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Who The Hell Is Next


Posted by: Feile Case on 04/29/2013 - 10:54 PM

The Art work entitled "Who The Hell Is Next" is a very timely piece of Art Work.
It conveys the urgent emotion behind Televisions' mass media and its immediate response in our daily culture. It is a composition on our modern times. Who knows what popular idea you can positively make a difference with others in the world and who will be the next victim of our social destruction? With all the modern media coverage of verbal, political, emotional, cyber, terrorist, and physical attacks in this day and age we are left asking, Who The Hell Is Next? The art wok was produced in the years 2012 and 2013. The work is digitally signed by the Artist Feile Case.

The work is heavily-manipulated from the obvious foreground of the birds' feather details missing as well as texture and color alteration to the background which was originally a photo of a field of snow. The work is so heavily manipulated that the colors of letter H began to run or bleed in to other aspects of the image. I allowed this to do so and I even encouraged it as it emphasizes the first letter in "Hell" and shows the influence every little thing can have on our daily lives.

FAA Members, Please be sure to VOTE for my Art Work. It means a great deal to me and Thank you for your support. Your good comments are also greatly welcomed and appreciated~ :) :D :) The piece is very timely, dealing with issues we face almost every day, including the face of the media.

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