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This group was started on March 29th, 2012 and currently has:


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About This Group

WELCOME to the group & enjoy!!

Please upload a maximum of 3 images a day.

Your work can be any medium, just so your image is manipulated in some way. You are the artist, show off your work! The artists in this group are amazingly talented.

I am a very relaxed individual and do not get into much discussion myself but if others want to I do enjoy reading the threads and may comment. I will start hosting contests in Jan 2014.

Welcome and have fun!!! -Michael

Featured Images

Barbara D Richards - Teton Storm

Teton Storm

Barbara D Richards

Hilde Widerberg - Looking Through Glasses

Looking Through Glasses

Hilde Widerberg

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Life Imitates Art - Cafe

Life Imitates Art - Cafe

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Artist Nandika  Dutt - Real Little baby dream

Real Little baby dream

Artist Nandika Dutt

Darren Fisher - Vintage Tulip

Vintage Tulip

Darren Fisher

Saundra Myles - The Pretty Girl 3

The Pretty Girl 3

Saundra Myles

Bruce Iorio - Car Next to Blue Tree in...
Susan Savad - Cascade of White Daisies
Omaste Witkowski - All Eyes On Eternity...

All Eyes On Eternity...

Omaste Witkowski

Janice Rae Pariza - Roses Have Thorns

Roses Have Thorns

Janice Rae Pariza

Rhonda Barrett - Macro Buzz

Macro Buzz

Rhonda Barrett

Tisha McGee - Mishell


Tisha McGee

Jenny Rainbow - At the Channel. Vintage...
WB Johnston - Boneface


WB Johnston

Janice Rae Pariza - The Flower Fades

The Flower Fades

Janice Rae Pariza

Mo T - Andromeda
Madrid  Solo - Guardian Angel Female
 Bob and Nadine Johnston - DesertView Watchtower...

DesertView Watchtower...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Jim Fitzpatrick - Sunset in My Eyes

Sunset in My Eyes

Jim Fitzpatrick

Linsey Williams - Doggie Gossip 2

Doggie Gossip 2

Linsey Williams

Kathy Bassett - Lilacs - For Mom

Lilacs - For Mom

Kathy Bassett

Studio Tolere - Lily Koi Pond Reflections
Lisa Knechtel - Seaside Momentos

Seaside Momentos

Lisa Knechtel

Arlene Carmel - Textured Dahlia

Textured Dahlia

Arlene Carmel

The Stone Age - Bondage


The Stone Age

Mike McGlothlen - Keep Your Eyes on the U...
Geoff Simmonds - Star Rise

Star Rise

Geoff Simmonds

Steven  Michael - Alabama State Flag

Alabama State Flag

Steven Michael

Randy Turnbow - Take My Hand

Take My Hand

Randy Turnbow

Deena Athans - Reflection


Deena Athans

WB Johnston - Serpent Profile 2

Serpent Profile 2

WB Johnston

Ed Weidman - You Have Always Had The...
 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Sunset In Grand Canyon

Sunset In Grand Canyon

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Zeana Romanovna - When A Man Loves A Woman...
 Bob and Nadine Johnston - GrandView viewpoint...

GrandView viewpoint...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Dave Bosse - Violent Red

Violent Red

Dave Bosse

Jim Fitzpatrick - Asian Beauty II

Asian Beauty II

Jim Fitzpatrick

Caitlyn  Grasso - Sophisticated Lady

Sophisticated Lady

Caitlyn Grasso

Janice Rae Pariza - Autumn Sunset on...

Autumn Sunset on...

Janice Rae Pariza

Barbara D Richards - Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Barbara D Richards

Susan Savad - Fractal - Gombay Dancer
Laurie Search - I

I've Been Here Before

Laurie Search

Darren Fisher - Wood Poppy

Wood Poppy

Darren Fisher

Darren Fisher - Blushing


Darren Fisher

Linda Phelps - Digital Pink Rose...
Barbara D Richards - Left Behind

Left Behind

Barbara D Richards

Jenny Rainbow - Ahead to Dreams. Nature...
RC DeWinter - Redhead Reading a Book
 Bob and Nadine Johnston - California Poppy

California Poppy

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Lisa Knechtel - Catch Up Little Gosling
Jennifer Woodward - Freedom in the Desert

Freedom in the Desert

Jennifer Woodward

Ted Guhl - Hotel Toilet

Hotel Toilet

Ted Guhl

Ted Guhl - Paintbrush Flowers
Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Barn Door

Colorado Barn Door

Janice Rae Pariza

Georgeta Blanaru - Captain America Shield...

Captain America Shield...

