Ascone

Georgia Mizuleva - The Butterfly Convention

The Butterfly Convention

Georgia Mizuleva

Studio Tolere - On the Way to the Top

On the Way to the Top

Studio Tolere

Teresa Ascone - Denali Summer

Denali Summer

Teresa Ascone

Bruce Bley - Pink Serenade

Pink Serenade

Bruce Bley

Melissa Stramel Hunt - Poppy Hill Pano

Poppy Hill Pano

Melissa Stramel Hunt

MarLa Hoover - Searching Huskies

Searching Huskies

MarLa Hoover

Bruce Nutting - Birches in Winter

Birches in Winter

Bruce Nutting

Radek Hofman - Canyonlands Sunset

Canyonlands Sunset

Radek Hofman

Sabine Edrissi - Arbutus Tree

Arbutus Tree

Sabine Edrissi

Gedda Runyon Starlin - Beside the River

Beside the River

Gedda Runyon Starlin

Jason Layden - Lily


Jason Layden

Dennis Buckman - High Plains Storm

High Plains Storm

Dennis Buckman

Christina Rollo - Heavenly Light Sunrise

Heavenly Light Sunrise

Christina Rollo

GuoJun Pan - Landscape


GuoJun Pan

BJ Pinkston - Majestic


BJ Pinkston

Georgia Mizuleva - Frosty leaves

Frosty leaves

Georgia Mizuleva

Aaron Spong - Aspen Trail

Aspen Trail

Aaron Spong

Geoff Childs - Vivid Vista. Sunset

Vivid Vista. Sunset

Geoff Childs

Studio Tolere - Blue Canyon Full Moon

Blue Canyon Full Moon

Studio Tolere

Sotiris Filippou - Heaven

Heaven's Sunshines

Sotiris Filippou

Michael Huddleston - Soybean Sunset Indiana

Soybean Sunset Indiana

Michael Huddleston

Christy Ricafrente - After the Storm

After the Storm

Christy Ricafrente

Aaron Spong - Longs Peak Sunrise

Longs Peak Sunrise

Aaron Spong

Aaron Spong - Blue Lakes

Blue Lakes

Aaron Spong

Lee Piper - The Canyon

The Canyon

Lee Piper

Jamie and Eric Fletcher - Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake

Jamie and Eric Fletcher

Scott Pellegrin - Macartney Rose

Macartney Rose

Scott Pellegrin

Elizabeth Coats - A Day at the Pond

A Day at the Pond

Elizabeth Coats

Lorrie Sniderman - Birch Trees

Birch Trees

Lorrie Sniderman

Francois Fournier - The New Growth

The New Growth

Francois Fournier

Sarah Beth Lite - Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico

Sarah Beth Lite

Baslee Troutman Coastal Art Prints - Blue Seaglass Beach art prints Shells Agates

Blue Seaglass Beach art prints Shells Agates

Baslee Troutman Coastal Art Prints

Bruce Bley - Dream Lily

Dream Lily

Bruce Bley

Jahred Allen - Dear God

Dear God

Jahred Allen

Kay  Brocks - Evening mood

Evening mood

Kay Brocks

Nick Boyer - Moon and Sun

Moon and Sun

Nick Boyer

First Star Art  - Twilight Meadow Magic

Twilight Meadow Magic

First Star Art

Robert McCubbin - Da Bloomin Desert

Da Bloomin Desert

Robert McCubbin

Scott B Bennett - She awake

She awake's

Scott B Bennett

Jahred Allen - Valley Sky

Valley Sky

Jahred Allen

James Peterson - Painted Valley

Painted Valley

James Peterson

Andrew Lee - Misty Forest

Misty Forest

Andrew Lee

Marian Palucci - Sea Shells

Sea Shells

Marian Palucci

Karol  Livote - Grounded


Karol Livote

Aaron Spong - Double Arch

Double Arch

Aaron Spong

BJ Pinkston - Spring lll

Spring lll

BJ Pinkston

Raimond Klavins - Sunset in the sky

Sunset in the sky

Raimond Klavins

BJ Pinkston - Lillies and Bamboo

Lillies and Bamboo

BJ Pinkston

Behrooz Haghighi - Nature

Nature's beauty

Behrooz Haghighi

Lorrie Sniderman - A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

Lorrie Sniderman

Scott Pellegrin - Dream Tree

Dream Tree

Scott Pellegrin

BJ Pinkston - Water Lily III

Water Lily III

BJ Pinkston

Christina Manassa - Brilliant Sunrise

Brilliant Sunrise

Christina Manassa

Behrooz Haghighi - Nature


Behrooz Haghighi

Chris Winfield - White Lilly

White Lilly

Chris Winfield

Lee Piper - Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country

Lee Piper

Lorna Maza - Hidden Forest

Hidden Forest

Lorna Maza

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Hops


Beverley Harper Tinsley

Francois Fournier - The White Dandelions Field

The White Dandelions Field

Francois Fournier

Lorrie Sniderman - On Top of The Mountain

On Top of The Mountain

Lorrie Sniderman

Charles Smith - Cottonwoods


Charles Smith

Lewanda Laboy - Light Beyond

Light Beyond

Lewanda Laboy

Steve Johnson - Milk Weed

Milk Weed

Steve Johnson

Eileen Corbel - Quiet Morning

Quiet Morning

Eileen Corbel

Shradha Pant - Down the Lane

Down the Lane

Shradha Pant

Aaron Spong - West Spanish Peak

West Spanish Peak

Aaron Spong

Sarah Beth Lite - The Drifter

The Drifter

Sarah Beth Lite

Kim Andelkovic - Natural Earth Patterns

Natural Earth Patterns

Kim Andelkovic

BJ Pinkston - Kanuga


BJ Pinkston

Robert McCubbin - Canyon Moon

Canyon Moon

Robert McCubbin

Sarah Beth Lite - Gulf of Beauty

Gulf of Beauty

Sarah Beth Lite

Lorrie Sniderman - Glorious Morning

Glorious Morning

Lorrie Sniderman

Anne Gilbert - Cold


Anne Gilbert

BJ Pinkston - Wave II

Wave II

BJ Pinkston

Silvio Schoisswohl - Silhouette


Silvio Schoisswohl

Bonita Hensley - Ayers Rock On Fire

Ayers Rock On Fire

Bonita Hensley

Conor Murphy - Wounded


Conor Murphy