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Mbwidiffu Malgwi

Wichita Falls, TX

United States

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This group was started on January 19th, 2014 and currently has:

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New FAA members

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New FAA members seeking representation and self publicity, submit and comment.
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Mbwidiffu Malgwi - Lady in Red

Lady in Red

Mbwidiffu Malgwi

MTBobbins Photography - Painted Lady and Zinnia

Painted Lady and Zinnia

MTBobbins Photography

Catherine Melvin - Private Parking Spot

Private Parking Spot

Catherine Melvin

Carrie-Jane White - Shattered Rose

Shattered Rose

Carrie-Jane White

Michael Malicoat - The jazz bassist

The jazz bassist

Michael Malicoat

Mbwidiffu Malgwi - African Queen edit 1

African Queen edit 1

Mbwidiffu Malgwi

Charles Eagle - Dead Feather Girl

Dead Feather Girl

Charles Eagle

Ionut Cirja - Willow threads

Willow threads

Ionut Cirja

MTBobbins Photography - Forest Path

Forest Path

MTBobbins Photography

Kyle Wood - Heart of Hope

Heart of Hope

Kyle Wood

Ellen and Udo Klinkel - 66 Retro Collage Version 2

66 Retro Collage Version 2

Ellen and Udo Klinkel

Faith Williams - Clear Mind

Clear Mind

Faith Williams

Celeste Manning - Purpleluscious


Celeste Manning

Richard Smith - The Aha Moment

The Aha Moment

Richard Smith

Catherine Melvin - Classic Tranquility

Classic Tranquility

Catherine Melvin

Ellen and Udo Klinkel - Bodie Collage

Bodie Collage

Ellen and Udo Klinkel

R McLellan - Rose Horizon

Rose Horizon

R McLellan

Kyle Wood - Sleepy Penny

Sleepy Penny

Kyle Wood

Dona  Dugay - Caddy Golfcart

Caddy Golfcart

Dona Dugay

MTBobbins Photography - Mourning Dove on Post

Mourning Dove on Post

MTBobbins Photography

Mbwidiffu Malgwi - Words unsaid

Words unsaid

Mbwidiffu Malgwi

MTBobbins Photography - Monarch Wings

Monarch Wings

MTBobbins Photography

Sudip Mitra - On the toes

On the toes

Sudip Mitra

Wendy Brunell - On The Watch

On The Watch

Wendy Brunell

Charles Eagle - Eye on the prize

Eye on the prize

Charles Eagle

Sayali Mahajan - Where There Is Quiet

Where There Is Quiet

Sayali Mahajan

Tal Alperovitch - Bird on a branch

Bird on a branch

Tal Alperovitch

Dona  Dugay - Collioure France

Collioure France

Dona Dugay

Wendy Brunell - Just Waiting

Just Waiting

Wendy Brunell

Ionut Cirja - Three umbrellas

Three umbrellas

Ionut Cirja

Ellen and Udo Klinkel - Nostalgic Fueling 2

Nostalgic Fueling 2

Ellen and Udo Klinkel

Mbwidiffu Malgwi - Red shoe-Valentine

Red shoe-Valentine

Mbwidiffu Malgwi

MTBobbins Photography - Butterfly Sunflower

Butterfly Sunflower

MTBobbins Photography

Charles Eagle - Enlisted Girl

Enlisted Girl

Charles Eagle

MTBobbins Photography - Twin Hibiscus Flowers

Twin Hibiscus Flowers

MTBobbins Photography

Mbwidiffu Malgwi - Hope


Mbwidiffu Malgwi

Christian Goff - The Sentinel

The Sentinel

Christian Goff

Ellen and Udo Klinkel - Bodie Home

Bodie Home

Ellen and Udo Klinkel

R McLellan - The Last Oak

The Last Oak

R McLellan

Ionut Cirja - October morning

October morning

Ionut Cirja