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Ludwig Keck

Peachtree Corners, GA

United States

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This group was started on March 29th, 2012 and currently has:

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Welcome to Manipulation!!

This gallery presents images that have been 'manipulated', transformed from an original into a totally different image by using various means and tools.

Artists here show amazing talent, imaginative vision and technical wizardry.

Images selection is at the discretion of the gallery curator.

Discussions are very much encouraged. When participating in discussion threads ALL members must abide by FAA forum rules.

Welcome and enjoy our remarkable collection!!!

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Featured Images

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Fleeting Light

Fleeting Light

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Betsy Zimmerli - Painted Turtle

Painted Turtle

Betsy Zimmerli

Jutta Maria Pusl - In File

In File

Jutta Maria Pusl

Betsy Zimmerli - Dappled Stroll

Dappled Stroll

Betsy Zimmerli

Jim  Nooney - Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Jim Nooney

Janice Rae Pariza - Cartoon Sunflower

Cartoon Sunflower

Janice Rae Pariza

Janice Rae Pariza - Sunflower Impasto

Sunflower Impasto

Janice Rae Pariza

Ken Smith - Into the Light

Into the Light

Ken Smith

Theresa Tahara - Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours

Theresa Tahara

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - River Autumn

River Autumn

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Betsy Zimmerli - Composite


Betsy Zimmerli

Steve Benefiel - Bode Row House

Bode Row House

Steve Benefiel

Jean Connor - Tropical Garden

Tropical Garden

Jean Connor

RC deWinter - Blush in a Basket

Blush in a Basket

RC deWinter

Tina  LeCour - Path To Prosperity

Path To Prosperity

Tina LeCour

Janice Rae Pariza - Paonia Mustang

Paonia Mustang

Janice Rae Pariza

Betsy Zimmerli - Deep Woods

Deep Woods

Betsy Zimmerli

Ed Weidman - Gin Lane Hedges

Gin Lane Hedges

Ed Weidman

Janice Rae Pariza - Durango and Silverton 480

Durango and Silverton 480

Janice Rae Pariza

Bill Morgenstern - Autumn Fire

Autumn Fire

Bill Morgenstern

Tina  LeCour - Butterfly Daydream

Butterfly Daydream

Tina LeCour

Andrew Paranavitana - Dubrovnik


Andrew Paranavitana

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Forest Pond

Forest Pond

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Paulette B Wright - Appalachian Creek

Appalachian Creek

Paulette B Wright

HH Photography of Florida - Stargazer Lily - Flowers

Stargazer Lily - Flowers

HH Photography of Florida