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Best Tagging For Digital Art


Posted by: Katharine Birkett on 07/11/2012 - 10:03 AM

Hello all, I am new here and beginning to upload images from my collection, all artwork that began as photo and emerged from Photoshop looking like a painting or otherwise artistic. I wonder about the best way to tag our art and the best FAA category to assign it to. Do you all use "digital art" as the category? If not, what else applies? I hesitate in some ways to use "digital art" as the category because do most buyers actually go shopping on purpose for "digital art"? I would think that maybe some do who want a futuristic, abstract look but if my digital art looks like a watercolor or acrylic, is "digital art" the place to put it. And as for tagging, if it looks like a watercolor, do you tag it "watercolor" since people who like that look will like it, so long as you state in listing it's digital, or is that considered deceptive?

Photography Prints

For example, I currently have this one tagged "watercolor," with a question posted to the general board as to whether that's legitimate. I'm guessing it won't be, and if so I'll change it, but then what to say instead?


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