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Randal Higby

Tucson, AZ

United States

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This group was started on June 25th, 2013 and currently has:


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This group is for NEW members to FAA.

You are welcome to submit three pieces of your artwork a day. You must be a NEW member to FAA - meaning your membership is no older than two (2) months.

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Featured Images

Anita Braconnier - Morning on the Water

Morning on the Water

Anita Braconnier

Saibal Ghosh - Pink Rose

Pink Rose

Saibal Ghosh

Saibal Ghosh - Flamigo Gestures

Flamigo Gestures

Saibal Ghosh

Neil Alli - Boardwalk


Neil Alli

Michelle Pope - African Woman

African Woman

Michelle Pope

Nicole Frischlich - In Pairs

In Pairs

Nicole Frischlich

Keith Swango - Rosa Parks Bus

Rosa Parks Bus

Keith Swango

Ray Culliton - Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower

Ray Culliton

Nicole Frischlich - Esther Muench Part II...

Esther Muench Part II...

Nicole Frischlich

Anita Braconnier - Sun Shadows

Sun Shadows

Anita Braconnier

Anita Braconnier - Dandelion Floret

Dandelion Floret

Anita Braconnier

Michelle Pope - Royal Red

Royal Red

Michelle Pope

Dario Pinto - Andean Devil Mask

Andean Devil Mask

Dario Pinto

Nicole Frischlich - A boys dream

A boys dream

Nicole Frischlich

Vanja Zogovic - Old house in the morning
Tori Radford - Tree of Life Eternal...
Brian Casey - The Dell Stadia Art -...
Marcelo Del Rei - Brazilian Carnaval

Brazilian Carnaval

Marcelo Del Rei

Matthew Miller - New York-City-Taxi

New York-City-Taxi

Matthew Miller

Donal Waites - Beach Walk

Beach Walk

Donal Waites

Debbie Oppermann - Wild Sunflowers

Wild Sunflowers

Debbie Oppermann

Matthew Seufer - Springtime Sunrise In...
Tiffany Dawn Smith - Swings in the Sunset

Swings in the Sunset

Tiffany Dawn Smith

Peter Sandilands - Spring in Dawlish Devon

Spring in Dawlish Devon

Peter Sandilands

Peter Sandilands - Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam

Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam

Peter Sandilands

Matthew Seufer - Springtime In South 2014
Dr Jessie Hummel - Candy Cane

Candy Cane

Dr Jessie Hummel

Randal Higby - A Walk on Coronado Beach
Elizabeth Merwin - Stay Strong

Stay Strong

Elizabeth Merwin

Doug Norkum - Tippy


Doug Norkum

Natalie Hawkins - Forgiveness


Natalie Hawkins

Deana Glenz - Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

Deana Glenz

Deana Glenz - Breaching Humpback

Breaching Humpback

Deana Glenz

Raquel Ventura - Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Raquel Ventura

Tracey Hampton - Haiti on the street

Haiti on the street

Tracey Hampton

Raquel Ventura - Lion


Raquel Ventura

Sarah Pemberton - Sheep at Sundown

Sheep at Sundown

Sarah Pemberton

John Dauer - The Tower

The Tower

John Dauer

Doug Norkum - Pink Buddies

Pink Buddies

Doug Norkum

John Dauer - Dome


John Dauer

Michael Lovell - The Law Never Sleeps

The Law Never Sleeps

Michael Lovell

John Dauer - Cap


John Dauer

Russell Dudzienski - Black Cat

Black Cat

Russell Dudzienski

Doug Norkum - Flamer


Doug Norkum

Ifourdezign - The Byronic Hero - David...
Ifourdezign - Dark Skies Over Hallow...
Charl Bruwer - Penguins Mountain...
Sarah Pemberton - Circle of Leaves

Circle of Leaves

Sarah Pemberton

Sarah Pemberton - Pyrite Crystals 2

Pyrite Crystals 2

Sarah Pemberton

Michelle Pope - The Eye Sees You

The Eye Sees You

Michelle Pope

John Dauer - What


John Dauer

Doug Norkum - Wine Wonder

Wine Wonder

Doug Norkum

D J Rogers - Lords Cricket Ground
Denise Mazzocco - Patch


Denise Mazzocco

Denise Mazzocco - Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Denise Mazzocco

Doug Norkum - Watery Lily

Watery Lily

Doug Norkum

Graham Markham - Before the Storm II

Before the Storm II

Graham Markham

Tiffany Dawn Smith - October Dream

October Dream

Tiffany Dawn Smith

Michelle Stradford - Breathless Rose

Breathless Rose

Michelle Stradford

Alex Khomoutov - Vancouver Night Lights -...
Michelle Pope - Golden Tree

Golden Tree

Michelle Pope

Alex Khomoutov - Romantic Night Lights...
Alex Khomoutov - Victoria Night Lights -...
Denise Mazzocco - St. Magnus Cathedral...