Georgeta Blanaru

Joseph Baril - Majestic Shoreline

Majestic Shoreline

Joseph Baril

Jack Zulli - Theater Organ

Theater Organ

Jack Zulli

Zeana Romanovna - Taming Of The Crow

Taming Of The Crow

Zeana Romanovna

Ginny Schmidt - Moody Tree

Moody Tree

Ginny Schmidt

Arvydas Butautas - Trinity


Arvydas Butautas

Pamela Cooper - Iris 65

Iris 65

Pamela Cooper

Rebecca Phillips - An Instant in Creations...
Barbara D Richards - The Alamo Rises

The Alamo Rises

Barbara D Richards

Colleen Kammerer - Remembrance


Colleen Kammerer

Caitlyn  Grasso - Emerging


Caitlyn Grasso

Fran Hogan - Classic Yellow Havana
Mike Savad - Flower - Sunflower -...
Ginny Schmidt - By the Bay

By the Bay

Ginny Schmidt

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Gorilla-00135-fractal


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Annie Zeno - Mother
Barbara D Richards - A Secret Between Us

A Secret Between Us

Barbara D Richards

Steven  Michael - Abbott and Costello

Abbott and Costello

Steven Michael

Randy Turnbow - The Big Wave

The Big Wave

Randy Turnbow

Miriam Danar - New York Street Scene -...
Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Alpine Snow

Colorado Alpine Snow

Janice Rae Pariza

Ted Guhl - Canal in Shouzou
Gary Gingrich Galleries - Monarch-7-Fractal


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Barbara D Richards - Biking Europe

Biking Europe

Barbara D Richards

Bruce Iorio - Pistils


Bruce Iorio

Hilde Widerberg - In your dreams forever

In your dreams forever

Hilde Widerberg

Linsey Williams - Vintage Lawn Rollers

Vintage Lawn Rollers

Linsey Williams

Chris Anderson - Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith

Chris Anderson

Svetlana Sewell - Broken Love

Broken Love

Svetlana Sewell

Rebecca Phillips - Icarus Flying Free

Icarus Flying Free

Rebecca Phillips

Ed Weidman - Babes With Bangs

Babes With Bangs

Ed Weidman

Rebecca Phillips - First Thought of...

First Thought of...

Rebecca Phillips

RC DeWinter - Charming Cerise

Charming Cerise

RC DeWinter

RC DeWinter - Hey Cinderella

Hey Cinderella

RC DeWinter

Mike Savad - Japanese - Harmony and...
Dorothy Pinder - The Paper Umbrella

The Paper Umbrella

Dorothy Pinder

Jack Zulli - Somethins In The Net
Linsey Williams - Castle In The Green

Castle In The Green

Linsey Williams

Jim Fitzpatrick - Beautiful Freckle Faced...
RC DeWinter - Window Obscura

Window Obscura

RC DeWinter

Rhonda Barrett - Hunting...


Rhonda Barrett

Darren Fisher - Inside Beauty

Inside Beauty

Darren Fisher

Priscilla Burgers - Sister Creek Vineyards

Sister Creek Vineyards

Priscilla Burgers

Ed Weidman - Water Fountain Abstract 3
Elaine Teague - Raelene


Elaine Teague

Lesa Fine - Vintage FORD Art Color...
Lesa Fine - 1957 Chevrolet REAR VIEW...
Rick Rauzi - Train Yard

Train Yard

Rick Rauzi

M and L Creations - Shades of Green

Shades of Green

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - REd White and Black Lips...

REd White and Black Lips...

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - Red White and Black Lips

Red White and Black Lips

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - VA Lighting

VA Lighting

M and L Creations

Ian  MacDonald - Migration


Ian MacDonald

Bruce Iorio - Facial


Bruce Iorio

Mike Savad - Steampunk - Blimp -...
James Christopher Hill - The Blue Witch

The Blue Witch

James Christopher Hill

Janice Rae Pariza - American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

Janice Rae Pariza

Tolere - Underwater Landscape
Ginny Schmidt - A Smile Goes A Long Way
Lisa Knechtel - Seaside Memoirs

Seaside Memoirs

Lisa Knechtel

Latha Gokuldas Panicker - Monarchs


Latha Gokuldas Panicker

Nina Stavlund - Urbanus...


Nina Stavlund

Jennie Marie Schell - Golden Star Magnolia...

Golden Star Magnolia...

Jennie Marie Schell

Linda Phelps - Spring Time Floral

Spring Time Floral

Linda Phelps

Karen Slagle - Moon Song

Moon Song

Karen Slagle

Lisa Knechtel - Eternal Summer

Eternal Summer

Lisa Knechtel

Andre Faubert - Moon Boat

Moon Boat

Andre Faubert

Andre Faubert - Stone face

Stone face

Andre Faubert

Andre Faubert - Weed


Andre Faubert

Shirley Sirois - Scenting the Waters

Scenting the Waters

Shirley Sirois

Arlene Carmel - Textured Azaleas

Textured Azaleas

Arlene Carmel

Bruce Iorio - Golfing


Bruce Iorio

Jennie Marie Schell - Gladiola Flowers Evening...

