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Oklahoma Showcase



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Lawrence Burry

Sapulpa, OK

United States

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This group was started on May 9th, 2012 and currently has:


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Oklahoma Showcase

About This Group

Welcome to the Oklahoma Showcase! The goal of this group is to showcase all of the wonderful beauty, long history, and diverse culture that Oklahoma has to offer. While this group may host many artists from Oklahoma, membership is open to all who want to share and promote their artwork that visually reflects and represents our great state.

This group is open to all mediums. Remember that this organization (Fine Art America) is about FINE ART so it's critical that your exhibits in this group meet that criteria - only high quality upscale work that you expect a collector to purchase. Submissions must reflect Oklahoma culture and natural beauty such as landscape, architecture, cultural activities, etc.

All artwork MUST come from Oklahoma and MUST state a location in your tags/keywords or description. Work will be reviewed and if the requirements are not met, it will be rejected. If your submission focuses on a specific subject that is a common item which is widely found in many locales, it probably isn't appropriate. For example, a beautiful and creative marble arrangement, even though it is photographed in Oklahoma, just doesn't send a clear and unique message about Oklahoma. Abstracts and macros of objects probably isn't your best choice. We hate to be harsh but we want a group with absolute artistic quality that shows a visitor or art collector just what Oklahoma has to offer. The administrator tries to remain objective but reserves the right to make selections, much like a brick and mortar gallery owner. So please select your work carefully and only submit your BEST work.

A word about flowers... they make beautiful images and many artists want to exhibit this for others to see. Initially, we avoided accepting flower images as they don't always reflect anything unique about Oklahoma but due to their popularity, flower images will be accepted HOWEVER, please use your description to tie them to our great state... be creative about it. :)

It's vital that this group looks professional so that we can 'woo' our visitors with beauty, encourage them to share with their friends, and buy artwork that can't be found elsewhere. Let's build a group that will promote our work and state.

Featured Images

Carolyn Fletcher - A Sky Full Of Sunset

A Sky Full Of Sunset

Carolyn Fletcher

Jim McCain - Historic Bridgeport Pony...
Jim McCain - Bright Lights Dark Skies
Mickey Harkins - Military Cannon Fort...
Patty Plummer - Old Homestead II

Old Homestead II

Patty Plummer

Jeff Kolker - Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

Jeff Kolker

Janet Maloy - Oklahoma City Memorial
Betty LaRue - Route 66 Bridge

Route 66 Bridge

Betty LaRue

Sarah Rodefeld - Wildfire Clouds

Wildfire Clouds

Sarah Rodefeld

Carolyn Fletcher - Rising Mist

Rising Mist

Carolyn Fletcher

Richard Smith - Cascades in Roman Nose...
Carolyn Fletcher - Reflections And Driftwood

Reflections And Driftwood

Carolyn Fletcher

Betty LaRue - Broken


Betty LaRue

Doug Long - Old Mack Truck

Old Mack Truck

Doug Long

Jerry Owens - American Beaver - 6927
Ann Powell - Longhorn in Winter...
Valarie Case - Frosty Ranger

Frosty Ranger

Valarie Case

Valarie Case - The Old Red Barn

The Old Red Barn

Valarie Case

William Richards - Free Again

Free Again

William Richards

Mickey Harkins - Sunset


Mickey Harkins

Jeff Kolker - Wichita Mountains

Wichita Mountains

Jeff Kolker

DS Dodd - Triple Brandy Wine
Jerry Owens - Prairie Falcon - 8144
William Richards - Engine Power

Engine Power

William Richards

Kris Wolf - Heavenly Sunset

Heavenly Sunset

Kris Wolf

Duane Angles - Devon building going up
Betty LaRue - The Lonely Tree

The Lonely Tree

Betty LaRue

Malania Hammer - Devon with Pumpkins

Devon with Pumpkins

Malania Hammer

Lindy Spencer - Sun Flower Sunflower

Sun Flower Sunflower

Lindy Spencer

Mickey Harkins - Prairie Grass

Prairie Grass

Mickey Harkins

Jeff Kolker - Red Flower in the Field
Doug Long - Winter Time at the Falls
Jessica Jandayan - Zen


Jessica Jandayan

Beth Dennis - Waiting


Beth Dennis

Doug Long - Bovine


Doug Long

Betty LaRue - Lazy Days

Lazy Days

Betty LaRue

Micheal Jones - Rusty Tub

Rusty Tub

Micheal Jones

Micheal Jones - Tulsa


Micheal Jones

Nava  Thompson - Wispy


Nava Thompson

Nava  Thompson - Bringing on the Blue

Bringing on the Blue

Nava Thompson

Dewayne Eakins - Barn Door Sterling...

Barn Door Sterling...

Dewayne Eakins

Lindy Spencer - Pier at the Pond

Pier at the Pond

Lindy Spencer

Betty LaRue - Always One in a Crowd
Micheal Jones - Philbrook Museum Tulsa
Ricky Barnard - Capitol Interior II

Capitol Interior II

Ricky Barnard

Micheal Jones - Tulsa Skyline

Tulsa Skyline

Micheal Jones

Margaret Aycock - Boys Playing in the Creek
Ricky Barnard - Route 66 Museum -...

Route 66 Museum -...

Ricky Barnard

Ricky Barnard - John Wesley Raley Chapel
Jason Politte - Price Falls 4 of 5

Price Falls 4 of 5

Jason Politte

Jason Politte - Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

Jason Politte

Ann Powell - Oil Pump Jack in Sepia
Lindy Spencer - One Lane Bridge on a...
Jeff Kolker - Strang Bridge

Strang Bridge

Jeff Kolker

Accent on Photography - Lobby Lighting

Lobby Lighting

Accent on Photography

Ann Powell - Standing Bear Park...
Terri Cates - Old Country Barn

Old Country Barn

Terri Cates

Meandering Photography - Released from the Earth

Released from the Earth

Meandering Photography

Meandering Photography - Talimena Days

Talimena Days

Meandering Photography

Ann Powell - The Theatre

The Theatre

Ann Powell

Ann Powell - Oklahoma Prairie...
Terry Anderson - City View

City View

Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson - Boston Avenue Methodist...
Ann Powell - Teepee Looking Skyward
Ann Powell - Dragons Architectural...
Ann Powell - Sunday Morning Silence
Cheri Abarca - Refuge fire

Refuge fire

Cheri Abarca

Betty LaRue - Vintage Enterprise

Vintage Enterprise

Betty LaRue

Betty LaRue - Route 66 signs

Route 66 signs

Betty LaRue

Margaret Aycock - Summer

Summer's End

Margaret Aycock