St. Magnus Cathedral...

Denise Mazzocco

Graham Markham - Bird in the Hand...

Bird in the Hand...

Graham Markham

Graham Markham - Itchenor Harbour Office...
Charles Smith - Bethel Ridge Sunrise

Bethel Ridge Sunrise

Charles Smith

Michelle Pope - Tender


Michelle Pope

Denise Mazzocco - Enchanted Yews

Enchanted Yews

Denise Mazzocco

Alex Khomoutov - Holiday Ottawa -...

Holiday Ottawa -...

Alex Khomoutov

Lindy Whiton - Tulips in the Rain

Tulips in the Rain

Lindy Whiton

Doug Norkum - Elegance


Doug Norkum

Alex Khomoutov - Goddess of Fertility -...
Michelle Pope - Moonlight Shadow

Moonlight Shadow

Michelle Pope

Jean Hall - Heidelberg


Jean Hall

Denise Mazzocco - Peacock Close-up

Peacock Close-up

Denise Mazzocco

Denise Mazzocco - Scenic Portal

Scenic Portal

Denise Mazzocco

Doug Norkum - WaterCup


Doug Norkum

Jean Hall - What Time Is It?
Denise Mazzocco - Tintagel Portal

Tintagel Portal

Denise Mazzocco

Sharon Nelson-Bianco - KOI 1 Pond Series

KOI 1 Pond Series

Sharon Nelson-Bianco

Gary D Baker - African Queen

African Queen

Gary D Baker

Alex Khomoutov - Autumn Leaves Art...

Autumn Leaves Art...

Alex Khomoutov

Alex Khomoutov - Dance With Me - Funny...
Doug Norkum - Wheelie


Doug Norkum

Jean Hall - Motif #1

Motif #1

Jean Hall

Jean Hall - Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure

Jean Hall

Jean Hall - Royal Peony

Royal Peony

Jean Hall

Jean Hall - Arch of Titus

Arch of Titus

Jean Hall

Doug Norkum - Stretcher


Doug Norkum

Jean Hall - Buddha
Kylie Sabra - Joyous Bride

Joyous Bride

Kylie Sabra

Jean Hall - Lancaster Skyline
Jean Hall - Vermont Swimming Hole
Sarah Pemberton - Frog at Sunset

Frog at Sunset

Sarah Pemberton

Jean Hall - Korean Flowers

Korean Flowers

Jean Hall

Jean Hall - The Other Clock

The Other Clock

Jean Hall

Sarah Pemberton - Love Nature

Love Nature

Sarah Pemberton

Erwin Sembiring - Oh Yes

Oh Yes

Erwin Sembiring

Lauren Blazer - Whirlpool


Lauren Blazer

Sarah Pemberton - Twisted Forest

Twisted Forest

Sarah Pemberton

Sarah Pemberton - Sunset


Sarah Pemberton

Doug Norkum - Enflamed


Doug Norkum

Christy Ricafrente - Overnight Success

Overnight Success

Christy Ricafrente

Barrington Ricketts - The man

The man

Barrington Ricketts

Lauren Blazer - Light on Light

Light on Light

Lauren Blazer

Jean Hall - Balloon Dragon

Balloon Dragon

Jean Hall

Christy Ricafrente - Web Light

Web Light

Christy Ricafrente

Leif Sohlman - Butterfly Among Thistels
Doug Norkum - Zinnia Dish

Zinnia Dish

Doug Norkum

Sarah Pemberton - Watching Monkeys

Watching Monkeys

Sarah Pemberton

Sarah Pemberton - Never Ending Road

Never Ending Road

Sarah Pemberton

Doug Norkum - Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Doug Norkum

Christy Ricafrente - Waterfall Clouds

Waterfall Clouds

Christy Ricafrente

Christy Ricafrente - Expression


Christy Ricafrente

Leif Sohlman - Infinity Way

Infinity Way

Leif Sohlman

Evewin Lakra - My Command Center

My Command Center

Evewin Lakra

Elizabeth Merwin - In the Country

In the Country

Elizabeth Merwin

Barrington Ricketts - M


Barrington Ricketts

Barrington Ricketts - Batmobile


Barrington Ricketts

Jean Hall - Purification


Jean Hall

Doug Norkum - Listening


Doug Norkum

Leif Sohlman - Reed-mace Troll

Reed-mace Troll

Leif Sohlman

Doug Norkum - Romantica


Doug Norkum

Leif Sohlman - Dragonfly


Leif Sohlman

Jean Hall - Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed

Jean Hall

Ronald Bartels - Stormy Sunset Boston...
Evewin Lakra - Colors Of Life R.G.B.
Evewin Lakra - Digitalized


Evewin Lakra

Christy Ricafrente - Intensity


Christy Ricafrente

Doug Norkum - Hanging On

Hanging On

Doug Norkum

Kylie Sabra - Dinner Alone

Dinner Alone

Kylie Sabra

Kylie Sabra - Parched Rainforest

Parched Rainforest

Kylie Sabra

Evewin Lakra - Ice-Glass Bitter Gourd
Erwin Sembiring - Blue Hour

Blue Hour

Erwin Sembiring

Linda  Blair - Amish Country

Amish Country

Linda Blair

Roland Benoit - Splash


Roland Benoit

Christy Ricafrente - Bale the Hay

Bale the Hay

Christy Ricafrente

Gary D Baker - The old light house

The old light house

Gary D Baker

Barrington Ricketts - Batmobile


Barrington Ricketts

Barrington Ricketts - Batmobile


Barrington Ricketts

Chad Cooper - Cra Deesh-Ta II

Cra Deesh-Ta II

Chad Cooper

Evewin Lakra - Bees And Butterfly At...
Kylie Sabra - Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Kylie Sabra