Gladiola Flowers Evening...

Jennie Marie Schell

RC DeWinter - Heartswirls


RC DeWinter

Brian Wallace - Thinking Inside The Box
Ted Guhl - Cowpoke and his Horse
Bruce Iorio - Beached


Bruce Iorio

Barbara D Richards - The End --- Of The Day

The End --- Of The Day

Barbara D Richards

RC DeWinter - Seashell Rose

Seashell Rose

RC DeWinter

William Sargent - Towering Inferno

Towering Inferno

William Sargent

Jenny Rainbow - Mystical Journey of the...
Rosalie Scanlon - Soft Toned Water Lily

Soft Toned Water Lily

Rosalie Scanlon

Jim Fitzpatrick - Heath Ledger as The...

Heath Ledger as The...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Barbara D Richards - Blue Ice

Blue Ice

Barbara D Richards

RC DeWinter - Color and Light Suspended
Colleen Kammerer -  Lion
Janice Rae Pariza - The Lioness

The Lioness

Janice Rae Pariza

Mike McGlothlen - Electrical Meltdown 3

Electrical Meltdown 3

Mike McGlothlen

Kathy Bassett - Ceremony


Kathy Bassett

Priscilla Burgers - The Back Forty Boots Are...

The Back Forty Boots Are...

Priscilla Burgers

Susan Savad - Rowboats Piled at Dock
Joseph Baril - Goose Dance

Goose Dance

Joseph Baril

Ian  MacDonald - Dark Blue Leaves

Dark Blue Leaves

Ian MacDonald

Pamela Cooper - Rose 276

Rose 276

Pamela Cooper

Susan Savad - Psalm 126 3 The LORD...
Rebecca Phillips - Nite of the Shaman  ...

Nite of the Shaman ...

Rebecca Phillips

Larry Trupp - Natures Palette

Natures Palette

Larry Trupp

Rebecca Phillips - Postcard-transmission...


Rebecca Phillips

Barbara D Richards - Mural Under Construction

Mural Under Construction

Barbara D Richards

James Ahn - Siberian Husky Mix Dog...
RC DeWinter - Universe Alley

Universe Alley

RC DeWinter

Madeline Ellis - Mystery of the Missing P...
Kenny Francis - Fairy Dust Moon

Fairy Dust Moon

Kenny Francis

Ted Guhl - Green Jalopy

Green Jalopy

Ted Guhl

Anita Lewis - Spring I

Spring I

Anita Lewis

Ellen Heaverlo - Cold Winter Day

Cold Winter Day

Ellen Heaverlo

Bruce Iorio - Burst of Power 6

Burst of Power 6

Bruce Iorio

M and L Creations - Textured Colored

Textured Colored

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - Looking in thru the Rain

Looking in thru the Rain

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - Butterfly Shoe

Butterfly Shoe

M and L Creations

Brian Wallace - Joanna Frank in ZZZZZ

Joanna Frank in ZZZZZ

Brian Wallace

Susan Savad - Porch With Flowerpots...
Greg Patzer - See Red

See Red

Greg Patzer

Lisa Knechtel - Waiting for you

Waiting for you

Lisa Knechtel

Jeremy Martinson - Little Again

Little Again

Jeremy Martinson

AGeekonaBike Photography - Yellow Asiatic Lilly II

Yellow Asiatic Lilly II

AGeekonaBike Photography

Kathy Bassett - Contrasts


Kathy Bassett

Georgeta Blanaru - Flower Spirit

Flower Spirit

Georgeta Blanaru

Douglas Barnard - Near Miss

Near Miss

Douglas Barnard

James Ahn - Siberian Husky Mix Dog...
Barbara D Richards - Caught Playing Dressd-up

Caught Playing Dressd-up

Barbara D Richards

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Sunset Verde Valley...

Sunset Verde Valley...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Valerie Anne Kelly - My blue heaven

My blue heaven

Valerie Anne Kelly

The Stone Age - Life At The Brickery

Life At The Brickery

The Stone Age

Jeff Breiman - Either Or

Either Or

Jeff Breiman

Variance Collections - Multi Home decor -...

Multi Home decor -...

Variance Collections

Diane Schuster - For The Love Of Iris

For The Love Of Iris

Diane Schuster

Randy Turnbow - Pirate Booty

Pirate Booty

Randy Turnbow

Susan Savad - Porch With Flag and...
Ted Guhl - Monk in the Rain and Sun
Gary Gingrich Galleries - The...


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Rosalie Scanlon - Black Sunset

Black Sunset

Rosalie Scanlon

Rick Rauzi - Blue World

Blue World

Rick Rauzi

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Painting ... Wolf in...

