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Mountains in Paint



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James Bryron Love

Brisbane, QLD


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This group was started on April 14th, 2011 and currently has:

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Mountains in Paint

About This Group

All forms of painting Mountain landscapes , oil,pastel, acrylic ,watercolor etc
NO Photography , No Digital Images

There will be a limit of 1 images uploaded in a 24 hours
I don't like to delete images so please respect that

Featured Images

Ellen Levinson - Nevada Red Rocks

Nevada Red Rocks

Ellen Levinson

Becky Chappell - Riverbend View

Riverbend View

Becky Chappell

Laura Brown - Wahsega


Laura Brown

Bob Williams - Peace in the Valley

Peace in the Valley

Bob Williams

Barbara Pirkle - View of the Lake

View of the Lake

Barbara Pirkle

Becky Chappell - Brush Creek Summer

Brush Creek Summer

Becky Chappell

Art Nomad Sandra  Hansen - Snow on the Dunes

Snow on the Dunes

Art Nomad Sandra Hansen

Sean Conlon - Return to Zion

Return to Zion

Sean Conlon

Anna Lobovikov-Katz - Sunrise at the Dead Sea

Sunrise at the Dead Sea

Anna Lobovikov-Katz

Lee Bowman - Dusk On Fire

Dusk On Fire

Lee Bowman

Aaron Spong - Elk Bugle

Elk Bugle

Aaron Spong

Scott Phillips - Lagoon On Waikiki

Lagoon On Waikiki

Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips - Garden Daydreaming

Garden Daydreaming

Scott Phillips

Gergana Valkova - A View From Perperikon

A View From Perperikon

Gergana Valkova

Laura Brown - Chestatee at 15

Chestatee at 15

Laura Brown

Janice Rae Pariza - Winter Moon

Winter Moon

Janice Rae Pariza

Stuart Engel - Midnight


Stuart Engel

Shasta Eone - Forest  Fantasy

Forest Fantasy

Shasta Eone

Ana Lusi - Winter hike

Winter hike

Ana Lusi

Quin Sweetman - Mountain Patchwork

Mountain Patchwork

Quin Sweetman

Talya Johnson - Local Color

Local Color

Talya Johnson

James Bryron Love - Rockies Revisted

Rockies Revisted

James Bryron Love

Talya Johnson - Beyond the Orchards

Beyond the Orchards

Talya Johnson

Barbara Jewell - Treasured Memories

Treasured Memories

Barbara Jewell

First Star Art  - Purple Mountains by jrr

Purple Mountains by jrr

First Star Art

Alexandros Tsourakis - Snowy Mt Giona Greece

Snowy Mt Giona Greece

Alexandros Tsourakis

Francois Fournier - A September Grey Sky

A September Grey Sky

Francois Fournier

Sean Conlon - Morning Peace

Morning Peace

Sean Conlon

Elisabeth Dubois - Tassie


Elisabeth Dubois

Johnson Moya - Nature


Johnson Moya

Anderson R Moore - Camp of the Hunting Moon

Camp of the Hunting Moon

Anderson R Moore

Damon Cureton - Mountain Peak

Mountain Peak

Damon Cureton

Meldra Driscoll - The Lake House

The Lake House

Meldra Driscoll

Barbara Pirkle - Tribute to Van Gough

Tribute to Van Gough

Barbara Pirkle

James Bryron Love - Banff in Autumn

Banff in Autumn

James Bryron Love

Barbara Jewell - Wild Lupine

Wild Lupine

Barbara Jewell

Elise Okrend - Tuscan Hills

Tuscan Hills

Elise Okrend

Barbara Pirkle - Snow at Sunrise

Snow at Sunrise

Barbara Pirkle

Daphne Potter - Aspen Ponds

Aspen Ponds

Daphne Potter

Barbara Pirkle - Mabry Mill

Mabry Mill

Barbara Pirkle

Shasta Eone - Golden  Flow

Golden Flow

Shasta Eone

Ellen Levinson - Birches in Blue

Birches in Blue

Ellen Levinson

Barbara Pirkle - Mountain Meadow

Mountain Meadow

Barbara Pirkle

Suzanne Thomas - Waterfall


Suzanne Thomas

Glen Frear - Crowfoot Glacier

Crowfoot Glacier

Glen Frear

Shasta Eone - Snowbound


Shasta Eone

Andrew Glaze - Misty  Lake

Misty Lake

Andrew Glaze

Oleg Bylgakov - Waterfall


Oleg Bylgakov

Shasta Eone - Happy  Valley