Evewin Lakra - Drop Of Life

Drop Of Life

Evewin Lakra

Kylie Sabra - Boathouse


Kylie Sabra

Doug Norkum - Blue Breath

Blue Breath

Doug Norkum

Erwin Sembiring - Misty Morning

Misty Morning

Erwin Sembiring

Jean Hall - Give Us Peace In Our Time
Kylie Sabra - Moonlit Cape Cod

Moonlit Cape Cod

Kylie Sabra

Ron Bartels - Merlot Grapes Harvest...
Doug Norkum - Pure Pink

Pure Pink

Doug Norkum

Doug Norkum - Flaming Red

Flaming Red

Doug Norkum

Evewin Lakra - Dazzling Daisy

Dazzling Daisy

Evewin Lakra

Gary D Baker - Habanero Party

Habanero Party

Gary D Baker

Lauren Blazer - Sequence


Lauren Blazer

Lauren Blazer - Was a Star

Was a Star

Lauren Blazer

Erwin Sembiring - There is Always Hope

There is Always Hope

Erwin Sembiring

Evewin Lakra - Surrender At Sunset

Surrender At Sunset

Evewin Lakra

Jean Hall - Farmers

Farmers' Market

Jean Hall

Christy Ricafrente - Dragon Fire Sky

Dragon Fire Sky

Christy Ricafrente

Christy Ricafrente - The Passing Storm

The Passing Storm

Christy Ricafrente

Doug Norkum - Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl

Doug Norkum

Doug Norkum - Enlightened


Doug Norkum

Doug Norkum - Dewy


Doug Norkum

Evewin Lakra - Story Of A Yellow Cosmos
Doug Norkum - Radiant


Doug Norkum

Kylie Sabra - Impression


Kylie Sabra

Evewin Lakra - Flame Of Love

Flame Of Love

Evewin Lakra

Ron Bartels - New York  New Jersey ...
Gary D Baker - Twigs 1

Twigs 1

Gary D Baker

Gary D Baker - The Road to Somewhere
Doug Norkum - Regal Purple

Regal Purple

Doug Norkum

Silvie Gunawan - Glams Dahlia

Glams Dahlia

Silvie Gunawan

Bob Beardsley - Lichen


Bob Beardsley

Doug Norkum - Lavendar Lady

Lavendar Lady

Doug Norkum

Doug Norkum - Vibrant Health

Vibrant Health

Doug Norkum

Sarah Pemberton - Dragonfly 2

Dragonfly 2

Sarah Pemberton

Christy Ricafrente - Leaf Drop

Leaf Drop

Christy Ricafrente

Ronald Durrer - Neptunia


Ronald Durrer

Ron Bartels - NY City Taxis Buzzing By
Sarah Pemberton - Kachina Bridge

Kachina Bridge

Sarah Pemberton

Christy Ricafrente - I Can See Clearly Now

I Can See Clearly Now

Christy Ricafrente

Lauren Blazer - Missed the Memo

Missed the Memo

Lauren Blazer

Lauren Blazer - Creek Seat

Creek Seat

Lauren Blazer

Kylie Sabra - Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Kylie Sabra

Barrington Ricketts - Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Barrington Ricketts

Barrington Ricketts - Scatter The Word

Scatter The Word

Barrington Ricketts

Gary D Baker - The Purple ones

The Purple ones

Gary D Baker

Ronald Durrer - Holy Wall

Holy Wall

Ronald Durrer

Terry Webb Harshman - Shades of Night 2

Shades of Night 2

Terry Webb Harshman

Sarah Pemberton - Behind the Rock

Behind the Rock

Sarah Pemberton

Gary D Baker - Patty Paws

Patty Paws

Gary D Baker

Ron Bartels - Boston MA  Charles River...
Silvie Gunawan - White Dahlia

White Dahlia

Silvie Gunawan

Lauren Blazer - Eastern Towhee

Eastern Towhee

Lauren Blazer

Christy Ricafrente - Eerie Silhouette

Eerie Silhouette

Christy Ricafrente

Ronald Durrer - Please stay on path

Please stay on path

Ronald Durrer

Ronald Durrer - Tree stager

Tree stager

Ronald Durrer

Kylie Sabra - A Moment Alone

A Moment Alone

Kylie Sabra

Sarah Pemberton - Rainbow


Sarah Pemberton

Christy Ricafrente - Best Bud

Best Bud

Christy Ricafrente

Lauren Blazer - Bug and the Blues

Bug and the Blues

Lauren Blazer

Roland Benoit - Noblum


Roland Benoit

Ronald Durrer - The bridge

The bridge

Ronald Durrer

Ron Bartels - NY City Taxi Cab at...
Kylie Sabra - Her Day

Her Day

Kylie Sabra

Gary D Baker - Golden Reflections

Golden Reflections

Gary D Baker

Gary D Baker - Almost 3

Almost 3

Gary D Baker

Lauren Blazer - The Key to Freedom

The Key to Freedom

Lauren Blazer

Paul Napigkit - Ethereal Forest

Ethereal Forest

Paul Napigkit

Silvie Gunawan - Eye Catching Orchid

Eye Catching Orchid

Silvie Gunawan

Ron Bartels - Stormy Sky in NY NJ...
Russell Dudzienski - Bee at Echinopsis

Bee at Echinopsis

Russell Dudzienski

Sarah Pemberton - Twisted Reflections

Twisted Reflections

Sarah Pemberton

Lauren Blazer - Baby Black

Baby Black

Lauren Blazer

Lauren Blazer - Post the Rain

Post the Rain

Lauren Blazer

Randal Higby - Cactus Bloom

Cactus Bloom

Randal Higby

Aaron Spong - Little Bear Peak and...
Kylie Sabra - Spiritual Vortex

Spiritual Vortex

Kylie Sabra

Silvie Gunawan - Just Lovely

Just Lovely

Silvie Gunawan

Kylie Sabra - The Rose Pond Bridge...
Hamish Baird - Kokopelli


Hamish Baird

Neha Kuchhal - Rose


Neha Kuchhal

Gary D Baker - Heavenly Lights

Heavenly Lights

Gary D Baker

Randal Higby - Three Palms

Three Palms

Randal Higby

Kylie Sabra - But You Can Never Leave
Paul Napigkit - Birch


Paul Napigkit

Terry Webb Harshman - Crow Dreams

Crow Dreams

Terry Webb Harshman

Charles Smith - When the Sun Falls to...
Russell Dudzienski - Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower

Russell Dudzienski

Aaron Spong - First Catch

First Catch

Aaron Spong

Patricio Lazen - Westside KC

Westside KC

Patricio Lazen