Painting ... Wolf in...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Chris Anderson - Vroom


Chris Anderson

Linsey Williams - Lands End Cornwall

Lands End Cornwall

Linsey Williams

Janice Rae Pariza - Green Eyes in Black and...

Green Eyes in Black and...

Janice Rae Pariza

Annie Zeno - Botanical Gardens...
Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Antique Springtime

Antique Springtime

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Rick Rauzi - Thinker


Rick Rauzi

Pamela Cooper - Rose 279

Rose 279

Pamela Cooper

Rebecca Phillips - In the Cobra

In the Cobra's Nest v.2

Rebecca Phillips

Madalena Lobao-Tello - Digital Self portrait

Digital Self portrait

Madalena Lobao-Tello

Patricia Keller - Ay Caramba

Ay Caramba

Patricia Keller

Brian Wallace - Bending Light

Bending Light

Brian Wallace

Janice Rae Pariza - Gelato


Janice Rae Pariza

Zeana Romanovna - Passionate Red Hot Smoky...
Colleen Kammerer - Desolate


Colleen Kammerer

Zeana Romanovna - The Last Song

The Last Song

Zeana Romanovna

Heidi Manly - Posterized Viola 2

Posterized Viola 2

Heidi Manly

RC DeWinter - Bowl Full of Roses

Bowl Full of Roses

RC DeWinter

Jutta Maria Pusl - Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter

Jutta Maria Pusl

Barbara D Richards - Fun House

Fun House

Barbara D Richards

Nigel Fletcher-Jones - Pennsylvania Memorial...

Pennsylvania Memorial...

Nigel Fletcher-Jones

Carolina Liechtenstein - Desert Summer Rain 5

Desert Summer Rain 5

Carolina Liechtenstein

Jennie Marie Schell - Dark Green Ruffled...

Dark Green Ruffled...

Jennie Marie Schell

Barbara S Nickerson - Gifted Petunias

Gifted Petunias

Barbara S Nickerson

Linda Lees - Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet

Linda Lees

Jim Fitzpatrick - A Woman on a Hill II

A Woman on a Hill II

Jim Fitzpatrick

Colleen Kammerer - Thirteen Windows

Thirteen Windows

Colleen Kammerer

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Nashville Guardian

Nashville Guardian

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Rose Santuci-Sofranko - Hydrangea Abstract

Hydrangea Abstract

Rose Santuci-Sofranko

Ian  MacDonald - Gone Wild

Gone Wild

Ian MacDonald

Janice Rae Pariza - COTTONWOOD Desert Cactus...

COTTONWOOD Desert Cactus...

Janice Rae Pariza

Miriam Danar - Spring is Looking Up in...
Rebecca Phillips - Chalice of Obsession

Chalice of Obsession

Rebecca Phillips

William Sargent - Irises


William Sargent

Jennie Marie Schell - Evening Fishermen on the...

Evening Fishermen on the...

Jennie Marie Schell

Constance Lowery - Wooded Path

Wooded Path

Constance Lowery

Gwyn Newcombe - Visionary


Gwyn Newcombe

Saundra Myles - Marilyn Monroe on...

Marilyn Monroe on...

Saundra Myles

Jack Zulli - Empire State Building
Steven  Michael - Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Steven Michael

Diane Schuster - Iris In The Spring Rain
Danielle  Parent - Searchlight Aboard The...
Danielle  Parent - Hmcs Haida Bridge...

Hmcs Haida Bridge...

Danielle Parent

RC DeWinter - Spring Evening in Amherst
Danielle  Parent - Hmcs Haida  Destroyer
Jenny Rainbow - Music from the Heart II
M and L Creations - Colorful Straws

Colorful Straws

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - The Rifleman

The Rifleman's Baseball...

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - Abstract Mercury

Abstract Mercury

M and L Creations

Kathy Bassett - Spring Music

Spring Music

Kathy Bassett

Bruce Iorio - Things Looking Up

Things Looking Up

Bruce Iorio

Karyn Robinson - Me and My Ride

Me and My Ride

Karyn Robinson

Maggie Vlazny - Fractal UFO

Fractal UFO

Maggie Vlazny

RC DeWinter - Eternity
Janice Rae Pariza - Arizona State Line USA

Arizona State Line USA

Janice Rae Pariza

Keith Dillon - Face Of Siri

Face Of Siri

Keith Dillon

J McCombie - Valley Porcupine Abstract
Petros Yiannakas - REvolution


Petros Yiannakas

The Stone Age - Zerk


The Stone Age

Randy Turnbow - Alien Easter

Alien Easter

Randy Turnbow

Rivkah Honeysgirl - Abstract Cannon Lens...

Abstract Cannon Lens...

Rivkah Honeysgirl

Rick Rauzi - Lizzy


Rick Rauzi

Rick Rauzi - Three


Rick Rauzi

Jay Nodianos - Sun


Jay Nodianos

Nola Lee Kelsey - Lao Buddha #2 of 2 Left

Lao Buddha #2 of 2 Left

Nola Lee Kelsey

Artist Nandika  Dutt - Laxmi Narayan On Akshaya...

Laxmi Narayan On Akshaya...

Artist Nandika Dutt

Petros Yiannakas - Terrabird


Petros Yiannakas

Hartmut Jager - Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising

Hartmut Jager

Iris Lehnhardt - Blue Dancer

Blue Dancer

Iris Lehnhardt

RC DeWinter - Beauty on a Stalk

Beauty on a Stalk

RC DeWinter

Douglas Barnard - 2014 MotoGP Red Bull...

2014 MotoGP Red Bull...

Douglas Barnard

Alys Caviness-Gober - At The Corner Bar

At The Corner Bar

Alys Caviness-Gober

Ted Guhl - Lisboa Balcony
Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke - Cloaked in Mystery Old...

Cloaked in Mystery Old...

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke

Lesa Fine - Lila Goose the Pond...
Lianne Schneider - And Mary wept

And Mary wept

Lianne Schneider

Rivkah Honeysgirl - Florida Spinning Ferris...

Florida Spinning Ferris...

Rivkah Honeysgirl

Omaste Witkowski - Layers of Loving Wisdom...
Rebecca Phillips - Being Torn-Asunder by...

Being Torn-Asunder by...

Rebecca Phillips

John Malone - Beautiful Interior

Beautiful Interior

John Malone

Ramon Martinez - Immerse crucifix

Immerse crucifix

Ramon Martinez

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Sunset at Arches...

Sunset at Arches...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Colleen Kammerer - Paved Paradise

Paved Paradise

Colleen Kammerer

M and L Creations - Musician


M and L Creations

Zeana Romanovna - King Of The Sky

King Of The Sky

Zeana Romanovna

Alice Ramirez - Joy on Ice

Joy on Ice

Alice Ramirez

Barbara D Richards - Memories


Barbara D Richards

Bruce Iorio - Wormhole To

Wormhole To

Bruce Iorio

Hilde Widerberg - My Aura

My Aura

Hilde Widerberg

Ed Weidman - Draping Of The Cross
Karyn Robinson - Strutting His Stuff

Strutting His Stuff

Karyn Robinson

Susan Savad - Terrier Standing Guard
Roger Leege - El Mico - Guatemala
Ted Guhl - Heron in the Sun
Lois Bryan -  Just Biding Time
Arlene Carmel - Bright Textured Floral
Omaste Witkowski - Exploding Consciousness...
Joe Bledsoe - Screaming Eagle

Screaming Eagle

Joe Bledsoe

Miriam Danar - City Blocks Series No. 2...
Rick Rauzi - Big Brother

Big Brother

Rick Rauzi

RC DeWinter - The Red Staircase

The Red Staircase

RC DeWinter

Arlene Carmel - Tribune Towers

Tribune Towers

Arlene Carmel

Marian Palucci - Volcanic Abstract

Volcanic Abstract

Marian Palucci

Rick Rauzi - What If?

What If?

Rick Rauzi

Andee Photography - Edgy Abstract Eclectic...

Edgy Abstract Eclectic...

Andee Photography

Rick  Blood - Cycles


Rick Blood

Janice Rae Pariza - Do Not Drink and Drive

Do Not Drink and Drive

Janice Rae Pariza

Douglas Barnard - Corner Challenge

Corner Challenge

Douglas Barnard

Erik Brede - Protect me from the world
Patricia Keller - Spiritus Equus

Spiritus Equus

Patricia Keller

Barbara S Nickerson - Spring Sensation

Spring Sensation

Barbara S Nickerson

Jenny Rainbow - Soft Rosy Spring in...
Maria Angelica Maira - Victoria Western...

Victoria Western...

Maria Angelica Maira

Brian Wallace - Coming This Way

Coming This Way

Brian Wallace

Linda Phelps - Painting of White...
Ted Guhl - Glowing Plumeria
Daniel Furon - Iron Men

Iron Men

Daniel Furon

AGeekonaBike Photography - A Summer Daisy

A Summer Daisy

AGeekonaBike Photography

Heather Taylor-Streeter - Find the beautiful

Find the beautiful

Heather Taylor-Streeter

Colleen Kammerer - Brick Path

Brick Path

Colleen Kammerer

Rebecca Phillips - Blending the Elements of...
Heidi Manly - Corn Harvest

Corn Harvest

Heidi Manly

Heidi Manly - Relax Cat

Relax Cat

Heidi Manly

RC DeWinter - Descending the Stardust...
Janice Rae Pariza - Monument Valley Moon...

Monument Valley Moon...