Happy Valley

Shasta Eone

Asha Carolyn Young - Cazadero Farm and Flowers

Cazadero Farm and Flowers

Asha Carolyn Young

Barbara Pirkle - Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls

Barbara Pirkle

Shirwan Ahmed - Sun After Rain

Sun After Rain

Shirwan Ahmed

James Bryron Love - Autumn Mountains

Autumn Mountains

James Bryron Love

Shasta Eone - Outpost  Cabin

Outpost Cabin

Shasta Eone

Hanne Lore Koehler - Ice Climb

Ice Climb

Hanne Lore Koehler

Shasta Eone - River  Bend

River Bend

Shasta Eone

Robert Foss - Diablo 2

Diablo 2

Robert Foss

Cynthia Roudebush - The Bluffs

The Bluffs

Cynthia Roudebush

Marianne NANA Betts - Mountain Lake Cabin w Eagles

Mountain Lake Cabin w Eagles

Marianne NANA Betts

Oleg Bylgakov - Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls

Oleg Bylgakov

Conrad Mieschke - Above the Treeline

Above the Treeline

Conrad Mieschke

Holly Carmichael - Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the Mountain

Holly Carmichael

Mary Dunn - A Special Place

A Special Place

Mary Dunn

Glen Frear - Snow and Ice II

Snow and Ice II

Glen Frear

Shasta Eone - First  Snow

First Snow

Shasta Eone

Shasta Eone - Summit  Trail

Summit Trail

Shasta Eone

Arline Wagner - Snow In The Mountains

Snow In The Mountains

Arline Wagner

Laura Brown - Cabin in the woods

Cabin in the woods

Laura Brown

Laura Brown - Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Laura Brown

Laura Brown - Just a day fishing

Just a day fishing

Laura Brown

Laura Brown - Summer Somewhere

Summer Somewhere

Laura Brown

Johnson Moya - Old Village

Old Village

Johnson Moya

Johnson Moya - Mountains


Johnson Moya

Nicole Mittelbrunn - Bleeding Mt. 02

Bleeding Mt. 02

Nicole Mittelbrunn

Holly Carmichael - Sonsoshone


Holly Carmichael

Yoshiko Mishina - Mountains Of Colorado

Mountains Of Colorado

Yoshiko Mishina

Richard Picton - the Great Marquess

the Great Marquess

Richard Picton

James Bryron Love - Rockies First Snow

Rockies First Snow

James Bryron Love

Holly Carmichael - Lazy River

Lazy River

Holly Carmichael

Ellen Levinson - Bubbling Falls

Bubbling Falls

Ellen Levinson

Shasta Eone - Moments  Treasured

Moments Treasured

Shasta Eone

Janice Robertson - Seclusion On The River

Seclusion On The River

Janice Robertson

Shasta Eone - Alpenglow


Shasta Eone

James Bryron Love - Mountains of Banff

Mountains of Banff

James Bryron Love

Shasta Eone - MT.  HOOD Oregon

MT. HOOD Oregon

Shasta Eone

Ellen Levinson - Spirit Tree

Spirit Tree

Ellen Levinson

James Bryron Love - The Lake East of Banff

The Lake East of Banff

James Bryron Love

Ellen Levinson - Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere

Ellen Levinson

Sharon  De Vore - Washington Beauty

Washington Beauty

Sharon De Vore

Ellen Levinson - Serenity III

Serenity III

Ellen Levinson

Athol Fahey - Smith

Smith's Rocks

Athol Fahey

Sharon  De Vore - Patricia Lake

Patricia Lake

Sharon De Vore

Ellen Levinson - Aurora Borealis I

Aurora Borealis I

Ellen Levinson

Ellen Levinson - Painted Desert II

Painted Desert II

Ellen Levinson

James Bryron Love - Back Roads of Banff

Back Roads of Banff

James Bryron Love

Glen Frear - Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake

Glen Frear

Gary Zimmerman - Little South Fork

Little South Fork

Gary Zimmerman

Conor Murphy - The cliffs

The cliffs

Conor Murphy

Carol Jobe - Brief Respite

Brief Respite

Carol Jobe

Susan Haiken - Bucks Garden

Bucks Garden

Susan Haiken

Debra Mickelson - Comes the Dawn

Comes the Dawn

Debra Mickelson

Janice Robertson - Alpine


Janice Robertson

First Star Art  - Shangri-La


First Star Art

Robert  SORENSEN - Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells