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Music Inspired Art



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Stuart Engel

Asheville, NC

United States

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This group was started on January 9th, 2013 and currently has:


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Music Inspired Art

About This Group

This is a group dedicated to displaying paintings and drawings inspired by muscians.

Featured Images

Stuart Engel - Clutchin Pages

Clutchin Pages

Stuart Engel

Paul  Meijering - Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

Paul Meijering

Rebecca Glaze - Places I Remember

Places I Remember

Rebecca Glaze

Massimo Chioccia - Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker

Massimo Chioccia

Paul  Meijering - Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy Kilmister

Paul Meijering

Stuart Engel - Let Jimi Take Over

Let Jimi Take Over

Stuart Engel

William Walts - No More Tears

No More Tears

William Walts

Stuart Engel - Over The Top

Over The Top

Stuart Engel

William Walts - Warren Haynes 01

Warren Haynes 01

William Walts

Stuart Engel - Smokin


Stuart Engel

Rebecca Glaze - I

I'm A Tiny Penny

Rebecca Glaze

Kevin Rogerson - Dr John

Dr John

Kevin Rogerson

Massimo Chioccia and Olga Tsarkova - Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker

Massimo Chioccia and Olga Tsarkova

Massimo Chioccia and Olga Tsarkova - John Scofield

John Scofield

Massimo Chioccia and Olga Tsarkova

Stuart Engel - Grace Potter At The Peel
Paul  Meijering - Brian May

Brian May

Paul Meijering

Stuart Engel - Historic


Stuart Engel

William Walts - Magic Bus

Magic Bus

William Walts

Kd Neeley - Lullabies for Nebulas
William Walts - Face of the Blues - John...
Paul  Meijering - Slash


Paul Meijering

Pamela Allegretto - Sicilian Ciaramella

Sicilian Ciaramella

Pamela Allegretto

Paul  Meijering - Chris Whitley

Chris Whitley

Paul Meijering

Stuart Engel - Toxic Again

Toxic Again

Stuart Engel

Stuart Engel - Come as you Are

Come as you Are

Stuart Engel

Jena Rockwood - Killer Queen

Killer Queen

Jena Rockwood

Stuart Engel - It

It's a Gas

Stuart Engel

Patricio Lazen - Red Guitar

Red Guitar

Patricio Lazen

Jena Rockwood - Castles Made of Sand

Castles Made of Sand

Jena Rockwood

Stuart Engel - Peace Out

Peace Out

Stuart Engel

Ivan Guaderrama - Abbey Road

Abbey Road

Ivan Guaderrama

Kevin Rogerson - Queen


Kevin Rogerson

Stuart Engel - Ready Freddy

Ready Freddy

Stuart Engel

Savanna Paine - Guitar Drawing

Guitar Drawing

Savanna Paine

Stuart Engel - Alive


Stuart Engel

Patricio Lazen - Nights in Red Satin

Nights in Red Satin

Patricio Lazen

Stuart Engel - American Guy

American Guy

Stuart Engel

Jena Rockwood - Pretending


Jena Rockwood

Sean Connolly - Jerry Garcia . . Magic...
Paul Meijering - Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

Paul Meijering

William Walts - Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

William Walts

Kevin Aita - Doc Watson

Doc Watson

Kevin Aita

Rebecca Glaze - Fly Me To The Moon

Fly Me To The Moon

Rebecca Glaze

Anika Ferguson - Jazz Saxophone

Jazz Saxophone

Anika Ferguson

Sean Connolly - Mick Jagger And Keith...
Patricio Lazen - Blue For The Blues

Blue For The Blues

Patricio Lazen

Sean Connolly - David Gilmour Of Pink...
Sean Connolly - The Who - Quadrophenia
Stuart Engel - Robert and Jimmy

Robert and Jimmy

Stuart Engel

Paul  Meijering -  Neil Young

Neil Young

Paul Meijering

Paul  Meijering - Steven Tyler 2

Steven Tyler 2

Paul Meijering

RG McMahon - Folk Musicians

Folk Musicians

RG McMahon

Stuart Engel - Dylan


Stuart Engel

Bob Arata - Rockstar


Bob Arata

Anika Ferguson - Flamenco Dancer

Flamenco Dancer

Anika Ferguson

Olivier Longuet - It

It's a Flute Session

Olivier Longuet

Olivier Longuet - Friday Sessions

Friday Sessions

Olivier Longuet

Marie  Gale - The Musician

The Musician

Marie Gale

Tali Farchi - White bass

White bass

Tali Farchi

Barb Greene mann - My Body is White and My...
Barb Greene Mann - Sassy Pat Murray

Sassy Pat Murray

Barb Greene Mann

Stuart Engel - The Rover

The Rover

Stuart Engel

Stuart Engel - Plant I

Plant I

Stuart Engel

Stuart Engel - Plant II

Plant II

Stuart Engel

Stuart Engel - Acrylic Jerry

Acrylic Jerry

Stuart Engel