Janice Rae Pariza

Kathy Bassett - Luxembourg Palace...

Luxembourg Palace...

Kathy Bassett

Alys Caviness-Gober - Abstract Green

Abstract Green

Alys Caviness-Gober

Miriam Danar - WindowScape 4 - Terrace...
Rosalie Scanlon - Ding Darling Surreal...

Ding Darling Surreal...

Rosalie Scanlon

David Kehrli - Restin in Peace

Restin in Peace

David Kehrli

Joe Bledsoe - Sea Lion

Sea Lion

Joe Bledsoe

Barbara D Richards - Receiving Room for the...

Receiving Room for the...

Barbara D Richards

Madalena Lobao-Tello - Tolhuaca


Madalena Lobao-Tello

Laurie Search - As You Call Out to Me

As You Call Out to Me

Laurie Search

Lee Piper - Rocky Mountain Stream
Janice Rae Pariza - Baby Rocks Navajo County...

Baby Rocks Navajo County...

Janice Rae Pariza

Janice Rae Pariza - Amazing American Black...

Amazing American Black...

Janice Rae Pariza

M and L Creations - Chocolate Sandwich

Chocolate Sandwich

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - Sandwich 3

Sandwich 3

M and L Creations

Clare Bevan - The Tree at Night

The Tree at Night

Clare Bevan

M and L Creations - Sandwich 1

Sandwich 1

M and L Creations

RC DeWinter - The Pastor
 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Sunset Painting Grand...

Sunset Painting Grand...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Ed Weidman - Nesting Swan

Nesting Swan

Ed Weidman

Alys Caviness-Gober - Lavender Morning

Lavender Morning

Alys Caviness-Gober

Alys Caviness-Gober - Spring Begins I

Spring Begins I

Alys Caviness-Gober

Barbara S Nickerson - Sisters


Barbara S Nickerson

Linsey Williams - Oak On A Slope

Oak On A Slope

Linsey Williams

Linsey Williams - Days Gone By

Days Gone By

Linsey Williams

Jenny Rainbow - The Horse Among the Stars
Lesa Fine - 5047 Lily - Midnight...
Lesa Fine - Lil Red I Antique Pick...
The Stone Age - Best You Can...

Best You Can...

The Stone Age

Bruce Iorio - Potpourri


Bruce Iorio

RC DeWinter - Autumn Antiqua

Autumn Antiqua

RC DeWinter

Theresa Tahara - Mixed Bouquet In Green...
Ed Weidman - Night Flight

Night Flight

Ed Weidman

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Impressions Of June Lake

Impressions Of June Lake

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Rebecca Phillips - Help Me Please

Help Me Please

Rebecca Phillips

Janice Rae Pariza - American Black Bear

American Black Bear

Janice Rae Pariza

Rebecca Phillips - Goodnight My Someone...

Goodnight My Someone...

Rebecca Phillips

Pamela Cooper - Rose 266

Rose 266

Pamela Cooper

Marian Palucci - Serendipity


Marian Palucci

Randy Turnbow - Wrap Rage

Wrap Rage

Randy Turnbow

Karyn Robinson - Vodka and Tonic

Vodka and Tonic

Karyn Robinson

AGeekonaBike Photography - Edinburgh Castle Battery

Edinburgh Castle Battery

AGeekonaBike Photography

JC Findley - Lose Yourself In...
Linda Phelps - Welcome Little Children...
Erik Brede - Dreamscape


Erik Brede

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Epiphone...


Gary Gingrich Galleries

Kathy Bassett - In For the Night - Mixed...
Karyn Robinson - Autumn


Karyn Robinson

Miriam Danar - WindowScape 11 - Old...
Omaste Witkowski - Energy Experiences...

Energy Experiences...

Omaste Witkowski

Arlene Carmel - Wabash Avenue

Wabash Avenue

Arlene Carmel

Jack Zulli - Homestead 3

Homestead 3

Jack Zulli

Susan Savad - Fractal - Russian Dancer
Elaine Teague - No Room for Growth

No Room for Growth

Elaine Teague

Jeff Breiman - Ballet On The Beach

Ballet On The Beach

Jeff Breiman

Gee Lyon - New Years Day 2014 Girl
Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Avocado Seed And Skin I

Avocado Seed And Skin I

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Amy Vangsgard - Crashing Wave

Crashing Wave

Amy Vangsgard

Georgeta Blanaru - Dreaming original...

Dreaming original...

Georgeta Blanaru

Karyn Robinson - Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses

Karyn Robinson

Lois Bryan - Perseverance


Lois Bryan

Kume Bryant - Tulip


Kume Bryant

Karen Slagle - Heart


Karen Slagle

Artist Nandika  Dutt - Flower and baby in the...

Flower and baby in the...

Artist Nandika Dutt

Broken  Soldier - The Escape

The Escape

Broken Soldier

Alys Caviness-Gober - Lilies of the Valley

Lilies of the Valley

Alys Caviness-Gober

Georgeta Blanaru - Abraham Lincoln Original...
Amy Vangsgard - Paradise Creation

Paradise Creation

Amy Vangsgard

Miriam Danar - WindowScape 3 - Old...
Ted Guhl - Magic Garden

Magic Garden

Ted Guhl

Ausra Paulauskaite - Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Ausra Paulauskaite

Danielle  Parent - HMCS HAIDA

HMCS HAIDA's Dirty Room

Danielle Parent

RC DeWinter - Vincent

Vincent's Window

RC DeWinter

Karyn Robinson - Verdigris


Karyn Robinson

Georgeta Blanaru - Eagle King Of The...

Eagle King Of The...

Georgeta Blanaru

Karyn Robinson - Mariposa


Karyn Robinson

Jack Zulli - Catching A Breeze
Rose Santuci-Sofranko - Simply Serenity

Simply Serenity

Rose Santuci-Sofranko

M and L Creations - Abstract Art Nude Woman

Abstract Art Nude Woman

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - Abstract Nude Woman 3

Abstract Nude Woman 3

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - Abstract Nude Woman 2

Abstract Nude Woman 2

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - Abstract Nude Woman 1

Abstract Nude Woman 1

M and L Creations

Ginny Schmidt - Cove Cay Country Club

Cove Cay Country Club

Ginny Schmidt

Gary Gingrich Galleries - Orange Rose 6291-Fractal

Orange Rose 6291-Fractal

Gary Gingrich Galleries

Darren Fisher - Glowing Dogwood

Glowing Dogwood

Darren Fisher

Constance Lowery - Composite Textured...

Composite Textured...

Constance Lowery

Deena Athans - Alla Nazimova

Alla Nazimova

Deena Athans

Patricia Keller - Love is...Paso Fino...

Love is...Paso Fino...

Patricia Keller

Colleen Kammerer - There

There's No Place Like...

Colleen Kammerer

R A W M   -     Mail Pouch Tobacco  ...
Liviu Ionescu - Wired to the Moon

Wired to the Moon

Liviu Ionescu

Ginny Schmidt - Bleu Fruits

Bleu Fruits

Ginny Schmidt

Chris Anderson - Multiplicity Universe 2
Jennie Marie Schell - Silver Blue Rose Bouquet

Silver Blue Rose Bouquet

Jennie Marie Schell

Priscilla Burgers - Bings Burger Station in...

Bings Burger Station in...

Priscilla Burgers

RC DeWinter - Cosmic Rose

Cosmic Rose

RC DeWinter

Lisa Knechtel - Laura Ashley Inspired...
Karyn Robinson - Wine and Pear

Wine and Pear

Karyn Robinson

Omaste Witkowski - Squeezing Into Paradise...
Amy Vangsgard - Fury Seascape II

Fury Seascape II

Amy Vangsgard

Caitlyn  Grasso - Past Perfect

Past Perfect

Caitlyn Grasso

Zeana Romanovna - Memories Of Home

Memories Of Home

Zeana Romanovna

Linda Phelps - Floating Floral Abstract
Bruce Iorio - Catch


Bruce Iorio

Rebecca Phillips - Creation


Rebecca Phillips

Ed Weidman - Mohandas Gandhi

Mohandas Gandhi

Ed Weidman

Nafets Nuarb - Green Eye From Hell

Green Eye From Hell

Nafets Nuarb

Pamela Cooper - Lavender 5

Lavender 5

Pamela Cooper

Ed Weidman - Inner Peace

Inner Peace

Ed Weidman

James Ahn - Pitbull puppy pop art -...
Ted Guhl - Trumpets in Blue
Mike McGlothlen - Roy

Roy's Gas Station -...

Mike McGlothlen

Mike McGlothlen - Ducks In A Row

Ducks In A Row

Mike McGlothlen

Georgeta Blanaru - Charles Chaplin Quote...

Charles Chaplin Quote...

Georgeta Blanaru

J McCombie - Zinnia from the...
Dan Julien - American Classic

American Classic

Dan Julien

Janice Rae Pariza - A Cowboy and His Mustang

A Cowboy and His Mustang

Janice Rae Pariza

Karen Slagle - Dream Horse

Dream Horse

Karen Slagle

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Painting Half Dome...

Painting Half Dome...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Maggie Vlazny -  Angel Lost in Heaven
Timothy Bischoff - Graveyard 4730

Graveyard 4730

Timothy Bischoff

RC DeWinter - Tarnished


RC DeWinter

Ted Guhl - Apple


Ted Guhl

Jeremy Martinson - Remembrance of Tomorrow

Remembrance of Tomorrow

Jeremy Martinson

Bruce Iorio - Society Turkey

Society Turkey

Bruce Iorio

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Painting Abstract No 110

Painting Abstract No 110

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Wendy J St Christopher - Breaking Away

Breaking Away

Wendy J St Christopher

Amy Vangsgard - Fury Rain 3

Fury Rain 3

Amy Vangsgard

Georgeta Blanaru - Glitch Art Marylin Monroe

Glitch Art Marylin Monroe

Georgeta Blanaru

M and L Creations - tropical Caribbean sandy...

tropical Caribbean sandy...

M and L Creations

Arlene Carmel - Textured Dogwood Blossom
Karen Slagle - Fun to Run

Fun to Run

Karen Slagle

RC DeWinter - Penny Postcard Easter
Andre Faubert - Guitar City

Guitar City

Andre Faubert

Lee Piper - Tall Ship On The South...
Lianne Schneider - Cincinnati Reds 1911

Cincinnati Reds 1911

Lianne Schneider

Janice Rae Pariza - Green Jalapeno Peppers

Green Jalapeno Peppers

Janice Rae Pariza

Linda Phelps - Floral Friendship Verse...
Amy Vangsgard - Dappled Light

Dappled Light

Amy Vangsgard

Mary Burr - Blast from the Past
Saundra Myles - Fantasy Tiger of my...
Ed Weidman - Green Shades

Green Shades

Ed Weidman

M and L Creations - Lower Antelope Canyon  6

Lower Antelope Canyon 6

M and L Creations

RC DeWinter - 677 Hell

677 Hell's Kitchen

RC DeWinter

WB Johnston - Faced


WB Johnston

WB Johnston - Coneflowers


WB Johnston

M and L Creations - Nude Guitar

Nude Guitar

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - He has the fire in him

He has the fire in him

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - Please Remember Me

Please Remember Me

M and L Creations

M and L Creations - Placing of Christ in the...

Placing of Christ in the...

M and L Creations

Clare Bevan - Breaking out

Breaking out

Clare Bevan

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Painting of Artists...

Painting of Artists...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Amy Vangsgard - Succulent Backlit on...
Omaste Witkowski - Welcoming A New Reality...
Maggie Vlazny - The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion

Maggie Vlazny

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography - Wheels and Blooms

Wheels and Blooms

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography

Shirley Sirois - Forever Joyous

Forever Joyous

Shirley Sirois

Maria Angelica Maira - Scent Of A Woman

Scent Of A Woman

Maria Angelica Maira

Kathy Bassett - Ardent Spring

Ardent Spring

Kathy Bassett

Kellice Swaggerty - Black Eye

Black Eye

Kellice Swaggerty

Linda Phelps - Artistic Lily

Artistic Lily

Linda Phelps

RC DeWinter - Descending the Balcony...
Rebecca Phillips - A Rainbow Paisley...

A Rainbow Paisley...

Rebecca Phillips

Laurie Search - Letting Go is the...

Letting Go is the...

Laurie Search

Amy Vangsgard - Light Through Flowers

Light Through Flowers

Amy Vangsgard

Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Summer Sunshine...

Colorado Summer Sunshine...

Janice Rae Pariza

Diane Schuster - Coastal Moods Waiting...
M and L Creations - Man I Feel Like a   5

Man I Feel Like a 5

M and L Creations

Bruce Iorio - Mirage


Bruce Iorio

Jack Zulli - My Scream

My Scream

Jack Zulli

Brian Wallace - Snowy Bench - Use...

Snowy Bench - Use...

Brian Wallace

Romy Galicia - LA Architecture

LA Architecture

Romy Galicia

Georgeta Blanaru - Tiger Majesty Typography...
Rick Rauzi - The March

The March

Rick Rauzi

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - Painting Three Brothers...

Painting Three Brothers...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Douglas MooreZart - Follow Your Bliss

Follow Your Bliss

Douglas MooreZart

Rebecca Phillips - Inside Tabernacle v4...

Inside Tabernacle v4...

Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca Phillips - What Immortal Hand or...

What Immortal Hand or...

Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca Phillips - At Alpha Omega Creations...
RC DeWinter - Hotseat In Hell

Hotseat In Hell

RC DeWinter

Lisa Knechtel - Sunny Disposition...

Sunny Disposition...

Lisa Knechtel

Elaine Teague - Leila


Elaine Teague

Linda Galok - Floral Framework

Floral Framework

Linda Galok

Angel Jesus De la Fuente - En un lugar de la...

En un lugar de la...

Angel Jesus De la Fuente

Janice Rae Pariza - Winter in the Eagle...

Winter in the Eagle...

Janice Rae Pariza

Laurie Search - Through the Blooming...
Georgeta Blanaru - Black Labrador...

Black Labrador...

Georgeta Blanaru

Brian Wallace - Crossing


Brian Wallace